Amaechi, Wike Clash over ‘Abducted’ Collation Officer


Ernest Chinwo in Port Harcourt

It was a show of power this morning as Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, and his predecessor and Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Amaechi, squared up against each other at the Mile 1, Diobu Police Station, Port Harcourt ,over a collation officer who was allegedly abducted by the minister yesterday.

The collation officer, Ekwi Adebisa, who was in charge of Port Harcourt Ward 10, was allegedly abducted by Amaechi and his security team and taken to Novotel Hotel where the former governor was staying. Wike’s media assistant, Simeon Nwakaudu, alleged that Amaechi retrieved election materials from the collation officer and put her in protective custody at the Mile 1 Police Station after doctoring the result sheets.

He said on hearing about the development, the governor went to the police station this morning to confirm things. But Amaechi was said to have learnt of Wike’s visit and stormed the place with the Director General of NIMASA, Dakuku Peterside; the acting Managing Director of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) , Mrs. Ibim Semenitari, and their retinues of security personnel.

The AIG , Zone 6, Calaber, Adisa Bolanta, was also in the entourage.

After the confrontation, Adebisa was put in a vehicle and whisked away to an unknown destination.

Details later

  • Emeka Emedom

    If God should make me the president at least for one day , Amaechi is the first person to go to jail…Is he contesting any elective position or post ,,,Is he the State Governor or Chief Security Officer of the State , what brought him and his brainwashed boy boy servants there ,,,,If police arrested INCE official or officer , how did that concerns them ,

  • smart choice


    He read English Literature.

    Never worked for one day.

    Never did business for one day.

    Rivers state gave him an opportunity to serve the state at the state assembly.

    Rivers state gave him another chance and made him a speaker.

    Rivers state struggled and gave him the state by making him governor.

    Rivers state voted for and gave him a second term.

    Rivers state loved him and still love him.


    He stopped working for Rivers state.

    He started working for APC.

    He started diverting Rivers state money.

    He had an ambition.

    He was doing everything to achieve it.

    He began to withdraw from the treasury.

    He withdrew.

    He withdrew.

    He took loan.

    He took loan.

    He impoverished the state.


    Rivers state began to complain.

    Rivers state began to lament.

    Rivers state began to lack.

    Rivers state began to cry.

    Rivers state lost its pride.

    Rivers state became empty.

    Rivers state became pained.


    Strangers came in.

    Strangers stole from us

    Strangers rape us.

    Strangers brought us pains.

    Strangers became kings and ruled us.


    Strangers began to praise him.

    Strangers began to call him sweet names.

    Strangers stylishly turned him into a slave.

    Strangers made him driver.

    Strangers made him bodyguard.

    Strangers made him wife excort.

    Strangers made him enemy to his people.


    They needed 100%

    They got 80% from him.



    He was compensated.

    One of his first moves in his compensated capacity as the Minister of Transport was to allegedly close down the Maritime University in the South-south (Delta) nd started building a mega Transport Institute in the North-west (Zaria).



    A traitor to the common interest of his people or a strategist…traitor of ubimma

    • Bongos


  • bangiso mhlabeni

    Amaechi is a fool.

  • American

    wike did worse things including blocking Gov Amaechi from accessing his home, the govt house, .during the era jonathan.

    • Tony

      In every government building in the world there is always a secret entrance which must be kept away from public knowledge it was this entrance that amaechi wanted to access with the crowd that was with him on that day and the security attached to the government house refused him to do that as that would undermine their job in time of crisis. So nobody would stopped him from getting in if he had followed the right way, which he did later that same day and no one stopped him from entering.

      • American

        Tony, please read Tadi’s response to my post up there. Both of you should reconcile your accounts of the incident so we know who to believe.

        • Soog sunny

          For recognizing Wike as governor for the 2015 election, despite the massive rigid is the cause of this massive violet in the rerun, Ameach understood this very well, all PDP wants is win at all course, let go to court

    • tadi

      Get the facts right. Amaechi in his usual and characteristic arrogant manner had opened an office of New PDP which was declared illegal by the courts. The office was sealed and some portions of the road leading to the building housing the illegal political association barricaded by the police. There were several routes even within old GRA if you know Port Harcourt to Access the Government House. But Amaechi knowing fully well that that road was blocked decided to lead his visitors and political allies to use it to show that he has no regard to law and order.

      • American

        Tadi, please read Tony’s response to my post. Both of you should reconcile your accounts of the incident so we know who to believe.

      • Bongos

        Any person/persons that supports a Man that bites the finger that feed him,So will your own finger be beaten by those you feed for you to know what is pain……

  • Toby

    Ameachi that should be fixing the transportation nightmare for those that voted them into power is in Rivers state fighting for supremacy. Ego!!! One day he will weep and gnash his teeth.

  • Caleb Adeyemo

    Fortunately, all these vagabonds (Amaechi and co..) are the change APC were talking about??? May the LORD help us. Nigeria is at the verge of a serious collapse, it’s only God that can rescue HIS own people. When the wall of Jericho fell, God’s enemies fell with it. God knows the real enemies of our great country. These enemies will definitely go, they will never be part of the new Nigeria that is coming very soon. It is just a matter of time.

    • Soog sunny

      imagine Nigeria under PDP with the current oil price. thank you baba Godee for this CHANGE

      • Yours Truly

        All I know is that Rivers State seemed much more peaceful under Mr. Amaechi than under the current government.


    So, under President Buhari’s administration there is now a new definition of who the chief security officer of a state is.
    Amaechi, by challenging the Rivers state governor, Wike, with his 400 soldiers etc has been permitted by our President to become the De facto Governor of Rivers state and the whole world has taken note..
    The truth that now matters most is that Amaechi cannot change the wishes of the people of Rivers state; not even with the whole Nigerian army at his disposal can he achieve that.

  • Henry

    This is the same Amaechi who was a hero of certain regions of Nigeria for allegedly standing up to the impunity of his brother who was President then. Now let the whole world know what we have always known in the region about this man.A minister of the federal republic of Nigeria behave in such a despicable manner for a government that came to power to right all wrongs and atrocities committed by PDP. A bad tree cannot bear good fruits.

    • musa aliyu

      And you believe this story? Amaechi can never whisk a collation officer to change results. He did that, if at all he did, to guard against pdpigs who are used to looting.

      • Tony

        People on ground said so but you in far away north is believing another thing well APC cows will always think and act like cows.

        • musa aliyu

          Illiterate you. Who told you I’m in the north? The Ewu that you are believe everything printed, showing your stark illiteracy. Mtchewwwww!!!

          • Tony

            We know idiots when they speak and we also know illiterates when they make comments. When idiots speak they end up making no meaning and when illiterates talks they end up abuseing and insulting everybody because of their low capacity to think like normal human being. Musa aliyu I strongly believe you belong to both.

          • musa aliyu

            If only you didn’t cheat in exams to be called a student, you would have known that the word, “illiterates” is in plural and can never collacate with “talks” which is a singular verb. “abuseing ” is not an English word either and it looks like a main verb in the sentence. Since your education is limited to inability to copy words written boldly, the word “aliyu ” is not an English word either. So, until you go back to school and tell them that you cheated to become what you are, we are two poles apart, as such you deserve no response from me.

      • Carl Robshaw

        You have just betrayed an embarrassing and worrisome incapacity to reason. With people like you around (and they abound in quantum in APC) the future of Nigeria is very bleak,

        • Tony

          My friend so you see what I was sew. ( apologize to Zebrudaya ).

          • musa aliyu

            Fa, fa, fa, fara, foul. Zebrudaya would never say, and had never said, ” what I was sew ” but would have said, ” what I was saw “. You don’t write “apologize to Zebrudaya” but “apology to Zebrudaya”.
            Your penchant for weird phrases that have absolutely no meaning is enough to make you just an observer.

      • SANCHEZ

        It was captured on video. I can 100% concur that the story is a fact.

      • Mike udi
    • Bongos

      Any person/persons that supports a Man that bites the finger that feed
      him,So will your own finger be beaten by those you feed for you to know
      what is pain……The man that refers you for promotion and recognition yesterday ,The man that sent your name to Abuja to be made a ministerof this country,That is the same man he is fighting now .Lessons to be learnt,NEVER HELP THOSE AROUND YOU..NEVER EVER…

  • Ahilabegbe

    Yeye dey smell. Àmaechi is not helping matters in this Rivers rerun elections. Enough of this do or die politics.

    • Okwuchukwu David

      Apc change, Una never see any thing. Some foolish Nigerian with the help of Bola Tinubu brought this calamity upon themselves,not on me and my children.

      • musa aliyu

        How can we see anything when there’s no more dollar in the CBN to import toothpicks!

  • Lawrence Onyemaechi

    Amechi shaiiiii

  • Ichele Aki

    The solution is for inec to cancel the collated results from their fellow.