Why are We Playing with Fire?

PEDULUM By Dele Momodu, Email: dele.momodu@thisdaylive.com


By Dele Momodu 

Fellow Nigerians, I write movingly today because those who have the platforms to reach a mass audience should rise to rescue Nigeria from those hell-bent on unleashing stupendous terror and horror on our dearly beloved country. It is necessary for me to repeat some of my life history for people to understand the pain and anguish I feel about those toying with our very existence as a nation. I was not born with a silver spoon. I have willingly laboured more for myself and our country than I ever want to receive. I have suffered enough pains, frustrations and denigration like, if not more than, the man next door. You may never know because we are yet to hold a sovereign national conference of the Sufferers Association of Nigeria. Unless you are told in very clear terms, you would never know, suspect or imagine what is buried within the underbelly of a human being.

Growing up was not so simple or easy for me. The primary school I attended was so local and rural that it even reflected in its name, Local Authority Primary School, Ifewara Road, Ile-Ife. From there, I travelled to Inisa Grammar, Inisa for my secondary education.  This was a journey from Ile-Ife through Ife suburbs like Ipetumodu, Gbongan, Sekona, to Ede, Osogbo, Ikirun and finally Inisa. I have narrated the route just to show the arduous journey and how many bridges I had to cross as a young boy of eleven years old to go to school. The experience was so harrowing as we had to trek some distance to fetch water from Odo Otin river and had to wake up by 5.00am daily. I regularly escaped from school, running back to my parents. Being the only child of my mum for my dad, they were quite alarmed fearing something terrible might happen to me. I was brought back to Ile-Ife and I landed at Oluorogbo High School. I spent only one year in this school before moving St. John’s Grammar School, Ilode. I never had the privilege of attending any psychedelic schools of those days, as you can see.

As if my background was not chaotic enough, I suddenly lost my wonderful father on June 14, 1973. I was barely 13 and life went from bad to worse. Just visualise being left with a poor and illiterate woman who merely eked a living as a petty trader. My only saving grace was the wisdom she imparted on me from her native education and natural wisdom. My spoken English was a catastrophic disaster. I improved a bit in the written language after reading substantial literature under one of the best teachers ever, Mrs H. Sutton. I sat my first WAEC Examination in 1976, succeeded only in bagging a poor Grade 3. I flunked Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry with straight F9. I repeated the exams in 1977 but disaster struck again as in that evil year exam papers leaked like water inside basket. Though I had no access to what was nicknamed ORIJO (as in Original) at the time, my result was one of the many withheld. It was so bad, my mum felt like my ordeal was spiritual.

 I sat the exams a third time in 1978 and it was third time lucky. I also passed the inaugural JAMB exam and became a pioneer JAMBITE at the University of Ife. Such was my incredible trajectory in search of the golden fleece of Bachelor of Arts. It was at Unife (as the University was then called) that I met and became bosom friends with Prince Adedamola Aderemi, who completed my English transformation by teaching me how to pronounce words properly and improve my diction.

1978 witnessed the Ali-Must-Go demonstrations in Nigerian universities. I was naturally disposed to join the A LUTA CONTINUA struggle though I was yet to resume school as an undergraduate. I was working in the University Library at the time and practically fancied myself as a full-fledged student because of my many family and friends who were already studying there. Since then, I have lost count of how many dangerous and deadly demonstrations and riots I have witnessed or participated in. We fought against all manner of oppressive tendencies. Many have been jailed or killed in the process. The sad news is that nothing has changed positively. We’ve never had a respite of one year during which we could say life was indeed very good. 

In deep frustration and anger, many of our citizens have blamed everyone else for the woes of Nigeria and reached the illogical conclusion that the solution is breaking up the country called Nigeria. The first costly step was THE BIAFRA WAR. Valuable properties were wantonly destroyed and lives  senselessly wasted whilst sadly, these souls ran into  millions. At the end of the day, our brave Biafrans surrendered and their participation in the country called Nigeria had to be re-negotiated. But not much ever changed. The marginalisation of Nigerians by fellow Nigerians continued unabated and the frustrations of the different ethnic groups became reinvigorated. Once again, the agitation for the breakup of Nigeria became strident and cacophonous. The exponents of this war-mongering and disunification unfortunately cannot see that lumping large groups of diverse people together as one tribe is not necessarily accurate. Let me give a few examples. 

When you say the Yoruba of South West Nigeria, who are you referring to? Would you consider them a single entity united by race, culture, tradition, language or religion? You would be dead wrong. In Lagos State alone, you have different ethnic groups and they hardly see eye to eye. If it were possible, the peoples of Epe, Ikorodu, Awori, Badagry would prefer their separate States. It is a similar story in Ogun State where the Egba and Egbado are not the same despite the similarity in their names. Ditto Ijebu and Remo and Yewa. Please, move to Oyo State which is even more critical because of too many big townships and tribes. I have not even bothered to talk about religion. There are different kinds of Christians, Pentecostals and Traditionalists. Between them there are different sects and beliefs.  The same goes for the Muslims who can be divided into Sunni, Shia etc. The story of Nigeria is replete with similar configurations everywhere. It is therefore jejune and over-naïve to assume that all the cases of oppression and suppression in Nigeria will evaporate and vamoose once we dissolve into fragments. 

Let me say categorically that there is no way any part of Nigeria can break away or sack others without anarchy. Firstly, to break up a country, there must be a referendum of sorts because the leaders of this gambit must seek the mandate of the people to know if they want to take such a monumental step or not. No one in Yorubaland for example can say with autocratic confidence that he’s been mandated to declare a Yoruba or Oduduwa Republic. Such a person would languish indefinitely in fantasyland. I also believe there is no such thing as a monolithic North. There are so many ethnic groups representing the geographical spread called Northern Region of Nigeria. The three regions of Northern Nigeria cannot be collapsed into one by fiat without resulting in fiasco at this time and age. The same can be said of the South South where I partly come from paternally. If the dream to break up ever comes to fruition, there would be cries of marginalisation, sooner rather than later. Even under the government of President Goodluck Jonathan, we heard those who grumbled about Ijaw domination. The Igbos clamouring for Biafra would have been the most pitiable and laughable had it not been tragic. They draw up a map which includes the South South who have not been consulted as to whether they would want to join with people they have a natural distrust of. Indeed, their agitation and inclusion of the South South States demonstrates the tomfoolery of their actions because it is the same subjugation they complain about that they would seek to impose on the South South. 

Lest we forget, we must also examine the fallacy of thinking that having our home man or woman in power would turn our part of the country into Eldorado. It is never so. We only need to examine the various hometowns, not even States, of our former leaders to see that this is only but a mirage. For the first time, a leader from Niger Delta attained Presidential power, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (2010-15), did the South South transform into a modern-day wonder? Why are we fooling around in the name of secession as if that is the talismanic wand to crumbling our monumental challenges? 

Let me warn without any fear of contradiction that Nigeria cannot afford to go through a second civil war just to massage the ego of any over-ambitious person or persons. Those calling for war should first put and push their children forward. It would be ungodly to use poor kids of the proletariat as cannon fodder. Anyone who has ever seen the effect of wars on human beings, animals and vegetation would never call for war, again. 

I led a delegation to Sierra Leone in 2001 and the trauma of what I saw did not leave me for a long time. Through the protection of God and the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL), my friends and I were able to navigate our ways through the dangerous forests of Mange and Port Loco. We saw humans in various stages of dilapidation and` destruction. I personally met and spoke with a few rebel leaders encouraging them to be merciful by laying down their arms. The degree of human suffering was despicable and disheartening. We visited the Nigerian peacekeepers who described their harrowing experience in the bush. We prayed never to encounter such atrocity and brutality in our country Nigeria. 

I repeated a similar peace mission to Liberia where our soldiers controlled ten out of the 15 counties in the war-torn country. I visited our peacekeepers and we exchanged very useful information about the effect of war in a country already impoverished by poverty and ravaged by diseases. God forbid, with our humongous population, the whole of West Africa will collapse and sink into the abyss if we ever allow the selfish gladiators to have their way. 

Lastly, those calling for war now forget that the youths of this country do not share their negative vibes about Nigeria.  They see this country as a prospective world power. They dream of a nation that is technologically advanced and self-reliant where people of diverse ethnic groups and religions come together to contribute to nation building.  They ignore tribe and religion in their relationships.  They do not care where their leader comes from as long as he or she has the acumen, capacity, ability and competence to lead. This is why Acting President Yemi Osinbajo is receiving accolades everywhere now. We, the ageing, decrepit generation, had better look back and not destroy the future of our kids because of our own failed past, bloated egos and self-aggrandisement. 

The solution to our problems does not lie in splintering, or in any structural re-configuration. It lies in capable, competent and incorruptible leadership. Our much-maligned Constitution, despite its many failings, has already provided a viable structure. It is the implementation of this lofty Constitution that is our bane.

I leave you with a powerful note of caution from a piece making the rounds on social media, which was forwarded to me by a Sierra Leonean friend:  


Timely Warning To Nigerians!

OMAR BANGURA (not sure of identity) from Sierra Leone has this to tell Nigerians…

“I don’t think you guys know what you are playing with. You can call each other names and laugh about it now but when you end up inciting hate …. and a real civil war starts in your country you will regret what you are doing now. Your religious and political leaders are trying to divide you between religious lines and you are helping them do that rather than standing up and say we are all Nigerians never mind our tribe, region or religion. That’s the only stand that will save your blessed nation. The foreign powers pushing the government to take certain decisions will abandon you when you start killing one another and reject you from running to their countries so be careful. Our 11-year war in Sierra Leone was not even based on religious or tribal difference and see what we did to our country. The worst conflicts are those based on tribal and religious differences. See Central Africa, Bosnia, South Sudan and Rwanda. To have a better knowledge of this, please watch the documentary/movie called “Hotel Rwanda” or “Sometime in April”. My heart bleeds when I read what you guys are saying because I know what this will lead to. You will be the losers all of you whether Christian, Muslim, Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa. Stand as one and save your nation together because you have only one Nigeria that has the potential to lead Africa.”

  • sunny okocha

    If it’s not food it’s adenuga if it’s not adenuga its abiola if it’s not abiola it’s ile ife or concord newspaper or my friends in high places or how I went to oba otudeko palace and he gave me akara and bread this article sold you dele u spewed out a tribal element in you and you fail to understand the newspaper readers attributes that’s some can read beyond the print and the print sometimes defines the writer high time nduka puts a lid on ur column and gave it to serious minded writers willing to educate oneness and love amongst tribes we don’t need ur ilks

  • Anthony Oguejiofor

    Dele is myopic and just like I said before, he is a prostitute who dances only to the highest bidder and I am yet to see his contribution to the Unity of Nigeria other than his claim that he was a member of NADECO. Fact is, age does not make someone a statesman.
    Dele, your unbridled hatred for the Igbos would eventually be your nemesis, since you are merely putting the cart before the horse. Peace does not guarantee itself but justice and equity are the factors that engender harmony. Don’t give us useless stories about how you crossed 7 seas and 7 evil forests to attend school as most Nigerians who are of age today did.

  • Obi Ike Sorres

    You have said nothing. You are part of the problem

  • E don do Niaja

    Mmmmmmmmmm Dele! Stop dancing at the square with great attention paid to your wrapper. Nobody wants war including those who directly or indirectly call for it. They want reform or restructure of our system that refuse to work by any measure against those that want status quo. Deludes in Hausa land, Igbo land, Niger Delta, and Yoruba land existed, exists today and will continue to exist till the end of time. At the peak of June 12 struggle, OPC called for Oduduwa Republic. Did you take them serious being a prominent player in that struggle? Prior to your publication, OPC called for Oduduwa republic telling Yorubas in the north and I quote “We advise them to begin to make alternative plans for the inevitable upheaval being promoted by the Fulani oligarchy. The North has always been the aggressor because of the region’s loss of power and the unhidden desire to make Nigeria the irreversible extension of the Fulani emirate”. Niger Delta referred to as South South ( you will never come up with South South from your present location or out of any country except Nigeria) groups are calling for Niger Delta republic.They are all deludes popularized by our contemporary social media.

    In all these scenarios, non called for any tribe to quit their region except who? The North! Additionally, you were quick to point out how those calling for Biafra are including South South without proper consultation. Well, if they include me, my assumption is simple, they are based on South East prior to South South or large concentration of Igbos in Delta and Rivers. Mmmmmmmmmm Dele! You sounded very nationalistic, but ultimately judgmental and eventually delivered your judgement: The Igbos are responsible for anything that might befall Nigeria.

  • KWOY

    It is not that I take u seriously (btw u, Omatseye & Femi Adesina I don’t know who is the most fake!). & I evn lately resolved to start ignoring u). But I just couldn’t resist this! & I hate the fact that I couldn’t resist it!

  • KWOY

    1. Whose business is it if the indigenes of Abeokuta feel they are not one ethnic group? How does it stop those who feel they are one from being one?
    2. You either probably realized having a person of one’s ethnic group in power does not bring it special benefits after fighting for appointments in 2015, or you are lying in deception because u are enjoying its benefit!
    3. RELATIONSHIP CAN NEVER BE BY FORCE: You know how self-determination movements are handled in civlized socities. All the lies here is because of the oil you have been controlling since 1970. There would never have been Nigeria in the first place or it would have been restructured a long time ago if the oil was in the SW or in the north!
    4. The happy thing is that u will NEVER be able to decree peace into place. Yesterday it was ur turn as u polluted the atmosphere with lies. As it remains Igbos would be perpetual losers but u can never move far from the shore as well. & Igbos would be heavy losers of another war but u urself will never be more than a ghost ever after! Ur Spirit & that of Nig would go with it unto the end of time! For now all hail the spirit of Biafra!

  • Razor

    It’s not a must that a war must be fought for a unit in a country to separate, it could still be achieved through peaceful means.

  • Ugo Sunday-Uzoukwu

    I was very surprised at the rather disingenuous position taken by Dele Momodu about the Igbos clamouring for Biafra. By the way there is nothing wrong with any group of people seeking to realize their desire in a peaceful manner in a federation. And the Biafra agitation was not the first and is not the only such ongoing agitation in Nigeria today. That Mr. Momodu would rather than seek to understand the causes of such agitations and how they should be managed, go on to not only cast aspersions on Igbos but also proceed to lecture us on the lessons of war leaves much to be desired from a respected columnist like him. Indeed I wonder whether Mr. Momodu actually followed the thoughts of other respected THISDAY columnists on the issue before weighing in with highly tendentious opinion on the Igbos clamouring for Biafra.

  • John

    DELE, i don’t think anyone is comfortable fighting wars. But would you rather live like a slave or fight for freedom. Pretending all is well and can be worked out in Nigeria after 57 yrs of independence is like playing the Ostrich. Not with our contemporary history. You guys all campaigned for mr integrity as the last Nigeria’s messiah. Mr integrity has failed to save Nigeria. I am in my 40s now. I have seen enough to convince me something is wrong with Nigeria. Nigeria needs restructuring!

  • Tony Oshea

    I try very hard NOT to respond some times to deliberate misinformation. But let’s put it this way,that neither IPOB nor MASSOB is armed or calling for war. If an idiot thinks that Arochukwu and Ile Ife are related he needs to go back to school. War ! Americans see war as a game and they are always ready to fight,right now they are in Syria and Southern China.Israel has been of fighting wars since 1954,had another war imposed on them in 1967,then 1973. There will always be war in the world,until there is equity and justice.Southern Sudan spent 30 years fighting for liberty and liberation. Sierra leonians did NOT fight for a separate entity,therefore it is a different kettle of fish. Mr writer Nigerians are at war every day with herdsmen killing and maiming indigenous people wantonly,all over southern Nigeria. Would Mr writer rather cohabit with marauding herdsmen under this circumstance or take his destiny in his hands. “Nobody has the monopoly of violence”. Until NATO visited ,Saddam Hussein assumed he was invincible, eventually he was found in a rabbit hole hidding.Ditto for maummar Gaddafi,he poked his dirty fingers at USA until a gentleman ,Obama became president and sent greetings. He was found hiding in a culvert. Nobody should be afraid of war ,because human have conquered whales,killed sharks and dinosaurs. The Jews did NOT evacuate Israel simply because their vociferous neighbors, Arabs,threatened to exterminate them ! Southern Sudan held on to their belief and determination for 30 years,and eventually got independence from Khartoum.USSR,Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Sudan,Ethiopia and in European history Catalona,Netherlands and Roman empire all had something in common. They eventually balkanized! The only difference is that the reasonable,educated USSR,Czechoslovakia ,Catalona and Netherlands guided by history achieved separation peacefully,while Yugoslavia, Sudan and Ethiopia inspite of the resistance balkanized, albeit with unnecessary bloodshed.Britain would rather conduct a referendum, than threaten war with Scotland, does that make sense?

  • Daniel

    My take : Dele Momodu is too comfortable to want to see fundamental changes in Nigeria.

    Let us even agree we need not split the country, ii is gross STUPIDITY not to reconfigure Nigeria for greatness.

    However intelligent and capable the president may be, without structural changes in our governance system, we will continue to crawl.

    We must stop thinking Abuja is our hope.

    We need to decentralise governance. It is so fundamental to our prosperity.

    We did it in the First Republic and we could see the benefits, so why not now?

    Dele Momodu should quit the sermonisation and start offering concrete solutions.

    The whole talk about a competent leader is vacuous. We need a new template of governance for effective leadership to be felt in Nigeria.

  • Unite2013

    People are fed up with the geographical entity called Nigeria because of the high level of injustice in the system. A country where some people believe the presidency is their birthright. A country where savages from the desert called herdsmen go about killing, raping and maiming, and yet nothing is done. We all need to sit down in a genuine national conference to determine how we want to co-exist. I personally believe we are better and stronger together.

  • Powell Tallen

    It is not true that disintegration of a country must result into any wars! You are just entertaining this scare mongering because you know your useless ovation paper will die and you will go into begging. Where in the world do you see people being denied the right to have a referendum on their existence apart from nigeria. We have seen Brexit, Scotland wants to go and were once given opportunity for a referendum. Many countries have parted ways, eg India and Pakistan/Bangladesh, Sudan and South Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea, etc. The truth is that dele you are not from S/S, your mother did not tell you the truth. She was a yoruba prostitute who was sleeping around with everything on trousers to feed a bastard like you and when she was preganant she did not know who impregnated her and told you that you father was from edo and that he died! Where are your father’s brothers/sisters, where is your village in edo? You are a pure bastard without a father and if you see your ovation paper, it depicts the attitude of a man without moral values!

    • E don do Niaja

      Please edit you post please. No insult irrespective of how much you disagree.

      • Powell Tallen

        Go and advise your stupid father!

        • E don do Niaja

          Please irrespective of your disagreement be respectful.Respect, respect and respect

  • Ken

    Mr. Dele Momodou, I have never been known for the use of uncouth language, but I must confess, I am ashamed of you.

    First of all, you are from Edo State. You are not partly from Edo “paternally”, in using your word. Your dad is from Edo, so that is your state of origin. It’s complexity that makes you worship the house of Oduduwa like a slave. You have a rich history that you are not proud of. Yorubas are no better than Edos. Take away Lagos and the Yorubas will have nothing to be proud of in Nigeria. No matter your sing-song about Yorubas, they know you are not one of them.

    Two, you took the Igbos to cleaners for cosncripting the South South into the Biafra arrangement without proper cosultation. Agreed. But let me ask you, who are those beating the drums of war? The Biafra agitators have never for once talked about violence, let alone war.

    Some persons up North asked all Igbos to vacate North before 1st October, 2017 or have themselves to blame. There lies the drumbeat of war! Why didn’t you have the effrontery to name such persons as the real persons fanning the embers of dismemberment? Are you this cowardice, Mr. Dele Momodou?

    But then I don’t believe this is cowardice. This is because when Police arrested some Yorubas after skirmishes with Fulanis in Ife, you were quick to call a spade a spade. You summoned courage to ask the IG of police why he arrested only Yorubas, leaving out the Fulanis who, sources said, ignited the fire. You raised several questions in that article.

    So obviously you are not afraid of the North. You simply chose to align with them this time because your beloved Osinbajo is today in power, forgetting that it is merely transient.

    Dele Momodou, you have been ardent supporter of restructuring of Nigeria. Today you recanted. You said that Nigeria’s problem does not lie in the lopsided system we operate. If this lopsidedness is not the worst form of corruption, what else is?

    Dele Momodou, I can bet my last finger that you believe in restructuring but merely played the ostrich this morning because your Feudal Lords do not want to have that mentioned, at least for now.

    Remember, conscience is an open wound, so said Usman Dan Fodio.

  • RumuPHC

    There is no better way to summarize the main challenge before the country , and a great task for the youths , than how Dele stated it hear:

    “The solution to our problems does not lie in splintering, or in any structural re-configuration. It lies in capable, competent and incorruptible leadership. Our much-maligned Constitution, despite its many failings, has already provided a viable structure. It is the implementation of this lofty Constitution that is our bane.”

    This has always been my position.

    Nigeria can be great in its present form especially if the concepts of fairness, justice and equity are allowed to prevail. These are all provided for in the Constitution but the political elite have consistently failed to promote these virtues simply for self preservation.

    The malfeasance we accuse the government at the centre for are equally prevalent at the state, local and community levels. This is how the ruling class has protected and promoted itself across the country over the decades.

    The task therefore for the youths and next generation is to call the bluff of the current political class and take the destiny of the country into their hands. A political movement with ideals of democracy at heart is what is needed in Nigeria today -Macron at 37yrs just did this in France.

    Nigeria is a promising union. We must do all it takes to preserve the country in its current geographical form. At more than 900,000 sq km of which about 70% is arable and with a population of 160m largely composed of the youth and growing: you cannot find a better market space. The fundamentals for economic progress and posterity are there but it is political leadership that is the bane of the problem.

    There are good Nigerians from every tribe and all faiths .

    Do you break up a talented football team simply because the manager and training crew are bad?

  • remm ieet

    The best way to solve the problems of malfunctioning Nigerian state, is for the leaders to take reorganising Nigeria seriously. Everyone will be winner in the end. Nobody will be willing to make perilous journey to foreign countries anymore just because their own country has proved inhabitable. It is disturbing that we are running a federal system which makes most of the states redundant, unviable and poorly planned. Lack of effective state planning makes no sense in this vast territory. In the interim, this may give advantage to those who are in power at all the levels of government due to their unlimited access to state resources. This will not last forever. Unfortunately for us, the dithering and incompetence of our politicians has allowed other opportunistic problems to overtake events where they need to get a grip. State collapse now stares us in the face.

  • Daniel Obior

    Typically Dele Momodu who would bury his head in the sand. First and foremost, nobody except the deluded would claim separation will solve all the problems of any country. No political change can ever solve all the problems of a country. The point being made is that restructuring or separation will reduce the problems. Secondly, the general appetite is for the restructuring of the country back to the federalism it was, instead of this unitary style government being masqueraded as a federation. What can be wrong about that? It is the failure of the powers that are, to accept the imperatives for restructuring to a proper federal system, that is driving the wish for separation. It was so in 1967 after Aburi and it is still so today. Thirdly, for Dele Momodu to believe that all it takes for things to be right is to depend on the 1999 constitution, shows a disappointingly shallow level of reasoning and thinking. The 1999 constitution is a fraudulent and badly flawed document designed to provide the oxygen for the unitary style of government that is killing the country. It was made deliberately so by the military authors, consistent with their ethos. Finally, restructuring of the country is imperative if there is to be progress. Separation is an option when people are denied the advantages that restructuring will bring. It is most desirable that either options are pursued by peaceful means. It must not be presented that separation must be achieved only through war. To make such an inference is dishonest. Separations have been achieved all over the world by war and also by peaceful means. The preference for this country should be restructuring and there can be nothing wrong with that. Peaceful separation becomes the fallback.

    • Truth Konveyor

      But the ugly reality Dele pointed out is that Nigeria can never be broken through peaceful means. It would still take this nation up to 150 years to attain democratic maturity enough to break up peacefully.

      • Daniel Obior

        Never say never. Anything is possible under the sun; even a peaceful separation.

      • okwuchukwu

        WE are talking about restructuring the country. Who talks about breaking it. Besides, must we go to war in order to restructure or part ways if that is the option?

  • Sarah

    Thank you Dele. To those with grievances, please use our CONSTITUTION as basis for seeking redress. Going outside the Constitution is bound to produce unexpected consequences. You never know how the other side will REACT.
    To IPOB: if Nzeogu and Ojukwu had known that their actions would lead to the death of at least 1million Igbos and still FAIL, would they have acted?
    To AREWA YOUTH: if the maiduguri politicians that armed jobless youth for political ecomog had known that those youth would merge with boko haram and lead to at least 100,000 deaths and many more as IDPs, would they have armed them?
    Hopefully sane heads will prevail.
    God Bless Nigeria 🤓

    • E don do Niaja

      Great point! Sounds like my mother.

      • Powell Tallen

        the yoruba prostitute? useless bastard!

  • the masked one

    “Igbos drew up a map which includes the South South who have not been consulted as to whether they should want to join with people they have a natural distrust of. Indeed, Igbos agitation and inclusion of South South states demonstrates the tomfoolery of their actions because it is the same subjugation Igbos complain about that they seek to impose on South South”?????

    I have to read the above severally to be sure I wasn’t reading from a Press Release of a coalition of Arewa Youths Associations. Why blame the Arewa Youths if someone of Dele Momodu caliber, a man who claimed to have had a modest beginning and craves One Nigeria will allow his spleen spill this bilious hatred?

    But this is all blackmail! Ever since the successfully sit-at-home order by the agitators for Biafra, which I liken to a Referendum on Biafra, the detractors and naysayers have not been comfortable and have devised a new plot. And that is, a campaign of calumny. The use of various forms of blackmails and threats to arm-twist the Biafra agitators and force the to abandon the struggle.

    What Nnamdi Kanu’s incarceration could not achieve, they now want to achieve through blackmail. But what a shoddy work Dele Momodu had made of his beat for it was glaring the man who wrote on these pages that ‘even all the appointees of Buhari were to be from Daura that he wouldn’t mind as long as Buhari delivered on his campaign promises’ was out to blackmail the Igbos, and not necessarily to sue for peace.

    My question for Dele Momodu is, had Buhari delivered on his campaign promises? Perhaps, the Biafra agitators should be blamed for the dying president’s disappointing show?

    • Naija United

      Which igbos drew the map? Igbo State governors drew it or igbo senators or who are recognized igbo leaders that drew it. Or is it a map drawn by someone in his bedroom that you are using as official igbo position. lol You make me laugh

      • the masked one

        Sorry! But it’s glaring you hit the wrong target. Direct your angst at Dele Momodu. That’s if you’re not out for mischief?

    • E don do Niaja

      Wow! Say it again!

    • okbaba

      I couldn’t wait but you got there before me. I mustn’t fail to write Dele personally on this drivel of his. Who drew the map and why lump everyone with a bad name in order to snuff out a dog. He owes a serious apology.

      • Tony Oshea

        He thinks that drawing a purported map of Biafra on internet is the exclusive of IPOB and MASSOB,and only Igbo’s can draw a map of Biafra on internet,which includes Benue and kwara states. I can excuse him because he attended “local authority primary school”,tracking several kilometers daily.

    • okwuchukwu

      You have a point there about Biafra and the map. But I think it is a proposed map. I don’t think Igbos are staking a claim beyond the areas inhabited by Igbo speaking people who in any case will have an opportunity to decide in a referendum.

      I don’t think Igbos are beating drums of war by asking for self determination any more than Yorubas making similar requests during the June 12th struggles. WE have reached a point where the imperatives of a restructuring now supersedes what other political goals any group might have. But if restructuring is proving too difficult for certain sections, then those who prefer to opt out of the federation should be allowed to do so.

      We must not go to war to arrive at solutions.

  • Naija United

    What kind of journalist is this. So a biafran map someone drew in his room without any verifiable source or any known architect is what Dele Momodu now rely on to vent his tribal stereotype as south east planned oppression against south south. I tot u claim that you are Yoruba but when you want to play your tribal game you remember you are south south. Secondly This man is really out of touch by saying the youth don’t differentiate btw tribes and only see nigeria as a potential world power. But if i may ask u who are the people that dominate internet exchanging hate tribal comments that dominate Nigerian blog, they are not 60 or 70 yr old doing that. Dele u should hav done the nation good by acknowledging this problem and admonish these youth to preach love and unity instead of pretending that the problem does not exist and having delusional belief that every youth is thinking of your utopian super power nigeria. Pathetic