Power Generation Drops to 1,580.6MW


Chineme Okafor

Nigeria’s electricity generation profile has again dropped to 1,580.6 megawatts (MW) following a reported partial system collapse.

Figures from the website of the Nigerian Systems Operations Department of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) disclosed that as at 9.48am on Wednesday, the country was generating a mere 1,580.6MW which was distributed to the 11 electricity distribution companies (Discos).

More to follow.

  • ctopher4xt

    Nigerian soiety is a mad society teh need the help of serious and determined psychiatrist changer to forced everybody to order and change we need in the nation. But how can this be with all the evil men in high places, how would Nigeria move forward. I WANT NIGERIA TO MOVE FORWARD.

  • Sean Alex

    South africa is generating 35,000mw & the people go mad if theres no power for 2 hours; they must come to Nija, our politicians are evil; not just the politicians; we the people are so into short cuts & currupt we fight against any move to educate or even change our mindset.Everyone is looking up to Buhari alone to fight curruption; no one gives a darm what the gorvernors,senators,councellors & ward leaders do.What a shame

  • Edim Asekong

    Those who burn their buttocks on fire will have to sit on their blisters

    • Victor

      True talk.

  • Mazi

    The worst since 1963

  • Segun Abiodun

    What has this administration actually done that can be looked at as a step in the right direction?
    The entire nation is in darkness.
    So sad.
    I bet this government would turn around and blame GEJ and Ngozi Okonjo Iweala for this partial system collapse.
    Is this really the change Nigerians voted for?
    We are going down a retrogressive trajectory.
    Our economy has virtually collapsed
    Our leaders are clueless
    Our states are bankrupt
    Our factories are closing down because they can not import essential raw materials.
    Our currency is valueless
    Our stock market has lost a third of its value.
    And our president is perpetually outside the country galavanting about the place spending our hard earned forex on insignificant visits.
    This is turning out to be a nightmare.
    Nigerians entered a one chance bus.
    I predict that this may end up being 4 wasted years of virtually no accomplishments on the part of this APC led government.
    What a change.

    • Victor

      Reality at its best. Lol!!!

  • shakara123

    Buhari is working

    • Victor

      Are you sure you don’t need a psychiatric check-up?.

      • shakara123

        Chief, calm down. I was being sarcastic

      • Jon West

        Surely you can recognise satire!!

      • Segun Abiodun

        He is being sacastic
        Ha ha ha lol