I have Three Years More, Buhari Replies Critics


Defends Frequent Foreign Trips
Onyebuchi Ezogbo
Critics carpeting President Muhammadu Buhari for his perceived slow performance in his 10-month presidency got a reply yesterday with the President responding that the criticisms were too early and hasty since he has three more years to prove his mettle.

“I know you are being harassed since the election that they haven’t seen anything on the ground. Well, if you have any explanation that could be accepted, it is that you have three more years to go,” he said at the opening of the meeting of the National Executive Committee of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abuja.

Buhari, who briefed his party leaders on the progress made so far by his administration, also seized the opportunity provided by the occasion to respond to critics of his frequent travels abroad, saying the trips were necessary to present the nation’s case for foreign assistance.

According to Buhari, “Sometimes, you need to present your case on a personal basis to your economic colleagues and neighbours. Nothing is better than personal touch and I believe that we are learning a lot and eventually, the nation will realize so.”

He told his party leaders that his administration appeared slow because it had used the last 10 months to restructure the government, explaining that it had to prune the 42 ministries that the Peoples Democratic Party-led government left behind to 24 for greater efficiency and to save cost.

Buhari further explained that he had to conduct the restructuring along with the demands of producing a national budget, saying that the task were enormous. But he assured that with the 2016 budget in place, the coast was clear for him to fire from all cylinders.

On the economy, Buhari blamed the sliding price of crude oil which he said had continued to keep the economy in bad shape, noting that about 27 states had been unable to pay staff salaries regularly.
But he gave assurances that with a better and a more transparent management structure he was putting in place, better days were ahead.

The President assured that with the implementation of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) policy, over N3trillion had been mopped up by the federal government, adding that details of monies recovered from indicted former government officials and others facing corruption charges, would soon be made public.
He said public disclosure of the recoveries would demonstrate that his administration’s fight against corruption was not a fluke.

Buhari said regardless of the present challenges, nobody could contradict the fact that his administration’s fight against corruption was critical to the development and overall well- being of the people.

The President said, “We insist that we have to know what comes in and what goes out for us to make a comprehensive amendment to the economy. If you go and see the Central Bank Governor, he will tell you that in the TSA, we have more than N3 trillion. Where would this money have been if TSA was not in vogue?”

He also spoke about corruption in the petroleum sector of the economy and said the federal government will soon begin the prosecution of all persons indicted by the reports of the various investigative panels he had set up.
Buhari, however hinted of the frustration the administration was having in securing relevant evidence to prosecute corruption suspects, assuring his party leaders that the challenges notwithstanding, more work was being done to ensure that those indicted were duly and properly prosecuted.

According to him, “We have tried to make sure that NNPC is reorganized, so that we know how much of our crude is taken, how much it is sold and to which account the money is going. But I tell you that up to the time we came, if anybody told you that he knew how much of crude exchanged hands either on the high sea or reaching their destination and the accounts the money went into, that person would not be telling you the truth.

“We are getting the cooperation of countries that have received this crude. But we have to be sure of the facts in our hands before we start prosecution so that Nigerians will believe what we have been telling them.”

In what seemed like a new policy direction, the President hinted that the FG will have to prune down the number of parastatals to conform with the cut in the number of ministries which have been reduced from 42 to 24.

He said that an order rescinding the sack of all boards has been given especially as it affects the university boards, adding that the government realised that “according to their laws, they cannot choose their Vice Chancellors unless the boards are in place”.
On electoral violence, the President described the incidents recorded during the just concluded re-run election in Rivers State as very shameful.

“I am afraid I did not succeed in the election in Kogi, Bayelsa and Rivers. I think that more Nigerians are killed or killed themselves in Rivers than in any particular state. At this stage of our political development, to remain brutal is shameful and as a government, I promise we will do something by the next general election,” he said.

In his opening speech, the national Chairman of APC, Chief John Oyegun said notwithstanding some notable progress made by the APC administration, there is need for the leaders to have some introspection and reflections on the best way forward.

Oyegun who later spoke to journalists on the decisions reached at the NEC meeting said that the body has approved the down-sizing of the BoT membership before its formal inauguration.

He said the NEC has given the leadership the nod to organise congresses to fill vacant seats in the NWC.

On the Rivers State election re-run, Oyegun said the party condemns the barbaric acts that were perpetrated during the poll, warning that the culprits would be fished out and punished. “People must not get away with the dastardly acts and such should not be allowed to repeat itself or spread to other states,” he said.

The Imo State governor, Chief Rochas Okorocha, also expressed dismay over the violence during the Rivers State election, describing it as unpardonable.

President Buhari arrived at exactly 11 am for the NEC meeting along with the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Yakubu Dogara.

Oyegun and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar had arrived 15 minutes earlier along with the Minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige, and the Senate Leader, Senator Ali Ndume. But the Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki, missed out on the meeting, obviously due to the date he had to keep at the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

  • VERA

    Mr President is inadvertently saying, “YES I KNOW THAT I HAVE CLUELESSLY WASTED 25% OF MY TENURE but you guys must trust me because I still have 75% to deliver a new Nigeria. These bunch of fools forgot that historically, the last 2 years (50% of their tenure) will be wasted in campaigning, and inter party infighting for primaries and nomination in preparation for 2019 election. These guys are blank economically, as well as politically.

  • UOU

    Where is the 3 yrs left? certainly everything with not go beyond 2017, if not this year, betting!!

    • StormRider1

      Mumu!! Bet with yourself so when you change your moniker here on Disqus you’ll only be fooling and laffing at yourself. Sigh..

      • UOU

        Any day I am qualified as Mumu, then you are cursed forever. SLAVE

      • UOU

        Aturu, tell us where the 3yrs is???????????

  • KWOY

    TSA was not your idea Buhari!!!

  • Mazi JO

    Absolutely, positively right. Judge him from mid-term onwards.

  • vic


  • Toby

    Three years is like three minutes to impoverished, depressed, humiliated and angry Nigerians. Tick Tock says the clock.

  • Kola Koleola

    Please score Mr President from 0-10 in his first year in office. I score him 2%

    • William Norris

      Hmmm, why? I score him <1%, but then you might be the easy to impress type of personality.

  • Victor

    Everything about this president and his party is so hypocritical. Here is a man who criticize GEJ for travelling too often and wasting our resources, is today justifying his too many travels within just a period of ten months all around the world since assuming office. He has just realize the importance of presenting “your case on a personal basis to your economic colleagues”.

    The price of crude started taking a down turn many months before GEJ left office, within that period Buhari and his APC never saw the need to admit that such is capable of keeping the economy in bad shape, but have just realize that now when their incompetence is glaring for all sane mind to see.

    If the Rivers re-run election is “very shameful”, then we need to ask ourselves why since the coming of this APC led federal government, every election has been marred with blood bath?. Why one man alone had about “four hundred military personnel” with him on that day?, and who authorize same?.

    Unless we want to keep deceiving ourselves, this government does not have what it takes to take Nigeria to the next level economy wise, they don’t have a clear direction of where they are going, and i think this is a better definition of confusion. One can therefore assume that those who supported the coming of this government and also gave GEJ a do or die fight did so because they wanted power to return back to another region, and not because this president and his APC where better than the previous. It is sad to know how people can go the extra mile to satisfy their selfish motives.

  • lookman

    In as much as we are in haste for positive change in our lives and country, we should still understand that it is too early to start castigating and condemning PMB…I still believe in the PMB led fed govt. Now that the budget is passed, we should expect a better Nigeria

  • Dr. Ekoh CN Ekoh

    He is a failure and has nothing to offer Nigerians. It is same thing even if given more 12yrs.

  • vic


    • William Norris

      LOL….everyone with their own concerns !!!

      Brainless Bubu is doing it to Nigerians, what a Dullard !!!

  • vic

    all this pruning or whatever you call it, for what purpose???? has it in any way improved the living conditions for poor masses of nigeria ???? the net result of all this is measured in terms of, as to what is on the ground for the poor masses and in your case mr buhari, there is nothing on the ground even today except endless daily stories on corruption and whatever you are doing, as if poor masses are going to feed themselves on your never-ending corruption and other stories??????? buhari, this is nothing but all useless and time-wasting posturing for the poor masses of nigeria. you say you have more than 3 trillion naira in tsa account and who has gained from it so far- not the poor masses. may be you and your like-minded ministers will be eventual beneficiary of this 3 trillion.

  • vic

    mr buhari, what mettle have you proved in your first 10 months that you are going to show us in the next 3 years????

    it was a bad start and a very bad show and it seems despite all that criticism on your slowness you have not learnt any lesson from it.

    now mr buhari sit up and implement the 2016 budget with the speed of light or stand to be condemned again.

    as a start, mr buhari, clear up all pension arrears of all federal pensioners who have their patience run out and many have died since for lack of food and medicines. as an old man you are in a better position to appreciate it. do you get my point?????

  • vic

    buhari thinks presidency is just about round-tripping the world for his dollar esta code and foreign extravaganza.

    you guessed it right, buhari is both blind and insensitive to public opinion and he thinks he alone knows better than the nation.

    do not forget, here, buhari is justifying his past trips to justify his forthcoming new round of trips jetting around the world uselessly.

    • Festus Oyedele

      Well what can anybody say. The masses are still suffering, that’s my concern not the TSA and other imagined achievement. No petrol, electricity is down and more expensive, economy is bad, crime rate high, Wahoo. Nobody with any brains left in this nation. Simple economic policies like increasing supply of essential commodities would bring prices down, mass recruitment into the armed forces,
      open sales of dollars in banks@ 1 to 200, duty free importation of goods, etc.
      We have morons who are experts and are worth nothing. What a nation.
      My people suffer because of bad, yes I mean bad leadership. A leader can make substantial life changes in 30 days and the people will rejoice. I campaigned for General Buhari (Rtd) and VP Yemi Osibajo during the last election. Increasingly looking like the son of man wasted his time @ 62. I could easily have rested and spent my money on my family.

      • vic

        i did the same for buhari but now this daura fool disgusts me, to the extent, you cannot even imagine.

        the man is simply a deadwood, bereft of any new ideas, only obsessed with foreign trips, as if leaders of other countries are going to fix our problems.

        buhari is an arrogant, self- deceiving, self-serving, self-assuming, selfish daura fool, lost in his own world and at 73, he will remain so until they are all kicked out in 2019, what a bunch of crooks, liars , cheaters and deceivers!!!!

        have a good day my friend, as depressing as it is.

  • vic

    buhari, failing, failing, failing, failed president of nigeria.


      Take it easy bros. We do not want overkill here, please.


    Well, well, well. Our President Buhari you forgot how convenient it was for you to critisize Jonathan for making foreign trips which were fewer and more effective than yours.
    You forget that when you ignore killings and atrocities happening in Nigeria and cry over an incident in Ivory Coast which the country’s government never gave spotlight to, you cannot tell us that it is part of your mission.
    Yes, we know that you do have three years but so far you have been basking under the light and ambience of the milestones that Jonathan delivered to us but have mired with the stamp of your personality to such an extent that the fundamental freedoms GEJ ensured for us have been eroded and replaced by repression, selective punishment, greed, division and fear in the polity.
    The simple matter of conducting free and fair elections that brought you in has been replaced by “inconclusive” elections, state assisted entrenched violence and do-or-die mentality.
    Sir, in fact our democracy has suffered terribly under your watch!

    • yinka

      One trip by GEJ to NY probably cost more than all Buhari trips. In fact, none of GEJ trips resulted to anything for Nigeria. The man spent more time bring Remy than taking with his counterparts, Comparing Alcoholic GEJ to a principle Buhari is like comparing night and day. Anyway, Buhari got 3 more years and God willing another 4 more years after 2019.

      • William Norris

        SHUT UP, you damned imbecile….. !!!

      • UOU

        When will your eyes open, when will you tell yourself the truth, is it until they stop paying to come here or cant you collect the money and still save your conscience by posting the truth? others are leaving you behind with the bloody money

        • yinka

          Nobody paid me a dime. I have been doing this since Abacha days . I don’t know me otherwise you will make the reference to money. I supported and defended GEJ on this forum for many years until he handed the country administration to his wife, ex-militant leaders and looters. USA wanted GEJ out because he would have ruined the country by now.

          • UOU

            I agree with you yinka, with due respect but is this what we bargained for, from these set, including the so called jonathan, even the opposition to buhari would not, never have expected this level of failure or would I say degradation, so so soon, from buhari/apc.What do we do about this, if our children will ever see a better society

      • Bob kelly

        Thanks a lot my dear, stand up to be counted among the wise and credible ones.

    • VERA

      Which government conceptualised the TSA framework? Jonathan through Okonjo Iweala. Who built the framework , time line and architecture of TSA implementation? Okonjo Iweala under Jonathan. Who conceptualised BVN? Jonathan through the CBN governor Sanusi. Who implemented the operation of BVN? CBN governor Emefiele under Jonathan and has continued till now. So, what is all these glory Buhari is taking about someone else’s concept, idea and policy? Where is his own ideas please?

      Nigeria is really in a mess because as a party, APC us clueless and as a president, Buhari is a complete tabula rasa.

      • Bob kelly

        When your hallucinations clear, you will know the difference between conception of an idea and it, s full implementation.

        • VERA

          Read what I wrote again, it’s a 4 state process – conceptualisation, framework, architecture, and then implementation. GEJ has carried out the first three stages.

          If you know jack about project management, you will agree that the last stage can be carried out by even a JS3 dullard. Of course, I don’t blame you bcos you and your master Buhari are empty headed (tabula rasa) entities

  • vic

    yes, buhari you have 3 years more to waste and go slow at snail speed. what have you achieved in the past 12 months of your lousy administration??

    what have you done in any sector whatever in your past 12 months.

    you have been simply a disappointment to poor masses of nigeria and dying old age pensioners who put you there in aso rock; you are totally insensitive to public opinion. you seem to live in vague arrogance, vendetta and dark ages. wake up buhari, this is modern nigeria, not a nigeria of 1980s. show some leadership and dislay some honour to fulfill your broken promises to the poor masses of nigeria. time is not on their side. justice delayed is justice denied. as we see, so far you have shown only arrogance, hypocrisy, double standards and nil progress in nigeria on all fronts.

  • Daniel Obior

    Is that so that you have three more years, Mr President? At this rate you are most likely going to spend the three years the same way you have spent the last 10 months, not having a clue what to do while things are crumbling around you. One would have expected a serious president to be in a hurry to achieve, rather than be complacently saying he has a lot of time. Shameful.

    • Emmanuel A.J

      And can you please tell this forum what he ought to have done in a hurry? Please spare me the regular abuses and blind criticism, just give me empirical facts on what a new government could have done in 8 months, then we can analyse his failure or otherwise using these empirical benchmarks.

      • William Norris

        1. Float the naira. This is the key to getting the economy to grow

        2. Take immediate steps to end the violence inflicted by Fulani cattlemen. He is Fulani, they will listen to him.

        3. Deregulate the fuel and energy markets AND categorically and emphatically abolish ALL fuel subsidies….instead it was included in the 2016 budget.

        4. Sell off most of the Presidential Air Fleet as he promised.

        He could have accomplished the above in less than 3 months.

        Buhari is just a Dullard. That much is now painfully clear.

        • Emmanuel A.J

          I just cringe at your pathological ignorance. Today is good Friday, hence, I will behave myself.

          • Mickey

            And i believe Good Friday doesnt mean u should be stupid. So please counter his points one by one and prove me wrong that u r better than BUHARI.

        • Mickey

          See my response to him. If he doesn’t know then he is obviously as dumb as the president.
          Anyway he should thank you for your generosity

        • Governor

          What do you know about economy that you want to float the Naira. If u float Naira what is your objective. Nigeria import everything including toothpick, so what benefit will you derive if you float Naira because obviously you don’t export anything except oil and is internationally traded in $. Use your brain before u criticizes.

          • William Norris

            When the naira floats it will MOST LIKELY lose some value. That will ENCOURAGE local manufacturing as ports become too expensive. Nigerians will NATURALLY adopt local alternatives.

            It’s a process.

        • vic

          and paid old age dying federal pensioners their pension arrears, there was more than enough money in the treasury kitty to do it.

      • Mickey

        If I don’t know then what’s the need explaining to you. Because you are obviously as dumb as the president.

        • Emmanuel A.J

          Of course, you didn’t disappoint. You might as well move to another country where the president is a genius. Today is good Friday, hence I will behave myself.

          • Mickey

            Move and leave all you dumb ass to ruin my country. Naaaaaa
            I wait for 2019. Make I send this man back to daura to go pursue those cows. And if u wish, we can make provision for you to join.

          • frankiebabie

            U and you Igbo, plus south south brothers votes counts but it doesn’t matter. There is no way we from the south and north will ever vote in pdp in the next election.

          • Mickey

            I know u are an ethnic bigot. But never mind, there are a few of your brothers that won’t be as stupid as u are.

          • RICHARDSON

            For example, 1. in a country like ours it took our President about six months to appoint his ministers after he earlier told us that ministers are noisemakers. 2. He has spent most of his time globe trotting to such an extent that he delivered his first budget that was ridden with monumental flaws and saddle us with further debts. 3. There is no clear economic direction for the nation. In fact, it took people like Wole Soyinka to nationally call for an economic conference which was later done and our President was not even part of it. 4. While we support that corruption should be tackled what we have seen so far is that if any suspected corrupt person joins APC he is absolved from investigation. That did not stop the fact that even under our President Buhari’s watch people who sold our oil did not remit the monies to our treasury. Look, I have only touched on a few facts but when you add to this the now common fuel queues, the worst state of our power supply, spiraling cost of living, disunity amongst the populace etc then you will agree that there is anger in the land!

          • Oyinloye Adebayo

            I can see that this man is talking sense. At least, he has listed about 8 fundamental issues that required urgent SURGICAL & PRIGMATICAL URGENT SOLUTIONS

          • Daniel Obior

            “Of course, you didn’t disappoint”. Is that for Mickey or Daniel Obior who you told “Please spare me the regular abuses and blind criticism …..”? You appear confused here. I chose not to reply your comment directed to me, as others in the forum have adequately taken you on. From all indications, your comment was dumb, and this is not abusing you.Just stating the fact.

          • vic

            that is a silly suggestion that offers no solution.

      • frankiebabie

        God bless u.

      • chukwu michael

        Within these10 months, he could have done what would make us believe he will do much within his three years. Unfortunately, the 10 months had been wasted. The months were used for insulting Jonathan and demonizing him. Buhari seems to be very ignorant of how time flies. In a twinkle of an eye, his three years which he seems to be looking at as a century will end and he will tell us that three years are too short for him to fix what in the language of APC, the mess Jonathan caused, request for another four years will be ideal. As Richardson rightly said, Buhari will latter say sorry to Jonathan. Buhari should have known that he is not a genius as well as Jonathan but his utterances suggest he knows more than God. Apart from gallivanting around and being much of a truant, he is good in presiding over killings. Within the ten months Buhari occupied the presidential seat of this country, more killings than the seven years of Jonathan and eight years of Obasanjo has been witnessed in this country. No time have we witnessed such level of political killing from time of Shagari till Buhari came in. Can you tell me that Buhari is a bad luck to Nigeria? .

    • Mickey

      My fear is that it could be worse. God forbid
      A man that can kill to get what he wants will never get to achieve anything out of it. Sorry but that’s life, one by one he will start reversing back all those GEJ policies he upturned. Then finally he will apologize to the man. Just watch and see

    • vic

      and utterly disgraceful!!

    • vic

      truly clueless!!!

  • Buhari should know that all the critics have started to loose weight because it is no more business of supplier and remover or fixed and removed to sell kind of things ,Deal with them and let us forget them in jail for their dastardly acts .

    • Emmanuel A.J

      bros, not that simple. Looters have gigantic financial arsenal to frustrate legitimate prosecution. Mind you, prosecuting a corrupt person in Nigeria is often politicised and ethnicised in our country.

    • William Norris

      In 1984 he jailed Bola Ige, Adekunle Ajasin, and Lateef Jakande for corruption. Were they corrupt? I don’t think so. So how can I trust the same Brainless Buhari to fight corruption.

      Corruption is not the problem in Nigeria but it is a convenient excuse for demonizing opponents.

      Anyway I have to go queue up for fuel before the crowd gets too long. Have a nice day

      • Governor

        Did I just heard you that corruption is not the problem of Nigeria. What happen to money budgeted for power in d last 16 years, what happens to money for budgeted for road infrastructure in d last 16 years, what happens to money budgeted for Education in d last 16 years, what happens to money budgeted for heath facilities in d last 16 years, and what happens to money voted for security of lives and property in 16 years. Corruption is the reason for no power, lack of infrastructure, poor heath care and low standard of Education despite the huge budget that goes to those items year in year out and you open your mouth without sense and says corruption is not the problem of Nigeria. Oil price float above $100 since 2007 and despite that there is no savings for this type of period where oil price is below $40 and to make it worse despite huge receipt from oil we can not maintain existing refineries not to talk about building new ones and hence you blame President of 10 months old expecting magic. Wailing wailers

        • Riverdrunker

          my brother among all the comment i read here, yours make sense, you show true Nigerian in you. I never know how they expecting buhari to perform magic within less than 1 year when GEj spent good 2 years of Yaradua achieved nothing instead he pleaded for another for 4 years yet nothing good come out of it except Looting funds of the nation. i believe in Buhari because no president since 1999 ever come on air to apologies to Nigerian. Buhari is better and will be stronger to deliver all we need in this Country is to be Patient with this man. No Angel any where.

          • RICHARDSON

            Was that what we were told during the electioneering campaign?
            So, now President Buhari will need another 4 years to deliver nothing (according to your analogy with GEJ)?
            The matter of looting requires the judicial process to prove and punish. That is what our democracy is about.
            While we all are against looting we want it correctly rooted out of the fabric of our society. At the same time there is this matter of governance that must never be deferred.

          • William Norris

            What did Buhari achieve when he was Petroleum Minister in 1978 except steal $2.8 billion?

            This is the same Buhari who claimed Abacha didn’t steal any money from Nigeria. Please!

        • frankiebabie

          Don’t mind these idiots.

        • William Norris

          I suspect you a paid APC blogger, look at your rote recitation of the usual tripe.

          You should ask yourself what CAUSES corruption?

          How come nobody complains of corruption in the telecom industry anymore?

          How come no one hears any complaints about corruption in private universities?

          That’s a big hint to you. Have a good day.

          • Governor

            Telecommunications industry is private sector driven. Remember we used to have Nitel before, it is the same corruption that kill it. Remember Nigeria Airways why did it fold up. The same corruption that kill other good revenue Avenue for the country kills it. Ethiopia runs Ethiopian airlines it survives why Britain runs British Airways and it survives. What happens to Nigeria Airways. Think very well. For the record i’m not APC apologies but I criticize objectively and not blinded with any political,regional or religious sentiments. As matter there are some policies if PMB are not in agreement but the merit outweighed the demerit of it. Let think like Nigerian.

          • William Norris


            So for the forex market to meet the needs of Nigerians, it also should be private sector driven.

            Privatized sectors DO NOT have fixed prices.

            Fixed prices such as the CBN fixed rate of 199/$ are a SOURCE of corruption. Do you understand? People who are approved for cheap official rate forex will most likely sell it on the black market for 325/$.

            It’s the same thing creating scarcity in the fuel market. The fixed price is 87 for petrol but it is rare to get that because those who get it at that price sell it on the black market for 140.

            That’s human nature.

          • AA

            Good to read ur posts after a while. I have given up trying to explain to people whose reasoning have been suspended by malice/tribalism against GEJ and infatuation/gullible deification of PMB. My hope is that one day, their eyes go neat. Just as it happens to a foolish 14 year old girl who decides to ‘fall in love’ with a 40 year old Cassanova.

            Their eyes go neat one day.

          • William Norris

            Hmmmm, please I like young girls of LEGAL age and I’m over 40. That’s one of the perks of being in this hell hole of Nigeria. A day over 18 and she’s good to go.

            I like breasts that point UPWARD and butts that BUBBLE like a the 18 year chart of GTB stock. Love is also subject to free market economics, is my point.