PDP Commences Committal Proceedings Against Amaechi, Army Chiefs, Others

Chibuike Amaechi
  •  Transportation minister: Action is frivolous, ridiculous, laughable

Olawale Olaleye in Lagos and Ernest Chinwo in Port Harcourt

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Rivers State has asked a High Court sitting in Port Harcourt to commit the Minister of Transportation, Mr. Chibuike Amaechi, the Chief of Defence Staff, General Abayomi Olonishakin, and Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen Tukur Buratai, to prison for deploying soldiers during the March 19 rerun elections in defiance of a court order.

Others included in the committal proceedings are the Commander of the 2 Army Brigade, Port Harcourt, Brigadier General Stephenson Olabanji, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), and Rivers State Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), Mr Aniedi Ikoiwak.

Reacting to the development, Amaechi, who said last night that he was unaware of the matter in court, as he had not been served the process, however, described the move by the PDP as “frivolous, ridiculous and laughable”, promising to meet the party in court.

The ruling party in the state and its chairman, Mr. Felix Obuah, sought for the relief in a motion of notice filed by their solicitor, Kingsley Chuku, before the state High Court registry on March 22.

The motion was bought pursuant to Order XIV of the Fundamental Rights (Enforcement Procedure), Rules 2009 under the jurisdiction of the state High Court.

The Rivers PDP and its chairman had earlier in a Suit No PHC/601/2016, filed before the state High Court by Mr. Chuku, secured a court injunction restraining Amaechi, the army and the federal government from deploying soldiers during the rerun elections.

Joined as respondents in the suit then were Amaechi (1st), Chief of Defence Staff (2nd), Chief of Army Staff (3rd), Brigadier General Steve Olabanji, Brigade Commander, 2nd Amphibious Brigade, Bori Camp, Port Harcourt (4th), INEC (5th), REC, Rivers State (6th), the Governor of Rivers State (7th) and the Government of Nigeria (8th).

Justice George Omereji of High Court 13 subsequently, in a judgment on March 16, granted an interim injunction restraining the respondents from deploying soldiers for the exercise, in line with the fundamental rights of the applicants.

He said the interim injunction was based on a judgment by the Appeal Court, in 2015 in the case between the All Progressives Congress (APC) and others, detailing the non-involvement of the army and the armed forces in elections.
The presiding judge had subsequently adjourned till March 24 for further hearing on the substantive application.
However, the military authorities flagrantly disregarded the court order as soldiers were massively deployed and seen all over the state, monitoring the conduct of the legislative rerun elections.

The applicants, in the motion on notice, therefore prayed the court to grant them two orders, namely: that the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth respondents be committed to prison for disobeying the order made by the court on March 16.

Secondly, the applicants – PDP and Obuah – sought for “such further or other order(s) that the Honourable Court may deem fit to make in the circumstance”.

The presiding judge, Justice Omereji, has adjourned further hearing on the matter till April 14.
‪Reacting to the attempt to commit him to prison, Amaechi, in a statement by his media office yesterday, said he was unaware of the matter in court, pointing out that he had not been served the processes.‬

He also dismissed the proceedings as “frivolous, ridiculous and laughable”, promising, nonetheless, that he will meet the PDP in court.

Amaechi further asked the applicants a number of questions, which would most certainly make its way to the court in its determination of the motion of notice filed by the PDP.

He asked: “Who has the powers to deploy soldiers according to our constitution and laws? Does Amaechi, the Minister of Transportation, have powers to deploy soldiers anywhere in the country?

“If Amaechi as Minister of Transportation does not deploy soldiers, why is he being dragged into the matter? And is the court saying that soldiers can’t be deployed for the safety and protection of lives and property when there is a clear need to do so?

“However, like I said earlier, we will meet them in court.”

  • Election

    If buhari destroy court order today, he will pay for it tomorrow

    • yinka

      What court order? Abi not the chief judge Wike appointed. This is an exercise for the idiots consumption .

  • olubiyi Abd waheed

    That is what they deserve by shunning court order

  • ben

    On a per capital base, I reckon there has to be more buffoons and idiots in Rivers state than anywhere on earth. Why else would they submit to being perennially governed like this?

  • kiza

    It is only a foolish man that can refuse to learn from history; Amaechi, you can continue to sale your people I assure you history will deal with you…no matter what!

    • Arabakpura

      There is a spirit of vindictiveness hovering over Rivers state! Apart from the absence of elders, all the prayers being said by the men of God there appear not to go up to God! As for History, nobody can predict properly how it will favour them especially where there are divided opinions! It is only time, that companion of history that will properly judge utilizing the benefit of hindsight!

      • igonzia

        Who are you to judge where our prayers go to. God is God, God is not man. God has answered our prayers and you can’t see it in your blind state.

        • Arabakpura

          If God answers your prayers, then your land should heal and have peace! It is no mathematics! Have you heard about the cliché; the Peace of God? That’s what you need and not the peace of the mermaid spirit that is all over your area!

  • Arabakpura

    They should include the commander in Chief! Do we have United Nations Peace Keepers close to Nigeria? they should also be included! Government of clowning thugs!

  • Toughie Man

    As far as rivers state is concerned, there is too much noise about amaechi and Wike. All the noise will not move the state forward. Whether it is pdp or apc give us fuel, good road, reduce the high cost of living and bitting poverty among the citizens. spending money on litigation, accusations and counter-accusation is a retrogressive measure.

  • American

    This pdp is a joke.

  • MuhammadKabir Wahab

    This PDP men need prayer.Wike is a wicked person. May be his cult told him to bring more blood.

    • ZINNI

      Did you see wike forment trouble in the election?was there elections in katsina,kano,jigawa and kaduna? no,free for all tumb printing by minors gave APC over 2millions in each of these states,shame,oya ,take fuel,darkness and insecurity,akuya

    • oau

      Boko Haram man, why are you always abusing Wike? You told us before now that Wike rigged 2015 election,now that you and your Amaechi have been beaten and disgraced again,what happened? Nama (Cow) like you.

  • Jujubeans

    Justice George Omejiri. We need to see giant photos published in all newspapers of this clown!

  • GabUm2

    A test for the validity of Nigerian Laws! let us see what happens.

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  • raji

    River blood and Wike blood. Its seems PDP were not happy because army block them for not sucking the blood of river people the way they want. With the present of army we saw what happen.

    • igonzia

      You brought the army to come and spill more blood for your covens and cults but God almighty did not allow it to happen, hence you are asking for cancellation to be able to carry out your evil intentions.

    • oau

      You are one of the worst illiterates I have seen.You cannot make one simple and correct statement, yet you keep supporting occultist Amaechi who has been disgraced blindly.

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        There we go again. Semi-illetrate always quick to question others ability to write simple statement. I will not surprise if you are jobless.

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      Raji, as your botanical name goes, stop that your useless and unreasonable ranting.

  • Paul Graham

    Amechi is in no position to deploy the Army. PDP should stop clowning around!

    • Bobo Jim-Ogbolo

      But he was heard boasting on private radio stations in Port-Harcourt that soldiers would be deployed. Infact, he was seen with scores of military men at Mile 1 Police Station. It’s even on Youtube. Go watch it!!!

      • ZINNI

        Don`t mind that graham paul goat,ignorant is feeding him

        • Bobo Jim-Ogbolo

          Thank you…

        • Paul Graham

          Did ex President Jonathan deploy Soldiers? Mr Wiseman need i remind your dumb ass of Ekitigate and all the Soilders that testified at the Governorship hearing. So it’s okay when PDP do it and against your voodoo judgement when others do. It is a constitutional right to deploy Soldiers against internal and external aggression. The murdering bastards and their paymasters are nothing but terrorists whose aim was to intimidate voters and suppress votes. The charge and bail lawyers advising y’all will run when you bring State of emergency upon yourselves. Just remember Ex President Jonathan declared State of emergency in three Northern States. PMB will only be doing what Jonathan did when lives and properties are no longer safe!

          • oau

            With all your soldiers,Wike still disgraced you and your Amaechi.Who is then the goat and the loser? Thank God,PDP won in Ekiti with Ekitigate.With all your Riversgate,you are still licking your wounds today.Amaechi said he has over 75% of Rivers’ electorates in his armpit,he only sneaked out of Rivers after the elections.He has been taught the lesson of his life by Wike and he will never be the same again in Rivers.Glory be to JESUS!

          • Paul Graham

            Shut the f—k up! Our Lord is not a vampire like y’all!

          • ZINNI

            GEJ only deployed tropps to secure strategic flash points,not to polling boots,and kidnapping collation officers like what took place in Mile 1,Amaechi and cutist Dakuku did,APC shame,chain

          • Paul Graham

            You can play the blame game as much as your paymasters desire. Another violence by vampires could trigger State of emergency! A word is never enough for vampire lovers!

          • ZINNI

            The World believed your dream of state of emergency will compound your woes,Amaechi is not a stone,he dies too,if he is strong why did ,the idiot sneak out of Portharcourt? Amaechi marry Odili`s housemaid,does he really has life?apart playing the slave boy to APC ,what else is he known for?go and ask Chief S.L AKINTOLA ,very educated from the UK,unlike the mumu Amaechi who we are not even sure he has an OND,Amaechi like Akintola will soon fade away like the smoke,Awolowo remains a de facto till this day.Amaechi using unwilling Military to causing Anarchy in anticipation of state of emergency in Rivers state is an all time failure

      • Paul Graham

        That is irrelevant. It’s only the Commander in chief that deploys soilders and being seen with uniformed men is no crime. After all ex President Jonathan deployed soilders too and Wike is a beneficiary. You guys should stop monkeying around!

        • Bobo Jim-Ogbolo

          Silly you. So because GEJ used military men during elections Buhari should follow same? So Buhari should continue with GEJ’s policies that are of no benefit to the masses because GEJ did same? Is Amaechi entitle to military men?

          • Paul Graham

            Amechi is not entittled to military men neither does he move around with same in Abuja but when any sane person visits a killing field it is in his or her own interest to seek protection amongst the best. Yours is the land of blood sucking vampires whose call cards is beheading people. Until all the vampires are vanguished, people will demand and seek protection from the powers that be and not from those who prophess Christ in the day and dine with the devil at night!

          • Jujubeans

            Well said…after this.. All the politicians will attend thanksgiving services in church. Mtttcheew!

          • Bobo Jim-Ogbolo

            Now I know stupidity is your last name. Amaechi is not entitled to military men yet he was heard boasting how he’d flood the streets of Port-Harcourt and is environs with military and was even caught on video with scores of em. Can you mention 1 state in Nigeria today that’s crime free or has no record of political motivated killings? Do you think everybody is as gullible as you? Be here allowing our political newspapers shaping your thoughts and making you to believe what they want you to.
            Rivers State is a blood field yet scores of thousands of persons are daily maximising the slightest opportunity coming to PHC to feast on the goodies the state has to offer…

          • ZINNI

            Graham mumuumu too much

          • Bobo Jim-Ogbolo


      • Preye

        In the same vain, are u saying that wike who was heard on radio and TV asking people to write down their WILL before coming to conduct elections in rivers state should be held liable for all the political KILLINGS and deaths that took place before, during and after the elections

        • Bobo Jim-Ogbolo

          Wike said “Anybody that wants to come and rig elections or write results without elections in Rivers State should call his lawyers and write down his/her Will”… he didn’t say “Anybody coming to conduct elections in Rivers State should write down his/her Will” Stop lying!!!
          Besides, I replied the commentator based on what he said – “That Amaechi should not be held responsible for the large presence of military men” because Amaechi’s office is not responsible for the deployment of military men, hence, my reply to him/her reminding him/her of Amaechi’s statements and actions as regards the military men.

    • oau

      Who is clowning around if not APC?I guess you are an illiterate like Amaechi who spent seven years to study English and yet graduated with 3rd class.Did Amaechi not boast that he was going to flood Rivers state b4 the election? You people should all be ashamed of yourselves, after being humiliated by Wike with all your 10,000 SOLDIERS.

      • Paul Graham

        You still dont get it! If you boast to your friends that you’ll food your village with dollars and you were since spending dollars like a drunken sailor, does that make you CBN governor. hearsay is not an admissible evidence so chill. There was voter intimidation and vote suppression so elections in Rivers is no yardstick to measure success! Rant as much as you like, violence will lead to a State of emergency. Jonathan did it so could PMB!

      • ZINNI

        Are you sure he graduated sef? we are not even Amaechi has an OND,NEC