Nigerian, Adeoba Moyo, Among Victims of Brussels Attacks


A Nigerian, identified as Adeoba Moyo, was among the 31 people killed by ISIS terrorists in Brussels last week Tuesday.

Hafsat Costello, daughter of the winner of the 1993 presidential election Chief MKO Abiola, broke the news of the dead Nigerian yesterday morning.

By noon, a Twitter hashtag, #AdeobaMoyo was already trending in his name. A Facebook page in his name identified him with the Brussels university and Ahmadiyya College in Agege, Lagos. The page bore no photograph and no post since September 2014.

Later yesterday, Mrs. Costello thanked concerned Nigerians through her Facebook page, stating: “Friends, thank you for sharing my message until it reached Mr. Moyo Adeoba’s family.
“I just got a call from his sister who clarified that he was not a student as I had surmised from his FB profile. According to his sister, he was approximately 62 years old.

“The family has not heard from him since the attack but are hoping that perhaps he is among the injured. However, his name is listed among those that died.

“I will be going to the embassy today to make sure the officials are aware that he is among the dead and are working with the Belgian authorities to secure his body. I will keep you posted.”

In three coordinated strikes on March 22, terrorists loaded with nail bombs attacked Brussels Airport in Zaventem and the Maalbeek metro station.

In the attacks, 31 people, excluding the three suicide bombers were killed, and over 300 people were injured. A Liberian woman, 41 years old, on her way to the United States, to attend the funeral of her stepfather, was also among the dead. She was identified as Elita Weah.

  • Oluwakemi Aluko

    Nigeria is an unfortunate country where the lives of the citizens mean nothing to the leaders. Imagine if it were to be a Briton. The PM would have personally been in touch with the family.

    I have always said it that it is only an irresponsible father that will not know the number of children he has and how they are fairing. That is just what Nigeria is. Britain has an accurate record of her citizens including those in diaspora and is always quick to act in the event of a calamitous situation like this.

    Thanks to Mrs Castello for bringing it to the fore that a Nigerian was involved in the Brussels bombings. Nigerian government is not concerned