Why Islam is Becoming Whipping Boy, By Sultan

Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Saad Abubakar III

By Yinka Kolawole in, Osogbo.

Sultan of Sokoto and the President, Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, His Eminence Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, on Sunday enjoined Muslims in the country to work very hard towards making things better for the Islamic  religion.

The royal father, who stated this  in Iwo while commissioning a central mosque built in the premises of The Wings Schools, said the attitudes of a few are being used by people to judge the religion, thereby turning it into object of bashing.

He said the notion of holding religion responsible for the misdemeanour of an individual is making Islam a “bashing boy” and enjoined Muslims to work with a common goal to endear the religion to more people.

Abubakar noted that: “our religion is becoming bashing boy because people hold it responsible for the misdeed of few individuals. Dont pretend, you cant afford to be lazy, work for this religion and be peaceful. People should know that an individual’s attitude cannot be used to determine what a religion is.

He said”We must henceforth separate behavior of few individuals from what our religion stand for. Because if an individual is bad, religion should not be held responsible. An individual is an individual while religion will always be separate”.

  • truthisreallybitter

    Muslims know for sure they have fundamental problem in their religion. Only a blind person will defend the act of global terrorism that is done under the banner of Islam. Even the Sunnis against the Shiites everywhere and the introduction of suicide bombing are all legacies of Islam to the world. Nearly all the major IDPs crisis and forced cross border migrations and refugees are caused by Islamic upheavals either against the society in general or against themselves in particular. It will not end. In fact it will get worse and sophisticated. We just have to learn to live with it. Muslim leaders themselves do not know what to do about it. Even if they succeed in “Islamising” the whole world as they plan to do, they will be no peace. The Arab springs in fundamentally Islamic North Africa and the Iraqi and Afghanistan scenarios – all Islamic states – speak volumes. No peace anywhere!!! Muslims must realize that religious system, no matter how carefully and intelligently or theologically crafted cannot give peace. Peace is a product of inner relationship with God. Even Christianity as a religion or religious system cannot give peace, It is that inward surrender to the LORDSHIP of Jesus that gives peace, because He is the Prince of Peace. No one refutes that even if he or she does not believe it. That relationship gives a person what to live for. But if a person is living to have virgins after death as reward, then it will be easy for him to commit suicide and “fast track” his reward time. The sultan should simply advise the Muslims on how to live peacefully with their neighbors according to the constitution that put us together in one country. He should also advise them that love for neighbors is the key.

  • muazu wali

    Islam is still Islam and not any body’s “whipping boy”. Muslims on the the other hand have become the global whipping boys and laughing stocks. The outward unity of Friday prayers, festivals could not cover the dirt and hypocracy in the Muslim minds today. How many Emirs, Islamic Organisations and committees of Ulema visited northeast when the killing was going on. What of the IDPs how many Islamic States set aside or launched a fund for their assistance. This is not the Islamic behaviour we have inherited and the basis upon which Usmaniyya Khalifat was built.

  • Edim Asekong

    Your Eminence, please refer to the book “Son of Hamas” then come back & then let us see if you still hold to the view that Islam is none violent.

  • Jon West

    You lie Your Royal Highness , the Sultan of Sokoto. Only a fool or mentally challenged can be endeared to your religion in the current climate of Islamic terrorism all over the world. From Boko Haram in Nigeria to Daesh(ISIS) in Syria, Iraq and the Levant, the story is the same – mindless violence. All terrorism is penetrated in the name of your religion, your prophet and your God, who is definitely not my God and the God of normal human beings.

    The trouble with your violent religion is in the Hadiths(the biography of your Prophet Mohammed). These biographies are siscptible to misinterpretation by mentally challenged adherents of your religion, who then use these ambiguous instructions from a man who died hundreds of years ago, to devastate non-believers, infidels and non-conforming coreligionists. That is why women are raped, sold into slavery , men, women and children and other non- combatants are killed, as directed in some Hadiths. This is why ISIS , The Taliban, and Al-Qaeda are devastating the world, especially the non-Sunni and Wahabi areas while the nominally secular UAE and much of North Africa is more tolerant of Islamic dissent and other religions.

    You Fulani hypocrites have used these ambiguities to tell your illiterate Hausa Al Majiri hordes that they can never be ruled by a non-Moslem, this fallacy being spewed in a secular state. You, a retired Colonel in the secular Nigerian Army , most of the time , under the control of non-Moslems, supported Boko Haram in order to effect regime change , while your former mates were handing over Nigerian Army ordnance to the terrorists in the guise of Islamic solidarity, only for the same terrorists to use the same weapons to devastate the imbecile traitors.

    Your religion is a cesspit of evil and it is quite gratifying that the whole world has reached the stage where there is a general consensus that the religion be declared a threat to world peace and sustainable human existence. It is not a peaceful religion in any sense of the word. It cannot be , when 99.9% of all terrorism is undertaken by your adherents and in the name of your God and Prophet. Islam is evil and evil is Islam.

    • muazu wali

      Your ignorance about Islam is pathetic. You have expressed your foolishness for everyone to see. I am sorry for you!

      • kenn

        I cant see any display of foolishness but cold hard facts to which you could not provide any counter arguments or facts to disapprove his claims. Islam needs a reform.

        • muazu wali

          See my response to John.

      • Jon West

        Please contradict my facts and educate me and others on this forum. I shall forever be grateful and I am sure the others will too.

        • muazu wali

          John. I have seen fiction in your writeup rather than facts. I cannot reason with fiction. Islam is separate from muslins in the same way that Christianity is separate from Christians. On the one one side we have the faith while on the other side are the followers of that faith. We have armed robbers and kidnappers who profess islam or Christianity. You know that neither of these religions taught robbery or kidnapping! The worst crimes are committed in America and other European countries but no one describe them as Christian atrocities. Please let us open our eyes and avoid using western labels to disturb our peace.

          • Jon West

            No, no , no Muazu, my fellow countryman. Islam is not only a religion, but a way of life. On the other hand, Christianity is simply a religion. There are really no Christian countries, but countries with practicing Christian citizens. There is no Christian dressing for men and women and Christianity has no rules that, when infringed, are punishable by death.

            Christianity is very liberal, like Buddism and Hinduism. Islam is very different because it is really a way of life , but is also not liberal and is very combative. That is why a Moslem will go to Europe as a refugee and very quickly insist that his hosts should allow him practice sharia law and even ask his hosts to obey sharia law. It sounds stupid, but Moslems really do not see the stupidity in their actions, hence the general disrespect for the religion.

            In Moslem countries, Christians and other non-Moslems, are not allowed to spread their religion under pain of death. Carrying a bible will land you in jail in most Moslem countries, but there is a mosque near the Vatican in Rome and near St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

            Your religion is a terrible religion, hence the constant deaths and mayhem associated with it. How many Christians kill in the name of Jesus or God? In Nigeria, the North is a constant cesspit of violence against non-Moslems and Moslems of other sects, while in the Christian south, all faiths coexist in peace. Yesterday, one of your peaceful Moslems blew himself up in Pakistan, killing nearly 100 people, all fellow Moslems, in a single minute.
            Islam is evil and needs a total overhaul. If you people are not careful, the rest of the non-Moslem world will combine and wipe you guys off the face of the earth. It will be easy because you also happen to be the most backward of peoples with little technical know-how.
            I close my case.

          • muazu wali

            Jon. You are still repeating western concepts You know our society very well where we have tribes, Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, Igbo to mention a few. Each is a community built upon religious belies, a way of life, trade, crafts etc. Civilisations emerged out of many of them such as Oduduwa, Benin Kingdom, Bagauda in Kano and Kanem in Maiduguri etc. That was how people lived before Christ up to about 1,500 years after Christ. With the rebellion on the Christian world we find that religion has been divorced from their way of life.
            This is the new liberism the west is forcing on the rest of us.
            Islam, Hinduism, Budism and a few others remain as before with religion as central to life. We reject liberalism. We do not accept imposition. Anyone comfortable with liberal philosophy let them go ahead. They should leave us alone and out of it.
            We will fight against it by all means available.

          • Jon West

            Yes, you have hit the nail on the head. Your readiness to fight other people in their lands in order to impose your backward religion on them. Nobody is imposing liberalism on Moslems in wholly Moslem lands. It is the fundamentalist , violent Moslems who are trying to impose their backward culture on others. When Japanese and other Asian Buddhists are in Europe, they practice their religion within the confines of the dominant religion and culture. So also the Hindus. It is only the Moslem that wants to impose his religion on his hosts. I don’t mind my Christian wife covering her hair in Saudi Arabia, but why should she cover her hair in Northern Nigeria, in a secular country?

            It is this intolerance, not only of other religions but also other Islamic sects, that makes Islam very unattaractive and really backward. Have you heard about Pentecostals, Catholics, Baptists or other Christians fighting themselves and blowing themselves up? However Shiites, Sunnis and Alawites are busy killing themselves in the name of the same prophet and the same God to the consternation and sometimes amusement of other religions.

            Accept it my dear man, your religion is cursed and will soon disappear by self-implosion. Do you really think any intellectual moslem wants to stay in the religion? Remember Salman Rushdie of the Satanic Verses fame? The women all want out, that is why you keep them by threats of death for apostasy. Why is the UAE very liberal and still Moslem? So also Assad’s Syria and Sadam Hussein’s Iraq and Ghadaffi’s Libya, until the Fundamentalist nuts of Al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Taliban moved in?

            Accept it, Islam is in its death throes and it will implode and destroy itself from inside. The rest of us will just have to bear the upheavals of a dying religion and wait for the end.

            See what is happening in your part of Nigeria; already the poorest and most wretched part of this world and Islamic fundamentalist violence is really devastating what is left of the blighted region. However like you responded to the Sultan in your post, the Moslems are going around with their heads in the sand, including and especially the blockhead who they imposed on a hapless Nigeria as President in 2015, and who has no idea of what to do at age 80. What a mess of a religion and a people.

          • muazu wali

            Jon. We are not on the same wavelength. I rest my case.

          • Jon West

            Thanks for the ride my dear man. At least you did not threaten to issue a fatwa on Jon West and blow him up. May your 72 virgins wait for you in Al Jina.

          • muazu wali

            Jo.Correction. that is the European perception of Islam since we drove the Crusaders out of Jerusalem and took away their base and renamed it Istanbul.You and I should live as Nigerians in peace.

          • Jon West

            Ha ha Ha!! But the Crusaders and their Jewish allies are now in full control of Jerusalem and Constantinople(Istanbul) is in flames under the rule of the Ottomans and ISIS/Al Qaeda. That is what I am saying- anywhere you people are, trouble follows like bees to honey.

          • Sustain Transformation

            Muazu, This is the modern day definition of LIBERALISM:
            In the twentieth century, a viewpoint or ideology associated with free political institutions and religious toleration, as well as support for a strong role of government in regulating capitalism and constructing the welfare state.
            By virtue of the fact that you are even willing to discuss this matter, I have a strong feeling you are a liberal minded. Like you pointed out why we have not gone ahead as a nation is because we are just mirroring other peoples views like “Western views” or “Middle eastern (muslim) views”.
            Muazu my brother, what is the “Nigerian” view or “African”view. Borrow, borrow nation. Borrow, other peoples culture, borrow, other peoples religious practice, borrow other peoples view and mix with ours to yield a heterogenous putrid mess. Little wonder we are not moving forward.
            But that being said, it is good to borrow that which is good. As a nation, we should have had our basic philosophy, and lightly sprinkle on progressive components from other cultures, and come out on top.
            I like you Muazu because it seems you are open to discuss issues.
            Religion is supposed to heel and bring mankind together, that was what I thought growing up. But alas religion is the single most important reason why people die in the world today. Mankind arrogates to himself a false sense of importance. If you have to kill for your GOD then that GOD is not worth worshiping. Your GOD should be bigger than you. So let him kill for himself. Any religion that preaches killing GODS creation and advances destruction of GODS property, is ANTI-GOD. Will you be happy if your child kills another of your child because he disobeyed you, the father. We were made in his IMAGE so any book that contains those line is spreading falsehood. Be it KORAN or BIBLE or whatever. The men that founded these religions lived as we are living today; they enjoyed their lives, but we are losing ours for whatever they established. When it brings love, joy and peace to all, follow that religion, when it brings and wreaks destruction and havoc in its path, avoid that religion, it doesn’t belong to GOD.

      • david soul

        If he said anything that’s not true please correct him .instead of calling names!!!

      • kolapo04

        what ignorance are you blabbing about? all over the civilized world and the African nations we have all witness the barbarism that Islam is, it is a total lie to claim Islam means peace, a fallacy, what foolishness ?

      • Sustain Transformation

        Wise one. Maybe you should go and ask the 63 muslim and non-muslim brothers that died in Pakistan 2 days ago at the hands of an islamic terrorist group, what they think about Islam. Ask them if they agree with you or if they agree with Jon West.

  • Okey Agugua

    In the name of Jesus…..Booooooom and dead bodies liters everwhere. You tell me not to blame Christian religion for this?. Sultan i thought you were in the army and you guys coined the word “Obey the last command”. . These Islamic bombers/ head choppers are obeying their brainwashers. Allahuu Akbar and it goes off.

    • Sustain Transformation

      Nothing to add Sir!