Who Owns House 42, Remi Fani-Kayode Street, GRA Ikeja?

Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki

Gboyega Akinsanmi

As the trial of Senate President Bukola Saraki resumes next week at the Code of Conduct Tribunal, ownership of one of the properties listed in a false asset declaration charge preferred against him at the tribunal would create a legal firework between the defence team and the prosecutor.

THISDAY checks showed that the said property, a newly refurbished storey building painted in cream colour, located on 42, Remi Fani-Kayode Street, GRA, Ikeja, alleged to belong to Saraki may actually be owned by Lagos State Government. THISDAY investigation reveals that some of the houses in the area are properties of the state government and are occupied by its staff.

When THISDAY visited the location of the property recently, findings revealed that the building was actually occupied by civil servants with the Lagos State Government.

During the visit, THISDAY sighted no fewer than 10 vehicles with private and official registration numbers parked inside the building, although THISDAY was not allowed to gain entrance into the building for thorough examination.
THISDAY also sighted a KIA Rio car branded and marked in the official colour and logo of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) inside the said property.

Even though he was not really persuaded about THISDAY’s mission, one of the people in the premises agreed to call out one of the occupants, whom he said, could provide answers to our inquiries.
Speaking with THISDAY, a dark complexioned occupant, who refused to provide his identity, acknowledged that the property belonged to Lagos State government.

He added that all occupants of the building “are public servants of Lagos State. Each flat in the building was officially allocated to the occupants. So, this place belongs to the Government of Lagos State and not to any other person.”

To further confirm veracity of the residents’ claim, THISDAY contacted the Ministry of Housing and Social Amenities, but the efforts were fruitless as officials contacted said they could only provide details until after going through their records. Attempt to also get direct confirmation from the Commissioner for Housing and Social Amenities, Hon. Gbolahan Lawal, was also not fruitful as he could not respond to THISDAY enquiries at the time of going to press.

  • utolason

    I look forward to the day that ThisDay Newspaper will stand up and be counted among those journalists to fought to better Nigeria. But reading this report that is poorly investigated and written, I do not hold out hope.

  • Bongos

    Thisday and it’s publisher also aided corrupt pratices in the past Governments, So it’s not a supprise when you a see rogue columist try to potray a different picture. pls NDUKA always remember that ,there peace for the wicked.


    I have once opined that if proper care is not taken, the trial of this man may back-fire and it may be too bad for the “Governing Party” I dey laugh oooooooooo

  • The facts

    This country is a joke. Is there no official way of checking ownership of properties in this country?

    • Bongos

      if you want information as regards a property, you go to Lagos state ministry of Land to check for C%O of such property in question. the reporter n it’s editor are also products of corruption pratices.

  • kinsly

    Thisday as always in support of corruption.

  • blow fissh

    This is a BS story. The question should have been was House 42 Fani Kayode Street GRA Ikeja on Saraki’s legally declared/submitted declaration of assets form? If it is on his assets declaration, then Saraki either owns it or he is attempting to steal it from Lagos State.

    • muazu wali

      Very stupid reporting. We are asking of ownership. Seeing cars belonging to Lagos State civil servants does not indicate ownership by state government.

    • MaskedPhantom

      Point noted. However, the question ought to have been asked by and clarified by the CCB before the trial proper.

    • Tuned

      For clarification issues they said saraki refuses to declared the house @ 42 remi fans Street lagos. One thing I’m sure of is that all the allegation leveled against might end up been a false allegations.