808 Killed in Southern Kaduna Attacks, Says Catholic Church

Nasir El-Rufai
Nasir el-Rufai

John Shiklam in Kaduna
The leadership of the Catholic Diocese of Kafanchan in Kaduna State has disclosed that a total of 808 people were killed in 53 villages across the four local governments areas in the state ridden by crisis.

Giving a statistics of the killings and destruction in a statement in Kafanchan, the church leaders said 57 people were injured while farm produce estimated at N5.5 billion were also destroyed.

The statement disclosed further that a total of 1,422 houses and 16 churches were burnt during the attacks.

The affected communities are spread across Kaura, Sanga, Jama’a and Kauru Local Government Areas where there had been persistent attacks on communities by gunmen believed to be Fulani herdsmen.

The Catholic church also rejected the N100 million donated a couple of months ago by the state Governor, Nasir el-Rufaim for the reconstruction of worship places destroyed in the affected areas, saying the money should be used in compensating those who have been rendered homeless.

A 24-hour curfew had been imposed on the affected areas by the state government following the frequent attacks.

A combine team of soldiers and anti-riot policemen had been deployed on the area to maintaine law and order following recent protest by people of the area over the killings.

According to the church leaders, “The herdsmen and their ilk turned the towns into killing fields and killed mostly women, children and the elderly who couldn’t run for cover.

“The level of barbarity was such that pregnant women got their wombs blown out and massacred before their children. And these innocent children were not spared either.

“This level of viciousness was never witnessed even in the brutal tyranny and regime of Adolf Hitler. What is most intriguing is the level of sophistication of weapons likeAK 47, machine guns and many other deadly instruments of death which were freel used.

“The viciousness of these self styled Jihadists sends shivers into the spines of our traumatised people. In the Godogodo and Pasakori attacks for example, the military merely watched and supervised the burning of our homes. When the youths mobilised to repel the attackers, the soldiers deliberately blocked them from entering the town.”

The statement was signed by the Vicar General of the Diocese, Rev. Fr. Ibrahim Yakubu; Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Okolo, Chancellor, Rev. Fr. Aaron Tanko Rev. Fr. Williams Abba and President, Laity Council, Mr. Joseph Bayei (KSJ).

The statement noted: “It didn’t take the government of el-Rufai time to figure out what to do to tackle armed robbery and cattle rustling in the Birnin Gwari area.

“Within the shortest possible time, soldiers were deployed and many of the cattle rustlers and bandits were either killed or arrested and cows in their hundreds were rescued.

“This is commendable and we are happy that the Fulanis in Birnin Gwari have been rescued from these bandits. If the government can deploy helicopters and soldiers to Birnin Gwari to help in tracking down the terrorists, why is the same government unwilling to deploy the same soldiers and helicopters to Southern Kaduna to help flush out the Fulani herdsmen terrorising indigenes of Southern Kaduna?”

The church leaders called for the setting up of a commission of inquiry to look into the remote and proximate causes of this crisis, with members evenly drawn between both parties.

They urged security agencies to fish out all perpetrators and sponsors of the killings and bring them to justice.
“We demand immediate release of Southern Kaduna youths and leaders unjustly detained by various security agencies for trumped up charges.

“Provision of relief materials to victims of the attacks in Southern Kaduna be made a priority.
“Compensation to all families that suffered losses of dear ones and property
“Communities overrun by Fulani herdsmen and now under occupation by same must be vacated and their owners returned to their homes and farmlands immediately,” the statement added.

  • Green hörn

    They promised that insecurity will be a thing of the past when voted into power; 800 people killed by alleged Fulani herdsmen in Southern Kaduna alone!!! Hunger and malnutrition (kwashiokor) is even worst than ever…
    Oh, ye gullible generation, how could you not use your common sense to know that those were fake promises then? What a shame!
    I weep for you all.

  • 0swal0

    Something is wrong here. Action is required not ordinary talk. Someone should please do something.


    It’s curious that the level of massacre and carnage being unleashed on the people of southern Kaduna by terrorists Fulani herdsmen especially under the present administration of El-Rufai is alarming. It also beats imagination that the same governor once revealed that he’s being paying the Fulani herdsmen to stop the attacks/killings.

    It’s obvious that the security agencies have failed to secure the lives and property of the people of Southern Kaduna and by implication they people need to mobilize themselves and rise up in self defence or else risk annihilation.

  • godwin

    All I can contribute to this discuss, is that children of God ,pray without ceasing. We are in real trouble with Buhari’s Islamic government. It is the spirit of Islam that is at work.

  • Jon West

    “The level of viciousness was never witnessed even during the brutal tyranny of the regime of Adolf Hitler” Really? My dear “Man of God”, this level of visciousness and appalling evil against the innocent was witnessed in Southern Kaduna in 1966-1967 and again in Biafra from 1967-1970. Some of the perpetrators then were christians from Southern kaduna , acting on behalf of moslems and Arewa “brothers”, and the victims were christian Igbo.
    I can never feel sorry for you people in your current travails because there is such a thing as karma. Where is Zamani Lekwot, Martin Luther Agwai and the hundreds of other retired Army officers from your area, while the Fulanis are slaughtering your people? Thank God Jonathan, the “Igbo” President is no longer in power, because by now you will be slaughtering Igbos in reprisal for the killing of your people by the Fulanis. God, forgive my blasphemy, but how and why did you create some of these people in the Lugardian Zoo?

    • Femi

      ‘I can never feel sorry for your people in your current travails…..’
      Such bitterness! Heal, my brother!

      • Jon West

        We the victims have healed, but are quite amused by the reversal of ortunes going on all over the cursed Zoo. Bisfran scale starvation in the Northeast, massacres in the Middle Belt, pollution and abject poverty in the Niger Delta, incredible backwardness in the whole North and continous perdition in Yorubaland. There is such a thing as karma and no amount burying your head in the sand will obfuscate the reality of Nigeria. In Biafra Nigeria and Africa died.

    • Mike

      You appear to carry a lot of hatred in your blood and Anger /Grudge in your brain. You must be very immature and if you are an old man I feel very sorry for you cos you must be a bitter old man. Pls grow up. How can God ever forgive your ‘blasphemy’ when you are gleeful that innocent defenceless people are being killed. What is going round now might also come round for you too…

  • Lawrenece Ifo

    “The level of barbarity was such that pregnant women got
    their wombs blown out and massacred before their children. And these innocent children were not spared either.”

    When they did it to Biafran women and children, even the so called clergies of Northern extraction did not condemn it.Instead they were heartless in supporting the follow up military assault on the innocent people.I have never heard of any moderate Northern Christian during the Biafra genocide just like some moderate Hutus that stood up against Tutsi genocide.

    It is like all the visible faces of the Biafra genocide were mainly so called Christians from SW and North and follow…follow from the so called minorities ???

    So on that basis, I can only say that nature is a strict accountant, and it is holding both the Fulanis and their accomplices that pretended to share the same faith with us accountable.
    They came for us and they shouted Alleluyah without knowing that they are coming for them. Here they are!!

    We are watching as the zoo unravels.

    • Major

      The most annoying aspect of it all is that when the Yorubas and their cohorts want to justify the killing of Igbos in their thousands during the pogrom in the North in 1966-67,that caused the declaration of secession of Igbos from Nigeria,they will say the Igbos started it all by killing Northerners and Yorubas in a strictly Militatry business.When they could not contain the colouration of that first coup and staged a counter coup where many Igib soldiers were killed,they still remained unsatisfied.But the truth is that a real Revolution would not spare anybody indicted in the destruction of the country and Igbos would not have cared if a corrupt Politician from Igbo Land had been listed for extermination to keep the Nigerian state sane and free from it’s destroyers.But they went after innocent traders,defenceless women and children of Igbo extraction and killed thousands and even millions to satisfy their tribalistic ego,and Yorubas and Notherners are still not satified with bloodletting till today.This is witchcraft in another dimension.I do not understand why the Yoruba are sumpatthetic to this unholy ambition of the Northern Muslims.Shame to the Muslim bloodsuckers everywhere in this cursed country.

      • josvinco

        @Major. Don’t allow ethnicity to color your sentiment or your mentality . Igbos are selfish and that is why is Biafra Republic failed in the first place and now becoming a forlorn hope. What did your people do when Fulani herdsmen invaded your territory ? Do you want the Yorubas to come and fight for you ? I read how they massacred innocent and defenseless women and children and even priests. Your people focus too much on materialism and worship money, that is why Biafran dream is being a mirage and currently being hijacked by some nonentities whose sole aim is to enrich themselves.

  • John

    El Rufai is like a leopard that cannot change his skin.Like Buhari, he is definitely on a mission

  • tnachis

    It is evident that the Kaduna State government El rufai is making good use of the so called Fulani herdsmen to antagonise his enemies and adversaries. Since he came into power the Fulani herdsmen have become a threat to the society killing Christians and poeple from the south. He also just recently claimed that they have paid off the herdsmen so that they stop the killings. Killers get “Paid off”???

    • Iskacountryman

      202 cows died or were declared missing…

      • Lieutenant


        • Iskacountryman

          just for the records…

      • TRUTH

        It is clear. El Rufai is a Boko Haram member and a Fulani herdsman.

  • AR

    Is this president Buhari still for all?

  • Segun Abiodun

    El Rufai is a criminal who is good at playing the ostrich.
    He stole billions of Naira as Minister in charge of the FCT funneling these billions through several fronts. People like Jimmy Lawal, Idris Othman, Hakeem Bello Osagie were among those used by el Rufai to steal billions of Naira from the Nigerian state.
    El Rufai owns houses in London , Dubai , Colombia Maryland, New York and in South
    He is worth an astonishing 93 billion Naira according to his own personal declaration.
    This midget is good at fermenting trouble by proxy. It is clear that he is one of the spouses of these Fulani herdsmen. Supported actively by Buhari.
    El Rufai father is from Chad. People need to understand this fact. He can trace his roots right to the home of those killers from Chad and Niger because he is part of them.
    Most of El Rufais children are drug addicts.
    El Rufai has also sacrificed some of his children for power. He has a covenant with the devil.
    People have to understand that all this blood is currency in the spirit world. El Rufai is shedding so much blood to increase his demonic worth in the spiritual realm.
    My prediction is that this man may sacrifice one of his wives as a final offering to Satan in his quest for the presidency of Nigeria.
    However he would fail because he is not from light but belongs to the forces of darkness.

  • Segun Abiodun

    I have 15 questions of my own for El Rufia
    1 As a public servant could you tell Nigerians How much you declared on your asset declaration form.
    2 can you confirm what was recently reported in the media that you made a declaration that you are worth an astonishing 93 billion Naira.
    3 Could you tell Nigerians how you were able to get such stupendous wealth? Was it an inheritance from your father or your mother?
    4 Could you confirm your role in the sale of Nitel to a one month old company- pentascope as the DG BPE . Can you confirm if your bother Bashir had an interest in the said pentascope.
    5 Can El Rufia tell Nigerians his role in the sale of Federal Government Houses in the FCT. Does he deny the allegation that he used fronts like Jimmy Lawal, Idris Othman, TJ Abudulahi and others to siphon billions of Naira fraudulently from that sale. Further does el Rufia deny the fact that Idris Othman is holding large tracks of Land on his behalf in the FCT? Could el Rufia tell Nigerians how he is related to Othman.
    6. How many houses / properties does el Rufia own outside Nigeria. Does he deny that he owns homes in Maryland in the United States, in London and in the United Arab Emirates?
    7. Does he deny the fact that these homes are held by proxy on his behalf by various people?
    8. Can el Rufia tell Nigerians what his relationship with one Angela who resides in Maryland USA is? Is this ibo woman his mistress or wife? Does she act as his conduit in the United States by providing a framework for concealing his illegitimate wealth.
    9 . Does el Rufia deny owning shares in etisalat? Does he deny further owning these shares through the money laundering King – Hakem Bello Osagie?
    10. Does el Rufia deny using Hakem Bello Osagie as his conduit for laundering his stolen wealth? Specifically does el Rufia deny that he passed a sizable part of the money that he stole as FCT minister to Hakem Bello Osagie who in turn invested those sums into the Nigerian telecommunications Industry?
    11 How many plots of Land does el Rufia own in the FCT?
    12. Is el Rufia the owner of the Vice Presidential guest House ? Can he tell Nigerians how he was able to acquire that property since he was the individual put in charge of the sale . Does he not see any conflict of interest in this acquisition
    13 Could el Rufia tell the Nigerian public where his biological father is from?
    14 Does el Rufia deny that his children are drug addicts? Does he deny the fact that his children were kicked out of various Universities in the United States because of their drug addiction which eventually led to them flunking out of these schools
    15 does el Rufia deny the fact that his 2nd wife who is a lawyer is having an affair with a younger man because he el Rufia can no longer perform as a man
    Ha ha ha ha ha lol
    Could el Rufia answer the above 15 questions

    • Jon West

      You are very well and accurately versed in the politics, economics and sociology of Nasir El-Rufai, but I take exception to your dragging my friend Asiya, his second wife , into this matter. However please note that I am also barely capable of taking over El_Rufai’s conjugal duties, and I am therefore not the younger man in question.

      • Iskacountryman

        o …how i envy the young…may they also grow old and forget to perform…

    • Justin Onwochei

      I am pretty sure that you do not know the person you are destroying with your horrible words. How can you rejoice over someone’s pains ? What is the difference between you and the people you are accusing? This is hatred and nothing more. Please, talk about what you know, and preach peace and not hatred.

      • Segun Abiodun

        There is absolutely no hatred in what I wrote
        El Rufai is a Tribalist to the core.
        Deep inside he hates Ibos and Yorubas. He has shown his wickedness several times towards those 2 groups as DG BPE and as Minister in charge of the FCT
        He is equally a thief who pretends to be clean.
        Some of us have a duty to expose politicians like El Rufai who are good at pointing fingers at others while looting the country blind ( typical Fulani approach )
        If you feel I have written any falsehoods kindly point them out.
        The truth is often bitter.

    • Iskacountryman

      question #8 and #15 are interesting …the rest are irrelevant…

      • Segun Abiodun

        You are entitled to your opinion

        • Iskacountryman

          thank you…

  • Darlynstar

    “In the Godogodo and Pasakori attacks for example, the military merely watched and supervised the burning of our homes. When the youths mobilised to repel the attackers, the soldiers deliberately blocked them from entering the town.”….

    Na wa oooo

    • Jon West

      In Biafra, it was the Godogodo soldiers that wreaked havoc on the populace, while spearheading the attacks of the Nigerian Army. Now thier people are under attack from thier masters. Chai, Chai, Chai, there is God OOO!!! Dame Patience Jonathan, where are you? Your mother’s people are being avenged by a vengeful God

  • ifobd

    I have always had the opinion that El Rufai is worse than PMB when tribalism is involved. In no distant time he will want to be president.

    We live amongst animals. Its only animals that can commit this type of atrocity. In ancient times the Barbarians were known for atrocities like this.

    This is a pity, in a country where they shout ONE NIGERIA. one nigeria my foot !!!

    • Jon West

      “In no distant time, he will want to be President”. El-Rufai may want to be President, but he cannot make himself President without the votes of the Northern minorities and the South. In due course, some Afonja genre “journalists” and retired Generals from Southern Kaduna will canonize him a “born-again” nationalist, with wives from every ethnic group in Nigeria ,and show him in Igbo garb with Ojukwu and being cuddled as a child by Awolowo, Tarka and Gomwalk. These Fulani irredentists take the country for granted because of the short-sightedness of most of our people. How did the Certificateless One become President and who cannonised him as Born Again?

  • JayGeeX

    ..and this is 2016. I hope the people that were TOLD that these guys are taking us back now understand better what we meant.

  • josvinco

    It is a shame if this dastard act of evil killings are happening in Nigeria in this 21st Century. People must stand on guard for their own people. What the hell is El-Rufai doing ? Probably until the war gets to the gate of Kaduna Government House before he acts.

    • austin

      How will the war get to the gates of government house? The marauders go where they are ordered and paid to go. Remember the person who claims to pay them off from fomenting trouble can also pay them to reverse such actions.

      • Denko

        This quite unfortunate, Fulani’s want to take over Nigeria by force