Fuel Scarcity: NNPC Begs Nigerians to be Patient


Chineme Okafor in Abuja
The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) friday apologised to Nigerians for failing to keep up with its responsibility of ensuring that petrol is adequately available for use in the country having been allocated the largest share of 72 per cent of petrol import in the first quarter of the 2016 allocation.

NNPC said in a statement from its Group General Manager, Public Affair, Mr. Garba Deen Mohammed in Abuja that it feels the pains of Nigerians who have to queue for long hours at filling stations to get petrol.

It explained that it was working hard to restore normalcy in petrol supply across the country, and once again promised that the huge queues of motorists will clear off within two weeks.

The queues have suddenly increased after admission by the government that the situation was overwhelming it and that it would take a while to get it right.

But the statement said: “The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) wishes to empathise with the difficulties Nigerians are presently going through due to the current fuel situation and assures that the government and NNPC are not taking their patience for granted.”

It urged Nigerians to continue to be patient, adding: “The difficulties being experienced as a result of the situation will soon be alleviated.”

While giving details of what was being done so far to tackle the situation, NNPC said: “We would like to assure all Nigerians that the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources/Group Managing Director, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu and everybody else associated with this situation is working tirelessly round the clock to ensure relief is brought to Nigerians.

“Our immediate concern is to make petrol available through the interventions and processes put in place so that the queues will disappear within the next one to two weeks.

“As at 1600hrs of today, one PMS cargo containing 42 million litres has completely discharged, two more PMS cargos with a combined ‘Remaining on Board’ (ROB) of 44 million litres are currently discharging while another PMS cargo containing 44 million litres is berthed and awaiting discharge.”

The corporation further said: “We have enough products lined up to ensure that the supply gap which created the problem is bridged. In order to ensure effective distribution, we are working with Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN), oil majors and over 1,000 NNPC staff, nationwide to ensure we overcome the obstacles in the distribution of the products.

“While not resorting to excuses, we would like to re-emphasise that this present management of NNPC and indeed the government inherited huge and complicated problems with respect to importation, distribution and pricing of petroleum products. Nigerians would recall that the sum of N522,258,934,505 meant for payment of fuel subsidy, covering the last quarter of 2014 (October to December) and the entire 2015 was approved by the Senate in December 2015 in order to pay for subsidy arrears inherited by this government.”

For long term solutions to the fuel supply challenges, the NNPC said that it was working to put in place machineries to ensure that the country’s refineries in Port Harcourt, Kaduna and Warri are fixed and working optimally, while the pipelines which have been under attack for some time now are repaired.

It said that the Direct Sale Direct Purchase (DSDP) arrangement for crude which it has adopted to use in place of the former swap programme would commence in the first week of April, adding, “all these coupled with the fact that the President has given his support to increase the crude supply to NNPC to ensure local sufficiency of products will go a long way to solve the problems in the short and long term.”

  • Tito Kane

    I thought the NNPC boss already promised last week that it will take just two days as from the day he said it for normalcy to return to petrol supply in Nigeria.Or did I read something wrong somewhere??
    If I am not wrong,why are those men randomly promising rubbish always??
    Why don’t they just give a longer time frame from the beginning and try to be quicker ??

  • Baron Samedi

    Africa,especially Nigeria is led my bumbling idiots who can never ever think good about their country and fellow countrymen and women. All these wicked souls care about is lining their own filthy pockets and empowering only their kith and kin. The citizens themselves are so stupid, ignorant and greedy that, a dirty perverted MeGuard can win an election against Wole Soyink if he gives the electorates one orodo of beans. It is no wonder God is inflicting this great suffering on Nigerians and Africans. He sees their dark secret hearts and punishes them accordingly. God’s punishment no get anything to do with koboko.

  • NinjaK

    Initially when we had all the other fuel scarcities under this Buhari regime, they said Ah… if you see the ROT left behind by Jonathan & PDP….. then now that they have done 10 WHOLE MONTHS in office, they have run out of excuses…. only to start BEGGING!
    (Penal Code 419 – Obtaining Office by False Pretense!)

  • Felix Udoh

    And these are the same Idiots that kicked against the deregulation of the downstream sector and the removal of petroleum subsidy in January 2012. God will judge you all.

  • vic

    nnpc, an organisation of crooks, looters and beggars, always begging to nigerians for their disorganised mess everywhere. shameless corrupt fools.

  • Daniel Obior

    NNPC and this government should not beg Nigerians to be patient on fuel scarcity. Instead, Nigerians have been begging them to so the right thing to eliminate fuel scarcity, which are:-
    1. Deregulate the downstream sector of the economy.
    2. Remove fuel subsidy
    3. Sell off the refineries to the private sector who are better equipped to run them.
    By doing these, fuel scarcity will be gone for good.

    • William Norris

      Actually Nigerians have firmly REJECTED all those measures .

      OBJ tried to sell the refineries, Nigerians cried out that their national patrimony was being sold.

      Jonathan deregulated the fuel market, the people rejected it.

      Then they elected a party that has a socialist – feudal ideology.

      So let them suffer the consequences if their choices.


        There has never been any sincerity in the sale of our assets so far. If our government decides that such sales should be extended to as mmany Nigerians as possible their would not be any opposition to it.
        As done in the western world the government shares are sold to the public in small and affordable units for the average person but in Nigeria such sales have been that the whole thing is handed gratis to the family and cronies of our political leaders that have straddled our land.
        They are the billioneers in our country today!

    • StormRider1

      Nothing new enumerated here. The real challenge is in the details .

      • Daniel Obior

        Yes, nothing new. But let us get on with it.