Jonathan: No Single Individual, Group Can Solve Nigeria’s Problems

Former President Goodluck Jonathan
  •  Obi, Ohakim differ on solutions

Amby Uneze in Owerri

Former President Goodluck Jonathan weekend took another look at the myriad problems besetting Nigeria and concluded that no single individual or group could have the answered to the problems.

But former governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, and his Imo State counterpart, Chief Ikedi Ohakim, noted that the problems with Nigeria was not that of leadership but the structures that produce leadership in the country.

Speaking during the 5th memorial lecture and the formal presentation of the late Professor Celestine Onwuliri Foundation (PROFOUND) held at Chris VI hotels, Nnarambia, in the Ahiazu Mbaise council area of Imo state, the former president explained that the nation could only wriggle out from her socio-economic and political travails with an efficacious structural composition and comprehensive diagnosis of her problems.

Jonathan who was represented by the former secretary to the government of the federation, Senator Anyim Pius Anyim, insisted that Nigeria requires a leader with an uncommon knowledge, wisdom and determination to implement the recommendation of the National Conference.

He described the infamous Dana plane crash of Sunday 3rd June, 2012 which claimed the life of Prof. Onwuliri and other Nigerians as the saddest and darkest moment of his administration and prayed God to grant their souls eternal rest.
Meanwhile, in a lecture with theme: ‘The problem with Nigeria’, former Anambra state governor, Mr. Peter Obi decried the borrowing spree for consumption by the nation’s leaders which he noted had further pauperized the masses.

Obi disclosed that he never borrowed a dime to govern the state during his two-term administration, noting it was possible because he never saw the reason for that. He condemned the attitude of present crop of leaders who have embarked on a borrowing jamboree without anything to show for it but only to bag chieftaincy titles and merit awards from traditional rulers and organisation.

“Development reflection is what we need and the process of selecting our leaders must change because the current system is poor hence the leadership is poor.

“A leader should live by example and his character should be consistent. We should begin to hold our leaders responsible for failure to meet our worthy expectations. Nigeria as a nation is not poor”, he stated.

Invariably, former governor of Imo State, Chief Ikedi Ohakim jocularly disagreed with his colleague, saying that the problem with Nigeria was not that of bad leadership, stressing that otherwise, such leaders as Peter Obi, Paschal Dozie, Senator Anyim Pius Anyim would not have emerged.

Ohakim stressed “our problem is the structure that produces leadership and if we can get the structure right Nigeria will be a better place, otherwise even if you bring in Jesus Christ in the structure we currently operate he will fail”.

  • MRnaijawantalk

    Nigeria and understanding how diverse we are… it takes traveling a bit to start realizing some facts. Even within the same state like Delta & Benue you will see the difference and long term issues, and we will now dear generalize them as a region! Apart from South West, South East and North West which are a bit more homogeneous ethnically ( not forgetting the different variance albeit slightly in culture and native dialect language), the others are a myriad of cultures, people , languages and age long rifts on land boards etc.

    I believe we have used artificial lines as boarders to define ourselves which may not be totally correct. Are the Ilajes’ in ondo state culture closer to youruba which they are locked in or Ijaws of Delta state and Bayelsa state. The Udoma names and dressing is closer to Igbo than anyone else in the north Central which they find themselves ( this 2 examples are boarder tribes which i have noticed)

    In my view May be we need to go back the parliamentary system, which is less expensive( then we may need to start fielding professionals as candidates to get ministerial appointments). We have shadow governments that is set up and keeps the government in power on their toes. A government who is not up to the task, will get a vote of no confidence in the parliament and not wait for the long impeachment process or i have a fixed term . Parties will have to negotiate and form alliances that is beneficial to all parties in . Just imagine what is going on the UK with the Hung parliament? The Lib Dems in UK got Deputy Prime minister under PM David Carmeron and when it was election time the Lib Dems paid for it for departing from their principles and core values.

    I feel the last election opened up a lot our sore wounds and we departed from issue based politics to personality, ethnicity and religion( which had silently covered up over the years)

    it time we heal and proffer solutions. my own 10 kobo contribution.

    • Powell Tallen

      Good analysis and not like maccido who started by calling names and I treated him with the same hatred!

  • oyoko

    No wonder you did not perform, because in your perception you believed no one or group can solve Nigeria problem. No wonder, you did not know that the number problem of Nigeria is corruption; wherefore, you declare that corruption is not stealing!

  • Curtx Maccido

    Ogogoro master, you be alive and Nigeria problems will solved. The fact you failed in fixing the problems doesn’t mean no one or group can ….horrific negative mind and brain, lousy ijaw punk!