Fayose:  President’s Apologies Not Enough Atonement for Flawed Elections, Policies


By Olakiitan Victor in Ado Ekiti

Following the violence that marred the rerun elections in Rivers State, the inability of the Independent National Electoral Commission to conclude major polls in recent months, and the worsening economic climate in the country, Ekiti State governor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, has admonished President Muhammadu Buhari to go beyond apologising to Nigerians on some of his “flawed policies and miscalculated steps” by his administration since assuming office.

The governor also urged the president to stop seeing himself as a sectional leader or the president of the All Progressives Congress (APC), but as the leader of all groups and people of the country.

In a statement by his chief press secretary, Mr. Idowu Adelusi in Ado Ekiti yesterday, Fayose however commended the president for admitting to some errors by his government.

The governor also said the president should be wary of some selfish persons in the APC who are bent on dropping his name to commit atrocities all in the name of politics.

“This is a moment of truth. I commend the president for being bold enough to apologise for his lapses. He has come out to admit and accept that criticism is part of democracy. He can do whatever he likes, but it must be within the ambit of the law.

“The president has swallowed his pride by admitting that there is a sharp drop in electricity and that we are experiencing agonising fuel scarcity in the country. They told us the refineries are working, but that was a lie, we are still importing fuel.

“The president must not, however, stop at apologising. He cannot continue to apologise over everything, he must step up. A leader must think very well before making policy statements.

“He apologised over the dissolution of governing councils of federal universities which I had earlier criticised, because there are laws establishing these boards and you cannot just wake up one day and say you are dissolving them.

“I call on the president to do something about the lingering fuel scarcity. Many motorists now sleep at filling stations. Unfortunately, the federal government has told Nigerians not to expect a solution soon. The government should end the pain without delay and stop chasing perceived political enemies.

“The president should also address job losses which have become a daily occurrence. They promised Nigerians jobs but the reverse is the case now,” he said.

Fayose also advised Buhari to pay attention to security issues, rather than exerting energy on silencing the opposition. “Look at the Agatu issue. That place is a food basket for the country and when herdsmen now go on the rampage destroying lives and properties, we should not fold our arms,” he said.

Fayose also took a swipe at the manner elections have been conducted under the present regime, saying they had destroyed the legacy of credible elections left behind by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

“It is an understatement to describe the conduct of elections in Kogi, Bayelsa and Rivers States by the Buhari administration as a show of shame.

“This is an aspect where the president has to be very careful. He must not allow himself to be led by the nose by some rejected and crooked politicians.

“These are politicians who were soundly rejected in previous elections by their people and who now want to use state power and brute force to lord themselves over the people because their party is now in power at the

federal level,” he noted.

The governor further advised Buhari to spend more time in the country addressing pressing national issues, instead of globe trotting, saying the country must be given adequate supervision.

  • icijackal

    Ask this drug addict called Fayose whether his ineffective buffoon had ever apologized to Nigerians in his six failed years?

  • Daniel

    I know some fools will not waste time to critices Fayosa. All i know is that Buhari is a compound fool supported devilish men like Lia mohamed

  • Chisom Stanley Nnodimele

    Everything inherited is the child birth of PDP. When the foundation of a house is not properly structured, what do you expect the builders to do? It will be reconstructing. Bad Governance of the last administration is the major course of what we are seeing now as a people. The formation of the election is and will still be remembered as a PDP formation. Fayose should be advised to concentrate on good governance by providing the dividends of democracy instead of being a distraction. He has been given a second change of rigged and flawed election with massive killings and out right voter intimidation not seen nor experienced in any part of the world. Not even in Belarus, which happens to be the must autocratic and must oppressed regime of any place in the world did we see what transpired in Ekiti State. Am asking? what legacy he is leaving for the children yet unborn, and how will posterity judge him as a one time State Governor? Channel your energy on building “Schools”, By reducing the number of pupils in a class. Build Roads, open up drainage,s up grade Hospitals pay worker,s salaries and how about Markets? I remind you that only when you serve your people well will you be voted in again for a second term. Time waits for nobody. I see you not building bridges to get to your destination and election will soon be by the corner. Don,t assume four is a century. Nigerians are more smarter now, and they are watching events with kin interest. ” M.I OKPARA” Said that First Fool No Be Fool, But that Second Fool, Na Him Be Proper Foolish”

  • vic

    buhari is failing both nigeria and nigerians through his continued slowness and posturing on issues of national importance and welfare of the poor masses of nigeria.

    buhari does not care about nigeria, he is already 72 and has no hope in the hell to be elected second time as the president of nigeria so he can get away with his dictatorial and do-nothing attitude and style.

    this buhari fool thinks, he is still a military commando ordering people around. buhari is already a dead duck. the only difference between jonathan and buhari is that jonathan became DEAD DUCK after 3 years of his administration but buhari became DEAD DUCK just after 10 months of his lousy administration.

    • Artful ºDodger

      When you are igbo, foolishness, hypocrisy and stupidity come with the package. Enjoy!

      Why not simply take your five SE states(your present day biafra) and create your Utopia out of it to the envy of the world?

      • Okwuchukwu David

        Igbo’s are progressive people, your hate cannot stop us.

      • Okwuchukwu David

        There’s no state in Nigeria that is better than two out of the five SE state.

      • Chisom Stanley Nnodimele

        leaving together as a nation will be an advantage and not a disadvantage when we look and emulate countries like ” BELGIUM “. which though, leave as a country but with four different languages. They have the French which are the French people. The Dutch, Which are the Holland people, the Deutsche, which are the Germans and the Pro Flemish being the English. You all should learn to love and cherish one another. If God is Love, How about you and me?

      • vic

        you are at igbos again with your usual foul language Artful Doger?? i told you before, i am not an igbo. Mr Dodger, you have to accept that buhari is a complete deadwood, talk-talk no action president or do you get your daily bread supply from him to talk like this???
        the way, you are going on this forum, you must have been having nightmares about igbos. i am now convinced, you need some psychological and other medical therapy including some supplements to sharpen you brain and senses. now refrain yourself and do not ever try to abuse anyone again on this forum. a learn to behave and relax, mr Doger.!!

  • MaskedPhantom

    The hour has come when the young men have counselled the elders and when grey hair has bowed to youth. Mumu Buhari has lost his marbles and it has to be a raggamuffin like Fayose to show him the way!

    • Artful ºDodger

      Obviously you and your fayose are both morons with latrine mound for brains! Just like every sane country around the world, Nigeria elections is supposed to be supervised by INEC the body created by law for that purpose. Does Buhari control the mindset of those who run INEC= NO. Does he control the mindset of politicians= NO. Does he control the mindset of voters=NO. So where exactly does he take the blame when you deliberately allow yourself to be manipulated by evil spirits?

      You see, the difference between Nigeria and where things work is that for the later people apply common sense in their dealings and they respect their laws. Buhari has given INEC and politicians the freewill to do their job within the law by not manipulating or influencing anyone but since the devil has possessed the mindset of people like you and fayose you can never surprise even yourselves not to do his bidding. Godliness is not to be blamed for that! The day you chose to act right, you will lead a better life, until then continue to lead the fake one in ignorance you are leading now and enjoy your self created mystery as you go!

      • FC

        Paid APC agent! Better go get yourself a decent job…..LOL!!

      • MaskedPhantom

        They say you APC rats are have been thoroughly brainwashed by your puppet masters that you wouldn’t even recognize your reflections on a mirror. The cotton wool you have for grey matter has been totally encrusted with lies and deceit that the only remedy for your psychological, mental and emotional malaise is swift and immediate annihilation at a burning stake. The only response you can give to reasonable discourse is to rant and wail like a demented hyena caught in a hunter’s trap. Let me warn you never to relpy to my posts again!

    • vic

      spit more fire, this brainless zombie buhari, is a hard nut to crack, only a heavy military aircraft gun will kill him.

    • icijackal

      could you unavoidably ask your drug addict fayose whether his ineffective buffoon ever gave any apology for his failed six years of looting and brigandage?

      • MaskedPhantom

        You can then imagine the utter shame of APC and its hordes of hungry e-rats when their empty headed dullard, President Mumu Buhari has to recieve counselling from a drug addict like Fayose… If after six years GEJ was termed an infective buffoon by a racist magazine, one wonders what epitaph that will accompany an insipid dimwit like Buhari, if after staying in office for less than one year, he has exceeded the threshold of civilized conduct and plunged the nation’s finances into unbridled brigandry.

        • Boniface Ebele Nnajiofor