WAEC Certificate: Buhari Files Appeal against Ruling Dismissing His Objection

Muhammadu Buhari

Davidson Iriekpen
President Muhammadu Buhari has appealed the ruling of Justice Adeniyi Ademola of the Federal High Court in Abuja who on May 26, 2016 dismissed his preliminary objection in a suit filed by an Abuja-based legal practitioner, Mr. Nnamdi Nwokocha-Ahaaiwe.

Nwokocha-Ahaaiwe had alleged that Buhari was unqualified to aspire to the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria because he did not sit for the Cambridge West African School Certificate WASC) in 1961 as he claimed.

When the suit came up on May 26, Buhari in his preliminary objection challenged the mode of service of the originating summons on him, insisting that he ought to have been served at an address in Kaduna instead of by substituted means at the national secretariat of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abuja.

However, Justice Ademola, in his ruling, had held that it was incompetent and upheld the service of the originating court processes on Buhari.
The judge held that the service of the court’s processes on the president through the secretariat of the APC was proper.

The court was satisfied that if it was served on a senior officer of the APC at the national headquarters, it would be brought to Buhari’s attention.
Dissatisfied with  this ruling, Buhari through his legal team filed a notice of appeal at the Court of Appeal, Abuja Judicial Division on seven grounds of appeal.

The president’s legal team, which endorsed the notice of appeal, is led by Chief Wole Olanipekun (SAN).
Others are Mr. Lateef O. Fagbemi (SAN), Chief Akin Olujinmi (SAN), Oluwarotimi O. Akeredolu (SAN), Kola Awodein (SAN), Prof. Taiwo Osipitan (SAN), Charles Edosomwan (SAN), Emeka Ngige (SAN), Femi Atoyebi (SAN), Femi Falana (SAN), Funke Aboyade (SAN), H.O. Afolabi (SAN), Muiz Banire (SAN), and 10 other counsel.

When contacted on the phone, the plaintiff, Nwokocha-Ahaaiwe said the president has the constitutional right of appeal and was within his rights to exercise it particularly since he had not yet submitted a defence to the substantive action and had filed nothing in defence of the merits of the case.

Meanwhile, the Principal Registrar of the Federal High Court, Abuja, Mr. Jane Egbo, has issued a summons to the parties to appear before her on Monday, June 13, 2016 to settle the records of the president’s appeal.
Also, a check at the Registry of the Federal High Court, Abuja confirmed that the plaintiff has filed an application to amend his originating summons to include prayers for the nullification of the election of Buhari, as he was not qualified ab initio to contest the election having contravened the Electoral Act and committed perjury in claiming to have had a WASC when he never even sat for the examination.

The plaintiff also wants to add prayers for the court to order the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to withdraw the certificate of return issued to Buhari and issue a fresh one to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan who came second in the 2015 presidential election.

The plaintiff’s motion on notice for amendment of his originating summons has been served on all the defendants and will come up for hearing on Thursday, June 16, 2016.

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  • 4T2

    Why doesn’t Muhammadu Buhari want a competent court to grant his name his name to be searched in the WAEC database in Cambridge (England) and to verify if Muhammadu Buhari’s name could be found, as a former exam candidate.

  • 4T2

    Muhammadu Buhari’s name has been searched in the WAEC database in Ghana, and it was NOT found.

  • 4T2

    Muhammadu Buhari’s name has been searched in the WAEC database in Nigeria, and it was NOT found.

  • Onwuli kingdom

    PMB again with issues of certificate, chukwuabiama ! Can Nigerian identify his name on the WAEC result ? INEC should answer the query for allowing unqualified as i quote you . I advise, Nigerian should adopt a FIRST DEGREE and not a school cert.

  • Minotaur

    This a joke so a Judge will even hear this circumstantial evidence charges. WASC? 1961? Give me a break! This lawyer would be more useful challenging NASS for procrastination. I guess he passed his WASC well well but as a lawyer I won’t hire him

  • ayomi

    Femi Falana?

    • 4T2

      Falana really destroyed his own reputation by defending the CORRUPTION of WAEC Certificate forgery.


  • Ojo Joseph


  • Omooba A

    And we were all questioning the legality of Saraki for having eighty SANs to defend him? If the president needed more one or two lawyers to defend him then no one should questioned anyone with many lawyers if they could afford them. My advise to Mr. President is to please show his school certificate, if that is necessary, and put this case to rest for good. There is no point spending these monies on these SANs just to prove that he has a school certificate. Even without a certificate, he has proven to the citizen that corruption is woven into the fabric of our nation and if corruption is not killed, it will kill the nation. Another bane that is obstructing our development beside corruption is religion. Nigerians pray practically for everything and that’s why everyone is hoping to have electricity 24/7 only if they pray fervently. By now, after all the churches and mosques prayers, they should know that hard work is the answer to most of our problems and not prayers.


    Of what use is the team of SANs being paraded by the President on this issue of his WAEC saga, especially when it’s obvious that their professional fees would definitely be at the taxpayers’expense?
    This in itself is corruption!

  • samal54

    This matter is subjudice.

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  • AyoJon

    Look at the long list of Yoruba lawyers. To be honest, as a lawyer, your job is to defend your client but when I think of how much these people would have been paid, my conclusion is that Buhari didn’t graduate.
    Why will any sane person spend millions to defend what he can use thousands to solve?

  • Mike

    The President is close to the end of his term or at least half way there and you are still wiring and talking about WAEC certificate. Let sleeping dogs lie.. or is it baboons!

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  • Mike

    Just submit a valid WAEC certificate and the matter will go away. The truth usually settles things. ‘Conscience is an open wound, only truth can heal it’ (Othoman Dan Fodio)

  • Rev

    I think it’s technically, legally and spiritually game up for the man from Daura. Mr Buhari is simply not qualified to lead present day Nigeria. He was not even qualified in 1983, how much now…
    Please Mr Buhari should give the common sense people of Nigeria a break by humbly bowing out in deep respect to the Nigerian people…At least he has fulfilled a long held dream…!

  • AyoJon

    Buhari should just go back into his room, take a picture of the certificate n post it online.
    And Mr. Falana can’t even defend the law.

  • vic


  • Rzg

    How many SAN’s does the president need to defend a case and may I ask who is paying for this private matter ?

  • Dekpat

    ‘The president’s legal team, which endorsed the notice of appeal, is led by Chief Wole Olanipekun (SAN).

    Others are Mr. Lateef O. Fagbemi (SAN), Chief Akin Olujinmi (SAN),
    Oluwarotimi O. Akeredolu (SAN), Kola Awodein (SAN), Prof. Taiwo Osipitan
    (SAN), Charles Edosomwan (SAN), Emeka Ngige (SAN), Femi Atoyebi (SAN),
    Femi Falana (SAN), Funke Aboyade (SAN), H.O. Afolabi (SAN), Muiz Banire
    (SAN), and 10 other counsel.’

    Are Nigerian Lawyers this idle? What a shame and a world laughing stock!
    When leaders and presidents in the civilized world go to court you see them with just 2 persons -their barrister and solicitor. With their 2 or 3 assistants.

  • Otunba 1

    How old is this report? “The case will come up for hearing on Thursday, June 26, 2016”

  • vic

    buhari, the illiterate waec certificate forger and a cheat.

  • Saheed

    We are facing a serious problem in recent than all these. EConomy of this great nation is dying. http://www.myschooltrick.com

  • Ademola Oyagbile

    The hiring of 24 SAN to defend School Certificate , which ordinarily could have been presented , is an indication that probably that school Certificate might not be available ??? Nigeria is poor indeed as we can hire 24 SAN to probably defend the INDEFENSIBLE !!! IS NON SUBMISSION OF SCHOOL CERTIFICATE AS AND WHEN DUE NOT THE WORST FORM OF CORRUPTION ???

  • This a chopping jamboree fly Yoruba lawyers. See the line up.

  • okadi

    A man without ordinary WASC is ruling a nation as diversified as Nigeria and what do we expect from him? Recession. We may not come out from this recession in the rest of Buhari tenure.
    Should we still address this Buhari as a president?

  • Has the case been swept under carpet? Please let us start searching under carpets.

  • Atta Sampson

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  • What is the status of this important case. We need to determine if Buhari actually has WAEC certificate now that he plagiarizes Obama’s speeches and does not have the intellectual capacity to make any himself.

  • Guys. How far with this case?

  • What is the update on this issue?

  • disqus_TqtX9FBrCN

    why so many lawyers ???

  • Rzg

    Why does one need 10 SAN’s to defend a lawsuit ?…. Only in Nigeria

  • MUkintu

    The fact that Buhari is not qualified to rule Nigeria is now manifesting itself. The world is now watching how this ignorant despot is destroying Nigeria.

  • paul irumundomon

    Look at the SANs defending him, they are from the south, but during appointments, all but a few are notherners. If not for the law, he would have had all northern ministers.

    It cost less than a first class ticket, to order a duplicate of Cambridge cirtificate. He does not have a result, obj said he does not need to prove he has it, he and adedabu, also said long time ago, that akara does not need his school cirtificate. Obj has turned himself into Nigeria constitution, but history will judge obj, when another candidate will appear, in not too distant future to contest without primary school results.

  • Paul Eromosele

    Where is Femi Falana telling us about the provision of ADJA? Forgery is a criminal offence. Why is he appealing on this and not wait to defend the criminal case? If it’s Saraki, Metuh, FFK and others he will be saying a different thing. Please tell Buhari to defend himself on the merits of the case.

  • udofiapeter

    No doubt these lawyers are turning down Nigerian constitution against Ekiti state governor because they are in the pay list of Buhari and his APC

  • Azubuike Anene


  • david soul

    He is a certified Hausa foolani… hahahaha. .

  • Basil Chijioke

    @Luther u have tried ur best to defend an issue that is as simple as ABC but it was really hard i see the way u were harping of WAEC and CAMBRIGDE certificate. it will cost Buhari nothing to request for certified true copy tru his school to Cambridge for his result instead of wasting billions on SANs. i bet he couldn’t have hired such number of lawyers if henis not d president. he who must come to equity must come wt clean hands.

  • abodes_124

    I expect the EFCC or DSS to invite this impertinent lawyer for a chat. He will then be kept along with others like Ebun Adegboruwa before him while ‘investigations’ continue. By the time he is released if he is lucky he will be a broken man physically and mentally like Metuh and you will not hear pim from him again.

  • J-one

    I feel everyone is entitled to his/her opinion but on the other hand I would say that we should be careful with what we say because it can be used against you in the court of law. lol! just kidding Lets face it if PMB can’t provide his original certificate then Cambridge should if not it will be a big shame on them and other schools PMB attended.

  • chyke

    Eleven Senior Advocates of Nigeria on just one case. By the way, whose paying

  • Bigzy

    Why is Mumuhari objecting? What has he got to hide? In other climes, a President would welcome the opportunity to clear his name. Buhari knows like the rest of us that he never sat his WAEC exams, this is why he is objecting, instead of doing the needful.

    • 4T2

      Please help me ask the Fulani Dog where he got the Oluwore certificate he’s been parading?

  • Isaac Boro

    h God arise and give us a President that the world would respect even if She is female or from Sokoto Lagos or Igbo Pleeeaaaseeeee GOD. Amen.

  • Isaac Boro

    Buhari an exam cheat CANNOT fight corruption. That is the height of corruption itself and hypocrisy. Buhari, we supported you but this is too shameful. BUHARI HONOURABLY RESIGN BEFORE WE KICK you OOOOUUUUTTTT1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buhari u exam cheat.

  • JayGeeX

    This is embarrassing.. Really…

  • bigdaddy

    The plaintiff is just wasting his time.

  • david soul

    The prove of the pudding is in the eating.when an illiterate handles the economy for a year here is what you get recession.nigeria keep enjoying it.hahahahaha…

    • daygea

      You are a joker. Wait and see for the country is presently beign rebuilt on a very strong foundation.

  • Tony

    What difference does it make whether it was served at APC Abuja office or your residence in Kaduna? If you have not received it at all, that is different. Address the substance and stop pursuing shadow. Buhari, show us your certificate. Certificate is a thing that one should be proud off to present. It is not important whether you got F9 in all the subject. What we need to see is a copy of it or a proof that you sat the WASC exam. Ajezera tatafo network will not report this and in all the interview they had with Buhari, they never asked about the Saint Buhari certificate

    • daygea

      It is quite unfortunate the way you reason. All these are just strategies by the PDPigs further their evil acts.

  • Spectre echo’s

    This is totally ridiculous

  • dele20

    Badluck jonathin is a failure

  • dele20

    No matter the political strategies of the opposition parties (pdpigs precisely), all evil plan that Gej did that he did not survive before, during and after the presidential election, this plan is Still fake ooooooooooooooo, Pmb remains our competent president, he had once ruled Nigeria , where was the clueless, bloody civilian Gej then?

    • ayedun

      Dele, leave pdpigs or GEJ out of this nah, Buhari is now the CnC and the army that he claimed had his Certificate in custody is now under him, why is it difficult again to produce it? He made the whole world believed it was Dasuki and GEJ that removed his certificate from file to rubbish him during election, which is now over, can he please direct the army to reinstate the CERT into the service file and produce it in court. So simple, and all his enemies will be ashamed. Finito!!!

  • dele20

    All this political strategies as to against this positive administation can never work

  • Obinna Nwandu

    Is it not funny that we have’idol worshippers’ on this thread cutting and lacerating themselves to magnify their ‘anti – corruption god’ who in very recent past berated lawyers and the entire judiciary as the linch pin in his ‘divine and messianic war to rid the country of’corruption’. Funnily Mr. Integrity has hired a retinue of SANs to engage in frivolous and unnecessary time wasting antics inter alia to scuttle or cover up the fraud that he is and has ever been.
    Like somebody asked – which is cheaper and easier: presenting the certificate or this unwinding legal journey he has adopted? Someone should advise him to present his certificate, so we can rest the matter. Except this is another ‘Toronto Certificate’ akin to that of his party leader. Some parties do have’em.

    • Kola Adekola

      Bro, maybe Buhari’s own CERTIFICATE is made of one tonne of concrete, so is too heavy for a 73 year old to lift. Wetin man go talk?

      We are witnessing the unravelling of the greatest fraud ever executed by a Nigerian, ironically one who is so carried away by his self styled label as crusader against corruption, that he shamelessly told British TV houses that Nigeria is “fantastically corrupt”. There is no shame bigger than what Buhari is bringing on Nigeria with this evolving CERTIFICATE scandal.

    • dele20

      A critic, you are wasting your time, Pmb remains our competent president

    • gohen

      What do you mean by ‘which is cheaper and easier: presenting the certificate or this unwinding legal journey he has adopted’?

  • Olatubosun

    Buhari is working towards a great achievement

  • Orlando

    Which is easier to do; showing his WAEC result/certificate or spending months in court fighting against it. As we are are talking about integrity and how corruption free our president is, he should show example. He also promised to declare his assets publicly which he hasn’t done up until now. No sane Nigerian will accept that rubbish they fed Nigerians with as asset declaration. Ya’Ardua still remains the only Nigerian President to have declared his assets publicly and that’s on record. Public Declaration of asset should actually be the bedrock of the fight against corruption and Buhari got it all wrong.

  • vic

    this toothless daura devil, forex fraudster, will soon go down with the heavily sanded daura desert storm.

  • AZZO

    Haba!! What is this? Only one barrister as plaintiff and yet look at the number of barristers for the defendant. Are these people that jobless? What these retinue of defending barristers (99% of whom are of particular extraction ) all doing for just one case? Na waaooo!!

  • MUkintu

    Nigerians are witnessing the results of electing a moron without even the basic formal education.Buhari has become a monumental disgrace to Nigeria.Look at the mess.

    • vic

      and a monumental disgrace to himself, this senseless and shameless deadwood daura fool of daura desert.

  • vic

    looking to the performance of buhari, it is quite clear that he is blankety -blank, empty headed old daura dumb, an illiterate, unfit to occupy the high office of presidency.

    buhari is essentially a forex fraudster and cold blooded beast without any conscience.
    buhari is dead on arrival. with no waec certificate, buhari is double dead.

  • Rebalance Our Economy By PMB

    In a world of lower oil prices and dollar revenues, the only sustainable path is to reduce Nigerians’ overreliance on imports. We must rebalance our economy by empowering entrepreneurs and producers, big and small, to create more of what their fellow Nigerians demand. The supply of foreign exchange to the economy must be increased. This requires radically increasing exports and productivity and improving the investment climate and ease of doing business. Nigeria’s growth and job creation will be led by the private sector. We are a young, entrepreneurial society with vibrant success stories in new industries such as telecommunications, technology and entertainment. Government is doing its part to lower taxes on small businesses, eliminate bureaucracy to bring the informal economy out of the shadows and provide development funding for priority sectors such as agriculture. The central bank has moved to introduce greater flexibility in our exchange-rate policy. These actions are a downpayment on our people’s ability to succeed.

  • AriseNigeria

    Buhari does not need to prove that he never sat for WAEC nor obtained one for that matter, his performance so far as President shows he was eminently disqualified to a lead an academic sound nation. Shagari was a high school diploma graduate, and compare him to Buhari, we doubt if Buhari ever saw the four-wall of a high school.

  • Capt

    This whole drama is unnecessary. Just provide the original certificate or direct WAEC or Cambridge to furnish the list of candidates that sat for the Exam in 1961 at the said secondary school. The whole drama since time of election is just unnecessary in my opinion

  • Shift Luther


  • Faloye-Leroi Halcyon-Olatunbos

    Wow, what is this gonna end with? I wonder where this is going

  • Those agitating for for his WAEC result just want to distract him from doing the good job he promised Nigerians… what is the need for the WAEC result now after one(1) successful year? Those against Nigeria’s Progressing are behind this, but the good work he has started will continue #IStandWithBuhari…….

  • akeebaba


    • He is busy keeping his campaign promises…

      • akeebaba


        • All is well as long as the country is safe!

          • Above-ALL

            1. Do you gain admission into University/Poly/CoE & others without SSCE?
            2. Do you qualify to apply for jobs especially Government jobs without SSCE?
            3. Even N-POWER listed some qualifications to apply…
            if our children can’t gain admission because of bad WAEC/NECO results, how much worse is the MAN without one.

          • akeebaba


          • shakara123

            safe from who? boko haram? nda? what part of the country is safe? your part? useless idiot.

    • gohen

      Hmmmmmmm at last somebody is talking. This is even worse than Saraki’s case

  • utolason

    I never can understand why on earth do Nigerians love distractions from the real issues facing their country.

    • shakara123

      bullshit, the report is appearing on other national dailies such as Punch and Vanguard. Besides this clearly an opportunity for Mr. Integrity to show his detractors that he has his certificates.

  • UOU

    Produce/provide the waec certificate even if it is F9 throughout mr buhari, then the case will close. Why waste tax payers money and time, on useless litigations, perhaps, it is actually TRUE that buhari, just like Masari(all fulani katsinas) never went to secondary school and he lied on top of it, under oath, which perjury, making him a felon plus his treason tag as a coupist. Suddenly the yorubas, urged, misled, encouraged and supported him, an imaginable impunity, to preside over a lugardian contraption and society that is now by this act, confirmed, doomed to fail and die

  • UZOR

    Certificate or not. I am not against Buhari Anti Corruption Crusade, because all the looters of Public funds either South, West, East and North were not using the stolen money for the betterment of the communities they represents, but for their wife and kids alone. What is the meaning of WAEC when the true holders of WAEC are ordinary thieves including Obasanjo who presides himself as Lord before Court of Law. Sorry to our Judiciary. Look, Selling poor people and tax payer barrows wheels to buy jets and mansions for their wifes and prostitutes, is that what you called WAEC? I want Biafra now. Obasanjo is ready die, so there’s no need waiting for his death, let go now before his burial in lagos. BIA, OUK and I will not participate in Obasanjo Burial. I warned Buhari to stay aware from Obasanjo, but he wouldn’t listen now Biafra has decided togo. Too late for further bribery Biafra any more. They have seeing it very clearly now, we are going home for real. Buhari, don’t ever do stupid thing with Goodluck Jonathan and his men,if not, you reminded of Ba ban gi der and Obasanjo regime which must go after them. All Nigerians are thieves and corrupt as you told the world, so Obasanjo is a thief and corrupt, so no one is bigger than others as all of us are corrupts and thieves including you and I.

  • MinorityFront

    Ha!! I think say this matter dem don sweep am under carpet since ooo. Sun don enter palace be that o

  • D.law85

    Gej “stilling is not corruption”. I guess all those that were painting the name of the ex-pres bad in light of this statment can now fully comprehend what he ment by those words. Gmb didn’t still this time around. But if you are too partisan then hear it from the man seating on Gmb’s Cambridge certificate David Cameron “Nigeria is fantastcally corrupt “. I just hope some of those SAN’s will come out to say they are not part of this rubbish. We have always seen corrupt politicians going to court with such an array of lawyers and we concluded that they are corrupt, what then holds for Pa buhari are we to also conclude that he his corrupt. Hmm only time will tell. I pray for an accelerated hearing of this case.

  • Okwuchukwu David

    What a shame what a shame

  • Felix Udoh

    Our President is in court over Falsification of Certificates, Lying under oath, Perjury etc. Our Senate President is in court for False declaration of Assets etc. This APC People and Government are ‘Fantastically Corrupt’.

    • 4T2

      So sad that our President went to court over his Falsification of Certificates and for Lying under oath (Perjury).

      Shame on CHANGE!

  • Felix Udoh

    I thought this Con-Artist said his certificate was with the Military? Since he now controls and commands the Military, I guess it is time he commands the Military to present his certificate that they have been holding in trust for him to the court.

  • Digbadu

    It is interesting to know that this case is still alive. We congratulate the plaintiff and judge for their courage. The SANs defending this case especially Falana should be ashamed of themselves. We condemn the media that has been silent until now on developments in respect of this case.

    • 4T2

      …Falana should be ashamed of himself, defending an indefensible Presidential forgery.

      He is FAKE!

  • ny1010

    Everything about Buhari is fraud and there is no way any meaningful development can be achieved under him. He’s a personified failure.

  • AKE1

    Wailers are out again. How will these trash do Biafra good.

  • remm ieet

    Does he have the mental capacity to handle the job? If he does, why bother with the certificate of a seventy something year old man? Ronald Reagan was a film star before he became president, yet, he was one of America’s best presidents. Buhari has able assistants who can guide him to success in the task of rescuing Nigeria from corruption. Which is better, to have piles of certificates and be corrupt or to be patriotic and have vocational qualifications which he has?

    • Felix Udoh

      Does the constitution make for a minimum requirement? YES. If so, then let him present it. Lying under oath is corruption too.

    • Obi Ike Sorres

      Stop comparing Regan with Buhari. Stop comparing the little education he had then to ours then . I bet he must have finished high school with some credit that qualifies him.

    • shakara123

      His vocational qualifications have not translated into good economic outcomes for Nigerians.

      Maybe if we had demanded for his credentials the we would not saddled with a dunce who doesn’t have a clear economic strategy.

      By the way, Nigerians cannot eat patriotism. Tell PMB to perform or resign.

  • jamayi

    we are waiting for the hearing tomorrow , justice is what we need we are fighting corruption

  • jamayi

    For me let him produce his waec or face the consequences’

  • Jyde

    Is this not corruption? Nigerians

  • vic



    • Felix Udoh

      You missed the one word that I love ‘Con-Artist’.

  • Collins obioha

    How can a president don’t have a weac result and claimed he has it and the military is holding it.now he has the chief of army staff and yet they still could not find his results in their file. Yet legal experts ‘re fighting .the case with joy all because he’s the president. How corrupt can he be when he’s using the power of incubency to frustrate the high level public servants who has PhD and doctorate degrees. Yet we call him a non corrupt president.hmmmm.

  • moses

    Na wa ooo! All those SAN lined up to defend buhari because of ordinary WASC. These guys are just plain stupid.

    • Segun Abiodun

      Moses apparently WASC is not ordinary at all. It is very important. Indeed I would add essential.

      • Felix Udoh

        Hmmmm. Old boy, I use to play with my Waec Certificate, now, I know it can not be bought in the market O.

  • gohen

    Like I told the president yesterday, corruption is an octopus with many hands, looting of public funds is the shortest of the arms, lying under oat, disregarding the laws of the land, nepotism etc are gar worse !.
    Oh see mr saint and mr integrity, now you are the one fighting back corruption . For once I want to agree that Nigeria is simply impossible !

  • Segun Abiodun

    Buhari should just do what is honorable and resign on health grounds.
    What is now clear to all Nigerians is that Buhari does not have an O’level certificate from Cambridge.
    All these Senior Advocates to defend a simple case that can disposed off by simply showing your certificate?
    What a shame.
    Buhari is one of the most corrupt Nigerians to walk this earth. His entire life has been a total fraud.
    He should think about the message he is passing to the Youth of Nigeria. This is what is called moral corruption and it has an equally devastating effect on our values.
    Buhari should save Nigeria the shame of explaining to the world how a fraud became our president.
    He must immediately resign on health grounds and allow Nigeria to move forward.
    We are totally disappointed with this fraudulent man who continues to play the ostrich when in point of fact he is nothing but a skunk.

    • kenn

      Bros take am easy. A skunk is one of the most foul smelling creatures o

    • Mystic mallam

      What!!! resign on health grounds and make Osinbajo president!!! another Yoruba man? We in the north can never lose our turn again, the last time we agreed to GEJ see the rot he left behind. Perish the thought of Osinbajo presidency. We no go greeooo we no go gree.

      • Riltin


      • Okechukwu Aribeana

        I join Nigerians in laughing out loud. So, you did not factor in the possibility of an Osinbajo presidency, all these months that APC was in power?

        • Mystic mallam

          Factor-in means what? Never! No amount of Doctrine of Necessity or Doctrine of anything will change our right to rule Nigeria until 2023, even beyond. We deserve it after everything we have sacrificed keeping Nigeria one.

      • Segun Abiodun

        I understand your predicament however if this case goes for trial Buhari would certainly have to vacate that exulted position.
        He does not have the O’level certificate and swore to a false affidavit.
        I suggest you prepare your mind for a possible Osinbanjo presidency.
        If it happens the north would have to swallow the eba without soup.
        Ha ha ha lol
        Osinbanjo may give you water after the meal to make sure the eba settles properly
        Ha ha ha lol
        Buhari is a drowning man .

        • 4T2

          Definitely, Buhari is a drowning man.

  • stan Emelogu

    I am not sure we have ever had a situation where a president has lied his way to power this blatantly in Nigeria before. The kicker is how and why we accepted this. It is easy to manipulate a few thousand people but to hypnotize one hundred and seventy million people is perplexing. Buhari and his apologist are always in the habit of telling all those they persecute to go to court and clear their names but now the shoe is on the other foot and he is resorting to judicial technicalities to stall his trial. Is there any doubt whatsoever now where Falana is coming from?

    • Felix Udoh

      If Femi Falana continues to represent Buhari on this case and till the end, then I guess his final unravelling may have come.

  • Dr.Dan

    Is it not foolishness to employ over 10 high profile SAN as your defense counsel when with just an email to cambridge examination board, your certificate can be forwarded to you within 5days, If truly you sat for the examination.

    • Jon West

      He did not sit for the examination, and Jon West has the proof. If he sat for that exam and got any kind of certificate, he would have done as you suggested in order to steal the thunder from his traducers,especially Jon West, but the nomad from Daura left secondary school with a very poor G4.
      The great pity is that all these SANs who should know better, are instead feeding off the fat of the land in defense of a patently false declaration. The British, Americans and all international and national intelligence agencies know the truth and are scandalized, but Nigeria is a cesspit of evil, innuendo, sophistory and hypocrisy, hence the permanent slide to perdition. Sai Baba, but you no sabi book!!

      • jamayi

        God bless you my brother like they say truth is bitter

      • Felix Udoh

        You are right. The British know the truth hence the words ‘Fantastically Corrupt’.

    • the masked one

      A football-like team of SANs to defend an akamu (ogi) case? Who’s gonna pick the bills?

      I was just asking the same question only to no one in particular but to the heavenly hosts. In this clime events stranger than fiction are the grand norms. Our ability to fantastically wow the world is legendary.
      The barefaced truth is that Buhari has nothing to request from Cambridge. Thanks goodness this isn’t WAEC or JAMB!
      Meanwhile, it’ll be interesting to see how this pans out but we must pray for the plaintiff!

  • share Idea

    Why on earth this corruption issue was hidden from the public since May when court heard the case? Imagine if this had been against Saraki or Ekweremadu? The whole newspapers would have splashed it as their headline.

    Nigerian media is a big let down under this administration.

    • gohen

      Why ask this question. This is Nigeria, for once I will agree that this truly a zoo

    • FC

      I taya ooh, my broda!!

    • Pete

      Most Nigerian editors have been compromised by Tinubu through the Lagos State government.
      Pre-2015 elections, Lagos government was spending N270million annually on editors.
      So how do you expect such news to be carried?
      Buhari is the biggest fraud in Nigeria’s history.

      • share Idea

        I agreed completely. Hence, the reason ministry of Information budget is bigger than that of agriculture and the government kept talking about diversification…

  • samuel Ogbonnaya

    The answer is very simple – Buhari does not have a high school diploma and NEVER sat for any exams. It is corruption in it self to willingly waste tax payers money on a case that is so clear. How is it too difficult for people to understand that Buhari is a fraud that has been part and parcel of the faulty foundation of the country? He now controls all government apparatus yet cannot call the Army chief to release his certificate that he claimed was with them?

  • godwin

    This is a waste of time. DSS will soon invite the plaintiff and harass the hell out of the man.
    And finally the Judge will dismiss the suit for lack of jurisdiction.

    • Jon West

      No, it will not end until the Certificateless Dullard from Daura on the Niger border capitulates to the truth and is swept out of the Villa. These things are designed by fate to drive a country and people in a particular direction. The hypocrisy that is the Lugardian contraption will end soon and the Certificateless One would have played a major role in the demise of this evil contraption. To hell with Nigeria as we know it!!

      • kenn

        I shudder to think how we think as a country. How can this relic be foisted on us in this 21st century


    Ohhhhhhh!!! So you Buhari is a fraud. Nemesis will soon catch all of you fake leaders. Go to court and defend yourself. The world is watching you. Court, Pls grant The plaintiff a strong security, because his life is in danger now. And let Labor Union play their roll now. Buhari must bow to the rule of law. Electoral act and national constitution is clear and sounded; let him go to court and defend himself. Fraudulent leaders.

  • Oghreco

    The tyrant from Daura should go and defend himself before the court rather than engage in these judicial games. If he has nothing to hide let him and bring his WASC certificate to court or provide a certified true copy from WAEC. How difficult is that?

    • Naija United

      I am disappointed that Femi Falana and few anti corruption pretenders will join other lawyers to defend this fraud against buhari. Is it difficult to produce WAEC certificate and shut up your accuser. This buhari is a fake man who is pretending to be upright but internally rotten

      • Oghreco

        God bless you my brother. I’m glad to know that there are still some Nigerians with clear sight! I ask for the umpteenth time, how difficult is it to produce one’s WASC result! It appears this is a daunting task for the tyrant from Daura. Or did Boko Haram take his certificate? In the run up to the last election, he claimed the Army had it and deposed an affidavit to that effect. Now he is the commander-in-chief, let him ask Maj. Gen. Burutai his army chief to send him a copy! Unless of course it is another Toronto case!

        • front man

          enemy of progress

          • dele20

            They will fail oooo all the enemies of progress

        • woman leader1

          President will overcome you all.

          • vic

            buhari, the daura dumb, should overcome his waec certificate first.

          • woman leader1

            You all can not bring the president down, accept it or not he his the president of Nigeria and nothing can change that…

          • dele20

            He is our competent president, no one else

          • woman leader1

            No one except him.

          • emmanuel


          • Quality Deal

            Without certificate?

          • emmanuel

            But with sense

          • emmanuel


          • Dike Victor

            Dont say that, nothing can happen. In Nigeria now is not the Nigeria of the old. If doesnt have certificate how can be a president ?? Thank God all result of everyone from the day Waec started is recorded ,no fake about that . He should produce it . ZIK produced ,Awo produced ,Shagari Produced, everyone produced his own cant be different.. No ethnic in this .. No religion in this .. You know what am saying…

          • How many people – young people like you guys raving and ranting on this page can produce his/her WAEC results after 5 years?

            I have no idea how you guys lived in Nigeria but lack facts about anything because of hate.

            First, Cambridge University – the agency that administers WAEC in 1961 produced Buhari’s WAEC transcripts before the elections and INEC approved it. Search ThisDay’s archive and you’ll find the news.

            Also, the Army Secretary who said that he couldn’t find Buhari’s result even though every General’s WAEC results is on file at the Army headquarter have now said he has the result but he has been fired by the Army subsequently.

            Facts are facts and it doesn’t matter who is involved…
            I would rather hear you disagree with Buhari on substance and not telling lies.

          • Jado313

            If this is meant to serve as an excuse, you have failed woefully. WAEC has categorically denied issuing him a certificate because he never sat their exams.

          • You are so clueless. Nobody ever said that WAEC issued a certificate. I bet you if I ask you to produce a source – you wouldn’t have none to show. Let me repeat so that those who have ears can hear and I am done with this conversation.
            There was no WAEC in 1961, but Cambridge University conducts Secondary School exams otherwise known as WAEC.
            Cambridge released the results before the election and even the most critics of Buhari – Okupe saw it and “moved the goal post” – changing the subject that Buhari didn’t have credit in Math and how did he get admitted to the Military school.
            Buhari asked INEC to obtain his secondary school transcripts from the Army Secretary and the partisan Army Secretary lied that he/they don’t have it and only to say they have it after Cambridge had published it.
            Wanna see Buhari’s transcripts? Google it or go to Cambridge University website and search ThisDay because I believed and don’t quote me on this – the newspaper carried it.
            The most important thing is that Buhari attended secondary school and took his exam in 1961.

          • Attending a secondary school is not the most important thing. We want to see his secondary school certificate whether issued by WAEC or Cambridge. What was released during the heat of the campaigns was a poorly scripted transcript with a doubtful source. Even the transcript was deliberately done poorly so that we could not read it. Another statement of result was issued by the Katsina Ministry of Education on NECO/WAEC headed papers. It was a poor attempt to hoodwink us into believing that Buhari misplaced his copy. The truth is that from the Army records, what was there was a recommendation that he would pass his exam in “so, so” subjects when he eventually attempts the examinations. But Buhari never did because he “loved” the army job. So it was perjury to claim in an affidavit that he had a school certificate. The transcript contained his cumulative scores throughout the time he was in the school up to the time he left without completing his exams. No one is saying Buhari is illiterate, he is not one. He was a successful military man. But he gained an undue advantage to enter the Army. And those “whose coconuts were cracked for them by benevolent spirits should not forget to be humble”.

          • “The truth is that from the Army records, what was there was a recommendation that he would pass his exam in “so, so” subjects when he eventually attempts the examinations.”

            You lied again. Show your source where you obtained this information from. I bet you wouldn’t be able to.

            You are not the Nigerian Army Secretary so you must have read it somewhere…yes or no?

            Where is your source?

            All you have to do is Google President Buhari’s certificate issue and you’ll see a copy of his certificate in which people like you said was not real.

            On the same Google search you’ll also read the responses from Cambridge University that says President Buhari’s certificate was genuine.

            Like I said you are entitle to criticize your president about his administration but you are not entitle to telling lies because you hate him.

          • Azubuike Anene


          • Nnna! Stop hating. I don’t know of a country where people simply hate by telling unstoppable lies.

            What is the charge? Constitution said that you must attend secondary school and Buhari did. Already proven by Katsina Provisional secondary school.

            What is NOT the charge? Constitution did not say that you must pass WAEC… but took the exam in 1961 and passed with four credits as shown by Cambridge University…simply Google it my friend.

            I urge you to transition your hate of Buhari to something else because the issue of secondary school has been settled long time ago but small minded people like my friend Azubike is unaware.

            The issue is already settled. Wishing that Buhari didn’t attend secondary school to make your point is not a fact. He did, the issue is settled, INEC accepted the papers he submitted but he also needs to teach some people lessons by going to court to dismiss the case, exonerate himself and then turn around and sue those folks.

          • emmanuel

            They believe northerners are illiterates and that is effecting their judgments. it unfortunate!

          • Azubuike Anene


          • Well, I take back my word if you are not one of the Buhari haters.

            Why can’t you step back and ask yourself what will you do if somebody said you didn’t attend secondary school even though you know you did?

            Let me answer my own question:

            First, Buhari is not trying to respond to those haters who is wrongly accusing him, but he’s trying to dismiss the case and then turn around and sue those haters. Like it or not that’s Buhari’s prerogative.

            Let’s go back to the main question which has been unfortunately forgotten in this dialogue.
            Lots of people are confusing the 1999 constitutional requirements for Presidency. The issue between WAEC and or Secondary School certificate.

            Please, follow my trends of thoughts because you sound like a smart person…

            The 1999 constitution said that a Nigerian running for President must have a secondary school education and not WAEC.

            However, most people who attended school in Nigeria in 1961 took a version of WAEC conducted by Cambridge in 1961.

            Did Buhari attended secondary school and graduated in 1961.

            The answer has to be yes because he has submitted his secondary school diploma from Katsina Provisional Secondary School to INEC.

            Now did INEC accepted it? Yes!
            Now the same haters “moved the goalpost” a little bit by saying that Buhari submitted a fake Secondary School certificate…

            Not only did INEC accepted the certificate there are many eminent Nigerians including former justices who were Buhari’s classmate – and that is why I said the certificate issue is settled.

            Some of the haters also “move the goalpost” another step by saying that they want his WAEC results which is not what the 1999 constitution requested.

            Now, Cambridge University who contacted the version of WAEC in 1961 resolved the issue by submitting Buhari’s certificate (Pls, Google it) and then some of the haters now want to know how he got into the military school without passing arithmetic.

            So, you may not be one of the haters, but Nigerians generally make up stories and I am tired of it. In Nigeria 2+2 is not 4.

          • stanejike

            You are misinforming the public pls. What PMB submitted to INEC last year was an affidavit that his certificate is with the military.

          • Yes! And the corrupt Army Secretary said that they don’t have it on file and what happened next?
            And then you were living in the moon when Buhari finally submitted a copy from Katisina Provisional Secondary School to INEC.
            And you were living in the moon when Cambridge University published his WAEC that he took in 1961?
            People like you will hear what you want to hear and not the fact. The attempt is to distract Buhari from putting those bastards politicians in jail.

          • It is foolish to label persons that are probing Buhari’s probity “haters” because Buhari’s EFCC. DSS etc have been probing people. The public would like to know whether Buhari lied that he had WASC

          • Cambridge has published the WAEC and again for the “under-the-bridge” educated people like you – the Nigerian constitution does not require WAEC, but Secondary School Completion.

            For God’s sake that is what INEC requested…

            Also, to satisfy haters like you who will never give up or those who want to change the subject to distract Buhari from putting those bastards thieves in jail, Cambridge University published his WAEC already.

            All you have to do is just Google it and if you don’t agree contact Cambridge University who conducted the exam in 1961.

            Notice that most smart people have moved on Buhari’s certificate, but under-the-bridge-educated individuals are those still; hanging on.

          • “Attending a secondary school is not the most important thing. We want to see his secondary school certificate whether issued by WAEC or Cambridge.”

            Some of you haters need to take a legal class or constitutional class before you write anything because you guys are giving Nigeria a bad name.

            I repeat the 1999 Nigerian constitution did not say you must have WAEC, but it says you must have a secondary school certificate…

            Haven’t said that when the Army Secretary lied that he could not find Buhari Secondary School certificate on file at the Army Headquarter, Buhari eventually submitted copies to INEC and INEC have the capacity to check it and tell the nation if it’s fake or not and there are many eminent Nigerians still alive – some of them judges who were Buhari’s classmates in 1961 and that vouched for him.

            Furthermore, although the 1999 constitution did not ask for WAEC but secondary school certificate – since clueless haters like you kept demanding what was not part of the law – Cambridge University published it.

            People like you just want to change the subject and divert Buhari’s attention from putting your fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters that stole from the nation – you guys are the 10 percenters.

          • Stop lying. Secondary school certificate is issued by an examination body not the principal of a secondary school. A certificate in the sense envisaged, is purely a “certificate” not a testimonial issued by a Principal that Buhari woul pass in those subjects.

          • Oha El General

            Buhari should present his certificate to the court and not the internet…the court is waiting for it

          • Jado313

            You are a born liar. This argument you are trying to rehash here was had over a year and half ago. When you go to the Cambridge website, you are told that they are not authorized to discuss an individual’s result without his authorization. What a yesterday’s man you are.

          • You should know that most universities including University of Porthacourt who will not release or discuss Jonathan’s plagiarist Ph.D. degree that Obasanjo said he never had. It’s the same all over the world.
            And so that tells you that even though Cambridge will not discuss it but they didn’t deny that Buhari sat for WAEC in 1961.
            One other thing you are missing is that Cambridge did said that they have Buhari’s transcripts that is the same as the one Katsina Provisional Secondary School issued.
            Why not criticize Buhari on substance and not hate?

          • Jado313

            You have come here with a total fabrication. Saying that they would not discuss a matter, does not even begin to support the lies that were carried by Premium Times as news.. Further, there was absolutely no evidence to support the assertion that ” Cambridge did said that they have Buhari’s transcripts that is the same as the one Katsina Provisional Secondary School issued.”, was true. Maybe you would like to explain how he got A1 in Igbo? Yeye dey smell.

          • So like the Jonathan’s administration in which everyone is bribing everyone – perhaps Buhari bribed Premium Times I guess.
            What facts or source have you shown here for your hate? None! You just want to be believed because you are holy Mary?
            I am done with you brother.

          • Jado313

            You haven’t even begun and you are done? Buhari is the master criminal of our time. In addition, he is the most corrupt Zoo animal ever.

          • CousinBrother

            Why are you guys trying to defend the indefensible? The only thing going for Buhari today is his INTEGRITY. He should be the first person to fight anything that will tarnish his integrity. As I write, Buhari is in London, a few kilometres from Cambridge. Infant, he does not even need to travel to Cambridge to have his certificate printed and sent over to him. Spending billions of naira on 10 SANs to defend a certificate that is not worth tens of naira only exposes the president.

          • Elenugboro

            Maybe he forgot to pick it up when he went for ear check in England . What a tragedy , to think that this is someone who revels in jailing corrupt people .

          • emmanuel

            He is back alive against our ungodly prayers for him to die.

          • What are understatement? The certificate issue has been settled boys…you need to move on to some other type of hates.

          • emmanuel

            Assumption that he is spending that amount on lawyers is a lie. PDP has destroyed your brains. Buhari does not need any money b4 50 lawyers would come to fight for him bcos many SAN like his position for good governance. This is not PDP govt where money are wasted like careless drunk

          • emmanuel

            Femi Fani Kayode used certificate lies to get his N840m from PDP campaign loots.

          • Where is the source that supports the statement you just made? None! So what does that make you? An incorrigible liar.

          • Jado313

            So you read the Premium Times rubbish and swallowed it wholesale?
            Did you bother to check their source? At the time this story came out I actually when to the Cambridge website and it confirmed that their were not at liberty to publish any results. You are peddling falsehood.

          • paul irumundomon

            My friend, is not google, the board that organized the exams in the 60s is life and we’ll in England, is a mere request, he’s daughter can do that for him, she is a student in England, less than £100, that result will be printed and delivered to inec, in one week.

            The truth is he does not have it, Nigeria WEAC may have some results missing, but they don’t know what they are doing, in England, is available when you officially request for it.

          • “My friend, is not google, the board that organized the exams in the 60s is life and we’ll in England, is a mere request, he’s daughter can do that for him, she is a student in England, less than £100, that result will be printed and delivered to inec, in one week.”
            Let me make sense out of your “jibbrish” and then ask you one question and I hope that you respond:
            First, you are one of those clueless Nigerians who doesn’t understand that the 1999 constitution ONLY said ‘one must have a secondary school certificate and not WAEC.
            ‘Why should Buhari make such request to satisfy the haters like you when I INEC accepted his secondary school certificate?
            Even when Cambridge published it haters like you still didn’t accept the results…so I ask you why should he even worry about it.
            OBJ said in his book that Jonathan didn’t have a Ph.D. and that he lied and I don’t hear anyone of you haters demanding for his Ph.D. work.
            Personally, I don’t care if Jonathan plagiarized a doctor of philosophy degree because the 1999 constitution did not say you must have a Ph.D.

          • paul irumundomon

            Is mails or what ever your name is, I never said Cambridge university, two the only basic demand was cirtificate not testimonial, three the laws are supposed to be followered, four if he can’t hear he can at least read.

            The word hate I doubt if you know the objective meaning. I read from people, and their hate speech everyday, that is why most times your names make me sick atimes. Cow have a better sence of directions than most of you, even the educated amongst you.

            What brought hate, when Buhari is asked to present his school cirtificate. Every one 😀 has done that, tell Nigerians, where they went wrong.

            You are not clueless, with your northern education, beside chasing pdp looters, which everyone respect, does buhari look to you like some one with a clue.

            Luther ismaila, are you not ashamed, that everyone been investigated and tried are all pdp. Apc is an extention of pdp, if your clueless northern smartness, which nobody need in the south, is good enough, you can read between the lines, that buhari is 100% bias.

            Because he is clueless, beside the minsters, how many members of his new appointments are from the south, ismaila, since you have the smart mind,northern smart mind, reply and count them here, if you truly represent buhari as you have smartly stated with you insults.

          • Pearl

            The only reason obama doesn’t want trump to succeed him in the White House is because of his birth certificate saga. Otherwise, Obama will be the last fool to support greedy and ambitious hilarod Clinton. However, PMB is president and we need someone like him now to handle d affairs of Nigeria without costing us more money like GEJ, Obasanjo etc.
            So he has produced Testimonial, has attended military training abroad which means he must have been qualified THEN to proceed to higher education. So please occupy yourselves with more pressing national issues and pray for BUHARI

          • You are simply ignorant, educated and stupid. I am better placed than you can ever be and I am speaking the truth to power.

          • auwalu umar ibrahim

            Anyone who praise himself is an IGNORANT.

          • paul irumundomon

            Which section of the constitution, can you quote it, I don’t know the section, you seems to talk like a lawyer.

          • I am not a lawyer but an ICT executive. Simply Google Nigerian constitution and read the pre-requisit qualifications to run for Presidency requires school living certificate and smart people knows that not all Nigerians that graduated from secondary school register and took WAEC exam – and definitely not in 1961.

          • Sir Vee

            Don’t worry we will soon forget about him in no distant future. Like OBJ said recently, “God will do it”

          • 4T2

            We won’t forget o.

          • kingly

            OBJ LIED and even you know it. so why should anybody border on that

          • Emeka

            You do not need a Ph.D. to be president. Did he say his WASC was forged or even his first Degree? You are always calling people who criticize Buhari haters and may be you truly hate GEJ for criticizing him. GEJ did not perform well and he presided over a group of corrupt Nigerians just like your Buhari is doing now. You must face the truth.

          • discovalente

            This is from the link you posted earlier.

            “While Cambridge has declined to categorically confirm Mr. Buhari’s results, saying only the APC candidate could request or authorize such disclosure, the school posted a response to enquiries on the matter on their website authenticating some of the claims in Mr. Buhari’s result.”

            Authenticating some of the claims in the forged result doesn’t make it valid. All these rigmarole would have ended since, if your messiah would just apply for a transcript or CTC to shame his detractors. But, no, he would rather waste time and money on the court case and 13 SAN’s. This is very suspicious. He obviously didn’t sit for the exams. Your man is a FRAUD, live with it.

          • Jado313

            We know that he did not attempt the exams.

          • “We know he did not attempt the exams?”
            What’s your source? You were probably not born in 1961. So tell everyone where you fish that out of —-from you ass I guess.

          • Jado313

            Luther, Luther Luther! You are confused. It was Buhari’s place to produce the document, but so far he has not managed to do so. Instead, he once referred us to the forged copy in circulation. WAEC, having searched high and low reported that they were unable to see any evidence of the fact that Buhari attempted the exams. Now, you are here trying to defend the indefensible. Lwkmd.

          • No competent agency asked him to produce his results except 10 percenters haters such as you and your direct and indirect beneficiaries of the chaotic lootings that goes on for ever during your uncle’s administrations from OBJ to Jonathan.

          • Jado313

            It was his duty to produce the certificate in the first place as a prerequisite to run for the Presidency of the Zoo. But he lied that the said certificate was with the Army. When the Army said that this was not true, he feigned surprise and did nothing more to shed light on the matter.

            When he was charged to court recently, the only thing to do was to produce the Certificate to stop the case. He failed to do so and instead proceeded to intimidate the complainant. Buhari is an all round failure. The sooner you realize, this the better for you.

          • paul irumundomon

            Who is not competent to you, name ten agencies in Nigeria that are not competent. Nigeria to be very frank, can you prove she is competent.

          • 4T2

            All these grammar for the same certificate that Dino simply produced and rested his national case?

            Shame on Buhari!

          • Emeka

            They are still looting till now. Allowing your foolani herdsmen to murder innocent citizens without comments is worse than looting. Keeping men who also stole money in his government is also kwaraption. Refusing to resign from office knowing that his health is absolutely failing him when he vehemently asked for Yaradua to be impeached is a clear double standard.

          • Sir Vee

            Your point of argument is turning to a child’s play. Please stop deceiving yourself. Buhari is an uneducated Fulani man whom through the Northern buoyancy followed the back door into the military and went up through ranks period. He should accept that and close this case, rather than assembling one million lawyers to argue a baseless case. He claims to fight curruption and he is indeliblly currupt to the core.

          • 4T2

            …So true!
            thank you.

          • Emeka

            Gutter word used again. How did you know Lord Lugard amalgamated the Northern and Southern Nigeria in 1914? Where you born then? History is the product of records and history is valid information that can be of essence in the present and future.

          • How did you know that…through you asshole?

          • Jado313

            You are here trying to rehash an argument that you lost months ago. If he had sat the exams, he would not have had the need to hire 23 SANs to prove the impossible, when he could have telephoned Cambridge Examination Council to provide the same at no cost.

          • 4T2

            Thank you sir.

          • Jado313

            Nwannem, I salute you, sir.

          • Emeka

            Why use a gutter language on this platform? I now know the caliber of person you are and you are here defending the indefensible. Can you you still defend him now?

          • 4T2

            Thank you sir.
            The truth hurts.

            Buhari is a fraud!

          • Your response tells me that you are one of the ‘Nigerian 10 percenters’ and Buhari haters right there.

            You have the right to hate but you don’t have any right to tell lies. How can you believe yourself and Nigerian newspapers with questionable reputations and you don’t believe the Times of London? That appears to be backward.

            Also, you asked if I check the source? Yes! I am a Cisco Engineer and I can check sources URL in a heat beat. Google have more reputation than your hateful self.

            As Nigerians we should learn to disagree with our leaderships on substance and policy and stop this tired idea of hating people because they are not from your neck of the wood as we say in Cleveland, Ohio.

          • Jado313

            I have no time for nonsense.

          • Yap! I see that you are busier than Dangote…

          • Jado313

            Dangote is busy stealing Oil from ND.

          • Yap! Are you also a liar and a damn liar as well? You are unless you provide a source where you read that accusation from…then you are a cheap under-the-bridge liar.

          • Jado313

            Why did you not answer my question about Buhari’s forged certificate then? It is fake and you know it is, but instead, you are busy trying to convince the gullible that it is genuine.

          • OK I am ready to answer the question and what you referred to as forged certificate but tell the nation how you knew that it’s a forged certificate…

            First, what certificate are you referring to? The Secondary School that shows that he graduated from Katsina Provisional Secondary School or his WAEC results?

            Whichever you are referring to makes me laugh because you are not intelligent enough to use deductive reasoning — so I am done with your ass.

          • Jado313

            So you were not ready to answer the question before, yet, you were ready to run you pie hole? Which of Buhari’s certificates is on circulation on the internet and in the media in general?

            When you asked “… tell the nation how you knew that it’s a forged certificate.”, you allude to your complete and utter helplessness. In addition, it tells me that you are a lazy argumentator indeed. Listen, to be President you have to provide a verified copy of your School Cert. Buhari has not done this so far. Yet, he was prepared to hire 13 SANs to defend the fact that he could not meet the simple requirement. What does this tell you of him? Buhari has a daughter in the UK. All he has to do is to ask her to go and get a certified copy from Cambridge Examination board. I assure you that it would only take a day. But he hasn’t done this because there is none to ask for.

            Oh, so you have resorted to challenging my intellect, instead of addressing the issue at hand? Well, you have chosen your poison …

          • Where is your evidence? Else you are just speaking through your asshole.

          • Jado313

            Where did he get the money to become the richest African? Do you not know that he owns oil wells in the ND?

          • paul irumundomon

            In Cleveland Ohio, thank God you stays where the laws are obeyed, where opinions are respected, where all ripublicans, are not chased by the FBI, where the rule of law flurish. Obama is from illinois, a stone throw from your state, he did not only showed his birth cirtifucate, a doctor who witnessed the birth, because white/black marraiges in the 60s was not common event then, spoke about it on CNN, as a witness to his birth.

            This is even harder, for any Nigerian, to read from another Nigerian, in far away Cleveland ohio, angry and calling Nigerians haters, just because, the Nigerian from Ohio, don’t like anyone to ask for buhari’s cirtificate.

            Wonders shall never end. He has not learnt anything in the United States, to still reason like Nigerians, who believes, once you are on top, you are bigger than the constitution.

            You need to research, who was disqualified, that brought Obama to lime light. With your background, you are good with computer. Somebody was disqualified, because of good American law, that no one have the authority to bend. Republicans and democracts, are both subjected to the same law, I meant to say American law. Obama, have repiblicans, in his cabinet. Buhari, turned apc government to northern club. Every appointment so far, are 90% northetners, ismaila, Google that too. Mr. Ohio man.

          • Haba Ismaila do cattles live in Cleveland? LMAO

          • 4T2

            You meant the 5% citizens of SE and SS?

          • Nigerians are stupid idiots. We have no idea what critical thinking means.

          • There was no WAEC in 1961 foolish idiot. I am amazed about how frank Nigerians can tell bunch of lies with straight face.

          • Jado313

            The trouble with fools like you is that you are coming into an argument that your clique lost years ago. There was a seamless transition from Cambridge to WAEC. This is not in dispute. WAEC inherited the operations of Cambridge in West Africa.

          • Again you are dead wrong mister. WAEC did not inherit a University’s operations…that is so stupid in the highest order. Simply stupid.

          • Jado313

            You are a compound idiot. You must stop exhibiting your ignorance for all to see. Cambridge International Examinations Council is not the same today as Cambridge University.

          • Emerem

            The source you quoted never confirmed or denied GMB sat for the exams. I don’t care whether he sat the exams or not, but instead of wasting our money on litigation, let the president request his results from Cambridge, then claim damages from the plaintiff. As simple s that.

          • That explains why nothing works in Nigeria because we don’t know how to use what Fela referred to as “commonsense” for knowledge to understand basic stuff.

            First, The 1999 constitution did not require WAEC, but it requires School Leaving Certificate – meaning that you attended a secondary school. I have many classmates in my days that never attempted WAEC. Does that mean they didn’t graduate from Secondary School?

            Following the constitution, Buhari qualifies to be President. Whether he attempted WAEC or not does not matter because those are two different requirements.

            Furthermore, there was no WAEC as we know it today in 1961. The version of WAEC that we have in 1961 is conducted by Cambridge and they’ve confirmed that they have a Muhammadu Buhari that took the WAEC exam in 1961. Just Google this and stop writing me because I am done with this.

          • Musibau Adebayo

            The requirement forms filled out by the President seems to be the bone of contention here. This was why one of my two questions was asking to make Public that form, that way we shall all be set free by the truth. Another thing is whether the president filled in that form the qualifications he did not have? We shall all be arguing out this case without end until we realize there is what we call “TOP SECRET ” in government circle which will never be exposed ďue to the country security reasons. I which to be the last to comment on this issue so as to contribute meaningful way to the cause of the nation’s development. Thanks

          • 4T2

            But WAEC has categorically denied issuing Muhammadu Buhari a certificate in 1961 because he never sat their exams.

          • Musibau Adebayo

            @woman_leader:disqus & Luther Ismaila, Please see as copied out from the above the claim which translate to perjury if found true. “Nwokocha-Ahaaiwe had alleged that Buhari was unqualified to aspire to the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria because he did not sit for the Cambridge West African School Certificate WASC) in 1961 as he claimed.”
            I have been following trends of you both response to any opinion against the appeal by the president, almost totalling 200.
            In all your assertions, i have never seen any logical contribution towards all the arguments. For example, you post premium newspaper as source of a confimation of Cambridge university provision of details on Buhari’s WASC..
            I have two simple questions here for both sides of this argument for and against; Is it possible to see the original copy of form filled out where Buhari mention the kind of certificate he was submitting? Is it possible for someone to post the Cambridge University website listing Buhari’s Cambridge Certificate as claimed by you and many?
            If these two sources of requested information could be provided by anybody and authenticated, then I will know which side of the debate to agree on.
            Please this is just a simple request which never warrant curse or abuse from any reasonable being.

          • The conversation should be over except that the Buhari haters – those I referred to as the 10 percenters still want to keep it alive. Here is why the judges should have thrown out this case:
            The 199 constitution did not say that:
            1. A Nigerian citizen must have attempted/failed and or pass WAEC to run for presidency
            2. Most importantly, there was no WAEC in 1961 and therefore the constitution could have not said that anyway.
            However the 1999 constitution did said that:
            A Nigerian citizen must have completed secondary school and evidence abound that Buhari attend Katsina Provisional Secondary School with many classmates that are still alive.

          • JayGeeX

            First, all the records are on a database. All he has to do is write and request a Certified True Copy.

            You are the one telling lies. The ‘result’ was NEVER ‘produced’ by Cambridge University. It was generated by Mr. Isyaku, the principal of the school at the time the controversy started.

            Also, the Army Secretary has NEVER RECANTED to say they are now on file (you can post a link if you say this is true). They have been fired for no other reason than they do not want the matter to continue.

            The fact of the matter is that there is NO CERTIFIABLE COPY of that result in public space. When Obama was challenged about his citizenship, he had the hospital publish a certified original.. In this case, all he needs to do is write to Cambridge and request for it. He has an examination number doesn’t he?

          • JAMJOB44

            If you can’t remember the WASC then, you can still remember the time I mean of the years or your class mates. Has it becomes so difficult to remember the year he attended school?… My dad remembering the year he went to Burma war talkless of demented buhari.. #StupidPeopleEverywhere

          • That is a very hateful point. Buhari graduated from secondary school in 1961. There was no WAEC then but Cambridge University conducted examinations.

            As a Nigerian you can criticize your president or not support him at all but you cannot engage in lies.
            Buhari have plenty of classmates out there…all you have to do is Google it.

            Go to this website and see his transcripts an classmates: https://www.google.com/search?q=President+Buhari+Classmates+in+1961&biw=1011&bih=446&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjtpI_f0qzNAhVX4WMKHbHsCCIQsAQIJw&dpr=1.25#imgrc=kjGenwMxky-dsM%3A
            After that, please critise Buhari on substance and not on flimsy stupid shit.

          • JAMJOB44

            Buhari and Zik, Awo and thousand of others.. If there is no college then, You must tell us here

          • What? What? what???????????????
            Not clear sir.

          • JAMJOB44


          • Sani

            Don’t the foolish wailing wailers, dumbo de drunk is gone forever.

          • 4T2

            …All these 2 years of arguments, plus the recent legal costs of hiring 23 Lawyers (13 SAN & 10 other Lawyers) for Buhari, due to his significant refusal to simply SUBMIT his mere Certificate?

            Something is fantastically corrupt in this matter.

            And the corrupt forger-President must face the full wrath of the Law on War Against Fantastically Corrupt Nigerian Leaders.

            Impeachment is the beginning of the end for the WASC FORGER.

            ….Former President Buhari, how are the mighty so fallen!

          • emmanuel

            Don’t pray for impeachment cos we go accept it this time. We made mistake to dance when he was removed in 1985 by IBB and corruption was enthroned. If you where born then, you would not think that way else you are wicked to Us. We love him very well.

          • abodes_124

            Case closed. The defendant has won. I wonder why the court is wasting time.

          • emmanuel

            Thank you. we still have reasonable people

          • paul irumundomon

            You don’t need to have it young man, you request for a copy and it cost less than £100 to print and dilever to inec. It is just to set a good examples for the youth of tomorrow. They will judge us, if will deliberately defend buhari today

            The cost of one SAN, is alot of money, he could have saved himself, of all these time. He has just, by all these trials, he went to NDA, without cirtificate.

          • Azubuike Anene


          • Oha El General

            if he lost the hard-copy, waec can issue him another one…his name and exam number should be there if he truly sat for the exams…so he should do the honourable thing, bcos the country is falling apart.. listen to madam Tinubu here. https://youtu.be/UDS6Qdfual8

          • joe

            so why then is he filling an appeal on how he was served. he rather defend his case by tendering certified true copy of his certificate

          • kingly

            bros. cert is still with me both primary and secondary. PMB Should bring his own not letter. we need his CERTIFICATE. what was given before election was a LETTER saying acknowledging him. but we need CERTIFICATE not letter. WE MEAN CERTIFICATE. OK let him bring go back to his school and bring the certificate

          • J. Trevor

            Are you a fool or an idiot?

          • paul irumundomon

            I am a computer software engineer, not a lawyer either, it is of no relivance here. So they have a scape goat in his cirtificate scander, I pity for the poor army officer.
            The premise of the matter, should not be seconded for inconsequencial facts. To serve as a president of Nigeria, you said or you have just quoted the inconsistent constitutions of Nigeria, I used plural because, one is for those of you, who are too big to be prosecuted and the other for everyone else.

            The lie here according to you as a judge is: I have used the wrong word, instead of Cambridge, I used waec. Tell me the difference, is hair splitting, we both finished college in the same country, school cirtificate whether Cambridge, gce and waec, to me is same.
            I come here most times to engage, matured minds, just as litmus test, I have seen divided minds, between north and south responses. Some very smart and others not very smart. I feel very unconfortable, when I talk to Nigerians, they talk about their educations, I went to school in Nigeria and in the western nation, I do not have respects for people, who probably wants to tell me about their educations. Over the years, my study of Nigerian educated men and women, i have no reasons to be proud, because they played worse roles, than the very people, who destroyed the economy of Nigeria.
            Why would you even talk about that constitutions, which you know, are only designed for the poor. Look at every section of it, which one are you very comfortable with, I mean the applications, not the sections or verses. The law only asked from him evidence of completion, he went ahead and hired ten plus SANs, why and what does he want to prove, almost all are from south, why did he not hire all from Katsina, since everyone he has hired are majority from that zone in the top appointment positions, is this a lie. Do you feel very happy about that too, or this is another blatant lie. This is the only country we have, but his war against chivalrous is against my believes. I would like to indulge you, please about your educations or job, is very irrelivant when issues concerning Nigeria is discussed. An average Nigeria is a at least today a graduate, whether they are working or not, I advertised, for for position of secretary, the numbers of qualified graduates, with bright results, baffled me. Again, I hate Nigerians, who wants to intimidate others, just because, I said just, because they are lucky to have a job, not because they are the most qualified my friend.

          • Where is the result with the army?

          • Sir Vee

            The substance in this case is that he lied about the certificate and exams he never sat for. Let us call a spade a spade. The man is fake period. He refused to hold not even one debate with GEJ. He has ruined Nigeria via his idiocy and recalcitrant stubbornness. He detest southerners with an egregious fashion. He should effectively tender his resignation now.

          • Vince Vec

            Mr man it’s so sad that you don’t mean well for Nigeria and Nigerians, if you can not have your Docs in safe place , others can.

            if you are not sure of what it takes to be there why are you going there, i tell you truth and truth any one who enters the house through the window is a thief and thief comes in to steal, destroy and kill.
            How could and where on earth have you seen a nations president with out O,level, not even ONd,HND BSc. open your eye and see stop being so blind. keep away sentiment if you are a trully a Nigerian

          • discovalente

            You would have done well to produce the link to the article you are relying on. Buhari didn’t apply for a transcript/CTC from Cambridge assessments. You are lying.

          • Saleh Ngaski

            Some people have pathological hatred for the Daura-born General thus, they are helplessly looking for every negative thing about him. Buhari enrolled as an officer cadet in the 60s when it was not possible to carry fake results around. More so, he trained in the same UK based on the same result. Do not bother arguing with these people because nothing will make sense to them. They are increasingly becoming frustrated because his coming in as President has changed completely their equation and certainly for good. Before now, some have even conducted press conferences beating their chests that nobody from Buhari’s ethnic group will ever be president in Nigeria and that has come to pass. Go and check the Nigerian constitution very well, Buhari dont have to have a WAEC result to become president. Think of something else, for now,Buhari is the choice of Nigerians. Save yourselves the problems of Hypertension and complications of frustration.

          • discovalente

            He didn’t write any exams (WASC), he joined the army with a testimonial from his principal. Stating that he is confident that Buhari will pass the WASC and on the strength of that should be given a chance. If he had WASC certificate. Just as he is in London now, he can make a request to Cambridge assessments and they will give him a CTC. A corrupt man is fighting corruption. Only in Nigeria.

          • LAW MAN

            Yes he is. But we need a fraudulent president and not a cheat. I hope you are not placing sentiment in your comment . Otherwise you would be objective.

          • Bigzy

            VVF Woman leader, smelly yash, get lost.

          • woman leader1

            You haven’t said anything.

          • Bigzy

            You are dripping with maggots from all orifices..

          • emmanuel

            Pick the maggots. It may serve as your next meal.

          • Bigzy

            Maybe you eat maggots, it is strictly off the menu for me.

          • emmanuel

            Thank you. Their fathers’ mate who in his youth formed NNPC, built the refineries ( Warri and Kaduna) but never own either oil well or oil block. The refinaries they couldn’t run but used as avenue for looting. He came in as president declaring his assets to all, an indication that he his not here to loot but work. He has never been our problem but solution in this country. MOST PEOPLE CALL THEIR MOTHERS WHO ARE ALWAYS PRAYING FOR THEIR SUCCESS WITCHES. IT AN AFFLICTION.
            We are standing for this one man, PMB and his team who is passing through this challenges for us. May God bless him and keep him

          • vic

            woman leader, are you president buhari’s whore or you suck his dick??

          • woman leader1

            You are a fool for asking foolish question.

          • vic

            dick sucker stupid fool, fuck yourself.

          • 4T2

            We can not bring the President down?

            When we were the ones that actually brought him high?

            Are you not sick?

          • woman leader1

            You are sick. Ask your self the question.

          • gosgos

            Please what’s with the long grammer? Nobody is nterested in bringing him down because he that is down needs fear no fall.Just tell your daddy to show us his certificate, finito!!!!!!!

          • 4T2

            Deno has produced his own certificate without employing the services of 21 SANs.
            Buhari, how far?

          • Emeka

            Woman deceiver, you can now see the president you collected bribe to install and his performance. His performance has shown that he did not even earn a standard six certificate. He has only succeeded in bringing himself down.

          • emmanuel

            He is ruling you now. He is a dumb cos he is firm and refused deceit. We need this dumb now. He is better that thieves who have finished the country.

          • percy

            nobody know even in ur kindred, the dumb remains ur presido. take decision that determine ur village, bros and sis that under his leadership. take it easy bcos of Hbp

          • dele20

            Yes ooooo, he will surely do

          • woman leader1

            No doubt.

          • dele20

            Certain of course

          • ayedun

            Amen, if his hands are clean on the issue.

          • Imoduu

            Tell him to produce his certificate. Anything built on sinking sand will fall.

          • Oghreco

            Please ask him to provide his original WASC result or certified true copy.

          • woman leader1

            Power has change hand live with it.

          • emmanuel

            It is there with the asking for it

          • Giadem

            How please? Do u actually live in truth as a Christian or whatever you are? Over come how? You overcome by truth> Let him simply produce his result. Chikena. Obama produced his birth certificate and that was it. Overcome in what sense?

          • emmanuel

            How many times? A general without going to school? are you sure you finshed primary school at all. If yes, why do you think like this?

          • Bobino

            GOAT. No wonder you have no brain.

          • woman leader1

            So you mean you have know brain??? Eyah, what a life!

          • emmanuel

            Goat has brain. Satan sent to destroy Nigeria has failed with their agency PDP.

          • partafamilias trippi

            We definitely want him to overcome by simply showing us his certificate.

          • vic


          • Rzg

            Putting partisan politics aside, is it really a problem for the president to simply produce his WAEC certificate. If it is lost or if he does not have one then he should say so and stop wasting National resources on Lawyers who are the only ones that benefit from these spurious lawsuits. At the end of the day, the man rose to a rank of General and will undoubtedly have qualifications that surpass a WAEC certificate. Why cant he just come clean to produce what he has and damn his accusers ?. Using legal tricks to delay the matter only does him a disservice

          • woman leader1

            Use your sense

          • 4T2

            PMB will overcome 170m people?

            Just because we rightly demand to have evidence of his acclaimed education qualifications?

            Let Buhari overcome the need to fight 170m people by simply submitting to the verification of his acclaimed WAEC Certificate.

            Is that too much to ask for or does he have something to hide?

          • Vince Vec

            Let Buhari defend him self not matter of overcoming, rules, law and protocols are there for a reason, keep away sentiment and let the real thing take place. how long would Nigerian suffer setback just for stupid persons interest.

          • 4T2


          • discovalente

            Overcome ke? When he is being fraudulent and using this appeal to buy time until 2019. Abeg, If there was a certificate he should jejely present it and the whole case will END. Cambridge assessment the body that conducted the WASC then, has all results in their archives but it is only Buhari that can apply for a CTC of the result, if it exists. At this point we can conclude that Buhari truly didn’t write WAEC.

        • When has Certificate become the solution to Nigeria’s problem… You want PMB to Provide petrol, provide electricity, reduce dollar, reduce tomato price, clear insurgents, construct good roads, reduce unemployment e.t,c Yes, he promised he will do those but not just in one year or did you vote in a magician(if you’re eligible) ? Change takes steps; it is a gradual process… BUHARI WON’T DISAPPOINT NIGERIANS…. He will fulfill his campaign promises but it will take time….. Let’s keep on supporting and praying for the noble administration and Nigeria will be great again. GOD BLESS NIGERIA .

          • Collins

            Is it not ideal for someone to live by example? If he has locked up his political enemies , even against the ruling of court of competent jurisdiction, which is number one corruption just for the purpose of fighting corruption ;will it not be ideal for him to show how corrupt free he is by providing his weac result : or did he Forge it, and yet he is going to fight against those in public offices that forged theirs?

            He has been starving many state governors monthly allocations in the name of falling economy but is lobbying from behind to give them bailout, only for the purpose that they provide his kinsmen ;herdsmen grazing reserve in their states :where they will now plan on how to subdue the various region with their violent act and islamise them. We are watching, cos we know that he has no program for the south and Nigeria in general ;other than to islamise the nation and rule over them for eternity.

          • We don’t need any 100% educationalist to solve Nigeria problem all we need is good leader with action,man of his word like PMB.

            The formal president was regarded as educationalist (Degree holder) what happened? !!!!corruption and mis-management of economy,Warriors, thugs, lack of focus, bad leadership in all area of industry. So WAEC certificate is not the solution to Nigeria’s problem!!!

            As for the monthly allocation, some conditions has attached it as recently as today, to promote accountability and transparent governance (Go and read ya news).

          • Orlando

            This is not about leadership but the soul of the country. We know that certificate will not solve our problems but breaching the procedure to getting to power could destroy whatever foundation we are laying. Now let me ask you. Is Buhari the best material Nigeria could find to be president in the 21st century. The truthful answer is no. But he is there because there is a procedure to the position which we assumed he followed. If we are suddenly finding out that he breached the procedure, do we not question him? Do we say because he has problems to solve we should look the other way?

          • ayedun

            My brother, we are not just finding out, we knew from the middle of the election when the alarm blew but the propaganda machine of his party and the self imposed King Makers of Nigeria was too overwhelming. I just hope they will not silence that bold lawyer by any means possible. Buhari belongs to constituencies that are very efficient in doing this both . He is a ruthless Fulani man, hard core Islamic adherent and a veteran military commander. Check out those three constituencies!
            May God protect that Igbo lawyer.

          • Quality Deal

            ”We don’t need any 100% educationalist to solve Nigeria problem all we need is good leader with action,man of his word like PMB.”
            Sorry that’s not what the constitution says

          • ayedun

            Take that argument to the NASS to amend the electoral laws. Every act of unrighteousness is sin. You are just cleverly avoiding the real issue and marketing you Buhari. The issues are bother on qualification, fraud, perjury, favoritism and nepotism which has been the hallmark of GMB from childhood because of Dan-Fodio lineage. Tell me who else in any other part of the federation that can go away with such atrocities.
            God dey sha!!!!!

          • vic

            and did buhari do all that????????????????????

          • MacGeorge

            Do you know what I hate about Ofenmanu bigots? They pretend to have a monopoly of knowledge. They alone know how to manipulate others using the media. How unfortunate. The issue here Sir is; does Buhari have a School Certificate as he claimed? Remember it is a pre-requisite for contesting the election. If he does not then a-initio he is not qualified to contest and stands nullified. This crap you are spewing about providing this and that is diversionary and unacceptable. What GEJ endured in your hands is still fresh in our memories and we won’t allow you to call us fools by keying into your faulty logic.

          • Pete

            Can you build something on nothing?
            How can Presidiot Buhari provide any of those things you have enumerated when he was not eligible for election in the first place?
            Semi-literacy or half-education is worse than no-education because the possessor of the former often is conceited while lacking the fine points that full education can provide.
            Panache, refinement and nobility are all traits that are utterly lacking in Buhari’s character. Little wonder the country is hurtling downhill on all fronts and sectors.

          • emmanuel

            The handed over already destroyed Nigeria with one legged economy to him. This leg was made worse by being broken due for the fall in oil price and senseless corrupt practices in the past administrations.

          • Kola Adekola

            Why don’t you apply this foolish logic to your money and get a known thief as manager of your affairs, because you strangely believe the thief is the solution to theft of your property?

            Mumuness na bad tin! A fraud, is a fraud, is a fraud! A fraudster should be in prison, not Aso Rock.

          • Tony

            Are you made of more lies?. Certificate is not what does the job, I agree with you a little bit. However, how can we trust a man that lied on oat, claiming he has what he had not to lead us in a straight path. Nobody gives what he or she has not. Can a crook lead a people in righteousness. That is the situation we are in now. Feeding the nation with lies and destroying the structures and systems in place instead of strengthening them.

          • Quality Deal

            He is fighting corruption. Then let him produce his certificate.

          • Political ninja

            Can a lawyer defend a client without being called to bar? Would you let a doctor without cert operate on your only child. If the hoas member of the pdp lost his sit cos ofresult why isnt that applicable to buhari. Integrity he claims, let him prove it.

          • A liar cannot be trusted. Should a robber be labelled a reverend simply because he engaged in philanthropic gesture. If he lied before the law, he is a criminal and should face trial. It is pre-election matter, so let him clear himself before the law and stop thinking that 15 fraudulent senior lawyers, the ones he once ccused of aiding corruption by defending corrupt politicians, would help him “magomago” his way out. And even if he succeeds in the “magomago”, we now know that he is questionable.

          • abodes_124

            Time Sir ? How long do you estimate.? do you for example know when we are likely to have board members appointed for Federal parastatals. This year? Next year ? 2018? 2019 ? during his second term. We will remain Patient.

          • Elenugboro

            Little wonder everything is in shambles .You cant give what you have .

        • Chris Ogbekhiulu

          PMB has been quite good in using his power as a president. On several occasions PMB had been reported to have ORDERED …… I think he needs to act as such in this case to avoid waste of time and reputational damage. Or has GEJ ‘stolen’ it and Burutai will not find it even if PMB orders him?

        • Dr. Jegede, Ajibade Ebenezer

          Point of correction. What has Boko Haram got to do with Mr. President’s certificate? Are you forgetful that those set of beast has nothing to do with Western education? So using the alibi of Boko Haram will not work. I strongly believe that President Buhari cannot join the Army without a certificate. Definitely he has one qualification or the other. Which one are interested in WASC or Cambridge?

        • Ismail Rabiu

          what ever is it he is the president

      • Steve

        Femi Falana is a pretender. He was never a true human rights activist. He flows with the wind. If he was a legal force during the Chicago era, he would have defended Tinubu. If Gani Fawehinmi was alive, would he have been a part of this Buhari defence? Never.

        • Tony

          It is sad when you remember that somebody that would fight a fight like this is late. I know Gani Fawehinmi SAN will be turning in his grave now over this matter. Forget Femi Falana, he has sold out

          • okenwa

            If soyinka would be a lawyer, he would be among buhari’s defence team. Evil men.

        • Elenugboro

          Femi Falana was infact Tinubus lawyer and he effectively defended him when Gani blew the certificate scandal open .

      • Felix Udoh

        The man is nothing but a Con-Artist. All his life, he has been a liar and an integrity challenged man and how anyone calls him a man of Integrity beats me.

        • Your job is to say what you hear and not what you know…

          • Felix Udoh

            I am saying what I know. I can give you ten instances where buhari has shown to be a con-artist in the last one year.

      • Olatubosun

        Mr man buhari is the man of integrity…. Let’s wait and see
        Buhari is qualified to be a president

        • Mummy M

          And he equally produced his certificate. It is those Igbo traders on this forum who never attempted even primary school that are complaining.

        • woman leader1

          He his qualify in every where..

          • dele20

            I concur

        • dele20

          He is qualified and competent and had once been in the post….when was clueless gej then?

        • Dike Victor

          buhari can be cool but the law says it clearly to produce the certificate . nothing more. Awo produced his ,Zik produced his , Tafawa belewa produced his, shagari produced his , what it the different from buhari not producing his ? it wil be checked and controlled , the document that time cannot be forged ,, The truth will come out soon.. nigerians only want the truth …nothing more.

      • daygea

        He is the best man this country needs for now and it is only people without foresight like you that will be and continue to be disappointed.

        • front man

          Plss tell him

        • Quality Deal

          When has the certificate become so heavy to show?

      • front man

        You shouldn’t be because falana knows everything to win this case, he and his colleagues shall be victorious

        • woman leader1


        • dele20

          Yes ooooo

        • Dike Victor

          You see this type Falana cannot win it. This a more sensitive position. His fighting corruption sure , but should be honest to the nation nothing more. He canbe Efcc chief but not President without no certificate. You forgot that even if he forces it , in the future it will still be cancelled and all salary he took ,his family will returned them back . Nigeria is beginning to change not Nigeria of 1960 ,dont forget. We all abide by our law to make our country great and other countries will learn from us.

      • Night Crawler

        They will support PMB because military under gej was compromised and will never let one of their own to be president, its now dawn on them… PMB gains while they lost, law of karma has caught up with them

        • woman leader1

          They will also reap what they sow…

          • dele20

            Gej the clueless can never survive

          • woman leader1


          • dele20

            Sure, his evil plan can never work

          • ayedun

            Survive what, is GEJ still contesting for anything? Nah wah o! They say your Master dodged WASC in his early days, you say GEJ is clueless, he can never survive, please where is the correlation?

          • emmanuel

            Go back to ur records he gave them his cert.

        • emmanuel

          It is not about their own or our own. Nigeria is ruled by Nigerian from any part of the country. They brought GEJ down by sharing all the monies approved for projects that will touch the lives of the Masses and used BOKO HARAM to keep him within ASO rock so as not to go and inpect or commission projects he approved monies for throughout his 6years. Campaign monies were also shared. If GEJ had come back, they would have sold Nigerians for N10 because with this low oil price, there would be no other way to make money than to sell Nigerians.

      • NaijaMindOfChange

        Is waec certificate d solution to dis country…GEJ, has all the certificate still yet his administration failed…so don’t be silly

        • vic

          it is not the question of waec certificate, the question is buhari lied and therefore unfit for the high office of the presidency.

          buhari should be impeached henceforth.

          • ayedun

            Brov, how can you say Mr Integrity lied, Dasuki will bring out the Certificate where he has hidden it.

          • emmanuel

            You lied. If it is impeachment you are looking for, then you are in for a long waiting

        • dele20

          Gej is clueless

        • ayedun

          If CERT is not the solution, can you answer if forgery, perjury and fraud is the solution?
          Treat the issues as they appeared independently. A fraudulent foundation is being laid here that can form a precedence in the near future. Take away the name of Buhari and other factors around him, and put Mr Emeka Chika in the same scenario, please be honest what will be your position?
          Every individual in the Country must be equal before the law if peace is to reign.
          Competency is different from qualification required by law. If I must break it down for you, Competency is a subjective opinion of individuals based on certain parameters but Qualification is a legal prerequisite to certain life issues.( Post, advantage, office etc)

          • Many do not know the difference, so they introduce sentiment. Forgery, perjury and lying are all fraudulent.

          • emmanuel

            It is an accusation against him which he defended himself before. There are many things on his table now. You are all believing your thoughts that the northerners do not go to school, that is the perception that makes many of you think that THE MAN who has no WASC cert made it to the top of military carrier (GENERAL) in Nigeria. I am ashamed of how hate has eroded the common sense for reasoning of men. FFK use that propaganda to collect His own (N840m) from GEJ campaign loots. They were bounce of deceivers around GEJ that brought Nigeria into this trench. PMB would bring us out, no matter the tools the evil men are using against the economy.

        • My friend, we are talking of alleged fraud and you are asking people to ignore it

      • shakara123

        They trying to protect their investment !

      • progressive

        You are sensless human beig so you are waitig on the judgement they file against the president you better fiind something doing

        • dele20

          Dont just mind him, Pmb is delivering, Nigeria is moving forward

      • woman leader1

        You people are the enemy of this country, you are looking for the downfall of the president, continue wasting your time boy.

        • dele20

          They are just wasting our time, Pmb is delivering, kudos to him

          • woman leader1

            Yes ooo.

          • Kelly

            His Excellency Sir, our Honourable President Federal Republic of Nigeria, Please Sir call a World Press Conference and tender your Certificate in question! As this is monumental corruption to get to power with alleged fake certificate!!!

        • Quality Deal

          If you are the one holding his certificate, give it back to him now before the law catches up with him

      • NaijaMindOfChange

        Dis man u re talking rubbish..u re just a blindfolded fool

        • dele20

          He is brainless

      • dele20

        This is not a matter of defense, the fact is that we Nigerians are not interested in the propaganda made by opposition party, Pmb remains our competent president…….. Simple

        • Quality Deal

          The law says he can’t be President without valid certificate. Tell him to show us. What are you afraid of

        • Youdee

          If only he were competent then we would look the other way. He has no certificate and he lied his way there that is corruption. I can’t understand if you people have been brainwashed. It has never been this bad in Nigeria and don’t say it’s because of the oil prices. Buhari is incompetent. He was in 1983 and he is now.

      • asuevie

        My brother, don’t blame Falana & Co, in Nigeria their is no welfare scheme and so no one is sure of the next meal. They are not really rich and knowledgeable as they claim. Shame!

        • I have never believed Falana and I know many do not believe them. They are all out to make money. All those NGO and civil society organizations floated by them are all corrupt

      • Rex

        Don’t mind these hungry SANs

      • Efula

        He won the election and therefore, case closed. The Judges will give their ruling after he might have finished in 4 or 8 yrs tenure of office.Then their verdict will be that he was not qualified. But right now, its counter productive. Justice delayed, is justice denied. Buhari has no WAEC certificate. If he has one, let him produce it.

      • vic

        the man has a dual character and plays double.

      • Silas Dagyeng

        disappointed? What makes Falana better than others in the list?. Are you not surprise that the so called Buhari will be found in this controversy in the first place?

    • share Idea

      It is difficult because he has none. We are gradually seeing the reason for mass purge in army, so that records can be manipulated. Thank goodness that original owners of the record is Cambridge in UK and not Nigerian institutions…

      • Oghreco

        The tyrant from Daura should borrow a leaf from Barack Obama. When confront by Donald Trump and his minions about his place of birth, he did not array the entire Bar Association in Washington D.C. or in Chicago. He simply provided irrefutable evidence to shut them up by publishing an original copy of his birth certificate which is verifiable. Gen. Buhari, now we know why you agree with David Cameron, you are ‘fantastically corrupt’!

        • AKE1

          What is the different between WAEC and SSCE. this were people spilling trash all over the media sometimes ago when principal of pmb former school published his result. WAEC or not he is the president federal republic of Nigeria.

          The Plaintiff in this case has no locus standing because he is a biafrats..
          Again the plaintiff in this case is a plain thief from biafrats

          • kenn

            Let the court decide. Thank God he is an astute and veteran High Court Judge from South West

          • AKE1

            Nwokocha-Ahaaiwe is the name of plain thief and he could not have came from s/w save biafrats

          • kenn

            Add comprehension to your reading skills. I said the Judge for crying out loud. Where did you even see the word “Lawyer” in my reponse.

          • progressive

            This one shouldnt be an issue pdp e rats are just ranting for nothing

          • ayedun

            For your information there are millions of Nigeria that don’t subscribe to either of the 2 parties PDP or APC, that does not reduce us or remove us from being Nigerians. If both parties die, we care less, Naija still remains.
            Please face the issues as they are in the most honest and patriotic manner.

          • gohen

            AKE 1, I really thought you were more intelligent than this

          • AKE1

            Point out your contending view is you are intelligent

          • gohen


          • Jyde

            Shame on you to hold and express this kind of opinion

          • AKE1

            Which kind of opinion ? Where in constitution that stick WAEC as only qualification to hold public office in Nigeria. Secondary schools result is not limited to WAEC.

          • Original_Raskal

            mumu! buhari declared in his INEC form that his highest qualification is WASC and that is the evidence supporting his application for the job of a president in naija. So let him show the evidence of his claims! Period!

            that is how recruitment works! if you claim you have harvard certificate, they will ask you to show it!

            receive sense!

          • Original_Raskal

            WAEC did not issue buhari a certificate! It was Katsina Secondary school that wrote the result you see online for buhari! Katsina secondary school is not a degree or certificate awarding institution and hence such a “fake” certificate is invalid.

            If truly buhari got certificate, only the issuer which is cambridge/waec can certify buhari’s qualification. No employer/institution will verify your WAEC result from your secondary school, it gets to be from WAEC!

            What Tinubu did with Katsina result is to fool most of you that got no thinking faculty! Even till date and in this massive mess the country has gone into just one year, some of you still have not started reasoning!

          • Tuth prophet

            You see your impoverished judgment on important issues. This government is fighting corruption and she has to lead by example. Their is nothing wrong in resigning if he cant provide evidence that will be more dignifying than being found guilty. Corruption probe should start from the top and that is the president and this will show transparency in all facets.

          • Oghreco

            If you don’t know please ask! The plaintiff has the locus stand in this case because he is a Nigerian and the actions or inactions of the fraudster from Daura will affect him one way or another! In addition, a school can only issue a testimonial not a certificate, unless of course you’re talking about certificate of attendance which means G4 – Government Class 4! Either way, it means he wasn’t qualified to contest for the office of president. But wouldn’t it be easier to simply provide his WASC certificate if he indeed has it?

      • Shehu

        This WAEC case would not lead to disqualification because Buhari has higher certificate than WAEC. He went to war college in the USA. The diploma or degree he got there is higher than WAEc. He also attended other military schools in Nogeria,England,Pakistan etx.
        Even if he did not have any qualification, the fact that he held senior govt positions like governor of North Eastern state, Minister of Petroleun, Head state , according to the constitution Llows him to contest for the president of Nigeria.
        I guess the lawyer that initisted thos was probably wanted to be popular

        • Baron Samedi

          We are talking about the requirements stated in the CONSTITUTION OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA and nothing more. You are certainly NOT the CONSTITUTION… So please tell your aboki useless parasitic president to retrieve his certificate from WAEC and clear himself otherwise he should be honest enough to step down. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

          • gohen

            For replying this Shehu man, I am wondering if you have a certificate as well. Can’t you see how hollow his arguments are. Please leave that Shehu alone please.

        • kenn

          Obama’s citizenship came under intense scrutiny. All it took is to tender his birth certificate and the matter died a natural death.

          Which one is easy and less costly, to tender the certificate or to pay an array of SAN to defend the case. Once he can provide his certificate the matter would die naturally.

        • james_ikpe

          You are missing the whole point.
          The question is not how many qualifications he has, but submitting a document under oath claiming to have ONE particular document!

          Similar to Saraki’s case…. If you submit a claim under oath and it turns out to be ‘knowingly’ false… You have committed a crime ….. QED!!

        • NDPOPE

          With your level of thought, i now see another reason why Nigeria is retrograding.

        • Chukwuka Okoroafor

          Well you are right in the first paragraph. Buhari does have a Masters Degree from the war college, at least as far as we know. However, the second paragraph of your post is pretty frightening. So you accept having leaders without having the minimal of qualifications? If so, we can see a large part of the reason why Nigeria is in the mess that it is in today. You have bought into the bigotry of low expectations my friend.

          • Prof

            I believe the house he lives in does not have a foundation, it is simply standing on the surface! How can you claim to have degrees and no trace of elementary and high school education? This really is the basis for the fantastically corrupt badge we’ve been given.

          • Original_Raskal

            they got poor mind…it makes me to know why naija is in a big big mess right now…how many people really reason?

            do you know the war college stated clearly in their brochure that undergraduate bachelors grades and transcripts recognised in the USA are a must for admission into the masters of strategic studies program? It is there black and white! but these naija f00ls believe a man with no undergraduate bachelors just woke up with masters degree! shame!

          • Original_Raskal

            my man! get your fact right, let’s stop peddling lies! booohari has NO masters from war college! booohari attended the international fellows program and there are three facts you must know.

            1. In that year, 1980, US War College has not started awarding Masters in Strategic studies (A five years degree or one year if you are admitted with a US recognised bachelor’s degree). Buhari attended the training as recommended by General Jemibewon who was then the Adjutant General of the Naija Army.

            3. boohari NEVER claimed he got masters degree from war college. In fact, in the INEC form I saw desplayed in abuja, buhari listed WASC as his HIGHEST academic qualification.

            3. Here is the requirement for the US WAR College Masters in strategic studies from the institution brochure as regards international felows program which buhari attended:

            Master of Strategic Studies Degree (MSS)

            “Enrollment in the MSS degree program requires the possession of a baccalaureate degree or equivalent from a regionally accredited institution. All students must request that their undergraduate transcript be mailed directly from their undergraduate institution to the USAWC Registrar’s Office. International Fellows seeking enrollment in the MSS degree program who do not possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited U.S. institution must submit their transcripts and supporting documentation to the USAWC Registrar for assessment by an outside review body to determine the equivalency of their degrees. International Fellows must demonstrate high proficiency in the English language to participate in the MSS degree program. The standard measure of proficiency is the Test of English as a Foreign Language, and USAWC requires a minimum score of 83. International Fellows whose first language is English or whose country is listed in the annual Defense Security Cooperation Agreement exemption memorandum are exempt from taking the test.”

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            Well if so, isn’t the minimum requirement to hold office having a school leaving certificate? Article 131 Section D in the constitution stipulates that. WASC is a school leaving certification exam. So if Buhari has that as his qualification, then there should be no uproar on a constitutional basis on Buhari’s presidency.

          • Original_Raskal

            The point is that boohari has no WASC!!! He join army from class 4 using a recommendation letter from the principal in which he claimed boohari was in class 6 and WILL have future grades. Boohari didn’t even bother to go back to write the WASC, he rather just rose through the ranks using coups!

            That is the case now in court!

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            So you are saying that Buhari is lying about having a WASC?

          • Original_Raskal

            my guy! that has been the long issue in court. Instead of boohari asking WAEC to verify and confirm to naija his 1961 WASC certificate, he has resulted to using hundreds of SAN’s to argue why we should believe he has WASC certificate.

            Boohari join the army with a recommendation from his principal claiming he WILL have future grades. Boohari in his INEC form wrote his WASC certificate is in custody of the Nigerian Army. The army under GEJ announced that buhari file only contain the principal’s recommendation letter which they read out on TV. Boohari is now president and has sacked all the top generals that reveal his secret, but until date boohari cannot produce the certificate even as now commander-in-chief of the army.

            When Tunji Abayomi, who was one APC lawyer that screened boohari for pre-election qualifications, was questioned about this issue, he replied this way: Assuming you have a clever student who is already in class six and just before his final SSCE exams, he raped the daughter of the english teacher and was rusticated, that it could be deemed that the student meets the requirements of having as SSCE qualification”

            From Abayomi’s response, it was very obvious that boohari didn’t have WASC certificate as he claimed.


          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            This is what you said earlier:

            “In fact, in the INEC form I saw displayed in abuja, buhari listed WASC as his HIGHEST academic qualification.”

            So are you saying that Buhari lied on that form? I understand your other arguments, but I would like your response on that. If it is true, then when proven this will destroy Buhari and the system. I never supported Buhari but I never thought that he would lie about this.

          • Original_Raskal


            He claimed his highest qualification is WASC but failed to provide the certificate as evidence. Instead, he sworn affidavit that the certificate is with the army! Hence the army refuted that buhari certificate is not with them but what they have in his file is just a former principal’s recommendation letter in which he pleaded buhari should be enlisted into the army with a promise that buhari will eventually have WASC grades in the future!


            Read the vanguard news which I provided the links in my previous post. Everything is explained there.

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            Wow is all I can say. We should prepare for more intense storms.

          • Bigzy

            You are a Liar! Buhari who cannot write in English, let alone speak the language with ease, does not have a master’s degree of any sort. You must stop peddling falsehood. “As far as we know”, indeed. Very funny, Mallam.

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            Mallam, you shut your mouth! You have no moral high ground whatsoever to speak.

          • Bigzy

            You talk a lot of shit.

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            It is you who has bought into fraud and even dehumanization. I hope you know there is fraud on both sides of this. I never bought into either side, you picked one fraudulent side over another.

          • Bigzy

            The only fraud here is Mumuhari’s. You were even ready to say that the illiterate has a masters degree for crying out loud. You are in the US, If this man did a masters degree go and look up his dissertation. Or, in your wisdom, did you reckon that he did it by research/writing a thesis? When you so readily allude to the unbelievable, you offend the sensibilities of those of us who are aware of his many limitations.

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            I am no fan of Buhari, but you mention that you were aware of his many limitations. Buhari too has alluded to his limitations if you can recall. He spoke of his age limiting his abilities. Maybe it is that. As far as writing dissertations, you normally do this if you are going for a PhD. With Masters, it is optional, so I don’t know how you are trying to argue. Also, the Wikipedia profile and Obasanjo himself have said that Buhari has a Masters Degree in Strategic Studies. So if you have hard proof that this is a lie, I would love to see it.

          • Bigzy

            This is rather a surprise. In the UK, each student has to write a dissertation at the end of every Bachelors degree. For the taught Masters program, you are also required to write a dissertation as a prerequisite for the completion of the course. For the Research based Masters programme [MPhil], a thesis is required, just as it is required for a PhD.

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            Well, in America it does not work that way. It is only PhD candidates that do so and Buhari did his program in the United States. You are free to laugh about Obasanjo, but that is the fact at hand.

          • Bigzy

            Buhari did NOT do a masters program.

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            So where is your proof to the contrary?

          • Bigzy

            You are coming up with another straw man’s argument here. The onus is on the pretender to prove that he is the genuine article, certainly not the other way round. You Fulani boys will go to any length to prove that black is white. This is one of the reasons why the zoo is in a nose spin.

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            Do you even know what a straw man argument is?

          • Bigzy

            I know that you are a Fulani man parading yourself as an Igbo for starters. Now, If you are so desperate to ascribe a Masters degree to Buhari, tell us why he has not presented this degree certificate to the CCB? He would not even dare submit that fake WAEC statement of result circulating on the internet for obvious reasons.

            As for strawman’s argument, no one is saying that he was never at the college in the US. The point is that he never graduated with a masters degree or any other degree for that matter. What he had was a certificate of attendance, which you get anyway for being there and warming your seat.

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            You are just digging a deeper hole for yourself as far as a straw man goes. You are using a term that you have no clue of its meaning. You are making arguments that are closer to straw man than I ever did. You are also using what appears to be designed as ad hominem attacks although I don’t know what difference it would make if I was actually a Fulani or not. All I asked for from you was evidence of your argument that Buhari did not have a Masters Degree. That is all. You then made a mountain out of a molehill with flawed reasoning to boot.

          • Bigzy

            If you admitted the fact that you were Fulani, which I suspected from the beginning, we would not be having this conversation. There are many like you who come online posing as Igbo simply to sow seeds of deceit and distrust amongst us.

            Where is your own evidence that Mumuhari has a Masters degree? If indeed you are trying to convince someone that Buhari has a degree of any sort, it is your place to provide supporting evidence to that effect. Instead, you cited a Wikipedia write-up purportedly submitted by Obj. This is the height of deceit. No one uses this media as viable evidence of anything, not least because it is not verified. In addition, anyone can update a submitted report by following a simple procedure. In fact, you could have updated Obj’s statement to mirror what you want the gullible people to believe.

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            If I admitted that I was Fulani, I would actually be posing as a Fulani person and lying to everyone. There is nothing wrong with being Fulani so I wonder why you are making it so in the first place? Nonetheless, I would be deceiving myself and everyone to say that. I have the right to my opinion and views of matters. Don’t we have freedom of speech and thought? Next, I was only going off on what is on record. You have no evidence right now that Buhari does not have a Masters Degree. If you do, I would like to see it. I just want to see your evidence. Why is this so hard for you?

          • Bigzy

            The fact that you are a Fulani posing as an Igbo means that you are able to maximise your impact as a saboteur.

            With regard to your argument about mumuhari and degree, ‘who dash monkey banana’? Your attempt to shift the burden of proof reminds me of Russell’s teapot. This is ‘sometimes called the celestial teapot or cosmic teapot, [it] is an analogy, coined by the philosopher Bertrand Russell (1872–1970) to illustrate that the philosophic burden of proof lies upon a person making scientifically unfalsifiable claims, rather than shifting the burden of disproof to others’.

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            Okay, it seems that we will not get anywhere today. I just want to wish you a wonderful day now and weekend.

          • Bigzy

            Your call.

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor


        • END TIME VOICE

          that he held all this post base on quota system doesn’t mean he is qualified, there is stipulations in nigeria constitution requirement to contest for any position in nigeria and WAEC being one of them, so if he dont have WAEC certificate and he went to Cambridge and obtain PHD or MASTER, without WAEC certificate he is not qualified to be nigeria president simple. let him produce is WAEC certificate.

          • Olatubosun

            You are saying rubbish

          • Oghreco

            It is obvious you are not well brought up. That is why you are busy insulting obviously more cerebral people than yourself. I would advise you to stop advertising your poor upbringing and academic deficiencies for the world to see. A word they say, is enough for the wise!

        • vic

          BUHARI LIED.

        • Ubong

          I personally support Buhari and am one man that do not accept he norms good services and governance is based on academic qualification. However,it is good for human being ton be honest and maintain their highly build integrity. Yes, you and I know President Buhari would have honestly state or sworn to an affidavit that he has other related equivalent certificate,from his military career. We must put aside partisanship and support truth and respect of our law. although we know that our most of our Judges are endemically corrupt and tweak their judgement to suit the highest bidder. GEJ is a forgotten issues if all the mess we are reading in newspapers could happen under his watch..

          • Prof

            In awhile you see the rot happening under the nose of your avowed buhari

        • Jyde

          A farmer who never passed primary six can go to war college, do you know that?

        • Cielos

          Shehu, do you understand that you can’t something on nothing? If at the end of the day Buhari does not have WAEC, it means automatically means that every other certificate or qaulification he obtained later is null and void. The implication is that his life has been a lie because he obtained all those certificates and positions in his life by default and deceit. That also nullifies his presidency.

        • Felix Udoh

          What is so wrong in presenting what you claim you have already? You should be proud to show off what you acquired Legitimately.

        • Olatubosun

          Yes o
          You spoke well guy
          Those people are ignorance
          They know nothing

        • Mayo

          That is not true. Since Buhari claimed WASC as the basis for his educational qualification, that is all that matters. Whatever higher degree he has does not matter since he did not stipulate any of those in his form. There is a reason GEJ put PhD and not his Bsc or Msc for himself, there is also a reason why Sambo (the former VP) put Msc and not Bsc for himself

        • share Idea

          All these just divert attention from real question – Buhari do you have WASC or not?

        • Pete

          An undergraduate who gets caught at the final year for not possessing the minimum 5 credits in relevant subjects is usually not allowed to graduate but is expelled.
          It is never argued that he passed his semester exams up to final year in spite of the O-Level credits deficiency and so should be allowed to graduate.

        • Applying quota to allow deficient characters to occupy senior policy positions is the reason we are still where we are today. Such characters can never promote excellence because it is not in their character. They rather would promote mediocrity. They inserted such legislations promoting lower cut off marks based on religion and ethnicity, quota system, educationally disadvantaged laws, centralized fiscal arrangement, because they lack confidence in their ability to generate workable ideas. They lack deep knowledge and competence to work on strategy; they are pedestal

        • We were told of how candidates from the southern part of Nigeria were required to produce school certificate before enlisting in the Nigerian Army while candidates from the northern part of the country could make do with merely indicating interest or G4. Buhari belonged to the G4 group. So it was perjury to have sworn an affidavit that he had school certificate. Without a background or pedigree, if he went ahead to obtain higher military diplomas or degree, they were mere “papers” to fulfill righteousness. He is simply not “deep” and it has always shown in all the assignments he has handled except “shooting assignments” that do not require deep intellectualism. If he argued that his result was with the Army Secretariat, why did he proceed to authorize the Kastina State Government to issue “perjured” certificates. It is clear he was lying when he accused the Army under GEJ of “pursuing political agenda” because they refused to lie that his certificate was with them. He is an unstable character going by the way he has handled serious policy issues – going forth and backward all the time, making promises and denying them afterwards.

      • Felix Udoh

        The owners of Cambridge know Buhari does not possess any such certificate, hence the reason they say he is ‘Fantastically Corrupt’. You think they coined those words for nothing?

        • share Idea


        • Dike Victor

          Thank God Britsh was in control that time , the truth will surely come out . One thing about truth is that it will surely come out , to prove. I tell you now buhari is not sleeping about this ,because he alone knowns what he did. No one said he is not doing a good job on corruption , Osinbajo can still continue ,that is no problem .. but first let him say the truth about that cert issue.And the british govt can still bring that certicate out , because when he said he took was when British was in charge of nigeria.. No magic about this , it cant be forged. sorry

    • Jon West

      It is very difficult, when you did not sit for the examination. You cannot create something from nothing.

    • Olatubosun

      You are senseless

    • daygea

      PMB is busy making the country a great place for all Nigerians, and you think he will be going about with all this politically motivated certificate issue. Not a chance.

    • front man

      All evil plot level against pmb shall never come to pass, no shaking pmb will produce the original copy

    • Night Crawler

      Why not ask the corrupt military who helped gej to manipulate the wasc, in the end they all failed, they can’t bring it out anymore since they have thrown it away

    • progressive

      They are just wasti their time because at the end of the president will still over come the challenge they brought against him

      • woman leader1

        That is just it.

    • Those agitating for for his WAEC result just want to distract him from doing the good job he promised Nigerians… what is the need for the WAEC result now after one(1) successful year? Those against Nigeria’s Progressing are behind this, but the good work he has started will continue #IStandWithBuhari

      • woman leader1

        They can never distract him, instead they will be put to shame..

    • dele20

      Sharaaap, tell clueless Gej to embark on his field, he can become a zoologist in ibadan zoo, we all know that he studied zoology, he should stop wasting his talent, for he is clueles ooooo

      • Oghreco

        You obvious never went to school. So its no use joining issues with you.

        • dele20

          As Jonathan is clueless at politics, what a fool of you is expected?

    • okenwa

      So this case never die.

    • You write so eloquently, but you will pretend not to know that this case has already been settled and INEC approved Buhari’s qualifications before the elections; when Cambridge University – the institution that administer WAEC examinations in 1961 released President Buhari’s WAEC results.

      Yes! IT could have been easy to produce the results and shut-up those intellectually lazy haters, SAN, and everyone else like you, but the President and his lawyers to chose to request that the court to dismissed the case.
      Do you remember that Okupe; one of GEJ’s henchmen at the time decided o “move the goal post” – saying that President Buhari didn’t have credit in mathematics and he should explain how he got into the Military college?
      I am sure that you missed that…

      Nigerians have selected memories and also an incorrigible liars. Do you also know that OBJ said in his book that Jonathan did not complete his Ph.D., but he GEJ goes around plagiarizing and using the title Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)?

      What do you say about that? Nothing because you are a hateful tribalist who will never be objective.

      By the way, GEJ have never denied or refuted OBJ’s claim in his book.

      • Oghreco

        No where in this article was Goodluck Ebele Jonathan mentioned. He has since exited the office of president and should be left out of this. Whether he did well or not is not the focus of the article. So kindly focus on the subject. If, as you purported, the case had been settled, General Buhari would have simply forwarded a certified true copy of his certificate to the court with a ‘no-case submission’. That would have been the end of the case. There would have been no need for him to gather all the SANs in Nigeria to defend him. So it is obviously still a live case. The problem with Nigeria and Nigerians is blind followership. Many of president Obama’s supports criticism him when he falls short of their expectation. But in Nigeria, it is sacrilegious to criticize any politician whose policies one does not agree with. If Nigeria was such a good place why then did your President run to the Uk to rest and treat his ear infection? I truly feel sorry for people like you. The man knows nothing and has nothing to offer. The same thing happened between December 31, 1983 and August 27, 1985. There was no agenda to fix the economy, just to throw people in jail for donkey years. Ask yourself where he will get the money to pay all these expensive lawyers. You cannot run an economy with recovered funds my friend. Every government must generate the resources to marshall its programmes. 12months and counting with no results, not even a hint of light at the end of the tunnel. The projects scheduled for commissioning are those started and completed by Former President Jonathan in spite of his shortcomings. Please tell your uncle to deliver on his electoral promises rather than repudiating them. We need Nigeria to work for all of us so unlike ‘Andrew, we no go check out’!

        • With people like you the case can never be settled. Simply Google the case and you’ll see the explanations Cambridge University gave and put the whole nonsense to rest.
          And there are many prominent Nigerians who attend Katsina Provisional Seccondary school with Buhari.
          Nope! Jonathan cannot be left out of this because it’s his supporters who…rather than discuss substance engaged in Buhari’s certificate issue.
          And then we learn through OBJ’s book that Jonathan didn’t complete his Ph.D. work.
          He’s simply a plagiarist with the title Dr. Jonathan Ebele Jonathan.
          It’s unfair for his supporters to engage on trashing Buhari when their boss is guilty of the same thing.

    • Sani

      Igbos and wailing wailers’ another effort in futility.To issue certificate of return to Goodluck Jonathan?Maybe this should be in another world,cos I knew for sure dumbo de drunk is gone forever.

    • Shaibu Idawu Audu

      I knew an Igbo man is enemy of Nigeria as well as North because of the Civil War. Continue your nuisance till the day you people will pay for your stupidity again like 1966-67.

      • Oghreco

        You’re obviously uneducated and therefore ill-equipped to join an intelligent conversation. Please, for the sake of your children and future generations, stop advertising your stupidity in the public domain.

        • Shaibu Idawu Audu

          I am sorry for your generation. Education without respect for your leaders is zero. continue insulting Buhari, that can take the president from him.

    • vic

      not difficult at all!!