Presidency: We Don’t Consider Nnamdi Kanu a S’East Leader of Thought

Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu
Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu

The presidency has said it does not consider the arrowhead of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, as a leader of thought in the South-east region.

The Special Adviser to the president on political matters, Babafemi Ojudu, gave this as the reason why Kanu was left out of the ongoing consultations of Acting President Yemi Osinbajo with leaders of the South-east last week.

“Well, the thing is that we were looking for leaders of the people, leaders of thought and we do not see him as a leader of thought in the east. May be opportunity will come at one time or the other for him to be engaged,” Ojodu said yesterday.

“But so far, what we have done is to look at people who have influence in the communities, whether it is religious, whether it is traditional, whether it is political, social or governance. These are the people we brought in for discussion.”

Ojudu, according to TheCable, said the agitation for secession and calls for referendum being championed by IPOB were not up for discussions during the meeting.

“Nobody has tabled that in all the discussions we have had. Nobody, I can tell you. Ohanaeze came with a prepared document. They never talked about referendum. They never. They never even talked about secession,” he said.

“They made complaints about police harassment at road blocks. They made complaints about losing some key positions, not being appointed into security positions and all those kinds of things.

“And these are things that can easily be addressed. Nobody canvassed secession at those meetings, nobody canvassed referendum.”

The presidential aide further noted that the South-east leaders were in agreement with the federal government that Nigeria should remain as one.

He said the government will work towards addressing the problem of youth unemployment and frustration across the country.

“So, for us, and that was the conclusion that everybody came to in the consultations we have had that we should all agree that we can live together peacefully.

“We should address injustice where we find it and the government should be equitable in the distribution of resources across the country snd then, find solution to youth unemployment and the frustration that is confronting most of the young people across this country.”

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  • Chuma Anierobi

    This is the way to go It is marvelous.

  • Don Franco

    We hardly need additional proof that Nigeria is beyond redemption and is as such destined for total disintegration; for if the Presidency feels that addressing unemployment is all that is wrong with a rent-seeking centrist Constitution, intentionally crafted to keep the oil-producing parts of this zoo in perpetual servitude to the North will continue unchallenged; they are mistaken.
    The struggle for the actualization of Biafra is only beginning.

    • Ade Whenu

      Guys please start to move away from the realms of endless pronouncements and start to roll out an effective action plan.

      I am getting immensely bored with too much talk and no action. To be honest with you, the powers that be are not losing any sleep.

      • Don Franco

        Dear Ade Whenu,

        When the time is right, we shall proffer solutions for concrete steps for our emancipation; everything, in good time, I told you before. The National Assembly is the biggest cesspool of corruption in Nigeria; and their weak attempt two weeks ago for a bill for a SE Commission for rehabilitation of infrastructure was promptly defeated; which for discerning Igbos is a harbinger of things to come, should they not intensify the agitation for secession, and or depend on the NASS for establishment of Biafra. Further, we all know what the popular vote of the SW, NE, NC, and NW politicians will be should we put our self-determination effort in their hands.

        Bottom line, consensus of opinion in the SE is that Abuja politicians are not on the side of the people, and we shall not put our fate in their hands. Can you imagine how much traction would have been achieved by now, had Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB not embarked on mass sensitization and organized mass mobilization of Igbos whom have been crying out over the last 40 years, but were ignored?

        • Ade Whenu

          Dear Don,

          I get your point but my argument is the more time wasted the more we all collectively get screwed by these corrupt politicians.

          So all the avenues available should be used straightaway without wasting time. The pressure should be coming from all angles.

          We are were we are because the elites responsible for all the problems the country is facing, understand the modus operandi of the masses. They simply see us as posting stupid comments on social media and being a nuisance in the street.

          Does it change anything? absolutely not. What I am saying is we have to start thinking strategically and rolling out actions that will make them worry.

          Also we should stop allowing the elite to use religion and tribe to divide us the masses.

          The masses trade too much insults and hate when the elite are united in stealing our common wealth.

    • sunny okocha

      I pray your dream come true since u don’t believe in one Nigeria you yet to ask if the likes of kanu will relinquish power in a fair environment u yet to ask if kanu will give you social justice and probity fairness and equal opportunity you yet to ask if the igbo entities have got love within brother I ll rather put up with what have got now than be stuck in a confused state if only we have good leadership in every strata called Nigeria.
      If the Nigerian states in their small entities can’t provide basic public service despite the hue and cry how can they provide in a separate state we come a long way via intermarriage to hate so much why would young men be clamouring for separation at this time how will you separate the billions invested by the igbos across Nigeria are they gonna walk off these millions cos am an igbo man with properties in lagos how do u explain these after the first episode of civil war where our fathers and brothers lost so much please please Nigerian shld reflect on this issue

      • WJasper

        The most reasonable comment ever.

        • sunny okocha

          Thanks bro I hardly comment on these pages but am beginning to grow fed up I have got families married to different ethnic nationalities our generation have broken ethnic boundaries in modern day how can we becloud this in one fell swoop and lose love, marriage , investments human and material at this time of our nationhood I read young men writing with anger insulting people like if separation is attained every entity will suddenly become America or europe I just laugh at them look at Syria yemeni south Sudan even east Timor is yet to settle since they walked away when will nigeria start loving each other am out