Philips Showcases Low Cost New Innovations for Accurate Diagnosis, Treatment

Martins Ifijeh

As part of efforts to boost Nigeria’s healthcare standards, Philips West Africa, a medical and lifestyle equipment company has introduced a portfolio of data driven oncology, radiology and women’s health technology solutions across the health continuum in the country.

Showcasing the innovations for healthy living, disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment during the Medic West Africa Exhibition 2016, the Chief Executive Officer, Philips West Africa, Ime Umo, said the equipment company was leveraging on its deep clinical expertise, data management, consumer insights, as well as partnerships to help shape the future of healthcare in West Africa.

The new low cost innovations, according to him are the intelliSpace portal, CX50 CompactXtreme, CombiDiagnost and the V680 Critical Care Ventilator, which are full range solutions in cardiology, oncology and women’s health. “The aim of introducing the healthcare equipments is to provide more predictive and more personalised care to enable people take charge of their own health, as well as first time right diagnoses and more effective treatments.

“Radiology plays an important role in helping detect and characterise disease at its earliest possible stages; assists in treatment planning and assessment; and helps in the management of overall patient care. It is also designed to help shorten the time between diagnosis and treatment,” he added.

He explained that with the advancement in data driven digital health technology, radiology has the power to significantly impact the way care is delivered, as it plays a critical role in the majority of healthcare decisions. “By integrating advanced diagnostic imaging technologies with specialised informatics, we are helping healthcare providers enhance the diagnostic process, facilitate seamless collaboration and improve workflow efficiencies,” he noted.

Lending his voice, the Business Development Manager, Philips Healthcare, Dr. George Uduku said one of the technology being introduced into the Nigerian market, IntelliSpace Portal was a web-enabled image and information management system with a single integrated workspace that produces a holistic view of the patient’s care continuum, adding that it was one of the most comprehensive solutions for problem detection, diagnostics, and therapy follow up, offering a full suite of tools to increase accuracy of quantitative measurements and reproducibility, decision support tools to boost diagnostics confidence.

“The CX50 CompactXtreme portable ultrasound system combines the image quality expected of a traditional, premium, full-size system with the convenience of portability. The CombiDiagnost R90 is a premium remote controlled fluoroscopy system in combination with high-end digital radiography, designed to improve room utilization in a cost effective manner,” he said.

He also explained that the V680 critical care ventilator provides high performance ventilation in invasive and noninvasive modes at a fraction of the cost of two separate systems. “This advanced two-in-one platform includes a full complement of invasive and noninvasive modes, lung mechanics maneuvers, and comprehensive dynamic patient monitoring,” he added.

Concluding, he said Philips will continue to focus on driving groundbreaking connected innovations across the healthcare space.

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