Buhari: Nigeria Can’t Afford Forex Demand for Students Studying Abroad

President Muhammadu Buhari

Kunle Aderinokun in Lagos and Tobi Soniyi in Abuja

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that Nigeria cannot afford to sell forex to parents seeking to fund their children education abroad. This president’s position on forex allocation for school fees of Nigerian students studying abroad was part of the interview Buhari granted to Aljazeera television during his trip to Qatar last weekend, which was posted on the TV’s website sunday.

Buhari said his position on the forex allocation issue followed a discovery that the high demand for forex by parents of the students studying abroad to pay their wards’ tuition fees had been putting unnecessary pressure on the Naira, which in turn affects Nigerian economy.

Convinced that the practice is responsible for the current free fall of the currency, Buhari said the country could no longer continue to sell dollars to parents to sponsor their wards in schools abroad. He, however, said any parent who could afford forex outside of the official window could go ahead.

According to him, “those who can afford foreign education for their children can go ahead but Nigeria cannot afford to allocate foreign exchange for those who decide to train their children outside the country. We can’t just afford it. That is the true situation we are in.”

The president also frowned on those who received foreign exchange from the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) to buy pharmaceutical products abroad but divert same to make more profits.
He said the culprits would be pursued, arrested and prosecuted.

“Anybody who is given dollars by the CBN to import pharmaceuticals and decides to go and sell at parallel market in order to make, maybe additional N100, we will pursue them and punish them”, the president vowed.

Speaking on the state of economy and the pressure to devalue the Naira , president Buhari stated that Nigeria was prepared to go against the advice of the International Monetary Fund( IMF) in that regard.

He maintained that the devaluation of the Naira would not be beneficial to Nigeria, saying the country was purely an import nation.

With some analysts and foreign institutions, including from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), calling on the Federal Government to devalue the naira, Buhari said he will not reconsider his insistence on freezing the currency. Buhari said as Nigeria “virtually imports everything, from rice to toothpicks”, it cannot afford to devalue its currency.”If it is against our national interest, why can’t we go against the IMF advice?” Buhari asks.

He also stated that despite the plummeting crude oil prices in the international market, it would benefit Nigeria to remain in the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).
“Under my leadership, Nigeria will not withdraw from OPEC. Between 1976 and 1979, I served as petroleum minister, I very much value the institution of OPEC and I think Nigeria will make the necessary sacrifice remaining in OPEC.”

Buhari’s election campaign rode on pledges to root out corruption and quash the armed group, Boko Haram. Yet, Boko Haram remains active in many areas of Nigeria, seemingly able to strike at will.
And many questions are being asked about whether Buhari’s anti-corruption drive is yielding results and if newer forms of corruption are emerging with a freeze on the naira.
The president essentially spoke about his campaign against graft and the fight against Boko Haram.

Asked to comment on the anti-terrorism war, the president heaved a sigh of relief that no local government area of Nigeria was under the control of the Boko Haram insurgents as was the case when he assumed office in May 2015.

Buhari also spoke against the agitation by separatist groups. He specifically stated that Nigeria will not tolerate the state of Biafra. According to him, over two million lives were lost during the Nigeria civil war between 1967 to 1970 on the demand of a Biafran state.

The president, who spoke against the backdrop of the renewed agitation for the actualisation of the Republic of Biafra, said: “At least two million Nigerians were killed in the Biafra war. And for somebody to wake up, may be they weren’t born, looking for Biafra after two million people were killed, they are joking with the security (of Nigeria) and Nigeria won’t tolerate Biafra.”

  • Toby

    Do I weep or do I “laff” for my country? With a president like Buhari?

    • T george

      Weeping is your exclusive prerogative to do.
      But tell us what you will want to weep for so we will know the level of flow to expect and how best to manage them for you.

      • Toby

        The cost of ignorance.

        • Dan Minister

          There’s one thing that we always have to put it at the back of our minds is that power had changed hands. So we should expect different approach to any issue at any time. If you can observe this government right from the onset it’s discouraging import and encouraging export virtually in every ramifications. The best thing we could do is to see how we can realign ourselves with the new government and contribute our quota for the development of our country

          • tnachis

            You’re sounding like this is the first government to berated importation of goods. ObJ promoted buy made in naija goods even to the extent of building bill boards to promote it. GEJ banded importation of many goods including rice and other agricultural goods, he went further to invest heavily in agriculture. The point is that since 1964 Nigeria has opened its boarders for importation of foreign goods it is highly depended on foreign goods. Every government whether the past, present or the future would understand the common economics, that to build a stronger economy a country must produce what it consumes. Haven said that, no country is self sufficient in the world. A reasonable government must make changes where it thinks would encourage local production or where the country has the resource to produce locally. For instance, a country like Nigeria cannot start banning importation of generator without providing adequate power supply and then claim they are discouraging importation of goods. Likewise Buhari should not discourage parents sending their wards to study in abroad to gain international academic qualification. It is a proven fact that the future and success of any nation is dependent on the level of academic awareness of its citizens. Even in the United Kingdom, their government is encouraging its citizens to study in abroad especially in china. They also sponsor them to study in china and to earn degrees in Chinese language, because they know the future impact of learning the language. Some of the current government policies are stupid, short sighted, malicious full of ignorance

          • Ologunguntere


          • Dr Ayodeji

            Yeah, it is absolutely necessary to encourage international education but certainly not at the expense of national economy PARTICULARLY that it is not an offer that goes round to all and sundry. Such privilege the world over is ideally for those who can afford it.
            It becomes most unacceptable when some of those whose education was paid for by the State, but supervised the collapse of the country’s education through ineptitude, corruption, etc would continue to use State fund by other means to get exclusively the best education for only their children.

          • Dammy

            Doc, truth be told, who actually are going to suffer this decision of the president, is it the elites who already have forex yielding businesses or the common man who could have desired to have a better educated Child abroad. Then again why shouldn’t there be sensitization on critical issues before creating panic. Moreover where is the power of dialogue, consultation which are major ingredients of democracy. I don’t think its fair

          • abodes_124

            As GMB continues to do for his children.

          • 9jaRealist

            Abegi, can we dial back on the overbroad generalizations. Haba! Not everybody who sends their kids abroad “supervised the collapse of the country’s education” or has stolen money. Many hardworking private individuals work hard and save to send their children to schools abroad. And they are not asking Nigeria to pay for it – they are actually BUYING the forex, not getting it for free (which is more than our globetrotting president’s entourage can say for themselves).

          • Dr Ayodeji

            Very simple English, ‘some….’ can you read my comment once more carefully?
            On Mr President globe trotting, it is a matter for another day.

          • UOU

            Those some you claimed that superintendent to the collapse of the education, has this president buhari in the pool amongst, they all do not need the forex at present because they stocked enough rather it is the ever hard working middle class people who are been punished, for aspiring at all to send their children abroad. buhari said it in the open that he can afford to get forex for his children studying overseas, then ask yourself, where would buhari get the forex, does he print forex and where has he been getting forex since? they all have these forex, starched overseas including buhari or would they get it from the spirit land? the forex for education been discussed, are for hard working private nigerians who have their children overseas but who have not and are not benefiting from government, they do not ask nor need FG/state to fund their children’s school fees but do not ban their sources of training their children overseas. He is just doing this because of his wickedness and sad life, but what goes around comes around, all the time

          • BlueFickle

            CBN allocation is limited. At what time do you start thinking of the greater good?

          • 9jaRealist

            Does this mean that you do not consider investment in the development of Nigeria’s human resources to be a “greater good”?

          • partafamilias trippi

            To Dangote for him to use and build plants in Congo ?

          • dozie

            No one says state should fund his education. No! What we say is provide us with a system whereby you walk into a bank, any bank, and see a two way quote for any currency (buying rate, selling rate) as in a normal country. That way, one can exchange ones hard earned naira, dollar or any currency for another currency he or she desires. We don’t need a nanny state telling us what to do or not do with our hard earned money. No to nanny state, we are adults and should be treated as such.

          • Dr Ayodeji

            Hmm, realistic objective discerning observer know the Nigeria’s situation is absolutely not a normal system and how the situation got to this near breaking point are quite unhidden. I was a tertiary institution student during IBB when the FG heeded IMF, introduced SAP and devalued the Naira; the consequences of the unpatriotic policy I shared with other Nigerians and, which hunt the nation till today. So any maneuvering and ordinary Nigerians inspired legitimate policy of PMB to steer the nation out the current (past) leadership failure inflicted economy down turn I support and I wish every well meaning citizens lend their supports.

          • dozie

            It’s one thing to have patriotic zeal and another to develop sound policies. We are not questioning the zeal of Mr. President, we are questioning the soundness of his policies. A policy that creates over 50% gap between official exchange rate and the bureau de change rate will create fertile ground for corruption and round tripping. Difficult to call that sound. A policy that relegates education /human capital development below commodities and raw materials should only be known with Boko Haram, and not a sitting government.

          • BlueFickle

            Good point. A Government should have consisted and coherent policy, a key factor in building trust

          • BlueFickle

            You miss the point. Bihari is not discouraging anyone, he is simply stating the obvious. If you are so inclined to send your kids abroad, then don’t expect the funds from CBN allocation.

          • partafamilias trippi

            But Dangote should expect it for his plant in Congo ?

          • Akin Malaolu

            You commonsense is noted please. I like your Nigerianess and you are good. God would find you out to bless you.

          • Daniel Obior

            What common sense?Just sit by and watch an incompetent government lead us to the road of perdition? Does not sound like common sense.

          • Toby

            “Encouraging export virtually in every ramifications”. Really? Crude oil or something else?


      wailing wailer ,countinue to weep,because that is your reward for supporting evil.if those who have stolen our commonwealth and destroyed our education system decide to send their children abroad ,they should go and source their forex where ever they want

      • abodes_124

        Does that include Buhari whose children were schooling abroad before he became President and continue to do so now ?

        • Yours Truly

          I used to think that you young folks were the hopes of reviving Nigeria. But from what I have silently been reading on this forum, that hope seems to have been grossly misplaced. What with the comments that are laced with ethnic biases, etc. This habit of first ascertaining the ethnicity of a person before we decide whether their actions are right or wrong needs to stop. You young folks on this and other forums seem to be worse in this regard than your parents.
          I was a Biafra Army regimental signaler during the war but I would have voted for President Buhari were I able to vote in the last election. That’s because I was convinced that he would do a better job than former President Jonathan.
          How can any sane person support using the scarce FX to pay tuition abroad when production factories don’t have enough to import raw materials to keep their employees working. Especially when we know that hardly can any Nigerian living on their legitimate income, afford to send their ward overseas for primary/secondary school education. And if it turns out that they can legitimately afford it, they should source the funds independent of government subsidy.
          And where did you all get this idea that President Buhari’s children are studying overseas? Even if they are, I can bet you my pension that he would source his funds independently.

          On the Hajj issue, this President some time ago had opined that all pilgrimages should be funded privately. He even stated in an interview he granted before the last elections, that he had not been to Hajj in 15 years because he didn’t have the money because of the fact that he has many dependent relatives.

          So please folks let’s get our information straight before we give a cat a bad name to justify killing it.

          Let’s give this President a chance to right this fast-sinking Nigerian ship.

          • dozie

            You appear to start well and then derail completely. How can any sane person not put tuition fees at par, if not higher than raw materials. What raw materials? We have crude oil — a raw material — yet petrol scarcity. Get the human capital right and the other things shall fall in place. Your first comment about the tribal and religious bigotry existing amongst Nigerian youths is testament to the quality of education in Nigeria.

          • Yours Truly

            Dozie, I am not debasing the importance of education in any society. You will agree that policies must be prioritized. Spending that much hard currency to educate a few children of the elite should not be our priority at this time. You and I know that the spoiled children of these elites are not the most hardworking. So I know we won’t be getting the most bang for our buck. Stay well.

          • dozie

            We are not discussing the education of a few children of the elite. The elite already have hard currencies in domiciliary accounts and foreign countries to educate their children. We are talking of the education of your children and mine, not necessarily in primary/secondary as you put it, but in tertiary institutions. Please don’t ask me, what is wrong with Nigerian universities. Using our petrol scarcity example, we know our refineries are sick as well, has Buhari stopped allocation of hard currencies for importation of refined products? Why then education? I will prioritise human capital development above commodities and raw materials, like all progressive countries do

          • RS

            Sir please how are these children lazy or not hardworking? Look at what Nigerian universities have turned into, people go there and pay to pass for four or five years till graduation. A student abroad cannot do that, so who is the hardworking one?

          • Yours Truly

            Agreed that education in Nigeria has gone to the dogs, yet hundreds of thousands make do with it because they have no other options. Only those elite few, most often with government connections, can afford to send their wards overseas. Children of those elite folks are most often not hardworking, relatively speaking. They are also spoiled brats in most instances having been fed with silver spoons all their lives. Just saying.

          • BlueFickle

            the way to get the human capital right is not by spending what you idon’thave on foreign education when you can invest same in your local institutions and commit to making them work.

            Build your institutions and let others come spend their money here.

          • Dr Ayodeji

            Sir, I concur 100% with your wisdom and experience inspired thoughtful comment. May the Lord bless you and your aspirations.

          • UOU

            Come clean and tell yourself the truth, you are more culpable of what you insinuate against others,an unrepentant and pathetic tribalist. I put it to you that you never fought for biafra nation in 1967-70, never, you are just from a different stock or tribe, showing up here, with your usual sentiments, to mess up biafra projects, which is your harbinger. All that you said is without substance, if you can put education at the back/behind raw materials, it shows your level of mindset and pettiness but minus education you would not be writing here

          • BlueFickle

            How does your insult serve this debate?

          • UOU

            Read well or rather try to comprehend what you read

          • partafamilias trippi

            And the same forex is given to Dangote to go invest in Congo and other countries ?

  • truth

    Thank you all for watching pieces of issues working against the economy.

  • Kenny

    Nigeria, we hail thee! He was Minister of Petroleum 40 years ago, and now President. They say the “youth are the leaders of tomorrow”; not sure that applies to Nigeria. But let’s hope that the ideas of the 70s would somehow help Nigeria to make the turn towards real development. God bless our dear nation!

  • abodes_124

    …but his own children will continue with their study abroad. Will their fees be paid for with money exchanged at the official rate or at the black market rate ? Just wondering.

    • vic



      • abodes_124

        Yes, The Presidents children are indeed schooling abroad. Is he therefore perpetuating the rot in the education system you mention ?. Should everybody else withdraw their children and only his continue?

        • vic


        • Where abroad?

          • abodes_124

            England from all accounts. You probably do not have the chance to follow events. if you can log on to Al Jazerra and listen to the President confirming that his children are studying abroad.

          • paul irumundomon

            England, two just graduated there.

      • Jonathan

        Why giving your lovely self headache? Was that buhari ever righteous?

        • vic


          • You have no evidence for that. You are just a loud mouth. Support your view with critical facts that we all can verify and not your “under-the-bridge-view” and expect anyone to take you seriously.

          • vic

            and who are WE ???? you self acclaimed ignorant man.

          • Efula

            All his cows and goat from the North, dont you think its wise to keep your mouth close and stoping making any comment dirty comments here/

      • Vic- whatever your name is. Let me say there is no one single country in the world in which citizens established a Forex market (Oluwole) that is not being monitored, taxed, and or control.
        Anything such as Oluwole for illegally exchanging foreign currency usually leads to the downfall of a country’s external foreign reserve and just because most of the erstwhile Nigerian governments failed to closed the loophole doesn’t mean that it’s fine.
        Until anyone credible can accuse President Buhari of corruptions (he has declared his assets and he has goats and mud buildings) or that he -the President has ever stolen a dime that belongs to the Nigerian people despite the number of military and political positions he held – I have to ask you to save yourself of the hatred of our incorruptible and beloved leader.
        I was also hoping that you passed the 101 WAEC in Economic – that way you would have understood what Buhari is doing; except if you are family member of those 10 percenters of Nigerians that stole funds from the people – the Dasukigates and are scared and terrified that Buhari will come after them.

        • vic

          you have just demonstrated that you are still schooling in pursuit of 101 WAEC in Economics. there is no shortage of blind and ignorant followers of buhari like you. it seems as if your daily bread come from your master buhari???

          • I am actually a Professional for the USA government with resume that include teaching at a college. Your “abe-bridge ignorant analysis” should not result to insults.

          • vic

            i care two hoots who you work for.

            you look like an international crook trying to shield nigerian looters and subtle thieves like buhari. i am glad you are getting a good bashing on this forum. you very much sound like that shameless chief thief, saraki.

          • AA

            Absolutely! The APC has battalions of paid propagandists whose job is to swell the ranks of the gullibles while they loot the treasury dry!

          • metamopholis01

            See what I am talking about “I am actually a Professional for the USA government ” This kind of English disqualifies you to be a teacher in the United States. It is not a typo. error. Besides, US cannot allow someone with this kind of English background to teach their kids.. Just concentrate on Buhari defense where you may be appointed a minister with no proper qualification.

          • Fuck English!
            America is an 18 trillion economy that doesn’t care about spoken English. The Russians, Chinese and the Brazilians doesn’t speak English but they are leading the world.
            It’s on in Nigeria that we see spoken English as a measure of intelligence.
            English is simply a language and I wish we don’t speak it in Nigeria; instead adopt one national language.
            The question is how are small minded moron like change the world.

          • metamopholis01

            if they don’t care about spoken English, do they care about a foreigner teaching (fuck English) to their kids. Nobody cares what you speak except that you claimed what you are not.

          • English is important to you but not me. With the Shakespearean level English that you speak; where has that led you? What has Nigeria as country invented with it?
            Yes! We have invented “Fantastically corrupt” and ignoramus people like you?
            If there is any people on earth that claim to be what they are not – it has to be Nigerians. It’s like the case of a black pot calling another black. Everything you say you are can be verified in this part of the world, not in Nigeria in which everyone is some type of a King with “under-the-bridge” education.
            I used to be so proud of Nigerians academic excellence but no more. The current generation has missed the mark.
            How can you propagate so much hate on Buhari – a man trying to fix a broken system and at the same time fall in love with a regime that destroyed Nigeria for six years.
            Now I know that you are part of the 10 percenters – those who never voted for Buhari anyway, those who are directly and indirectly benefiting from stolen wealth.

          • Richard

            Luther et al….
            We have lots of work to do to make Nigeria a better place for all.
            The past must be learned from, but don’t let it completely halt us and as a result wreck the future.
            None of us saw the colonial powers during their recent “Anti-Corruption Summit” offering to return all the plundered wealth from the African continent since circa 1760. There is “corruption” everywhere. What we need to focus on is how to get the best value for each Naira from now onwards. Integrity + Co-operation will yield wealth for everyone in time. Extending trust in small incremental measure is the way to build a base of trust. Nigeria has been blessed with abundant mineral wealth and soil good for producing food. We need to go back to basics and remember that no father inside of his own home will eat while his children go hungry. We need to teach our children that “Real Leaders Eat Last” – unfortunately we can still point to many of our own present leaders for “how not to be” – but if we teach our own children how to love their Nation and have integrity and have a vision for the country which extends beyond a 4 year or 8 year term in office and reaches into the future generations of our land – then we may find brighter days ahead. It is greed and selfishness which are killers. Corruption is the outward evidence of the inward character trait.

          • metamopholis01

            ain’t got no time for mee- guard

        • William Norris

          President Buhari is well known to have stolen $2.8 billion from Nigeria in 1978 while he was Petroleum Minister.

          While he served as PTF Chairman in the corrupt government of Sanni Abacha, he was also known to have stolen at least ₦45 billion.

          Buhari also gave a speech in Kano in 2008 at a Memorial service for Abacha in which he claimed Abacha never stole any money from Nigeria.

          Buhari didn’t make his asset declaration public; he released a SUMMARY SHEET.

          Buhari is a generic military thief just like his mentor Abacha.

          • William Norris – Everything you just said are blatant lies in the highest order. Unlike many years ago, we are now living in a digital age in which everything you say or pretty much do can be verified.

            First, you said: “President Buhari is well known to have stolen $2.8 billion from Nigeria in 1978 while he was Petroleum Minister,” without telling us where you got that information.

            According to Wiki- President Buhari was a Military Secretary at the Army Headquarters from 1978 to 1979 and was a member of the Supreme Military Council from 1978 to 1979 and was only Petroleum Minister from 1976 – 1978 so you got your dates wrong. President Shagari invested and found no wrong doing in Buhari. $2.8 is a huge sum and Buhari will not have been broke today if it were true.
            There was no record during Abacha’s regime that $45 billion dollars was missing or stolen by Buhari- so you lied again. As a matter of fact Abacha selected Buhari to head it because of his credibility. Also, the entire PPFN fund was not even $45 billion. It’s ok to be a critic of President Buhari – but what is not ok is to create a bogus ignorant primary-school type lies.

          • William Norris

            You write that Buhari was Petroleum Minister from 1976 to 1978, so how was I wrong that he stole $2.8 billion in 1978?

            Shagari didn’t investigate anything. It was the Senate that tried to ask questions about that money and Buhari was so nervous that he planned a coup and overthrew the government.

            Buhari was a full partner with Abacha in looting the Nigerian treasury and PTF was part of their plot to steal. That is why Buhari made that speech in 2008, claiming Abacha didn’t steal any money from Nigeria. Only a guilty man would make such a blatantly untruthful statement. Even up till today Abacha’s loot is being returned to Nigeria.

            And who told you Buhari is poor? LOL…..

          • You are wring because no $2.8 billion was even missing in 1978. This is the internet age where everything can be verified, You failed to provide your source.
            Buhari under the hand went after former Transport Minister Umaru Dikko as he tried to repatriate him from his hiding place in London in 1985 for $2.8 billion dollars that he stole. That was a world-wide news in 1985.
            I also told you that Buhari declared his assets publicly – a feat he did in 1975 under Murtala Muhammed and he did again in 1985 as well. Buhari and Murtala are the only two leaders yet to declared their assets publicly in the history of Nigeria.
            Please don’t tell lies that Buhari’s assets were declared in private because I lived in the USA and I have a copy.
            President Obama declared Buhari as the most transparent African leader he has met in a long time and American President don’t just talk as you appeared to do without facts.

          • William Norris

            Buhari stole $2.8 billion in 1978 and IT WAS IN THE NEWS.

            Buhari stole N45 billion from PTF in collusion with Abacha.

            Buhari claimed Abacha didn’t steal from Nigeria. That claim alone makes him a corrupt person.

          • AA

            Yes, we have proof of his poverty – going to the UK for medical treatment since 1978; his little girl travelling first class a few weeks ago. Talk about poor!

          • vic

            buhari himself admits he can afford his children’s education abroad. buhari is a forex thief and a strategic military crook- a double faced dishonest man, fighting corruption is just a front for him. buhari has done nothing for the poor masses of nigeria during the past 12 months of his lousy administration except his endless daily cuckoo land, never ending stories???

          • AA

            Of course Buhari is poor – that’s why he has been getting medical treatment in the UK since 1978; and that’s why his daughter travelled first class a few weeks ago. Poor indeed! I pity these irredeemable gullibles. Or shd I say paid propagandists? One never knows with this APC . . .

          • metamopholis01

            Mr Washington DC your story is also not credible, there was $2..8 b missing from Midland Bank account while he was a Petroleum Minister. He was also invited by Oputa panel for questioning and he snubbed it.
            I have no thoughts actually why he overthrow his uncle Shagari, but these revelations appears unlikely to be unconnected . Regardless of your defense, these people are bad guys using the complexity of Nigeria system to do whatever they want.
            What would you become to benefit from a corrupt person.? co conspirator Buhari may not be financially corrupt but he is corrupt in other ways under the western eyes. Corruption is not only about money. Is Buhari and his administration corrupt? Yes.and this is just the way they are no exception (Obasonjo, Jonathan and Buhari are not the leaders Nigeria needed. Nigeria is heading no where until these tribal sentiments is stopped. Unfortunately it won’t for they have no brains for progress and will continue seeing and living in the darkness

        • paul irumundomon

          How many non hausa do you see every where in Nigeria selling dollars on the streets, the country is their property and they have done what they wanted, they can continue and even sell Nigeria to Saudi arabia, if they so please. Some southerners will go along with them, those slaves who forgot where they came from.

      • Would you like to go back to Jonathan’s administration then – since you appeared to loved such a none-starter and a very clueless I have a Ph.D. president but didn’t really have it – so much?
        Nigerians from coast-to-coast disagreed with your “under-the bridge” education and a blatant liar with the last elections. I asked that you show me where Buhari was dragged to court and even face any punishment as Petroleum Minister in 1978.
        Can you show your source? Can anyone but you verify the hate you are preaching? No you can’t.
        I also told you that President Shagari investigated the 1978 allegations and nothing was missing. Why do you think your fellow big mouths like your friend Okupe, and other armed robbers like Dasuki could not accuse Buhari of anything expect your “under-the bridge-educated” folks like you that just talk, talk, and tell lies?

        • domnze

          The point here is FOREX for children who are already schooling outside the country not PTF. By the way when a 16 year old daughter of a government official travels first class on BA, to go to school, is it normal? When you say you borrowed money to buy APC form and all of a sudden you can afford to buy forex at white market price to finance your children’s education abroad, what do want people to believe? When you say Abacha was not corrupt and you turn around to say money was recovered from Abacha, what are you telling people about yourself?

          • The fact of the matter is that President Buhari doesn’t have a 16 year old as in your example.

            Also, he could have said Abacha is not corrupt at the time – if there are no evidence(s) at the time. Everyone really have a glimpse of Abacha’s corruptions after his death because OBJ made efforts to expose him. No one was sure of his corruptions until he passed.

            People needs to be fair to this man – President Buhari because when he’s less than administration is compared to those in power in the last 16 years in Nigeria – it’s a night and day.

            Majority of Nigerian people knows better when they voted for Buhari mainly for one thing – to stop corruptions.
            He may or may not be able to end it – but everyone in government now “knows what time is it” and they will think twice before they make attempt.
            Governments anywhere in the world does not create greatness it’s the people that does create greatness and GDP rise. All government can do is empower people, make sure that there is equitable access as well as power, water, roads and everything Adam Smith discuss in his book “Wealth of Nations” and in my view Buhari has been trying to do all those from day one.

          • You’ve just made up lies. Buhari’s daughters were already abroad before he become President.
            I wonder where were these sane critics during Jonathan’s maladministration – the worst in Nigerian history.

            Well, you could be one of the ’10 Percenters’ who are directly and indirectly benefiting from looting the treasury.

            Here is another fact that you will probably not like to read: The current survey shows that Buhari has not done well in terms of employment, but he’s still rising high in popular opinion (Please, Google it), from the North to the South and West to East.
            There are few tribalists in Nigeria today than many years before I am happy about that.

          • paul irumundomon

            Do you use the word tribal, not this time. No Nigeria, government or private, that is more tribal ever than buhari. Worse still when his age is used as an attribute. When you Google buhari popularity, where they got their sampled opinions from, pensevanian Congress man or from facebook owner.

            The presidency employed almost every member of his family, from nephews, cousins, uncle, in laws and you just name it it. North too are now speaking about it.
            A US congressman, warmed the US secretary of state, about how buhari is going after the opposition, the only person bold so far, to challenge buhari, they asked him in England whether his governmemt will be inclusive, thought he does not know the meaning of that word, when he was asked.

            Jonathsn is not worst in Nigeria history, it maybe to northerners, who never believed somebody else must rule or qualified to rule Nigeria, outside their thinking box except them. All the leaders of Nigeria since 1963, have you bothered to look at their estates, and measure your calculations, how they all became billionaires. Name one northern leader, who did less of crimes against Nigeria. $2.8 billion that was missing, did not happen under jonathan, ask buhari who took that money, how many northern heads of states, ever honoured invitations to explain, how they mismanaged Nigeria money. The double standard, is why the only person guilty of crime, ever in Nigeria is Jonathan, the northern criminals are above Nigerian law. The law courts are meant for the South and not for northerners, who laid the foundations of fraud in Nigeria. The man who just bought a car was one time, the governor of central bank, if this man is not a thief, what business does he do to buy a car for 320 million naira, when average northerners, wait is some restaurants for left overs. The law is dead and blind when people from the north commit offence against Nigeria.

          • paul irumundomon

            He lied to every Nigerian who believed him them, they even showed us his house, Nigerian press after they werr paid to lie to thr nation, no generator, they show us his grand father’s house in katsina.

        • Ehis

          • metamopholis01

            RIP Egedengbe & Co
            their ghost will continue to hunt their killers and punish them one after the other. Idiagbon has been taken and the other Buhari is left but will pay for careless termination of a Nigerian life.

        • paul irumundomon

          Better than the president who don’t have basic school cirtificate.

    • xabnuq

      ..And we should continue financing even primary schools abroad?..there is a negative relationship between schooling abroad and the rot in our education system.in fact if I have my way,I ll only apoint people to any post only if there wards are schooling in Nigeria.!that’s is the panacea for this problem.if the elites don’t have alternatives,they ll upgrade our schools and make them at per with ones in abroad.I didn’t know or hear of any Buhari’s child studying abroad.However,fg should give 2 yrs windows for those that are midway and should stop forex for any new students that wants to go abroad unless if what he/she wants to study is not in Nigeria.

      • William Norris

        All of Buhari’s children are studying abroad, it was common knowledge during the campaign. His daughter Aisha was even blogging on Facebook straight from her school in London.

        How about El-Rufai and Tinubu? Their children’s graduation was in Ovation or some such. Haba!

        In contrast all of Goodluck Jonathan ‘s children did ALL their schooling in Nigeria including University. This was also common knowledge.

        • Freee speech

          No it isnt just that my friend. There is a correlation between having the children of the minister of education, chairman of this board and governor of that state attending schools overseas and the educational system in Nigeria continued deplorable state. It is obvious that most rational human beings take care of what is their business and what they have an interest in. what real interests can the commisionner of education have in the schools under his command when his own children dont attend those schools?? Likewise a minister of education responsible for universities in nigeria whose children dont attend nigerian universities? Its time we face the truth, foriegn schools are not only bad for the value of the Naira, but equally awful for the survival, progress and growth of our educational institutions! Its time this government gets bold and make a bold policy stand in favour of Nigeria and the average Nigerians…..it doesnt matter if el-rufia`s chldren or tinubus kids are in boston…..that was THEN, its not too late to start something new and audacious NOW!!
          A situation where UK universities actively target Nigerians every summer by coming to situate their catchment road shows in a bid to attract students who pay in excess of £35,000 pounds per year into the british economy is just not right for us. Nigerian students are very very vital to the survival of those UK universities otherwise why do you think they have a concerted recruitment drive every year in nigeria?? Recently the UK government cut funding to their universities and the universities in turn requested for further relaxed student visa regimes in order to help them recruit foriegn students to make up the shortfall in funding!! An average lecturer in the UK receives about £40-45,000 per annum in salary and the truth is, many a folks in Nigeria help to make that happen whilst the Nigerian lecturer who is your cousin, my friend, your uncle and or aunt or even brother or daughter countinues to live from hand to mouth on poor salaries! Its time to have a rethink indeed!

          • William Norris

            I agree with you that public officials should be banned from educating their children abroad.

            Private citizens should be free to do as they wish.

          • BlueFickle

            Private Citizens should do as they wish so long as they don’t rely on common resources like CBN allocations

          • William Norris

            Private citizens should have the same rights. There’s no reason to give SOME citizens access to forex at 199 and shut OTHERS out and tell them to go buy at 325.

            Those who get forex at 199 still go and sell it on the black market, which is CORRUPTION.

            There should be EQUAL RULES for EVERYONE, what ANYONE does with their forex is not the business of government, let the market decide. Just float the naira.

          • Dammy

            You raised vital points but i think we must be practical with the whole arrangement. How ever we try to uphold the Nigeria-made patronage, the government should take the lead by energizing the economy. The average Nigerian is a strong survivor but I tell you without electrical energy, access roads, communication and related infrastructures, the project for made in Nigeria will remain an illusion. Am glad you studied abroad and or probably still in the UK, then imagine the wide technological gap between us. The much we are doing here is basically on the exchange of knowledge through foreign education.

            Importantly what is the Government’s plan to ensure that tools for basic education are on ground in Nigeria. Yes we need to start from somewhere, but there must be a platform to stand on. Education is the major driver of any developing and developed economy. Banning foreign education is not something we wake up, say and implement, i dont subscribe to that rather, it should be building our capacities to compete with what is obtainable abroad. When we do so, the intending student will be left with choice to stay home or otherwise. Importantly we will also earn foreign exchange from other countries students who will also want to study in our competing schools.

            if the Government can support the local industry through TAX HOLIDAYS and some necessary incentives hence, you will notice a considerable rise in production of local goods. At moment what the local manufacturer undergoes is beyond description, no power, multiple taxation, rigorous and ambiguous registration process, there must be relaxation on certain areas like SON/NAFDAC. Let the process get a bit simpler and less financial commitment. We should uphold quality at all times but I think the government should channel their subsidies to these Agencies to encourage micro industrialisation. We shouldnt be deceiving ourselves when we have not started with the basics and grassroots. When we encourage these sectors, we dont need any other crusade or policy to control Forex, it will simply adjust on its own. Thank you

          • Freee speech

            I Thank you very much for your response. Everything you have said is very true indeed and I agree with the most of it. However, I believe that a journey of a hundred years stars with a step in the right direction. All that stuff about providing the enabling environment is so so very true. But on the other hand, if i have an existing health centre in the local community that people use, which is fully functional and does the job, then i come out and say hey people, lets start to build a new one, you will agree with me that not all the energies of that local community will be channeled into that new project because they have an alternative. Especially a nigerian community. They wont mind me, for as long as that alternative is there, they will care very little about the new project am talking about. But if there was none in existence, and i come up with the idea of building one, then you can equally be sure that all energies and hands will come on board and be on deck with me to accomplish that new project. Its like a street in lagos that has a fully functional transformer and you are telling them that look, this transformer was imported, lets start contributing to get a Nigerian made one…they will just laugh at you and wonder why they should be disturbing themselves…..
            What you are articulating is that we should first of all put our house in order before resorting to cutting our dependence on everything foriegn…..whereas i think that cutting our dependence on everything foriegn is a prelude to putting our house in order. Yes it might sound like shock treatment, but trust me, shock treatment isnt always that bad….infact it is neccesary in some instances, for example when collapses and needs resuscitation….which you might agree with me that most things in our country could be described in a sense to be in a state of collapse.

            Neccessity they say is the mother of all invention……meaning that where there is no neccesity, people are not driven to begin to critically see how they can create or invent….and where there is an alternative, there isnt really a neccesity, is there?

            Cutting off imports dramatically could be hard in the short run, but ultimately, after a few years, it will be a blessing for we will then be forced to look inward and seek solutions from our own environments…..

          • Dammy

            Thanks Dear, we are getting at it, in line with rebuilding the economy if (it was in existence) I believe what I hinged on were not new charters but more of making them accessible. Its a natural thing that people will key in.

            Let us take it tactically, for instance, we want the youths to engage in Agriculture but the land ownership system cannot afford the common man a parcel of land for self sustenance let alone commercial production. Where do we go from here. You cant ask the youths or the masses to go into agriculture when a clause as this is going to pose a problem. Then again, where is the irrigation plan. These and few things are to be in the pipeline, otherwise the discouragement will be worse than the situation we are already into. Then to relate it with the topic of our discussion (forex for foreign students) Wont it be more beneficial that we streamline the areas which we still need to improve on our education and encourage such, areas like agriculture, engineering technology and medical sciences. At the same time build our local capacity in line with the attraction for fleece abroad.

            The mechanism for cultivation is not in place, the education to improve knowledge on modern farming techniques, is not in place, even a referendum for sensitization or dialogue for improvised agriculture is still fairy tale. The youths are uptil moment are still not organised in groups, co-operatives, and union to aid easier access to educating them.

            In Science and Technology, have we empowered the basic education sector for catching them young. It is most surprising to me often that Arts and Music have taken the centre Stage, but i have not seen an economy dependent on Arts or Music for sustenance. People are encouraged to walk half naked in the name of pageantry and go home with millions (No ill intention please), Blue Chip companies pay heavily to people in Music and Arts and endorse them as Ambassadors (no ill thoughts please). Role models we call them, but who is the role model for science and technology, who is the role model for agriculture. What is the place of Bank of Agriculture and Bank of Industry in our economy compared to commercial Banks.

            I may go on and on, but essentially what am saying is simple, we need to revisit our drawing board. Foreign education with its forex demand is the least of the challenges we must tackle to boost the economy. A situation that those who even went to school in Nigeria are unemployed might be going to far. We dont wake up and decree a law without checking the antecedents. Let me end by siting an example, UAE which we know is a tax-free economy just adviced that from 2018, it will introduce VAT. That is what planning and forecast is all about. People within the area will begin to find means and solutions by themselves before then. Thanks again, I appreciate your constructiveness and manner of presentation.

          • BlueFickle

            Actually the education exists, it is the corrupt political landscape that makes everything else impossible.

            And talking about culture, it has not hurt the west either.

          • Jideofor Etudo

            You are extremely annoying and dishonest. The issue here is the quality of education and not how intelligent whites are. You cannot compare the facilities and research/industry experience of the universities and professors of these universities abroad. Cutting edge research done using top of the line tools and software. Night and day. So a very brilliant nigerian will benefit a lot rather than have his talents wasted. Let us also recognise that their degrees are better recognised compared to ours. I have no idea what university in the UK you went to but the one i went to? The ties to industry? The consultations from bentley, rolls royce, etc? The research parks? Guy shut up and stop misleading people. If you are interested in STEM subjects and medicine, Nigeria is doing nothing compared to a good UK university or US or German, etc. Refund your foreign degree and get a nigerian one and be content with it.
            Let me reiterate, a lot of the white students are in Uni to party. That is on them. But the quality of education and opportunities available for those that want to take it are second to none. The links to industry that are at the forefront of their fields are second to none. These universities are where all these huge companies go to find solutions to their problems. They take advantage of the universities resources. We do not have that in Nigeria.

          • Freee speech

            Well, annoying I might be, but certainly not dishonest. I have simply said what I said given my knowledge and experience. You mightnt like it, but its the truth as I saw it and experienced it. And am glad that a few others here have attested to it. So i coudnt possibly be making it all up as you seem to think.

            In any event, you do not seem to have an understanding of the issues at hand. I am in no doubt that UK universities indeed are at the forefront of research. But was the subject of discussion really whether or not they carry out research? Was it whether or not they are good at research? The answer to those 2 questions is a resounding NO.

            The issue as I was putting it forward was simply that, in my opinion, the quality of education as I experienced it there wasnt really and truly better than that in Nigeria if Nigeria could get its acts right…..part of which is to stop the endless flow of foriegn exchange to universities Overseas.

            You talk about links to industry……do you not realise that all that is political?? Nothing stops BMW and HOnda from going to locate their factorries in Nigeria today, but the political clamour, agitation or will hasnt been there all along to force them to do it. And after and if they they do decide to do it, nothing stops them from forging links with the local universities to drive research!! Its as simple! They havent done it not because Nigeria hasnt got the intellectual resources…but for a simle lack of political will, political agitation or politcal direction on the part of its policy makers!! And it certainly wont be for the fact that the universities in Nigeria do not have competent hands or brains that can function at the required level needed for those reseacrh! International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, a US/UN organisation has been in Ibadan for years and in its hey days, and by that I mean when Nigeria was still sane, it led cutting edge research into tropical agric all over AFRICA and not just Nigeria! So what is all these links to industry you are going on about? A beg joor! Msheew! I onc e met an english man who lectured in ABU back in the 70s and you should hear the wonderful and very lofty words he used to describe the intellectual depth of his Nigerian colleagues who he worked along with on the teachnig staff of ABU back then….perhaps you will value this entity called Nigeria more!

            The moral of the whole story being that if we conserved all that money we carry endlessly to europe and the american universties every year and looked inward with all that money…our universities would go back to the way they used to be in the good old days when the likes of wole shoyinka were on the Teaching staff at Univerisity of Ibadan. A university is made essentially by the quality of its teaching staff, its facilities and also the quality of its students! In all of those factors, all Nigeria lacks its adequate facilities….and the answer or solution to the absence of that factor does not lie in the wholesome importation of foreign degrees as its currently the case the case. Thats my case in simple terms my friend…

          • Jideofor Etudo

            What school did you go to. Because the education given to me? What I was exposed to? Industry assigned design projects, year in industry, equipment and software I used? I have no idea what you are talking about. Please let me know what school you went to. Because I also have people that went to Nigerian universities doing their undergrad in my school and they say what they did in year we do in year 1. Stop lying to people on here ok? Or stop misleading people. You said a university is made up of the quality of its teaching staff, facility and students. Please where are our Nigerian professors publications in top journals in their field? What are our universities ranked. In stem courses, what are the facilities. Lastly if the schools were so great, why did u leave? Stop lying. I don’t know your goal but you are up to something. Stop lying. Again, as for the quality of students, UK schools are ranked. So are US schools. There are entry standards. The reason the students in your school seemed slow is because the entry standards were low. If you got to a school with high entry standards, I guarantee you’ll see bright students. So again, stop lying and state your school!

          • LagLon

            bros, chill small. the guy is confused.
            he is confusing ingredients with meal.
            you can serve oranges on the street or at the ritz… in his mind ‘nah be same tin’.. unfortunately the preparation is the value.
            nigerian uni’s will get better ..itll take time. the links will take time.
            the economic and fx issues will actually help.

          • IFE

            Now you are taking this very personal. You are just attacking him, and u don’t see any value in what he is saying. If u truly went to a foreign school (like I did too 😉), u understand the value of diplomacy and tact. Nobody will ever tell u to ur face that u are lying….subtle words like “untrue”, “incomplete” are used.
            But the fact is that SEVERAL Nigerians go abroad to acquire substandard education yet use our forex to pay for it. Cyprus, Malta, Benin Republic etc have become choice destinations.
            In fact, I know a foreign institution where the teaching faculty is populated by some of my classmates who were just average in my class.
            That said, I don’t know your field, but I am in the medical sciences, and ALL my lecturers graduated or had PG from well recognised institutions.
            Some of my lecturers are the topmost scientists in Africa. Some helped write ICD-10, and are currently involved in ICD-11.
            Your remarks and his both have merits. The solution is finding a middle ground.
            Lastly, a girl was just sent back from a top tier institution in the USA after spending thousands of dollars and almost 3 sessions. This same girl was sent out of 2 different institutions in Nigeria (one of which was private ), imagine the amount of forex that would ve been utilized on the jamboree.
            Foreign education in top tier institutions is unparalleled, but we can’t ignore our institutions especially when some of our lecturers are some of the most gifted people on planet earth.
            You can imagine my suprise when some of my recommended textbooks in UK had part authorship by my Lecturers!

          • Jideofor Etudo

            You have made a big mistake in your line of thinking. Our institutions are as good as they need to be. Key word here is need. I go to a top 10 school in the UK, and every thing in that university is necessary. What that means is, the school produces graduates that are necessary (they are needed by companies for the courses they study…they leave school and get jobs that pay well), the facilities in the school from the robotics labs to the mechatronics labs, thermodynamics, rapid prototyping, optical, and so on and so on are absolutely necessary (that is, they actually contribute to research being carried out in the public and private sectors…that means they attract millions and millions of pounds in grants). With the acres of facilities they have, those facilities are actually over stretched. What I’m trying to tell you is that the environment the university is in matches it’s advancement. That is, like I said earlier, it is necessary. Imagine dropping a university like that in Nigeria, that needs a ridiculous amount of money to run, who will pay for it? These schools have yearly budgets in the high hundreds of millions of pounds. They get money from UK and EU students that pay £9000 for tuition and internationals that pay £16,500, they get grants from the government trying to sponsor important research and from the private sector (unilever, rolls Royce, jaguar Land Rover, adidas, mclaren, etc) and so on. How will such a university be sustained in Nigeria? Remember the things I listed earlier? So this university now located in Nigeria, produces graduates, what jobs will be available to them in Nigeria and will the pay be enough to justify the money invested? Who will pay 16,500 and 9000 to attend in Nigeria? When you raise fees in unilag to 100,000 naira you hear of riots. So how will such and institution be sustained? Will the government need to fork over money to keep the lights on and keep buying and maintaining equipment that no one is using? How much research and industrial activity is being conducted in Nigeria to justify the university’s facilities? Universities are businesses. They are meant to make money and advance research. It will surprise you to know that teaching is secondary to a top research institution. The university develops with the country. We are no where near ready to have a world class institution. If we decided to upgrade all our institutions, it won’t be sustainable for the reasons I listed and more. Our universities produce graduates already that are redundant. You can see this, you are aware of this.
            Now to address a few things you said, I’m not talking about Malta and Benin republic, I’m talking about premier institutions in the west (premier). They are incomparable to our schools. as for your friend that got sent back to the US, that is just stupid logic. You point to one person that squandered their opportunity and that is enough justification to deny the others? As for these brilliant Nigerians you have mentioned, imagine what they can achieve for Nigeria if they are properly trained. Rather than deny them opportunities, give them opportunities to get the knowledge, let them work for 5 years in industries abroad to gain actual industry experience, then bring them back to apply their skills to unique solutions best suited to us. As our society develops, our universities will NEED to develop sustainably to meet our demands. Our problems are more serious than pumping money to universities. we have dug a deep hole and done a lot of things backwards. We produce mechanical engineers that are maths teachers. What sense is there in that?

          • IFE

            Like I said earlier, there is merit in your argument, nevertheless, how many Nigerians are in that your top 10 school in the UK (by the way, i had my MSc @ KCL)? Most are spending scarce forex on substandard colleges scattered all over the world for courses that dont have the capacity to transform the country. I see no reason why the country has to cough out resources for sociology or other art courses (this is my personal opinion, and I know many people will want to lynch me for it) that one can comfortably study here. Our institutions can be better, we didnt have all the research grants and funding when UI was in the top 10 universities a couple of decades ago. Mere presentation of your UI certificate could get you a residency space (as a medical doctor in the UK, without needing to write any exam).
            Not everybody can afford a foreign education, but we can at least try to have some quality for those back at home.

          • FrankNinja

            Nigerian universities reflect the dysfunction of its political system. The same lack of commitment to advancement, sabotage of merit, lawless behavior and theft pervades the university system because it is an arm of government.

            That Nigerians are flooding the world in search of a better education should be applauded. That knowledge and exposure to better ways of doing things is an investment. Even if it costs 20 billion it is far better than the billions spent by Nigerian government on some of the silly projects only criminals can imagine like cars for the national assembly and overinflated executive buildings.

          • IFE

            I agree with you, if it’s a better education, but several are not worth the paper on which the degrees are written. Even cotonou is foreign education now.

          • BlueFickle

            Jideofor, you should appreciate the value of diverse opinion as a core value of most western institutions, two of which you claim to have attended. I am not sure anyone is arguing about pumping money into institutions. Also, college education sometimes lead industries, and sometimes operate in tandem.

            When you think of the broad argument, people tend to invest when their interests lay. If Nigerians continue enmass to send their kids to school abroad, often at the expense of the collective revenue (CBN allocations), it will continue to erode the quality of the Nigerian education system.

            At some point in the past, Nigerian Universities were highly rated, at least in Africa, yet like most things have continued to deteriorate. The reason is not because Nigeria does not need good schools or good hospitals or good manufacturing base. The reason is while complex also include the fact that “leaders” have always found a way out by exporting stolen money (and sometimes not stolen ) abroad, and have come to accept that for them, they can find the things that make like work, aboard, even in nations that are barely developed.

            So rather than calling others names and belittling their experiences and opinions, I will implore you to look at the big picture and consider their opinion for what it’s worth.

          • Jideofor Etudo

            Also, out of all the professors, you mention one that rose to prominence way back when. Please what facilities does it take to teach literature? Really? I would also like to remind you that the scientists and doctors and engineers that move civilisation forward, come from these universities. They gain knowledge in these universities. If we hope to imitate some form of industrialisation, does it not pay to learn from those that have been doing it for over 200 years? My brother is doing his doctorate in Virginia and has published 3 papers in top international journals. None of our information systems professors from Nigeria has anything to their credit in any journals of good standing internationally. All they do is set exam papers and sleep with students for marks. Our degrees are barely recognised world wide. Again, I will continue nothing with you until you state your university and the course you studied. Stop misleading people.

          • Freee speech

            Am misleading people? Because I hold an opinion? So you would rather i do not hold my opinion based on my OWN personal experiences of the universities I attended in europe and simply capitulate or see things as you see it?? For me, am not an apologist of the west or suffering from colonial hang over whereby i am forever destined to think anything and everything european or western is better than anything african! The west has achieved a lot, that is beyond question…but am not sure that what spurred china`s economic success of late was essentially that it imported degrees wholesomely from the *great universities* of the west. Even if some chinese students were educated abroad, i doubt it was ALL their student. The vast majority of their students and who have been the drivers and engine room of their recent economic successes attend their local universities at home and NOT university of virginia. Is it every Nigerian child that we will take to virginia or baltimore or to london t attend universities?? SO what would happen to those who by the virtue of the people that gave them life will never be opportuned to go to virginia tech? They are condemned to a life of “useless” university in Nigeria as you claim it to be???

            My friend, that our lecturers set exam and and sleep with girls is not new and it is a symptom of the real problem. The real problem is that of LACK of ADEQUATE funding and should the funding become adequate, LACK OF the the political will to ensure its not misappropriated. if these 2 problems were eliminated, you will see that your university of virginia has nothing on university of Ilorin.

            Those are 2 problems mentioned

            And the solution to the first of those problems is what brought about this debate…..which is that wholesome and ever increasing importation of degrees from foriegn universities cost the federal government of nigeri a lot of money that could very well be invested for the benefit of ALL Nigerian kids and not just a select fortunate FEW whose parents get dollars for them to study abroad at very subsidized rate by the federal governemt which is meant to take care of ALL but not a FEW!

            Yes your brother has published 2 papers in his current aaamerican university is great! But as he is one of us, meaning he is Nigerian, he drank nigerian water and ate nigerian foood and has nigerian DNA and most likely went to nigerian primary and secondary school.
            I put it to you that he would have still been able to publish those papers if he was attending univeristy of nigeria Nsukka or university of ife if only those universitites had been made conducive. And let me very quickly remind you that if you want to be honest, you will accept that he has american classmates in the same level and class who have yet to publish one paper even though they both have access to the same great environment and facilities. The simple (but ugly to you) truth is that continuing to use our federal government dollars to subsidize a few to go and study in western universities will never help bring about the conducive environment needed in Nsukka or in OAU.

            Also perhaps yu dont know, the foundation for academic excellence in any human being is rarely laid at the university point of their education. Its always laid at the primary school and secondary school level. University only builds on that. And ofcourse thee person`s inherent god given intellectual abilities also come to play! A lot of people with those God given intellectual prowress abound in Nigeria much more than most of those countries you are revering and holding in awe….thats a fact! Its just the conditions that have not been made conducive for them through a lack of the requisite political will and organisation.

            Charity, I was taught begins at home, not with sending a few to “great” universities at the expense of the well being and welfare of the majority who continue to languish in “useless” univerisities in Nigeria as you call them.

            And lastly, let it be known to you that what degree a man studies and where he studies it, doesnt really count or matter when that man becomes 45 or 55 or even 37. It is a known fact that what we learn in universities isnt always mirrored in our everyday working life…or isnt what we use to discharge our everyday job roles! SO for you to be asking me what university i went to or what degree i studied irks me to be honest.

          • Jideofor Etudo

            Again with the misleading statements. Because I said universities abroad are by far better than what we have in Nigeria, I think everything White is better? Come on, do not be daft. Secondly you still haven’t told me your university. I hope it was not London south bank. Thirdly, do you really think that all it will take is funding? Do you know how a top notch university works? A university develops with the nation. As the nation becomes more industrialised, it becomes necessary for grants to be handed to lecturers to perform research on behalf of private and government industries that need it. Secondly, university is never free. EU and UK based students still pay £9000 for their education per annum. You need the masses to be relatively well off and the nation to be industrialised before you have an environment conducive enough to sustain a top notch institution of learning. We have neither. In a country where the vast majority of people live in poverty and are shoddily educated in run down schools, we have missed the boat. Pouring billions of dollars into a system that is rotten from the foundation won’t fix it. You mention yourself and your brother or cousin as being intelligent and so on. What percentage do you represent out of the general population? Very little. Most Nigerians in Lagos go to schools and barely get an education. They get left behind. We need a serious restructuring. Not just pouring money into universities. I do not know what the solution is but what I do know is that a person that left Nigeria to get foreign degrees from a useless school he is ashamed of mentioning should stop spreading misinformation. My original problem with you was where you called most of the students you dealt with “dunces” (not verbatim) and said easy exams were set for you and so on. You used that as a basis to attempt to convince people that universities that have produced the people that have technologically moved this world forward, are not worth learning from or in. The only way you can have that opinion and not be a liar and/or mischievous is if you went to a really bad school. I’m not interested in you prevarications. Prove me wrong and state the school you attended. Vindicate yourself or shut up.

          • partafamilias trippi

            How will this be possible when a university matriculant from Imo or Rivers will be expected to score at least 300 in order to gain admission while another from Gombe will be gladly admitted with a score of 40. Will you advice me to let my kids study in such an insane environment?

        • A Aminu

          My friend that is called irresponsible governance to just float the Naira and let everyone take care of himself. Babangida did that stupid experiment in 1986 when he conducted what he called a referendum to take IMF load, and float the Naira. It is Irresponsible governance to ask a taxi driver, or a painter or a mechanic to make such an economic decision when the country is blessed with economists in the CBN and the ministries of Finance, and Economic planning paid and trained to do the decision. President Buhari is not that irresponsible. The issue of his children, or Tinubus, or any Nigerian for that matter studying abroad is not the point. The point is Nigeria as a nation cannot afford spending close to $20bn annually on student fees abroad, and would rather utilize this tidy sum to develop our local universities. Ditto Nigerians going abroad for medical tourism, another $20bn annually goes to hospitals in the UK, US, Egypt, India, and Isreal. This sum should be used in Nigeria to develop public hospitals. It is estimated that Nigerians studying abroad are far more than the 1m estimated, also more than 2m Nigerians travel abroad annually for medical tourism. At $10,000 including ticket per patient, and $20,000 per student per annum for fees, maintenance allowance and ticket, each category consume $20bn per annum.

          • LagLon

            you are aware that there are no economists in the economic team and that most economists advise to one extent or another that we should devalue?

          • William Norris

            Buhari has floated the naira.

            Do you now think he is irresponsible?

      • Freee speech

        Thank you for you very positive contribution. I dont care whose child is studying abroad or whose child isnt…the truth is, studying abroad, shoprite, sitting at work in ikeja and odering all the nonesense and every oder-able stuff from Tesco supermarket in england is not good for our economy. These things are bad for the value of the Naira. Shoprite does nothing for Nigeria other than to import everything in their shop, sell it to Nigerians and simply exchange their money back to dollars and take it out again!!! They add no real value to the Nigerian economy. Importation of finished goods does nothing but perpetuate youth unemployment and creates an environment where no innovations or production is encouraged!!!
        And back to the issue of education, I went to a very very good primary school in Ibadan and then went to one of thee federal secondary schools, did a couple of years of university in nigeria and then landed in england where i started undergrad afresh and even did masters. I was always top of the class and can testify that what helped me was the very good foundation that had been laid in my primary and secondary schools in nigeria. When i was in uni in Nigeria, I was never top of the class…i had way hotter and brainier guys in the class, but when i went abroad, the competition was simply non existent!! The students in my class were just no match to me! All that was different was the fact that the facilities were there…I was studying engineering and I had local european class mates in my class who were fresh from european secondary schools and had problems balancing mathematical equations!!!! Which was elementary Stuff that i did in my form 3 back in Nigeria as a secondary school boy! And there i was in oyinbo classroom, sitting with oyinbo boys who were in an engineering class in england and they couldnt balance simple equations!! And thats what people in Nigeria pay thousands of pounds to come and get!!!
        And ofcos, I worked and did odd jobs to pay my fees as my parents by then could simply not afford to send me anything never mind changing naira to pounds to send me school fees!

        • okbaba

          You blew me up on this. Quite revealing what I could have been after all the academic stress in Nigeria, only for quota, federal character and watered down competition to blow it all away. Funny how staying home to be part of local breed ends up foistering mediocrity on us.

          • Freee speech

            My brother, that is the absolute truth that I have told you. When exam time came, they sat us down and gave us what they called areas of concentration and in once instance, one lecturer more or less gave the exam questions before hand but not in a very obvious manner. Am serious! I have no reason to lie! And thats because the lecturers performances were assessed in relation to how many of their students passed! Not a bad idea to hold the lecturers accountable that way…but….As such you can see why they too inturn had to help the students in a bid to help themselves. My younger broother went from OAU in ife to do MSc in geophysics in Leeds, he said the same thing! He said the guys in his undergrad class in OAU were way way smarter and brainier than the people in his MSc class in Leeds.

            But the one thing i did notice in the 3 different universities that I attended was that, there was always that one or two oyinbo students who were extremely very very bright in class of say 30-35, (usually called nerds) whereas the rest were just average and in so many instances not even up to average at all and just there to drink and party!!!. I later came to realise that the system in the country was such that those 1 or 2 students would be allowed to always make it to the very very very top pinnacle of their profession , be it medicine, engineering, govt, law …..where they can help contribute and drive policy/innovation within the system. In essence the multitude of the populace benefits from the brains or talent of that single chap…..why because the system was designed such that that chaps talent would always get to be put to use…so for instance you have a very brainy 19-20 yr old med student today…it is gauranteed that he would somehow, always find his way to the very top where he influences new research or policy relevant to this time and age and by so doing builds on what the ones from his fathers time did and that way their society keeps developing…as such not neccessarily because their is an abundance of talent, but because the few talented ones are giving the avenue and opportunities to use those inherent talents which you and i know is not the case in nigeria even though there is an abundance of talent…much more than they have….and i say that with all confidence for it a place i lived in for 20yrs!

          • UOU

            You may be right, going by the facts, its your experiences, mine is similar, quite recent, post grad and not UK though. for nigeria, perhaps in all africa, skewed and bias mentality is the problem, merit is buried on the alter of, tribalism, ethnicity and nepotism. Specifically, in Nigeria, quota system/federal character kills all manner of, desires for merit hence many brains are dying untapped and explored, to the fullest. No one can give what he/she does not have yet big technical and skillful positions are given to people who are not/never qualified for it, due to where they came from and their names, contacts, connections etc, so society is doomed, black man is cursed and all our intelligence, brains, brags, claims and whatever is falacy, good for nothing

          • LagLon

            actually.. thats the issue.
            we dont have a mechanism for this persons progress.
            the merit component is damaged.

        • Jon West

          I won’t call you a liar genius, but you were no better than your British classmates. No way!! I studied there for seven years. We were good, but looking down on their abilities, that’s typical Nigerian bullshit. In any case, what have you done with your superlative academic achievements? You will be shocked where your under-achieving school mates are now. Many of them will be in Nigeria , using real skills to suck away your scarce dollars in the guise of consultants and specialists, while you may be selling rice. Get real, my dear man.

          • Freee speech

            Mr John west, forget about what I have achieved or havent achieved. Thats not the subject matter of the conversation. Whether I am selling gari or sleeping in $2000 per night hotel suites isnt the issue here. Engage with the issues i have put forward. I have very simply told you what I lived through and experience.

            My father told me a story from back in the 1970s of 2 people from our village who migrated to lagos as was the practice then….and were asked what they they thought of it…the first person answered and said, that lagos na suffer head o! The place is just too difficult and harsh. The second person opened his own mouth and said..wow! Lagos is great!! Its a wonderful land of opportunity!! I love it! plenty jobs, plenty market , plenty everything!!

            So you see, you could have gone to europe and seen oyinbo as better than you…thats your view and what you experienced. For me it was very different……and like Fella sang back in the day, “I don go to london and I see white man yansh!
            I went there and lived there for like 20yrs and also gave you my view…..and i have been a real witness of truth. I attended 3 universities in the course of my time there and fresh from nigeria at the time, my unfliching conclusion was, whats all the fuss about, most of these guys in my class are dull! ofcourse there was always the one or two of them that were very very very bright. (the nerds)… I recall one who never had any notes and was consistently number 1 in programming. Yes but just the one, all the others were mediocres that put against the average Nigerian student that I had studied with in Nigeria, just couldnt measure up…at all….and I repeat, at all!! thats my truth and thats what I witnessed. Am not going to change it to suit you or in a bid to make anyone who happens not to like it happy

          • LagLon

            chap. i hear you with respect to your experience. the issue is about the system. the avg kid in uk is avg. the best are excellent. they also have two extra ingredients.. an understanding of the long term and teams.

            nigeria fails at coordination and the finding the greater (often long term) good… hence we struggle with machines, infrastructure and cannot place knowledge above cunning….
            ..blood does this. wars and armament races… you can lie about it.. but the exam result will show defeat in the field. europe has spilled plenty.. and they dont forget.

            africans are all too easily led up the short term path.. buying solutions.. not learning to solve.. we have a chance to change… so lets see what happens…

          • Freee speech

            And I to a very good extent agree with what you have put forward. Very true that the best are excellent when they are indeed good.

          • mikkel

            jon west, u sound so foolish & brainwashed, with pple like u in our society , nigeria will never move forward, i rlly pity 4 u & ur parents who might hav wasted money to snd u to school if at all u had ever been.

          • Biola

            Spot on

        • xabnuq

          Exactly..Thank God we have you as a practical experience.!!we all know that the the rigours in Nigerian schools,at least any federal university and some states,are second to non.As a 2/2 graduate ceteris paribus in Nigeria,you are no match for most of d 2/1 graduate from most of this schools.imagine somebody studying in Russia or Ukraine and even UK.d deference is just what I called post imperialistic syndrome.this schools abroad capitalised on our excellent system to offer a lea-way to the spoilt children of the rich who cannot withstand the heat here in Nigeria.In no time they bring back certificate and foolishly enough,employers starts shivering ..because they Got certificate from a university abroad..Fine you can anywhere to go and study,but not at the nations expense!!

          • RS

            OMG how do you reason?

            So the reason these people leave Nigeria is because they cannot stand the heat. Does that make any sense, dude it seems your anger is because you have not left Nigeria so do not take it out on those who have. Nigerian degrees are not recognised due to the fact that students go to school but yet cannot defend them.

            I have a friend who graduated from UniPort and he paid lecturers for four years. So why on earth would a company employ such a person. The truth the Nigerian lecturers are very intelligent people, but all these problems of secret cult and bad lecturers is why it`s best studying abroad.

            If people are to stay then the government has to transform the universities. Nigerians studying abroad have nothing to do with the current forex problem.

          • ZIGGY

            God bless u for your reasoning

          • A Aminu

            While I agree with you, and my friend free speech, I think PMB was absolutely right that Nigeria cannot afford allowing use of our forex to send students abroad. Just wait and see in the next 2 or 3 years, he will descend to shop rite, and other on-line shops you just punch your card and you shop with Tesco in the UK, Blomendel or whatever it is called in the US. All that fake life style will disappear. Exotic cars will disappear on our roads bcos to import it will attract steep duty, plus background check on how much tax you pay yearly. Filling stations will be penalized if they fuel such cars without license. This is the change we voted, and change we must.

          • aeskor

            @A Aminu, I hope you do understand the underlying implications of what you have postulated. Should we become a police state because we want to fight corruption? You deceive yourself by thinking that the scatter-brained ideas you propose can actually work. It has never worked in any country and certainly will not work in Nigeria. Those countries that tried out your ideas have all rolled them back, even communist China and Cuba have effectively turned away from such a model. I wonder if you have read Animal Farm? Your basic premise appears to be that every person with an exotic car is either a thief or tax evader or both. As corrupt and perverse as Nigeria is today, I believe there are still many honest, hardworking Nigerians toiling away at what they do. You may have voted for this foolishness, but I assure you, such measures as you espouse will NOT solve the problem in Nigeria. You know what? in the next 2 or 3 years, if as you say, Buhari adopts such foolishness as you have suggested, Nigeria will only have succeeded in installing a new-breed of corrupt Nigerians working the kind of corrupt and obfuscating system you are espousing. You do not understand the kind of change you voted for; you want change for change sake, I want reasonable, scaleable, sustainable and common-sense change based on law, equity and justice, not the propagandist and jingoistic rhetoric that passes for change that has been the case these many months. Certainly not the kind of “change” that your ideas suggest; that will set us back many years.

          • Samuel Okpolagha

            “if the Gods cannot make our lives better, then they should please leave us the way they met us.“
            Thank you for this expose to an obviously low IQ person.

          • Freee speech

            My friend, any change from the shameless, mindless and heartless looting of the treasury which charatcerised the last government is a welcome change!! It is indeed. Yes Aminu might have gone a wee bt too far by suggesting exotic cars be banned…but I still welcome any policy that realises that wholesome importation of funiture is bad for the capenter in osogbo and in Nnewi. I welcome wholeheartedly any policy that seeks to say that if you have just bought a 20Million naira house, have you made tax returns over the years to support the fact that that 20M was off your legitimate earnings! It seems to me your`re an apologist of the previous profligate administration. Thats fine as opinions are like belly buttons, of which we all have one. But to come here and begin to castigate “the change we voted for”….sorry I think that offends sensitivities. Jonathan did some good, no doubt he did, but lets face the truth…he lived and dinned with thieves 24 hours of the day! And I am minded to assume that you may go on and tell me there was no looting….if so, why did Amosun`s wife return all the millions she did? WHy did Nduka Obaigbena return the nearly 600Million he did? Why did Jafaru Isa return the $1Million that he was given by Dasuki?? And you people wonder why there is now scarcity of dollars!! What did we expect to be the result of all that mindless and senseless stealing???

          • Tripple_light

            You absolutely nailed it! But these shit heads will never ever get it

          • Tripple_light

            We shall be no State after corruption have devoured Nigeria – think about it! Read the Auditor General’s report before you say one more word about “Police state”

          • abodes_124

            This is what they enjoy in North Korea. Why should we be denied the same?

          • Freee speech

            Aminu, I really really pray and hope he does that!! It really would make a difference! The journey of a life time, however far it may be, starts with a step in the right direction! We cant be importing everything and anything and expect the economy to create jobs by magic! It just wont happen. For every time we import things, we are simply helping to create or sustain jobs in foriegn countries. And the people in our society who are supposed to come up with ideas to create alternatives to the products we are importing will simply fold their hands and go to sleep!! AAnd that way, we dont develop at all!! Over dependence on imports is the greatest obstacle to our economy`s growth!!

          • jasper123

            Certainly you don’t reside in Nigeria! Are you guys kidding me? Because some so called looters invaded our treasury, I should be sniffed out because I desire to live a quality life which is sacrosanct and non negotiable? One president should make it very uncomfortable for me to use what I desire to use and yet he cruises on a presidential jet made in America and luxurious Benz from Germany? C’mmon

          • ZIGGY

            God bless u

          • Aminu – I don’t think you seriously meant what you jus said. I don’t think President Buhari will do any of those. He’s a new democrat and so far he has not done anything to anyone, but my friend Vic will make up a story about that as well.

          • Arabakpura

            The man is not a good comparison because according to him, he had done some years in Nigerian university and started afresh when he got to England! He cannot compare himself with freshmen. I believe he lied!

        • Arabakpura

          …but you said you had done some years in the Nigerian university? How can you compare yourself with freshmen?

          • Freee speech

            I wasnt comparing myself to fresh men….no, but rather i was astounded that a freshman could not solve equations that i know for certain that an average serious minded ss1 student would solve with his/her eyes closed! I was in essence suprised at the standard displayed by the freshmen.

          • Biola

            Did you enjoy the enchange rate back then? I am currently studying abroad and trust me it’s not funny at moment as I can’t even afford to withdraw my pocket money as it would be next to nothing if I make that mistake. They believe in practicals rather that is reading to pass like we lot did while they believe in practicals more. Well sir. You can come out top but I am sure you know the rest. God bless and help Nigeria. I rest my case

        • Kamalu

          Guy, I sincerely think you have missed the point. Without caring to know when you attended college in the UK I would think you passed through the same archaic curriculum that has stagnated the Nigerian University system. All you achieved was to cram and release whatever instructors gave to out shine your classmates. Your education added limited value unlike the functional, practical and pragmatic education which students and their parents pursue abroad. In reality have you ever tried to compare your inherent skills perhaps after several years of graduation experience with those of a Senior in one of those American A graded universities and colleges? Bros, there is indeed a difference between Khaki and leather and until such a time Nigerian authorities will make conscious efforts to make the Nigerian curriculum functional, the parents and students that desires quality and life changing education will continue to seek foreign education. The truth is that the Nigerian curriculum has been designed to produce teachers, civil servants and anything routine. It cannot produce entrepreneurs and high efficiency labour.

          • Biola

            Spot on👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿 . All you achieved was to cram and release whatever instructors gave to out shine your classmates😂😂😂 True doe

      • RS

        Listen to yourself. Is it t job of the elite to upgrade the education in Nigeria? So I can okay for these people to to to children abroad but not the other Nigerians. For you to say these things shows your level of reasoning because this matter does not affect you. Come back and leave comments when it does.

      • RS

        Just look at what you`re saying. Is it the job of the elite to upgrade education in Nigeria? You are saying all these things out of spite and because you are not affected. Come back and leave a comment when you are affected and you know how it actually is.

      • UOU

        “You don’t know or hear of any buhari’s child studying abroad”? did you read what you sent before posting? buhari himself confirmed it in, al jazeera interview when he was asked how he intend to fund his kids studying abroad or do you think now is still 1984 when things can easily be hidden, NO , please. buhari’s children are studying in UK, schools can be mentioned, even classes/grades and mates are in the open. buhari did not deny except that as president he wants to keep his kids abroad while every other person should bring theirs to nigeria or suffer the forex malady, that’s your saint president. Anyway, you made a valid point on the conditionalities for overseas studies but it can only happen if “the people” can contribute or and make their own constitution, the one in use now belongs to the army, headed by abacha/abdulsalam. For me, all elected people, public and civil servants, including board members of, private companies, quoted or not in the stock market like mtn, glo, etc, must have their children, wards, relatives and dependants(clearly specified), up to the 3rd degree, study in nigeria, go to nigeria hospitals for medics, else such people(persons) remain disqualified for such aspiring offices or in exchange, goto to jail, without options of fine, nor trials

    • fld8778

      He definitely does not use CBN window for his kids school fees. Buhari is not that stupid to do something that can bring him down. Let those who wants their kids to study abroad source their forex period.

      • abodes_124

        Did anybody say he was stupid ? Since you know the intimate details of Buhari’s personal and family financial transactions I have to accept your strong assertion as truth. Gaskiya?.

      • vic

        so buhari is aiding and abetting forex fraud through parallel market which he opposes as the activity of forex terrorists. is he now himself an economic
        terrorist and the punishment for that??

      • okenwa

        Do you want to say buhari petronises black market?

      • Judith

        He told you that? Or are you the one that pays their school fees with contracts that you have been awarded or travel estacode collected from all the international jaunting….just asking

      • gboyegaa

        You are correct. That is part of the change and every Nigerian has to contribute. Going to source the Forex for their kids’ education is their own contribution to the change. Nigerians cannot want change and still expect to do things the old ways. When the country is buoyant again, the government will reconsider the Forex for Nigerians studying abroad. The truth is bitter but it has to be said.

    • Edward Osadebay

      Simple thing, if you want your children to school abroad, get your foreign exchange.

      • A Aminu

        I am in total agreement with you. PMB did not say Nigerians should not send their children to school abroad. To sight that his children are schooling abroad, is not the point. The point is, whoever wants to send his children abroad, by all means do so, but source your forex independently and not use the secant forex from the reserve meant for industries. With about 1m students studying abroad, Nigeria needs approximately $20bn to finance their studies annually if you calculate every student’s need to $20,000. This sum can be best put in educational Dev. of our local universities. Nigerians embrass ingot study In less develop countries such as in Niger republic, Sudan, Malta, Cyprus,Ghana, Benin republic,and many Asian countries.

        • Perfect summation Aminu!
          Nigerians doesn’t know or understand what foreign reserve is. They don’t know that if a Nigerian purchased $1.00 money order from a NIPOST location in Nigeria and send it abroad to purchase application form or take a foreign examination – that $1.00 NIPOST money order is cashed against what we have in our foreign exchange/account. Foreign countries will stop accepting NIPOST money order if we don’t have foreign reserve in an account. A country without foreign reserve is essentially dead such as Zimbabwe.

      • Judith

        Omo baba olowo!or BABA OLOWO himself! Well done O! I think the issue here is lead by example. Especially if you are the President. Especially if you also claim to be a ‘simple’ man…

      • vic

        to perpetuate black market, the very cause of nigerian rot today?????

    • vic



      • You are just talking like a very hateful “abe-bridge ignorant,” person. Where is your sources Mr. Vic – whatever your name is?

        • vic

          did you know, chief thief, saraki, is asking the same question at the cct up to this day????

      • Were you there? How did you know the story you are just telling Mr. Vic or Victoria? Where can anyone else verify those stories?
        Just talk, talk, and then talk and tell big lies?


    • Buhari does not have children studying sir. Check your facts sir.

      • vic

        but he prefers very young wives. buhari himself is 53rd child. does a woman bear up to that number in that part of the world???

      • AA

        Really? His children were born in the 50s and his wife is 44 years old? What planet do u get ur info from sir?

        • Judith

          Don’t mind the man. Or is he telling us that the young man and the ‘Zara’ that Buhari used as his campaign ‘poster’ children are not students and are in their 50’s…please they should give us the elixir they drink to remain ever young….

  • Thompson Iyeye

    Education is still considered the most important legacy that can be bequeathed to our children and generations to come. The societies that make the best progress are the ones with well educated citizens. No stone should be left un-turned to ensure children in the country get the best education. Unfortunately, the best education nowadays is obtained abroad, since we wittingly and unwittingly ran down our educational system.

    Education is too important to play politics with. As a country, we should continue to fund education directly or indirectly, even at a premium or at the expense of foreign exchange. Rather than deny foreign exchange for fees abroad, government should put its efforts on stabilising the Naira to remove the differential between official and unofficial exchange. This type of policy is too short sighted.

    • Bakwus

      Unfortunately, Nigeria does not have the war chest to defend the Naira…our reaerve can only support about two months import. Fiscal discipline is needed more than ever before to compliment monetary policies. This is a very hard time for Nigeria and sacrifices would be needed at this time. They should have stopped mortgage payment abroad…they are not even talking about that because it affects them directly. Today CBN still gives money to import apples and confectionaries…SMH. Yet they cry about education for reasons best known to them.

      • Thompson Iyeye

        Indeed government does not have the war chest to defend the Naira. Things have got to be prioritised therefore, and education should be one of the priority items, in allocating scarce foreign exchange..

      • Ispeak

        beautiful points sir

        • Bakwus

          Thanks my brother…I was told Dangote read our post and the very next day he told the press and the Nigerian Govt. that he would commence the sales of dollars in 2020 to Nigeria. Lol. How much is he selling now ? The factors that did not allow him sell now will also exist in 2020. i.e. his desire to remain very relevant ( which is good thing) but it should not be at the expense of the Nigerian interest.

      • UOU

        Forget about building new refineries please, it was one of their cardinal point(campaign promises) during campaign but once they are in, no one talks about it anymore. I wonder where tam david west, an old fool is now, he was the one making mouth about their building refinery during buhari’s dictatorship 1984 and if really they did, since may 29th 2015, when they came back to power, had it been they started one refinery, even in duara, by now, we may be taking stock of say 30% work done on the project since buhari is mr clean. They came in and got overwhelmed/swallowed by the in heist even the subsidy they fought and denied its existence, as opposition before, they now shamelessly embraced, taking the impunity to another level. The chief problem with the nation is the constitution, it is the head, once it is not the people’s documents, once it is suspect and never represents the people’s aspiration then nothing would or can work, nothing even if heaven will fall. If/when the people will draft their constitution, changes will arrive and all liars must burn to hell, with no more hypocrites, deceivers and tribalists hovering

    • abodes_124

      In our topsy turvy government they see more value in giving the scarce forex to pilgrims to Mecca and Jerusalem

      • BlueFickle

        Pilgrims (Indeed I read somewhere where LASG is begging Nigerias not to abandon the Hajj — what a misplacement of priorities), educating kids abroad or heading to overseas hospitals are all part of the same problems, writ-large.

    • 9jaRealist

      Thank you!

  • Arabakpura

    There may be only one term for the APC government if care is not taken! The way Buhari is going, APC may be destined for a 4 year life span!

    • abodes_124

      This is Nigeria my friend. By 2019 there will be no opposition of any significance. Buhari will sweep back into power and with control of the legislature the next thing would be constitutional amendment to make him President for life. Nigeria is stuck with Buhari until Allah beckons. What he did not get through the barrel of the gun he has now achieved through ‘democratic’ means.

      • Arabakpura

        Goodluck is my wish but not Jonathan!

        • abodes_124

          If wishes were horses beggars would ride

          • Arabakpura

            I will revolt when I am no longer allowed the God-given gift to “wish”

          • abodes_124

            I hope they do not succeeding in taking that away away by force. However it will not be for want of trying – Those ‘wishing’ for Biafra are being taught cost of wishing .

          • Arabakpura

            Wishing amounts to hoping and hoping amounts to pulling off efforts while effort can go negative or positive; but of all these, you require the good fortunes of blooming luck!

        • UOU

          Sorry, you cant get him again, he is going for UN Scribe, next time, just watch and see.

          • Arabakpura

            That will be big confusion in the world with liquor and the gentle sense! That may also be the beginning of the end of the UN!

          • UOU

            I do not take liquor but most of those guys do. I am not against liquor if it allows the taker do his/her job well. You are seeing what you wanna see hence your opinion is only personal, respected if advanced with decorum. Lies and propaganda is just for sometimes, it does not stay forever, with time we all shall know the truth and you cant stop what God has destined

          • Arabakpura

            The man is an educated illiterate, pure and simple! He does not inspire anything! The only credential he holds now is that of an African leader who willingly relinquished power! His lack of sophistication is his greatest undoing and no amount of wish will whitewash him! I am a frequent traveler and I know the kind of opinion most people in the civilized world hold of him! Many accolades he is receiving now is a form of sympathy to cushion the effect of the probe of his government! This is done so that future African leaders will not get discouraged should they want to do as he did by accepting defeat in an election loss in their countries!

      • Jon West

        Thanks to the Afonja elements of Southwest politics. Natural traitors and instant gratification-infused.

  • LagLon

    by the way it is estimated that nigerians spend usd2bn a year overseas…

    vs the education budget for nigeria of N360bn (US$ ? depending on the fx used). i wouldnt give them fx… imagine if we spent that usd2bn in nigeria.. what the schools would look like…

    ..pmb is mad.. but his team cant frame it as policy properly. he should also phase these things in.. so that the amounts available fall over the next 5 3 years to zero… so 60% availability of fx, then 40%, then 20% ..then zero.
    ..he should debate them.. not dictate and shock people, thus creating hardship..
    ..hence the biggest issue with this elected govt.. is that its not really a democratic.

    • Dr Ayodeji

      ‘PMB is mad’@LagLon, you must have been saying that severally to his age-range in your family.

      • LagLon

        i meant it in a ‘mad scary older uncle’ kinda way…

        ..another point is that another option is that the fed govt LENDS you the FX at cbn rate.. so that it must be repaid. that will encourage sustainability through the transition programme…

      • LagLon

        @Dr Ayodeji, do comment on the policy decision and options presented… PMBs madness is a personal opinion… that unfortunately is becoming obvious through his ill judged and in-congruent actions. as a learned doctor, something you must know is that diseases of the mind become more prevalent in old age… im concerned for this one.. even though this particular brain has only been ‘lightly used’ throughout its life…

        • abodes_124

          pretend is the word as indicated.

      • abodes_124

        People in families including yours and mine do tend to begin to lose it as they get older. Out of ‘respect’ we pretend that is not so until they are completely barking.

        • Dr Ayodeji

          Certainly there can be differences because the family genes differs: in my family, uncommon wisdom resides in the elderly as they grow in age, they also grow in faith and impact positively on humanity. Families whose growth into old age with life replete in ‘kaikai’ ordinarily go senile, can bark and even bite.

    • Bakwus

      Without getting into the debate of whether the president is right or wrong, the Math on USD2bn as explained in your post, is not quite that simple and pathetic as you portray it to be. The USD2bn was paid for by those parents and Naira was used by the Nigerian Govt. They could vey well have invested the Naira equivalent in Nigerian Schools…we all know what eventually happens to such monies.

      • LagLon

        im with you… i hear you completely… but we are in a tough situation. with fx flows limited tough choices need to be made.

        that you pay the fees is a personal choice. nobody is saying you cant pay the fees… what the fed govt is saying is that you cant access is the subsidised CBN FX. there are other priorities for such FX.. like spending on core import substitution… the rest has too long a payoff.

        the issue is that it is being handled insensitively, in a draconian manner and without a broader social agreement ..ie within a manifesto….

    • 100%Black

      Nigerians abroad, including students who stay back post graduation, send back $21 billion EVERY year into Nigeria’s economy.

      Muslims go on Hajj to saudi arabia every year on FX supplied by the government. Have they stopped this?

      • xabnuq

        ..Bigots..go and check..hajj for Muslim is mandatory for those that have the means and its only in Saudi without any alternative elsewhere.The present situation in Nigeria demands forex restrictions.The bulk of people schooling abroad are the children of politicians that milk us dry.you heard that we have 21 billion dollars in vaults of banks in Nigeria..who are the owners?..lastly,Christians are also going for ”toure””of cities in middle east and now there planning extending it to Rome..this is only sight seeing as its not in anyway mandated in there faith unlike Hajj…this is also on the forex..so grow up and stop playing to d galary..!

        • dozie

          Between western education and religion, western education carries higher priority in progressive countries. Retrogressive countries and Boko haram choose religion, so does Buhari. Any wonder Nigerian news lately, under Buhari, are similar to those from Somalia, and Taliban and ISIS controlled areas. Forced conversion to Islam and marriage whilst the police claims helpless.

        • 9jaRealist

          ‘Mandatory’ or not, if you do not have the so-called “means” to finance your pilgrimage by yourself (Muslim or Christian), please take a seat at home. Religion is a PRIVATE matter that the rest of us should not be forced to subsidize with our taxpayer monies. Anybody who wants to go on ‘pilgrimage’ but cannot afford to go to Mecca or Jerusalem on their own dime should instead try Oshogbo or Okija! SMH

        • 100%Black

          See them. When you tell them the truth, they 1st shout Bigot!
          Can u even define what bigot is?
          The fact remains that hajj and travel anywhere for religious purpose is private and should be PRIVATELY funded
          Not wasting our precious forex on BTA and PTA
          Afterall the majority of the money is from tax and royalties on oil and alcohol…

      • LagLon

        i hear you.. really ? the diaspora send back that cash.. students are normally consuming. the odd thing is that nigeria pays to develop a foreign workforce.. at best thats altruistic and at worst foolish…

        ..im certainly not for faith trips… but its about balance.

        • 100%Black

          World bank figures of money sent back by diaspora yearly is 21 billion dollars.That is not even debatable.

          Those same post graduate students have ended up over the years being employed in european, american and australian companies. ANd sending back money to Nigeria regularly.

          I can give u an empirical example. I know at least 50 medical doctors from one school alone in Nigeria who did postgraduate in the U.K and went ahead to work there. They all earn minimum of £52,000 yearly.
          I am also aware that they travel and send money regularly home

          • LagLon

            Im not arguing re the remittance figures.. but remittances aren’t growth. they can help, but they are not growth. effectively it means that your unproductive (at home) labour is being used in the productive economy (overseas)… this can eventually result in a brain gain.. indian IT (though some would argue that indian math was always at a superior standard).. but in nigeria this has not yet been the case… google ‘remittances and growth’.. click the economist article. most cash is hand to mouth… get the 50 doctors together and start them building hospital chains in nigeria… different story.

            also the investment in people in certain parts of education leads to an indirect, indeterminate and possibly untimely upside… vs build a local refinery … build a tomato processing plant ..build a sweetener plant …build fish farms.. build rice farms ..the list goes on. in each case US$ bns of imports are saved and local resources used.

            we can give you US$50k now in the hope that you might remit some cash in 10 years time… it would make more sense to setup a football school! in times of strife we must focus on low hanging fruit… and areas of focus. If the govt said that in keeping with our local content program, certain educational courses (in agric/ tomato processing, logistics, engineering, construction etc) would be sponsored via educational loans.. that can be paid off after 15 years… or through 5 years of work in nigeria (after 5 years experience)… then we may get a sustainable result. the weird thing is that there are NGN bns to do this.. petroleum trust fund, tetfund, etc etc… but this govt isnt joining the dots yet…

            also development is stage based… we have to balance todays needs and the low hanging fruit with the preparation of tomorrows capacity to move that forward. i asked a minister what capacity does nigeria have? like a football manager asking ..what can my players do? run fast, high stamina, quick turns, long shots, headers? what can nigerians actually do? when you start writing down the list.. and see the gaps…. you become afraid.. we have to start at the beginning. simple farming, literature, engineering and math.. brunel built uk without gps, sat nav or a computer. shakespeare wrote without the internet and agri ..needs to be consolidated and not fragmented.

          • 100%Black

            I won’t keep on going round and round in this argument.
            U miss a substantial part of my point.
            And no, i don’t think we need to start from the bottom
            If you study countries like china, India, you will understand that their diaspora made a substantial impact on where they are today.

            Even now, these same doctors donate equipment yearly to hospitals in nigeria like uniben, saving thousands of life
            A lot of the older doctors are retiring back to nigeria to train the younger ones

          • LagLon

            dont be frustrated by my position.
            i just dont feel that african rocket scientists are necessary today.
            lets be frank …the asian growth model (HK, Taiwan, South Korea – all relatively small anti-communist military bases) has many subtleties.. many linked to large threats being close by. the indian growth model started with call centres… hardly the high end of IT…
            lets compare the donations to the taxes they pay abroad.. you will probably find that the donations come from after tax income (at 40% avg rate) and can amount to (if really generous) 5%…
            ..the issue is that my tax bill last year for the firm was N40m … i almost fainted.. (my firm dashes that to other nigerians.. the pencom bill adds even more and this is local investment capital).. that diaspora ..where are their savings? where is it being invested? i know no one that is gifting US$150k from a salary in london… investing maybe but not gifting… hence local projects/ capital is more important… the diaspora has a role to play but as long as they live abroad, pay taxes abroad, save abroad and invest largely abroad.. its not central….

  • Chucks Nwaori

    Providing forex to send our children to school or go on a holiday or access medical services is not the responsibility of Government. Government should focus of making our education, health and other critical sectors in the coutry work well…..The people who benefit from this forex (Subsidy) are a small proportion of Nigerians and subsidizing them is not fair to the greater majority……Have we seen public schools in the country….they are really awful…….the estimated 2bn USD can be invested in our schools in Nigeria to make our educational system function……we should not be owing teachers salary across Nigeria and yet be contributing handsomely to the salary of teachers in other coutries

    • abodes_124

      As they say what is good for the goose is good for the gander. There is something called leading by example. People can forgive some things but blatant hypocrisy is very difficult to swallow.

    • 9jaRealist

      @chucksnwaori:disqus, the parents are BUYING the dollars from the CBN – so that leaves the CBN and the FGN with N200 bn (ie, US2bn in Naira) to invest in Nigerian schools. And if you do not want to “subsidize” these parents, then devalue the currency and let them pay ‘market’ rates for it – which should leave the FGN with even more money (N300+bn) to invest in Nigerian schools.

      • Chucks Nwaori

        You and I are on the same page about devaluation. When we devalue eventually because i know we shall, i would still put the same money into our education system as against providing forex for paying school fees abroad. Its about the greater good for the majority for me

    • dozie

      But providing forex for petrol importation is fair, and the responsibility of govt. Haven’t you seen refineries in the country… they aren’t really awful. the estimated ?? dollars spent on fuel importation can’t be invested to build refineries that work. My point is, a government that prioritizes raw materials and commodities above education /human resources development is a disaster in the making, creating future boko haram. Yes, the schools are awful, fix them but whilst you do so, don’t penalize those seeking quality education. Actually, they need to be encouraged until the awful schools are fixed, similar to the way petrol imports are treated.

      • Chucks Nwaori

        I totally agree with you,i feel government has no business importing fuel or managing refineries….atleast our government has not shown they can. Petrol importation and refinery should be left for business people……lets pay market price and rest once and for all. I have no angst against people who want quality education and if its in Harvard, Yale, Hopkins, UCL, Manchester or Liverpool then so be it…..they deserve the quality education they desire But so also do millions of Nigerian youths in Nigeria too……..i would choose putting that money into our education system than providing forex to people who want to school abroad

        • dozie

          Chucks, government looses no money by providing forex to those desirous of quality education for their children. They merely exchange dollars for naira at the official exchange rate. They can then put the naira realized and dollars too, if required, into our education system. We are not asking govt to fund our children’s education. Far from it. What we ask is for govt to not destroy the progress we’ve made over the years on the pretence that oil price is low, for it’s not low at $30/b. Google historical oil prices and see that oil price was under $13/b in 1999 and under $30/b for the entire Obasanjo’s first term and the country’s reserve that he met much lower than the $30b, with huge external debts to service yet we had some measures of progress towards being a normal country. This fire fighting approach did not work in 1984 and will not work now. Having two wide-apart exchange rates breeds corruption by round tripping. You can’t claim to be fighting corruption at one end and be creating enabling environment for corruption at another end. We queued up for salt, sugar, soap etc. christened essential commodities in 1984, watched many companies fold and all we had was patriotic zeal. 2016, we are queuing up for dollars, petrol etc., watching companies fold and all we will have is patriotic zeal. Deja vu

          • Chucks Nwaori

            your points make some valid points Dozie, I feel this government can certainly do more to save/apply judiciously what little resources accrues to us and its certainly not doing that now (34bn Naira for cars as an example).

          • UOU

            And remember those children of the average hard working nigerians schooling abroad, are no fools, they are with their own minds and they know what is happening. if they eventually got stalled and frustrated due to this government forex policy, do not / never talk to them about patriotism, they would never forgive this silly country. While some will just forget about the country and move on quietly, if ever they find alternatives to survive the tsunami, a good number of others will pay back in worse terms to to country either through crimes and other reactionary self help actions. It is not magic but realities so when you think front, you also think back which this president is not doing, it is so easy for him to shrug off a question with his shoulders and say he can afford to source forex for his children schooling overseas, under government and people’s tax but he did not gauge the implications on a wider level. Going back to the 1983 buhari coup, 1985 IBB coup till 1999, it is on record that, what these untrained, ill prepared, wanton mannered semi literate, over ambitious, tribalist military opportunists felons, brought upon the nation is exactly, what we are facing now. All the known atrocities, crimes and vices came into being from and due to the one treason of, 1984. In particular, where parents can not fend for their children’s education, they as well would lose that power, justifiably, to dictate or control their wards. Personal example is my own father who had 3 children in USA studying then ( I, was in high school then in nigeria though), he works hard to pay their fees in USA as a businessman but immediately these bunch of lunatics came to power in 1984 things started changing, confusion everywhere, inordinate and brutal extra ordinary policies and it’s somersault then IBB came in, before you know it, his economic assault on Naira and everything went awry, down the drain. In fact, then was the beginning of, the big gap foundation building between the “haves” and the “have nots”, between the rich and the poor. The middle class or average people were completely deleted in the society gradually, emerging a nee society where, it’s either you are rich, super extremely rich and living supremely rich or you are poor, very poor and living in abject poverty. Lets leave sentiments and place blames for this misadventure where it should rightly be, Buhari, Idiagbon, IBB, abacha, madueke, adisa, diya, ukiwe, aihkomo, abdulsalam, akhigbe, david mark, akiode etc created the major problems we are facing till today. These bunch with their no skill for management, will venture into programmes and projects they know nothing about, talk less of knowing where it will lead. With democracy staying for over a decade uninterrupted, there seem to be hope for progress or at least an escape from those mentality even if it is wobbly and haevily tainted with corrution but at least we were seeing the tunnels remaining the light, however, suddenly it is like we are going back to 1984, loo and behold, things are taking a new negative turn back to square zero

          • abodes_124

            My brother , as Fela said so prophetically in 1984, ‘Dem wey no sabi dey jubilate dem wey sabi dey shake their heads’. Whenever any ‘strong man’ comes into power the majority of Ngerians go giddy with delight as they start punishing those that went before them with and without evidence. People they say get the type of government they deserve. Yes indeed we are back to 1984 and history will surely play itself out as it did then. However the difference is that a very powerful well funded propoganda machine is in place and instruments of state security have perfected the art of subtle and blatant intimidation. It will take a little longer for the scale to drop from peoples eyes. Meanwhile the opposition is being progressively and systematically decimated . The judicial system is being lambasted and subverted by government spokespersons. the legislature is being rendered impotent. We are in for a long period of classical African ‘democratic dictatorship’ a la Zimbabwe. Meanwhile the ‘wailers’ can only continue wailing.

  • Okworld

    But the president recently subsidised forex for Islamic pilgrims

    • vic

      is not that funny?????

    • Dr Ayodeji

      The FG provided Forex for Nigerian pilgrims to Saudi Arabia and Izreal.

      • Okworld

        Doctor but the same President can’t afford to do same for Nigerian students abroad, the same president donated $200m to Niger recently and even sent vehicles to Togo for its coming elections, laughable I think….

        • Dr Ayodeji

          There is nothing strange in that gesture for some of us students of International Relations, USAID, British Aid Council, European, European Union Aid and such nations based Donor agencies were forms of Defense policies. Examine the problem of refugees even in Europe in the last 20 months or so ;Greece was helped to not to go totally bankrupt because of the implications of such event on the whole of Europe. The point is Niger, Togo and such our poorer neighbors are already BIG problems to our economy. Should we be complacent to watch them engulf in crisis, certainly we will further feel the damaging burden on the economy and security than any country in the world.

          • UOU

            You are saving others in a phantom crisis but you are already in bigger crisis yourself, glaringly or don’t you people have eyes to see it, just because you supported someone to power?

  • vic


    • abodes_124

      ‘All animals are equal but some are more equal’ – Animal Farm by George Orwell.

      • Arabakpura

        …Let’s all (animals) wait for that day that we all must labour; though many an animal may die before it breaks, the tyrant man shall be overthrown and the fruitful fields of Nigeria shall be trod by beasts (the poor) alone!

    • Olumide Soneye

      With all these kidnappers around? Buhari’s children are not safe in Nigerian schools.

  • vic



    • UOU

      Don’t you know that, it is the same black market mallams that sponsored buhari, in 2003, 2007 and 2011 presidential election campaigns? I personally know one of them, in the airport who gives buhari raw cash even feeding whenever buhari comes into lagos, upto after elections, maybe he was also holding the mallam hostage as mugu. These bunch are smelly and treacherous, when they are out of power, Oh God, they are so pathetic especially the military ones. Pity, people do not know this man buhari at all, perhaps because of where we were already then, anguish, frustrated and tribalism everywhere. Nigerian press really messed up this country by throwing up this man, by the time he is done with damaging this country, it would take another (3)three generations to revive the sick place. Buhari is extremely shy and weak, he cannot even discuss with anyone on any subject for up to an hour, you hardly can understand him, a former president, very shameful but it’s 4 years so let people live with it. All his deficiencies are hidden under the rigalia of, Mr Clean, a big lie, fallacy, hoax, joke, game and dommie

    • Tea


  • Daniel

    No one sent me abroad to study, not my parents neither the government. But those who can afford it at 320 naira per dollar should do so.

    Devaluation is a no-go area. It does not make sense in the context of our economic realities. And for those engaged in round-tripping, they shall be visited by the EFCC and DSS VERY SOON.

    • 9jaRealist

      @Daniel. Bro, I have news for you – the Naira has already been DEVAL:UED! The value of any currency is what it can buy and we are getting less theses days for the same amount of Naira from last year (ie, after adjusting for inflation). The CBN and the President obstinacy merely amounts to subsidizing those fortunate (or connected) enough to have access to forex from the official CBN window. SMH

      • Daniel

        That is a wrong conclusion. The FG does its procurement at 197 naira per a dollar. Reduce your desire for foreign goods. Else you buy at 350 naira per a dollar. There is no magic to economic independence.

        And those who failed for sixteen years should keep quiet and allow this government to work. If they did so well, we wouldn’t be in this mess. No savings, nothing…

        So if we are going to diversify from oil, certainly not one year will solve it. We are victims of ‘Dutch Disease’ and chronic corruption.

        • 9jaRealist

          Not exactly sure how I “failed for sixteen years” or are you one of those Rankadede commenters who are afraid to speak truth to power?!
          Dude, the only entity that needs to “diversify from oil” is the government itself! Oil and gas accounts for a mere 17% of Nigeria’s GDP (and that’s the official GDP, which largely excludes much of the informal economy) but almost 80% of govt income. But because oil revenue is effectively ‘windfall’ monies to the FG (it contributes little or NOTHING to its production but merely collect revenue and sundry rent), it will never wean itself of oil.
          On the other hand, human resources is any nation’s MOST IMPORTANT (much more than oil or any other mineral), and the education necessary to harness that resource to its fullest potential is the greatest and wisest investment that any country can make (and one would think that even those rumoured not to posses basic certificates would grasp that). So, when a govt that refuses to remove the subsidies that expends about $6bn in subsidizing foreign refineries and jobs (as well as wel-connected local fat cats) proudly proclaims that it would spare one-third of that on human capital, one can only shake one’s head in pity. Unfortunately, many Nigerians are too shortsighted to see beyond their petty partisan noses.

          • Daniel

            Subsidy is gone. But it will take time for economic diversification that will increase human capacity utilization to take place. Let the 2016 budget be passed.

          • dozie

            The wisest comment that I’ve seen in a year. Keep it up! We need to shed such lights of understanding in the hope that they will one day listen and pull back from the retrogressive path.

          • UOU

            Tell them but how can they understand when they are supporting someone with a nepa bills as waec certificate, its impossible to put sense on their head, this is not campaign period even one of them, is claiming that subsidy is gone but kachikwu said it is not

    • UOU

      Leave those who do round tripping alone, must we find or shift blames in all things, that avenue is created for them by someone, knowingly with bad intents. It is like running from car then get crushed by a trailer. Round tripping is just another business opportunity, a way of advancing ones life earnings or does round tripping, popularized by abacha equals, the hypocritical carnage done to the economy by, the President keeping, maintaining and using (10)ten private jets, why cant we ask salient questions, the type we were asking Jonathan, why, why why so much sentiments, why this cover up?

      • Daniel

        You have all the rights to criticise Buhari. But I think we must be fair to him too. He reduced the ministries from 42 to 24, and reduced the number of perm secs.

        When was the last time you heard ministers traveling abroad? Most times they follow Buhari on his trip. As for the presidential jets, I have no information because it is not like going to sell your phone under Ikeja bridge.

        And in fairness too, we should realise devaluation will not solve this problem. IBB devalued the naira and till today we have not recovered from it.

        The matter is simple : oil price gone down,we do not do serious export and so there is no other source of foreign exchange. Official devaluation will affect the budget badly. The only people that will benefit from devaluation are briefcase investors at the NSE and currency speculators.

        This is the time to make sacrifices and diversify the economy away from oil.

        For your information, I am Niger Deltan. Jonathan wasted our opportunity. Just the East-West Road he could not complete it. Second Niger Bridge in the pipeline. He rather gave money to militants and friends.

        Just imagine the revelations. Will you call the revelations Home Video? If it were PDP president to another PDP , we would never have known all we now know. Thank God for multi-party democracy.

        • UOU

          I agree with you on one point which is multi party system yet there is a sense of dishonesty on your tones, I don’t care if you are, niger delta or not, it’s useless now because elections is over and we have a new government, given and trusted with the mandate to look after the affairs of the nation for, both the supporters and oppositions including those who are sitting on the fence therefore, buhari and his people in government must be held accountable, with the same level of pressure mounted on the last regime. You asked that I am so hard on buhari but you never countered all i listed and my points. First, you feign you do not know, if ten(10) airplanes are been maintained as presidential fleet and you ended up, with a weak mischievous analogy about phone in computer village because you know you are already lying to yourself. However I want to put on you that it is confirmed that the fleet is still intact, expensively maintained but during his campaign it was all about frugality of buhari, that the fleet would be dispensed off or at least reduced, hereby I challenge the presidency, to come out to defend it. Of course, in the style if any of the airplanes is no more in that fleet, the whole world will know about it, almost would be celebrated as if another election is won. Secondly, I am going back to, your asking me/people to be soft on buhari, shame for this pronouncements, you do not apply a different statndard to the same thing or people, what was used against the last regime must be used for the present and subsequent government and what gave you the impressions that buhari will have a peace of mind during the 4years when such was not given to the last man?regrets, it is now beyond you and your type, the pressure is just starting, the heat will get severe as time goes on unless they ban internet in nigeria, it will go on whether you like it or not. I cannot comment on the niger bridge because it is more of politics but surely, Jonathan was a complete failure on that, just like obasanjo and it is like ly buhari will fail on it. If we change the consitution, that wont be a problem because states can do it, private companies can also do theirs, collect tolls and pays some to the government. Per east west road, one side was completed before Jonathan left, remaining the opposite side, I still mark Jonathan failed on that meanwhile, what of the good things Jonathan did well, do you have a point on that or you are ion the pool of thos who said he did nothing in 4/5years maybe you are niger delta as you want to introduce tribe/region but all niger deltans are not same, at least not like the yorubas, hausa/fulanis or igbos. We all know that, ijaws are steadily in conflict against uhrobo, who is fighting itshekiri, who do not accept Ika, who is against anioma, who dislikes the kalabari, who is against ogoni, who do not see eye to eye with efiks, who are ready to sell off the orons, who took the ogojas as jokers and so on and so forth. In this context, you cannot rule out the almighty effects of, tongue differences between you and Jonathan, same thing exists between the major tribes of the yorubas, hausa/fulanis and Igbos even till with the listed minorities. Now, the issue is less about Jonathan, who has done his best, history will judge him later, not mounted lies and propaganda by those who feel they were sidetracked or those who wanna take back their power by force. The mojo is now with buhari and we must let him serve everybody, by force, it is no more his choice how he want to do it, we are no more in military hence all leverages is with the people, again thansk to internet. If buhari cannot take the heat and lead then he would not rule us. The frivolies and extravangancies is very clear already, the hypocrisy and deceit is only been tolerated because this is democracy , almost he has taken the roads opposite of what he professed, promises during elections are been brazen complied more in parochialism and shamelessly denied so, tell yourself the truth daniel, assuming this president is not buhari, perhaps he is someone like, tinubu or aregbesole or rochas or kwankwaso or even the last man jonathan, would you ask for leniency or is it just for blind followership. Better face the truth, get out of that comfort zone now before the foam from the saop water enters your eyes, yes, if I see Jonathan I will tel him all that he did that is not good, at least he would have given us light, if not for any other thing but that alone, without light everywhere, constant and affordable, every other government in the past failed, buhari is moving like someone that will succeed or can you tell us when he is visiting nigeria again

          • Daniel

            I studied history in the university. It is intellectually fatal to dismiss the wasteful, if you will, locust years of the PDP, and expect to see the positive difference from Buhari so soon.

            You need to be able to grasp what we lost under the past presidents in order to see reasons for patience. If the economy had truly been 500 billion dollars worth, hmmm… we would not be where we are. It was a classic case of jobless growth and paper statistics. By the way,I repeat: where is the savings from oil? And you expect the naira not to crash?

            Time lost cannot easily be regained. Wait for Buhari’s budget to be passed.

            I had to stress where I come from ,so that you don’t tag me a Yoruba man. Jonathan made very poor choices. We must wait for Buhari to do his best.

          • UOU

            You lost nothing except what you want to deceitfully claim you lost, via lies and propaganda. Talk of history, jonathan was never the only president that has ruled nigeria, so go back on time immemorial, come clean and stop opening yourself bare. Our people use to say that, from the smell of the fart, you can guess how the excrete would be like, buhari has not show in anyway that he has anything good for anyone in future, perhaps except for his sycophants supporters, all his decisions and actions so far is faulty, if you like keep hiding your intents, who you actually are and what your real intents is but it wont be long before you are unraveled, just like buhari is been unmasked everyday, as fake, hoax and a big joke, a turncoat and a hypocritical criminal, akin to many other who are now surrounding him or you never knew he took a loan of N27m, to buy nomination form, for lack of money or poverty yet he had his children schooling in Uk? Where you come from is not the issue, I warned you already to desist from that hopeless state of mind and I know why you are stressing it, that much, so that, on the slightest opportunity, as a defeatist, you will lean on your tribe and ethnicity, to prove your pettiness. You are not the only one schooling or schooled abroad neither were you the only one that is a student of history, in academic or otherwise, if you choose, keep standing where youare to wait for fake change from buhari because jonathan took what belongs to you however buhari was a dictator despotic ruler decades before jonathan got to power so talking on history he is part of the system that messed up your life. I do not know your age but I am sorry state my disappointment, that you are shamelessly telling me to wait for budget, without telling me why a budget was padded, presented, celebrated as a trophy, stolen, denied, cursed and killed to be repacked, shame of people of small minds, it is sometimes part of it but it not always about you are yoruba, hausa, igbo, ijaw afterall, we met people of other nationalities when we are abroad, say the truth and be free, start now before it is too late

          • Daniel

            Did your former Presidents reveal any padded budget? Well then the PDP Presidents and PDP legislators had a ‘family affair’. They saw no evil and heard no evil.

            Now that Saraki’s head is on the slaughter’s slab at the CCT, it is only natural to expose a padded budget ; no love lost.

            Buhari did not deny it and has taken steps to prosecute those who were trained by the PDP to pad Budgets.

            That is the difference between our ugly past and promising future.

            Sixteen years could have raised our human development index to the admiration of other African countries. But here we are begging for bread.

            Buhari is making the best of a bad situation. Are you even bothered so much money was stolen? Rather you are more concerned about the names not yet mentioned. That is moral corruption.

          • abodes_124

            As a student of history how ‘wasteful’ were the Abacha years when a certain person was responsible for a significant portion of public expenditure or does our history start from 2011 ?

          • Daniel

            We all talk and learn nothing from the past. S o we remain the way we are.

        • UOU

          Corrections, on my last statements, i mean to write that;

          Buhari is moving on like someone who will NOT succeed, almost heading to the road of failures, only we wish it will not be too bad that redemption would be impossible

        • Tea


          • Daniel

            It is not about putting huge sums into mining, but putting the enabling laws in place to encourage private sector investment and guaranteeing loans for small-scale investors. That is how Dangote became exporter of cement.

          • partafamilias trippi

            Do u also know that the budget for the Information ministry is almost twice the the amount allocated for the Agriculture ministry? Stop fooling yourself bro.

        • abodes_124

          Oil has gone down all over he world. Most governments have restrategised and moved different economic levers to maintain their economic stability. This government intended to cover the shortfall in oil by borrowing and the budget amount put forward far exceeded the last one. To devalue or not is a judgment call to be made on best advice and I personally do not have enough knowledge to say which best suits our circumstance.. However it appears as if we have no thought through policy but more of a rigid personal standpoint by someone who I am certain is not more economically literate than most on this forum. The general practice is not to allow the markets to make a one way bet on your currency by stating your position so publicly.

          • Daniel

            If you read the 2016 budget, this is the first time in many years that capital expenditure is more than 30% in in a 6 trillion Naira budget. Does that make sense to you? It is in the numbers.

            Thank God for once in a long time we have a leader who can ensure the budget is implemented. You need to appreciate what it means to carry out the decision you have taken, not the usual ceremony of budget presentation after which you have uncompleted projects littered all over the place.

            I am waiting for the the 2016 budget to be passed.

  • Patrick Okeke

    I just watched Buhari on Al-Jazera…shaking my head

    • Toby

      Do I cry or do I ” laff “?

    • abodes_124

      others watched it and are ‘jubilating’.

  • Patrick Okeke

    Buhari’s comments on Nigeria’s role with Islamic nations.. and referring to Christian’s protesting such affiliations….his response to the killing of innocent Ipob supporters …and his inability to by comprehend the issues raised by Al-Jazera journalist relating the budget padding and $25,000 allocated to the Vice-President’s library which is far higher than the funds allocated for books to all the polytechnics across the country .Is simply unfortunate.

  • Patrick Okeke

    President Buhari educating Nigerians abroad is in fact a tremendous benefit to the country.They constitute the human capital that would contribute to the development of the country.Even if they do not return to Nigeria they would surely invest in their homeland.It appears we are reset to 1984.

  • Romla

    This is an unfortunate,but true situation,though i would have wished the rich could have been separated from the not rich.In respect of education i still believe the children of the poor should still get forex trough the CBN,while the rich should sponsor their children from personal sources.On those diverting forex meant for pharmaceuticals,they should be pursued and jailed for long periods.What a group of wicked,callous people.i am sure they are the same people that were importing fake drugs.

  • Victor

    This is the CHANGE you people voted for, so no need to complain, rather just keep enjoying it. His own children are schooling abroad, but others can’t do same. 2019 is just by the corner, this EVIL APC politicians will feel the reward of their wickedness then.

  • tk

    This man called BUHARI is still draconian, some one should advice him to go to jos for a course on policy formulation at NIPSS…..there is always a thousand ways of doing the right thing but one way of doing the wrong thing…..this government is suffering from lack of experts and technocrats period.

  • Tea


  • Okan

    We need to privatise major universities like Unilag, UI, UNN and ABU. Attract first class lecturers from all over the world. Increase school fees to 2.5 million per annum. Give student loans to those that qualify and can’t afford the fees. Attach their BVN to their certificates so that from their future endeavors they will pay back the country.

    The era of free rides are over.
    These are food for thought that can be expanded upon.

  • Jon West

    If you think education is expensive, why don’t you try ignorance? After watching the Certificateless One on Al Jazeera, I wept for the future of my grand children. Why did the Afonja elements of Southwest politics afflict this plague on us?

  • jiggs

    But his kids are studying abroad…… nawa ohhhh

  • RumuPHC

    I believe this is PMB’s personal opinion and not a policy of government!

    Understandably, the wishes of a president cannot necessary become the policy of government in a democracy. Furthermore, setting monetary policy objectives is actually not the prerogative of the President or the Executive but that of the Governor of the CBN who must naturally act under the guidance of policy making committees and be independent from politicians and politics.

    Though outside of his powers, the proposition by PMB that Nigeria cannot afford to allocate forex for the education of Nigerians abroad is not only ludicrous but quite illogical and counter productive to development.

    It is laughable because it is not a statement a president should be making especially outside Nigeria. PMB and most members of his cabinet benefited from foreign education sometimes under government scholarship all paid for at official exchange rate. This was at period when crude oil was selling for less than $20 per barrel and Nigeria was pumping less than 1.2m barrel per day with an overall lower income to government from oil and gas.

    If government can give scholarship abroad and provide forex for PMB in 1970, how then can PMB as head of government now say government cannot provide forex to parents who are desirous of educating their children in better universities abroad, without portraying himself as a clown instead of a leader?

    What PMB got for free from government , PMB is now saying parents cannot get from his government even if they wish to pay for it.

    • Ispeak

      This the best post on this tread
      kudoz to you sir

    • UOU

      You hit it on its skull, ride on please

      • RumuPHC

        Don’t mind them. The government is ready to allocate forex to importers of limousine and bullet proof SUVS but does not want to give forex to parents who are struggling to train engineers that will run our steel plants and design and build a made in Nigeria car . How can a nation develop when it does not train a few of the next generation in the best universities in the world?

    • Tea


  • William Norris

    This here is a blatant display of hypocrisy. See a President who wants us to buy Nigerian but his own children are schooling abroad.

    There’s no need to pursue those who sell their forex allocations on the Black Market, it’s a waste of government time and resources. Just float the naira and PREVENT the crime in the first place.

    After watching this interview I’m truly scared for Nigeria. You can SEE that Buhari has no firm grasp of the issues. He didn’t even seem to know what Security Vote meant.

    OK he is the President but at least get good advisers who can tutor you about these things. Though his campaign gave the impression he was prepared for the job.

    Goodness, Nigeria is in trouble. Thank goodness I saw the light in Jan 2012.

  • The truth

    That is Why I visit http://WWW.ABOKIFOREX.COM they report oil price every day. Nigeria is solely dependent on oil, If oil is up economy will be good.

  • Edim Asekong

    Those who wanted change, the type Buhari offers, are now experiencing it first hand

  • vic





  • niaja niaja

    Nationalism versus reality is what I ask my President to recognise. The market should determine the value of the niara. Maybe when the niara exchange at 500 to a dollar Nigerians will ultimately adjust accordingly and investors confidence will grow with accompanying funds injected into the economy. Presently, the parallel market price is determinig the price of everything. At the long-run this policy is bad if the price of crude oil fails to increase substantially. On funds for students studying abroad I agree with the President.

  • McOgbuefi

    Nigeria is in deep mess.


    Buhari,how lowly you rate education was long made manifest by your appointment of a newspaper columnist as a substantive education minister whilst a professor of education and a former vice chancellor of a university was designated a junior minister! What a travesty! Buhari is a big fraud.

  • Bolaji Bankole

    I agree with his stands on Nigerian can not afford forex for parents sending their kids abroad for school. Some decision has to be made and it may sound tough, but it has to be made.However, I will like to know what steps he has taken concerning his kids that are abroad studying. Is he sourcing their school fees from black market?. If he is doing that, I am 100% behind him. If not, he should start to be doing it. IMF are after their personal interest. I have said before, economics system always has 2 sides. It all depends on which side you want to look at to achieve your own objective.

  • Auta62

    A tyrant is a tyrant any day any where. Buhari’s negative reaction and attitude to serious national and international issues concerning the country, cast bad image on the credibility of this nation. Those who voted for change are getting disappointed every day of their life, because PMB has proved a man with twisted reasoning.

  • Tea


  • Edim Asekong

    Having an educated president will guarantee informed decisions. Afraid this President does not get it, at all.

  • akpo

    It will be an act of deliberate damage to the efforts of many parents who are not rich neither are they government fat cat nor embezzlers of public funds but deprive themselves of many things in order to give their children best education within their means.

    Let the government continue to make provisions for those who are already there.Room should also be made for fresh candidates with biases for Medicine,Engineering and science.

    Government policy makers must place the interest of the people above selfish desires. Imagine if the number of students currently abroad are brought back to Nigeria,how many universities can accommodate them in addition to the students already in their campus ?

    If government thinks it wants to punish money bags who send their children abroad,this policy will not affect them because they have enough loot to take care of their large appetite.It is only the struggling middle class that will be affected.

  • emma nu

    una never see any thing yet. I knew what we suffered in his govt 1983-84.

  • vic



  • NinjaK

    But Buhari’s Govt can afford to supply Dangote all the billions of dollar forex needed for his Refinery equipments!!!
    What a way for a Government to distribute a scarce National commodity!!!
    Looks like we all have to start praying that Dangote will end up employing ALL Nigerians in the nearest future.

  • NwaBiafra

    And who have begged him for sponsor? He is not ashamed of himself. Why do Nigerians study abroad? Blood sucking Buhari.

  • lawal

    with due respect to our president, let me tell you sir, most of the students that are studying abroad only relying on ATM withdrawal to pay their school fees and living expenses, we are sponsored by government but nobody give us Forex we received Naira in our bank account, but govt. gives approvals in Dollars and it will be paid into beneficiary bank account in naira through the CBN approval, this is what is going on all along, but why now CBN are not telling the truth to Mr. president, only their children enjoying the so-called school fees for student abroad . Similarly, banks are charging students on the bureau de change rate when they make withdrawals, so what is the problem, let government do something on our tertiary education to meet the global standard, by providing facilities, man power and adequate funding. etc. This will make our educational institutions to deliver the best and our resources will be save for the betterment of our nation, studying abroad is only developing another country economy, look at what student is paying abroad as school fees e.g $10,000 to $12,000 (#2,388,000.00 & #1,990,000.00) and accommodation with living expenses will be around $500 to $400 (#99,500) monthly, this is for Masters / PhD in UK and some state in US. For most of the Asian countries you subtract 30% from the above defending on the institutions and city/town. Something have to be done let us find out the reason why people are going to abroad for studies.

  • Naijawatchman

    A truthful man who is prepared to take the bull by the horn and take a seemingly unpopular stand. This is definitely the only way nations turn around.
    Sure! people will scream and shout, but guess what, its the 10% elite. Do the millions of poor and rural people care about forex for overseas schooling? Nope! For once Nigeria is on the cusp of getting its priorities right! Channel the majority into building locally and let the minority fund their overseas trips themselves

  • John Tosh

    No money from central bank to be sold in the parallel market. If you are arrested they will make an example of you. IMF is a community of thieves.

  • RBboy

    Even before now, not up to 10% of funds used in sponsoring students abroad came from the official foreign exchange window. I think this administration is bereft of economic sense! They are still playing to the gallery as if they are on campaign for votes. That was why they came up with a foreign exchange policy that is crashing our economy now! See a situation where foreign airlines cannot repatriate their earnings from Nigeria! Very soon, all our foreign exchange transactions and economic activities will be undertaken in Ghana. See a situation where this administration decided that we could not use our ATM cards outside Nigeria! That effectively meant that we had excised ourselves from the international financial community! What a suicide!

  • emmanuel anizoba

    Let’s re-focus the discussion. PMB is saying : Buy your student forex from the open market; I can no longer operate the subsidised students-forex window. PMB’s folks may go to study on the moon, if he can source it from his income. Cheers!

  • Efula

    A President who could not credit his papers in WAEC how can he know the important of education. Idle illitrate. Imagine his reasons that foreign exchanage of those schooling abroad effecfs his economy.

  • James Nyaya

    We all yearn and cry for change yet we expect the change to come from an Ex military Junta. Rubbish… Buhari wont do any different than any of the other leaders before him. He’s there for two reasons, to fulfill he’s control and wanna be president cravings and to avenge those who stopped him from being president on the 3 previous trials. If any Nigerian is expecting change as he promised, you must be dreaming…

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  • metamopholis01

    In 1984/85 Buhari sacked his uncle Shagari. He had then problem with dollar and stopped new students fees remittances > Exactly in the same fashion he did it again. Is he resurrecting his military old fashion administrative know how? What exactly is Buhari up to.? I guess the majority of Nigerians appreciate his job rating otherwise the administration needs to be chased out but who else will handle it, no one and that is the situation Nigeria is in. Every Nigeria leader is bad. Jonathan is bad Buhari is bad. what is going on. I am even confused right now trying to to find reasons. Does it mean that there is no single ONE Nigeria who can lead his people.. Everybody in Nigeria is corrupt, criminalized or waiting to become. If anybody ventures to tell them, they come up with their watery mouth of curse and slurs. Even Biafra cannot solve this problem as Jonathan had the opportunity to do so just like Ironsi who could have shaped Nigeria by handing power to Awolowo based on Kaduna Nzeogwu plan. Ironsi however hijacked the whole thing and went drinking and died in the hands of his foes. Since we have tried everything no luck, what is not tried is FISICAL FEDERALISM. The youths need to rise up and demand for this system . It will cripple the Federal system to be less attractive for power hungry black man.

  • Richy Amechi Fidel

    But you can afford for your stupid children that is school in UK. Bastard President ever elected in Nigerian history, he has surrounded Nigerian government with his hausa/fulani brothers and sisters. He recently appointed his fulani sister as Head of NPA. Nigeria is now controlled by the fulanis, thanks to Tinubu and Co.

  • The Trib3sman
  • lawal

    Mr. president what about students sponsor by Government, e.g Teachers, medical student and others, what is their stand, is govt. going to bring them back or they will continue facing the hardship without any sympathy from govt. This is very wrong our president find solution, those student they were representing the nation not their family.

  • Udoka Selebobo Chigozie Oku


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  • ipako

    Why are Nigerians clamouring for education outside their country? Per population, Nigeria has enough universities. Why don’t the parents make use of what they have. It should be, if you can afford a foreign education, then go ahead. That is if you can afford the floating exchange rate and no subsidiary from the central bank.

  • paul irumundomon

    His two kids just finished their schools in England, everyone else can kiss his ass. Jonathan did not sent his kids to foreign land for studies, his block head supporters, don’t see anything wrong with that. He has crossed the bridge, don’t care if the bridge is bombed to prevent others from crossing, black man way of reasoning. Lia Mohammed will collaborate this. The man who is never short of answers to any thing in Nigeria.