Buhari Orders Security Services to Stop Violence in Rivers State


•Says national carrier not on the cards
•Amaechi promises to floor Wike in his ward
• State govt petitions UN, EU, 50 countries over rerun polls

Tobi Soniyi in Abuja with agency report
President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, spoke for the first time on the recent political violence in Rivers State and vowed to deal with the sponsors of the violence decisively.

A statement by his media aide, Mr. Femi Adesina said Buhari condemned the violence, adding that the killing of people over political differences was primitive, barbaric and unacceptable.

“We will deal decisively with all sponsors of violence. I have given the security services clear directives in this regard.

“We will show that violence in any form will no longer be tolerated before, during or after elections,” the president said at an interactive meeting with Nigerians resident in Equatorial Guinea.

Buhari said that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) would be encouraged to explore the possibility of Nigerians abroad voting in the 2019 general election, noting that some African countries had started allowing their citizens resident abroad to vote in national elections.

The president said that he fully empathised with the desire of Nigerians in the diaspora to vote in national elections, and promised to do all within his powers to fulfill that desire.

“I want all Nigerians to know that I respect them and their rights to choose their leaders,” he said.

The president also said that the establishment of a new national airline was not on the federal government’s list of priorities.

Buhari was responding to complaints by members of the Nigerian community about the absence of direct flights between Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea.
Buhari declared that his administration’s main area of focus was reducing the level of poverty in the country.

The president said that developing the infrastructure needed to boost production in all sectors of the economy and create more jobs for young Nigerians, as well as other actions that would directly improve the living conditions of ordinary Nigerians remain the priority of his administration.

He assured them that his administration’s war against corruption would remain “fearless, relentless and merciless”.

“We will be merciless and relentless in pursuing all those who abused public trust. Nigerians will see how some of the elite conspired to run the nation down,” he said.

However, with the stage set for a showdown between the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Saturday’s re-run polls in Rivers State, the state government has petitioned the United Nations (UN), European Union (EU), African Union (A) and the governments of about 50 countries demanding global surveillance on the process to ensure the conduct of a free, fair and credible election in the state.

This came as the former governor of Rivers and Minister of Transportation, Mr. Chibuike Amaechi, challenged Governor Nyesom Wike to stop him (Amaechi) if he (Wike) has the powers as he (Amaechi) would be at Wike’s ward on election day.

The petition from the state government, which was signed by the state Commissioner for Information and Communication, Dr. Austin Tam-George, and sent to the embassies of the 50 countries, read in part:

“I write on behalf of the government and people of Rivers State, Nigeria, to inform you respectfully of the imminent danger posed to the peace and stability of Rivers State by the actions and provocative utterances of the leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC).”

The commissioner accused APC leaders in Rivers State, notably Amaechi and the APC candidate in the last governorship election in the state, Dr. Dakuku Peterside, of resorting to “intimidation and openly inciting violence against members of the PDP and anyone who holds a different political view in the state”.

The petition added: “In a series of media interviews that began with an appearance on ‘Focus Nigeria’ a live programme on African Independent Television (AIT) in Abuja and radio stations in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi, the Minister of Transportation in Nigeria, continues to use language that is both inciting and dangerously divisive.”

It said Amaechi had also publicly threatened to “flood” every polling unit in Rivers State with soldiers in a bid to rig the election in favour of the APC, and described the threat as “alarmingly dangerous and illegal”, noting that the military had no constitutional role in the country’s electoral process.

The petition further alerted that “homes of key leaders of the PDP are routinely raided and vandalised by Amaechi’s goons, and plans have already been perfected to arrest all leaders of the PDP in Rivers State 48 hours to the election”.

The state government expressed disappointment over the fact that repeated appeals to the president to call Amaechi to order had gone unheeded, and warned that the eruption of violence in a state like Rivers, with “multi-ethnic fault lines could cripple Nigeria’s ailing economy and reverberate across the country’s borders”.

The petition further called on the international community to urgently initiate and maintain diplomatic pressure on the federal government to allow a free, fair and violence free election in Rivers State.

The petition was sent to the governments of the United States of America, Australia, China, the EU, and Chairman of the AU, among others.
Also, the PDP in the state has raised the alarm over a plot by the APC to rig Saturday’s elections.

In a statement issued yesterday by the party Chairman, Felixstowe Obuah, through his media aide, Jerry Needam, the party said: “It is no longer a secret that the APC is poised to print ballot papers and result sheets to rig Saturday’s rerun elections in Rivers State.”

The PDP also said it had uncovered a list of election officers, returning officers, and other ad hoc staff of INEC, completely made up of APC card carrying and active members.

PDP further called on INEC not to use the list for the rerun elections, stating that it would compromise the standards of the election.
According to the party, the APC had brought to Rivers State from Lagos a printing press called “Sam Printing Press”, which would be used in printing all sensitive and non-sensitive electoral materials for the rerun elections in the state, and which some APC members have been assigned to lodge in hotels in Port Harcourt and Owerri, the Imo State capital, fill the result sheets with already decided scores that would be announced by a compromised INEC official at the stipulated time.

He said the PDP believes that the apparent relaxed mode of the APC leaders and candidates not to carry out any serious campaigns in the state was a confirmation of their plot to rig the elections with the aid of the military, armed youths in camouflage military uniforms and fake results.

The party also noted that the arrival of the APC acting National Chairman, Chief Segun Oni, in the state was part of the grand plot to rig the elections, ignite a crisis in the state, adding that APC had resolved not to leave anything to chance.

The PDP warned all APC leaders and members to have a rethink of their plan to rig or manipulate the elections, stating that such efforts would be futile.

The party reiterated its commitment to free and fair elections, warning that any attempt to rig the polls would be resisted by the electorate.
It further called on the security agencies, particularly the police, to be on alert and to checkmate the activities of the APC in the state.

However, Amaechi has said he will monitor Saturday’s elections in Wike’s ward to prove that the governor has no powers to stop anybody from partaking in the elections.

Addressing the APC faithful in Etche and Gokana Local Government Areas, Amaechi said he has enough security to counter any threat that Wike would muster, adding that he was looking forward to an encounter between the forces.

“On Saturday, I will be in his (Wike’s ) local government area. Let me see how he will kill me with this kind of security that I have. I don’t need to be in Ubima, my hometown. I know Ubima will vote APC,” he said at Berra, home of the APC candidate for the Rivers South East Senatorial District, Magnus Abe.

He said the mission of the APC was to ensure that the party wins majority seats in the state House of Assembly and to stop Wike from implementing programmes that would be inimical to the interest of the people.

“On Saturday, remove shame from my eyes by voting APC. The House of Assembly will stop Wike from killing people. If we have 22 members of the House of Assembly, we will keep Wike in check. If he kills any person, he knows that it is an impeachable offence. He will not have the power to overrule us. The house will call for the police,” he said.

The former governor also took a swipe at the police, but added that military deployment in the state would bridge the gap.

“The Commissioner of Police in Rivers State has failed. So anywhere you see the military on Saturday, know that the police have failed,” he said.

On his part, Wike said yesterday that he had uncovered an illegal plot by Amaechi and the INEC National Commissioner, Mrs. Amina Zakari, to swap the authentic results from the polling units with fake results on Saturday.

Also, the governor declared that any attempt by the former governor to move around polling booths on election day would be vehemently resisted by the people who would publicly disgrace Amaechi for violating the electoral guidelines.

Speaking during the grand finale of the Rivers East Senatorial District campaign rally of the PDP at Elele in Ikwerre LGA, Wike said: “All those who plan to swap result sheets, may their souls rest in peace. Nobody will rig in Rivers State.

“Anybody who thinks Amaechi will give them result sheets to swap should be ready to swap their dead bodies. I have told the REC, you were here before, you can’t play games with me.”

The governor said it is his responsibility to take steps to stop politicians plotting to rig elections in the state with the connivance of Zakari.

He said that the University of Port Harcourt vice-chancellor was forced by Amaechi and the APC leadership to draw up a list of INEC ad hoc staff dominated by former APC caretaker committee chairmen and confirmed APC members to organise the rerun elections and revealed the names of the APC members on the list.

He disclosed that he had written a formal letter with proof and details to INEC national chairman, complaining of the issue.
The governor said Buhari should not allow Amaechi to trigger a crisis in the state because of his personal interest.

In his remarks, the National Chairman of the PDP, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, stated that Rivers State is a PDP state and its people are satisfied with the performance of the governor.

  • the truth

    when his fulani brothers are going about killing inocent and peace loving Nigerians he played deaf and dumb.

  • MoreThanConqueror

    Iam suprised that Amaechi will readily allow himself to be used as agent of destablization in River State, for obvious selfish interests,I know Buhari wants Rivers by all means and he is still recovering from the shocks of Supreme courts judgments restoring the State to PDP, and he hurriedly appointed PeterSide director ofMaritime Agency so that he move with soldiers to rig elections,Oh down with these enemies of River state that benting on causing trouble, Amaechi has sapped the State financially and the selected fights aganist enemies of APc cannot see you him,it is absurd, The God of host that miraculously fought the battle for Wike is the God of host, Jesus is his name,He will destroyed the republican Army of Buhari and Amechi ,the Jihadist Army and could not fight Boko Haram but kill only armless civilian,Amaechi wants to fustrate good governance in Rivers State,God forbids that he,huhari and Tinibu should have their ways

  • Laeye

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    Fela sang,power show,you know know me sha,foolish labourer,i be officer for police station,this is the exact point,boko harams are killing people in Bornu and the entire north east,where Military might is required,but Buhari chooses to relocate the Military to Rivers just to please Amaechi and APC,to intimidate voters,Agatu fulani killing does not count to him.God dey see you(politicians)

  • jennifer winston

    This govt has lost the plot! PMB was and is still silent on what was borderline genocide in Agatu and now he is quick to comment on rivers. where is the oneness of our country? Doesnt every live matter? or is it just when they have something to gain that our leaders will talk. They want to bring in the military into the election and amaechi is busy running his mouth instead of focusing on the task handed to him. I thought he was appointed minster of the federal republic and not minister of APC or rivers states.

  • monicaterna4u

    how can a president of his so called change come out to say something like this when people are fulani is killing people in Agatu Benue state and bomb exploded in maduguri , instead of him to send security official there they are sending security to peaceful River why wont APC leave WIKe alone what is it with rivers state and this present Government

  • Olanrewaju

    Mr President what about the warrant-less killing of the indigenous people of Benue State currently been committed by Fulani cattle herdsmen. Despite this being a state controlled by your party APC Nigerians are yet to hear your promises to bring to book the killers. You can threaten hail and brimstone upon whoever is killing Nigerians in the under any guise but it would have been better if this threat was issued to other groups that are killing Nigerians in other states apart from political killings in PDP controlled states. My opinion though

  • igonzia

    “On Saturday, I will be in his (Wike’s ) local government area. Let me see how he will kill me with this kind of security that I have. I don’t need to be in Ubima, my hometown. I know Ubima will vote APC,” Them never born you Amaechi, you will walk the streets naked to prove your madness that day.

    “On Saturday, remove shame from my eyes by voting APC.” So Amaechi has shame in his eyes. You will see total disgrace and humiliation on Saturday.

    “The Commissioner of Police in Rivers State has failed” because he is not doing your bidding. The man has said the killings in the state are cult related and you want him to say otherwise, because you are all cult members.
    Amaechi, Amaechi, Amaechi, be careful oooo, your crace don dey too much.

  • Omolola Olaniyi

    Why the hues and cries now? PDP did worse than the allegations being leveled now during the Ekit State poll. If PDP is the ruling party at the centre, you can be sure that the IGP would have been instructed to relocate to Port Harcourt by Madam Peace or be removed as IG if he fails to comply.

  • AX

    Wike if a man sew wind, he will reap whirlwind..That is what is happening now..

  • CliffordAussie

    As predicted, Buhari and his APC cohorts haven’t really absorbed the lost of Rivers State to Wike and the upcoming parliamentary elections have provided the perfect opportunity to destabilise the River’s state govt, as to get their hands on Rivers oil money. Deploying soldiers to stop political killings? It’s just a smoke screen and a cover to unleash mayhem on innocent people to steal their votes. Tough talks during elections have always been Buhari’s trade mark, because of his desperation for power. One wonders why this tough talking commander in chief, hesitated to swiftly deploy security to Agatu to steam the murderous Fulani herdsmen, who massacred over 300 defenceless people?

    By the way, is Amaechi a federal minister or just APC’s agboro for River’s election?

    • BankyMons

      Everything about Nigeria politics is about the politics of oil. Let the oil wells dry up today and 99% of the politicians will retire the next day.

    • Okafor

      Ask Buhari.

  • Teejay, Abuja

    Let’s see how the murderous Wike will carry out his threat.

    • ZINNI

      Pity you moribund mind,Amaechi threaten hell fire ,as Gov,he was driven out of the RSGH,with Tom boy Dakuku,you said let`s see,You will surely see for the second and final time,how APC and Amaechi will suffer electoral HIV,ZIKA,heart and kidney failures,Tsunami on Saturday

  • Mazi

    And the normadic president did not put out such orders when his kinsmen were on rampage killing innocent people in agatu. Rather, he ordered an “investigation”.

    • Governor

      It is unfortunate that Fulani herdsmen are on evil rampage not only in agatu community but other farming communities. But it very wrong of you that the President had not take actions on it. Stop politicizing every sensitive issues. Soldiers had been deployed in affected areas and long time solutions is on the card by setting up grazing settlement for herdsmen.

      • Mazi

        I beg to differ Sir. No soilder was deployed to agatu. Only scanty police presence were there. It’s not a political sentiment…pls get your facts right. Come to rivers and other south-south communities, soilders everywhere. Soilders flogged women protesting peacefully in delta 2weeks ago. They claimed the women attacked them trying to take their guns from them. Could u believe that? Ekiti farmers has been crying on how the Fulani herdsmen destroyed all their crops, and yet nothing was done about it.

  • stanley Isaac

    hahahahahaha Wike you are crying now, that is good i do remember how you and mama peace where using military and your house boy ibu to intimidate Amaechi …. Ibu is no where now…where Amaechi name speak for him.. onyeamaechi ………PDP where is mama peace the military and IBU…….well I support Amaechie infact if he like let him use the military to cage wike he started the game ….is pay back time boy… anyone that is against Amaechie now is a big fool because when wike was intimidating Amaechie and the APC people he dont know that this day will come this is a lesson to all.. Onyeamaechi

    • UOU

      Read what your wrote again and you will be sorry for yourself and all the people who know you personally

      • ZINNI

        Amaechi is just a bundle of illegality,like what UOD said hear yourself,and sorry for yourself,ewu obosi abi aguleri

        • UOU

          Nweria nwayooo nwanee, agbazina speed

  • charlesbabs

    APC have no chance in rivers east senatorial district. INEC take note, since 1999 we remain in PDP and we don’t need to fight to tell the world that,Amaechi remain in your hotel with d soldiers.shikena

    • stanley Isaac

      hahahhahaha is payback time bro

  • Spoken word

    Wike will not die well.he is the reincarnation of evil.

    • igonzia

      This prayer is for you.

      • Spoken word

        I can see that you are a supporter of evil.may you or someone in your family be beheaded the way innocent people have been beheaded by evil Wike.

        • igonzia

          I do not have any cult member in my family, so such cannot befall any member of my family. If these cult people do not desist from their evil ways, they shall continue to behead themselves.

  • Omooba

    ?………and we will not tolerate indiscipline. We shall wage a groundswell war against it and any person no matter highly placed.

  • Asuk

    Good to hear from the author of violence himself. Remember his epistle of ” THE BABOON AND THE MONKEY SHALL BE SOAKED IN BLOOD” . May peace reign in Rivets state.

  • Ichele Aki

    Federal minister for transport says the commissioner of police in his state is nothing and he has brought the military to counter him. Nigeria!!! Meanwhile what is it between Amaechi and police commissioners posted to Rivers state?

  • Jujubeans

    “…anybody who thinks Amechi will give them results sheet to swap, must be ready to swap their dead bodies…”
    Governor (thug) Nyesom Wike

    • igonzia

      Yes I stand by Wike’s statement

      • FrankNero

        Please, talk and preach PEACE! Violence is not good!! If violence is visited on you or your family how do you feel? So many have died in gruesome manners in River state…I expect the political leaders in the state to avoid spewing uncouth words, and openly preaching Violence because they feel they are already protected but it all shows their selfishness, greed for power and do not care for the so called common man. God will judge them………

  • Jon West

    Our Certificateless President, always propounding policy and his lack of vision from outside the country. He needed to go to the little village of Equatorial Guinea to tell Nigerins what he intends to do in an election in his vast country. That is why the late Muamar Ghadafi called Nigeria a big for nothing country. With leaders like the Certificateless One and his nomadic ilk, what do we expect , except violence, hedonism, envy , greed and sheer backwardness. Sai Baba!!

    • Governor

      Is it crime for President to address Nigerian community in a country visited and in the course dabble into current issue. The people he address are Nigerian and has equal right as you to know what is Government is up to. Stop being myopic and been blind by your hatred for the President. For Wike, whatever man sow, man reap. About this time last year Wike and Mama peace terrorized Ameachi and APC members with police and soldier, now is Wike turns.

      • BankyMons

        Really? Is that change you are giving to Nigerians? What a shame!!!!! Wike is more than equal to the task and the pussycat of Ubiama is very much aware of that. Bring it on I say!!!!!

        • Fula

          I hope this will still be your opinion by Monday next week. let Rivers people choose their leaders in peace. am not even sure you are a voter in this election.

          • BankyMons

            No. I am not a voter in the election, so how does that affect my right to comment on matters affecting my country? All their lies are now laid bare, there is no hiding place for Amaechi Rotimi Pussycat of Ubiama and his APC thugs.

          • Fula

            so stop talking up the violence since you will be in relative safety. ITS NOT FAIR TO EGG TO INCITE VIOLENCE WHEN YOU ARE SAFELY ENSCONCED IN COMFORT AWAY FROM THE WAR ZONE. you have a right to comment but not to pour petrol unto the fire.

          • BankyMons

            I bet you wont be able to spot incitement when you see one! Is it the APC style to launch an offensive full accusations first? There is no incitement in any of my posts anywhere on the internet – I am nobody’s thug! My comments are purely my opinion – do not belong to any political party and have no intention of doing so tomorrow.

        • Okafor

          This is how it all started in Western Nigeria that led to the civil war. Greedy politicians will use helpless people to achieve their aims and later abandon them. They have houses abroad where they will run to when war starts. We should have grown up by now and learnt from history. PDP and APC are the same. Wike and Amaechi are the same, fighting for their pockets. Are those aspirants really coming to SERVE you and me? Of course, NO. LET US USE OUR HEADS!

          • BankyMons

            Well said.

      • monicaterna4u

        excuse me how can u leave ur home go to anothersb mans home and hold meeting there if it is not madness that is in your head no matter what Ameach do he can not bring Wike down period

    • monicaterna4u

      what do u expect from an illiterate nothing , they only act and behave like one