Agatu Killings: Benue House Caucus Condemns FG’s Attitude

Agatu Killings
  • say killings have continued
    By Damilola Oyedele

The Benue State Caucus in the House of Representatives has condemned what it described as the lukewarm attitude of the Federal Government to the massacre of over 1,000 people of the state in 2016 alone, adding that no concrete moves have been made to stop the killings in Agatu Local Government and other areas.

The caucus members said the massacre of the people of the state by Fulani herdsmen is a genocide being downplayed or being ignored until it spirals out of control.

Eight local government areas, including Agatu, Buruku, Guma, Gwer-west, Logo, Kwande, Gwer- East and Katsina- Ala , they explained, have been under perennial heavy attacks from the Fulani herdsmen since 2013.

Addressing newsmen Friday, the caucus leader, Hon. Orker Jev (representing Buruku Federal Constituency) lamented that despite the outrage which the Agatu killings ought to evoke, only a few headlines  and sympathetic comments from high places were recorded.
Flanked by other members of the caucus, Jev described as ‘disturbing’ that every planting season in Benue is heralded by serial attacks from the herdsmen, who also return during the harvesting season.

He queried the sources of the sophisticated ammunition brandished by the rampaging herdsmen, and why it is taking the government time to apprehend them.

“We condemn the belated reaction of President Muhammadu Buhari and his Minister of Interior, Lt. Gen. Abdulrahman Danbazzau (rtd) who broke their unholy silence a week after over 500 people were killed and 10 villages razed in Agatu area of the state. It is curious that up till today, the Investigative Panel purportedly instituted by the Federal Government to inquire into the attacks has not been made public or inaugurated.”

  • Moon

    It is right time for every family in the Zoo Nigeria to own a AK47 raffle for self-defense or else get ready to die being stupid. The Zoo president does not care about you stop complaining do the needful now.

  • Chuks Okani

    I invite all victims of the regular, ubiquitous and systematic bloodbaths by the so-called Fulani herdsmen to think. Does simple disagreement over farming and grazing land rationally warrant the genocidal liquidation of whole populations and communities such as the Fulani perpetrated at Agatu and other places before now? With the lessons of history and of the phenomenology of the bloody barbarism of islam in view, is it not obvious that the on-going mass murders by the Fulani herdsmen is directed towards altering the demographics of central and southern Nigeria in favour of the Hausa-Fulani muslims so that the long-declared objective of dipping the koran in the sea could be more easily realised? Certainly it is easier to occupy an empty or sparsely populated territory than to occupy a densely populated one. Anyhow, what is playing out before us all is undoubtedly the second (or final?) phase of the 19th century Fulani jihad. As in 1804-1812, all the potential targets of this latest phase of the jihadist movement seem incapable of comprehending what is upon them and of organising the sorely needed resistance against it. Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are almost unavoidably doomed to repeat them. In the event that the current jihad is allowed to go on, those Christian minorities on the frontiers of the Sokoto Caliphate such as Tiv, Idoma, Berom, Angas, Jabba, Zuru, Jukun and Tsayawa need no one to tell them that they would be the first people to embrace extinction. May that day never come. May the leaders of northern Christian minority nationalities such as Danjuma, David Mark, Onoja, Useni and Gowon find grace to repent from their voluntary servitude to the Hausa-Fulani and courage to give their people the liberatory leadership they need in this their darkest hour.

  • Chuks Okani

    The Benue lawmakers should not weep, because the times in which we live in Nigeria today do not call for weeping but for hard decisions and action. As someone who has lost countless relations and kinsmen in numberless orgies of anti-Igbo apocalyptic genocides perpetrated by Hausa-Fulani northern muslims since 1945, I sympathise with the Benue people. What they need to do now is to truthfully ask themselves whether their voluntary servitude to the Hausa-Fulani serves their interests and whether it will guarantee their continued existence as a group for the foreseeable and unforeseeable future. When the Igbo rose up in 1966 to protect themselves against the violent savagery of the Hausa-Fulani, the Benue people and other Christian minorities in the north cued up uninvited behind the muslim marauders. Now that the Fulani have subdued the only group capable of effective resistance against their forced islamisation of Nigeria, they have turned their genocidal sword against the northern Christian minorities. As we speak presently countless Christian minority communities in Benue, Plateau, Taraba, Adamawa, Bauchi, Kebbi, Kaduna and Borno States have been permanently wiped out of existence by the combined onslaught of Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen. How can the rat maintain an unbreakable bond of fellowship and association with the cat being fully aware that anytime the cat becomes hungry the rat will be dinner for it? The northern Christian minorities should look at history and look at Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Somalia and Syria. There is only one thing muslims reserve for their non-muslim neighbours: extermination. If they learn the lesson of history well and care about the continued existence of their ethnic groups, they will do the needful. As the Igbo say, the grasshopper that was killed by the woodpecker was most certainly deaf.

  • marc umeh

    Those doing the dying should be at the forefront of the struggle. One would think that at the very least the Benue people will be organizing mass demonstations in Abuja, displaying pictures of the victims , writing the united nations etc.
    That’s how they will bring public attention to this genocide and force the federal govt into action.

  • Richard

    This action alone is enough to impeach to buhari

  • Ade Adeosun

    You guys should keep dreaming, if you expect PMB to condemn the misdeed of his kinsmen, get guns and cutlass to start defending yourself.

  • Kwubochi

    When will Buhari’s hypocrisy end? What condolences message did
    he dispatch quickly to Governor Ortom of Benue state immediately after the

    Fulani herdsmen massacred Agatu people and destroyed their farmlands?

    he quickly put up a telephone call with the Governor and what was the content
    of his message? Does he quickly put up a telephone call with Governor Ambode of
    Lagos state over the massacre of Yurobas by his Fulani brothers?

    The army are busy at Aba confiscating newspapers while Agatu people are
    being massacred unrestrained.

    happened in Ivory Coast yesterday Buhari was quick to react the next day, but
    something happened in Benue state it took Buhari over a week to set up his
    kangaroo committee to conduct investigation that has

    not done any meaningful thing while the Fulani herdsmen were still occupying
    Agatu farmlands and continue their cruel killings in Benue state.

    The Nigerian
    army is being deployed to the Job of confiscating newspapers from agents at Aba,
    the assignment of police if necessary, while the army is watching the dwellers in some local
    governments in Benue state massacred. What kind of CIC is Buhari in this lack
    of empathy for the lives of citizens he swore to protect?

    must announce his policies outside Nigerian shore and condole quickly with
    other nations while Nigerians are being massacred daily by his Fulani brothers
    and foot soldiers and nobody cares.

    him “Terrorism does not respect territorial boundaries again. That is why the
    world has to come together, present a common front and deal with these
    merchants of evil,”

    he’s doing nothing nor invited any for a common front to tame his Fulani
    herdsmen relations who do not respect territorial boundaries anymore.

    will help me remind Buhari that “charity they say begins at home”? Why is
    Buhari more interested in becoming popular with the outside world than
    concentrating to solve Nigerian numerous problems he invented within ten months
    in power because of illiteracy and lacking in understanding of what needed to
    be done? Nigeria your leader is a failed leader, a confused man, a hateful and
    vengeful nation divider without single good policy to bequeath the nation
    except satisfying his northern Fulani relations.

    if the representatives of Benue state in the national assembly at last have
    woken up to condemn this dastardly act, let every sane Nigeria speak with one
    voice in condemning this lackadaisical disposition of Buhari to loss of lives
    being caused by his kinsmen-Fulani herdsmen.

  • Edim Asekong

    In a certain south – south state, there’s a church that goes by name Brotherhood of the Cross & Star whereby a close observer can discern those who shine like stars from those who carry the cross among it’s members. In the APC Kingdom, the likes of Plateau & Benue States easily fall into the later category. Very troubling. Abi they no been get eyes?

  • Jon West

    How times change. In the 1966-1970 Igbo genocide, the Tiv and Idoma were the arrowheads of the Fulani irredentists bent on wiping out the Igbo race from the surface of the earth. Their proxies were Theophilus Danjuma (Jukun), Paul Dickson(Idoma), Jeff Chandler (Tiv), Yakubu Gowon(Berom/Shaw Shaw), David Mark(Idoma), Onoja(Idoma), Atom Kpera and a myriad of Middle Belt slave soldiers of misfortune. Today, the Fualni, having used these imbecile groups to defeat and devastate the Igbo, have as is usual in all of history, now turned their guns and venom on their slaves and genocide proxies, like the Nazis did to Ukrainaian and other collaborators as defeat loomed in 1945.
    I have no pity for these people who have refused to use their intellect to deal with their perpetual traducers. In 2015, like true slaves , they voted in the APC into power at the Presidential and Governorship levels and were very proud of their action, in spite of the massacres by Fulani terrorists prior to the election.
    There is a saying that” Come between a master and his slave, and the slave will kill you first”. These peoples of the Middle Belt have consistently shown their slave status and willingness to do the dirty work of the master. With all their retired Generals and soldiers , they cannot even defend themselves from their perpetual traducers. Their political leaders are very quiet and almost complicit in their peoples sufferings. You really have to feel sad for the peoples of Benue and the Plateau, always being used one way or the other to achieve the objectives of the Fulani.

    • PTK2011

      Is that your pain?

      • Jon West

        Yes, it’s my pain. I hate slaves!! Especially stupid and vicious slaves.

  • Omooba A

    This very troublesome for this administration that was ready to sanctioned political killings in the Rivers State but played dumb to killings alleged to have been committed by his kinsmen in Agatu. Hopefully the president is not short memory or suffering from early dementia as this was how BH started and become what they were before he took office. Questions being asked by concern citizens are; who is protecting these herdsmen from the atrocities they have committed and still committing all over the country? Where do they get the AK 47 they carry at all time? Do Nigeria constitution guarantee arm carrying as seen with this lawless herdsmen? The nature of their business is that they are errand boys and don’t own these herds – who are the big wigs behind these foot soldiers that are terrorizing the country? This president has been labelled as ethnic bigot and the non-action by his administration to curb the brutality caused by these herdsmen may be lending credence to this notion if he did not do something very soon to stop this nonsense. Lawless is an equal opportunity; if the herdsmen could do it, so could the farmers to protect themselves and their crops. Since none of these herdsmen have been arrested and charged to court, this have created some justifications for the farmers to do same. It is overdue for this administration to step in and stop this unnecessary killings from becoming a perennial occurrence.

  • C3kwe

    The Benuelites can never learn. You lot went and voted the head of the fulani herdsmen. I honestly believe that you people collectively are suffering from the Stockholm syndrome or capture – bonding. This is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express sympathy and empathy and have positive feeling towards perpetrators or their captors to the point of defending and identifying with their captors. The Northerners can never accept you as human being not to talk of being equal. The sooner you know this the better.

    • Chuks Okani

      C3kwe thank you for giving me this Stockholm Syndrome tool for comprehending the strange trait of voluntary and happy servitude to the Hausa-Fulani observed in the ‘Benuelites’. You have made my day.

      • C3kwe

        Thanks Chuks.

  • KaiZen

    This Iis the same change Buhari’s ancestor uthman dan fodio broght to the Hausa land in 1804.
    History books has been cruel to the victims of uthmans mass murders,mass rape, kidnap, slave trade and genocide. These books glorify these murderous acts and call it “jihad”.
    Mmmmm..,the reason buhari was so much interested in becoming the president of Nigeria is “TO BRING BACK FULANI JIHAD”.

    • Okafor

      Benue embraced APC and being rewarded for so doing. What else can I say?

      • KaiZen

        But not all of them voted APC, there was massive rigging by these murderous devils to plant this indidel known as bUHARI.

    • Iskacountryman


      • KaiZen

        Mmmmm… a jihadist; lucky you, Donald Trump has the remedy for eliminating sadists like you.

        • Iskacountryman

          did trump say that he would leave you alone?

          • KaiZen

            He said Iskacountryman will be on the run!

          • Iskacountryman

            why ocean…have you ever heard of virgins in the ocean?

  • Rotimi

    In as much as I sympathise with the people of Benue state over the massercre of their indigenes by Buhari’s bloodthirsty kinsmen, yet in the other hand am tempted to tell them to keep lying on their mats just as they have made it because they chose their current date by voting for the sane government they are condemning now.
    What a man sows, that he must surely reap !

    • Iskacountryman

      they should abandon the land for grazing and buy cheap meat…

  • Asuk

    Every single man’s death is painful but I’m worried at the kind of condemnation that greets killing of of 3 persons in Rivers state and th silence that greets the massacre of 1000 persons by herdsmen. Something strange is happening in Nigeria.

    • Emeka Egwu

      Very strange indeed.Where the govt can give more attention to tackling cattle rustlers than the mass butchering of human beings
      The cattle of the Fulanis are more important to Buhari than the lives of the villagers.Ethnic cleansing is going on as a prelude to immersing the Quoran inside the River Niger.

      • Asuk


      • Okafor

        This is just the beginning. Who knows what will happen in the next 9 months.
        Ortom looks helpless each time he appears on TV to make his case. What can I say to him? He joined the wrong party, a party that can’t help when in need.

    • Jon West

      There is no oil in Benue State, just agricultural land.

      • Iskacountryman

        our grazing land…

  • VERA

    Keep on waiting for Buhari and Danbuazu to comment or act. What do you expect of Buhari? To condemn the act of his nomard brothers? Well, if you must know, Buhari is busy trying to crush opposition in Rivers state and Biafran voice in South East were there is crude oil that he wouldn’t be bothered with the “inconsequential” thousands of lives being slaughtered in Benue, most especially when the murderers were tacitly endorsed by him.