Presidency Suspects Army Colonel’s Kidnap Likely Shiites’ Revenge

THISDAY Breaking-News

•Military vows to rescue abducted officer

By Senator Iroegbu in Abuja

The Nigerian Army has confirmed the kidnap of one of its senior officers, Col. Smaila Inusa, by unknown gunmen in Kaduna State on Saturday night.

Speaking to THISDAY, a reliable intelligence officer quoting a Presidential source, expressed concern that the kidnap might be a revenge mission by the Shiite Islamic sect against the Army over the clash in Zaria last year.

The source however assured that security and intelligence agencies are being mobilised to rescue the missing officer.

The Deputy Director, Army Public Relations, Col. Usman Abdul, who had confirmed the development in a statement on Sunday, said that Inusa is serving with Nigeria Army School of Infantry, Jaji, Kaduna State.

Abdul stated that the colonel was abducted around Kamazo near NNPC junction, Kaduna, around 7:30 p.m. on Saturday.

“The abductors dropped off his wife and left with him in his car and headed towards Abuja. They drove in a Mercedes Benz GK black colour with registration number Abuja, KUJ 154 TZ,” the statement read.

  • Rev

    So Buhari’s government is dividing the country into compartment. There clearly is an overbearing influence of Saudi Arabia on Buhari. This man should realize that he is president of the republic not of sunnis and fulanis. I thought he said he was owned by no one…
    Buhari should start telling the truth to himself…

  • John Christian Alex

    No this cannot be a revenge mission by Shitte group. I think we should look in the direction of the arms probe. Some generals may have planned the kidnap to stop the Colonel from exposing them.

  • Chidi

    The trashy zoo falling !

  • Ahmad Usman Altie

    Detained El-Zakzaky was driving the Mercedes Benz ! Thisday’s crass journalism #shame

  • Ahmad Usman Altie

    When did a so-called intelligence officer assume the role of a spokesman for the presidency?! Thisday wants to endear itself to the presidency like the days bygone and they need a Shiite bashing strategy to do so; shame!



  • Toby

    Very unintelligent statement from the presidency. Ridiculous.

  • Capt

    Its very premature to suggest anything

  • MilitaryPolice01

    Why should the shiites be suspected, is the military strictly for the sunni’s that any random kidnap should be blamed on the former. It is a shame that this govt is further flaming divisiveness even within Islam itself.

  • Jon West

    Trouble de sleep, yanga go wake am. The Sunni/Shiite divide and brutal war has come to the devastated and blighted North of Nigeria. The Certificateless One, mentally and intellectually challenged, has brought Wahabi Islam to fight the radical Shia and like in Yemen, the Shiites will always prevail because of the superior intellect of their dogma.
    Mighty Saudi Aarbia with all their oil money and state-of-the-art Western and American weaponry, cannot subdue the radical Shiite Houties next door in Yemen. Let the Great Games Commence. By th end of it, the North will be a devastated economic, social and human desert. Some people really have no intelligence. The ability to cower others to submission, using the threat and reality of political violence is not intelligence, even though many intellectually challenged Nigerians will argue to the contrary.

    In a few years, like Boko Haram did, the Shiites will devastate the North. Luckily, their interest is in subduing the Wahabis and other Sunnis and they will leave the South alone, hopefully. Pity the stupid Igbos and other Southerners, who are still in the North.

    • fld8778

      See this ignorant guy called Jon West, you are there running your mouth betraying your ignorance and the evil desires of yours for the north that you hated so much but you can’t do anything about. Those in the north whether igbos or from other southern part of this country don’t see the north with your type of hatred and they know better why they chose to stay in the north and same for the northerners staying in the south despite whatever it is that some northerners might think. So why don’t you beat it

  • William Norris

    KILL THE COLONEL IMMEDIATELY !!! And sparing his wife was a MAJOR mistake, these women that marry & breed with soldiers should also be wiped out.

    ALL Nigerian soldiers are SCUM of the earth.

    • Imoduu

      I don’t think this is nice. If he were related to you I don’t think you would make this comment.


        Think properly,if you were a Shiite who lost family members to the army including women and children……how would you feel ? It is the beastly actions of humans that bring out the beast in others.

        I wish the Army colonel is found safe at least because of his family.

        • Anuoluwapo Oladipo

          Only terrorists block roads under any guise of madness, extremist religion or ethnicity. A sane human cannot be affiliated with these acts of vagabonds, miscreants.


            You are a liar,Wall street was occupied for weeks,the busiest highway leading to the biggest financial district in Hong-kong was blocked for weeks by protesters,the governments of USA and China did not extra-judicially execute hundreds of people for those acts of civil disobedience.

            You think and reason like a barbarian,we are not in medieval times….what about tear gas,what about water cannon ? what about other forms of crowd control ? …shame on you !!

      • Anuoluwapo Oladipo

        That guy William is a scumbag. The same treatment awaits his progenitors. It is only a matter of time.

        • William Norris

          Your mother’s toto is a trash bag.

          I truly hope Iran is behind this or at least sending help to the Shiites. Then Nigeria will know what INSURGENCY is all about.

      • William Norris

        Nigerian army officer my relative?


    • Okey Agugua

      Guy you are full of shit. Even though the army are trained terrorists, never wish that on your fellow man. Who wounded you?

    • Anuoluwapo Oladipo

      Know that after they have done your deed, they will surely do the same for your progenitors.

    • Arabakpura

      William, I can’t believe you wrote this on Easter Day!

  • okenwa

    If shiite did it, i support them afterall thier members were killed and thier leader kidnapped and brutalised few months ago by nigerian govt and nothing happened. Let things begin to happen now.

    • Anuoluwapo Oladipo

      Until Shiites kill your mother and father before you know they are a threat to sovereignty of Nigeria. What manner of nuisance will block the road under any guise of religion, ethnicity or madness if not terrorists?

      • okenwa

        Until recently yorubas were blocking roads in lagos for owambe and they were not killed. If its shitte that kidnaped the soldier, let them kill him.

  • Edim Asekong

    Lord have mercy. This abduction is going from the sublime to the ridiculous. If this can happen to a serving Colonel in the army, we bloody civilians are no more than sitting docks.

    • Anuoluwapo Oladipo

      Accepted, there was a security breach but that doesn’t mean civilians are sitting ducks “or docks” as you call it


    Opening new fronts for violence and armed conflict instead of governing in a democratic manner and taking human rights into cognisance. The shooting to death of unarmed civilians and people engaging in peaceful protest as a first line of national security under any guise and the lack of any form of justice thereafter for the victims is what forces citizens to go underground and adopt the path of violence. Buhari came with bullets but bullets do not solve problems,they complicate it.