Time to Rewrite the APC Manifesto

PEDULUM By Dele Momodu, Email: dele.momodu@thisdaylive.com

Pendulum By Dele Momodu; dele.momodu@thisdaylive.com

Fellow Nigerians, something melodramatic occurred some days ago in Doha, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, where President Muhammadu Buhari dropped a bombshell inadvertently. And what was the matter? The President in his usual candour and uncommon honesty announced that one of his major campaign promises was no longer feasible and practicable; the plan to pay unemployed youths a paltry sum of N5,000 monthly stipend was thus summarily jettisoned. Or so it seemed. To be accurate, what Mr President said with a wry smile was that this was a campaign promise of his Party and was one of the cardinal points of his Party’s Manifesto but he had not personally campaigned about it and it was not going to be a priority of his administration in view of other more significant and important challenges.

However, all hell broke loose on social media because the President’s body language actually suggested that the pledge was dead in the water and had not just been demoted from the list of priorities. There were several reasons why social and popular media became instantly agog with activity on this issue. Nigerian youths took great risk to get Major General Buhari elected. They trusted him with their lives and expected the change mantra to become reality as soon as the People’s General regained power after being sacked as a military ruler in 1985. Truth is there are already some loud whispers in many quarters that lofty expectations are turning to a mirage and that things are already falling apart. Every explanation that it is too early to expect miracles is hardly treated with belief.

Thus when the President delivered this seemingly bad news to the expectant nation, it did not go down well with many people. First the location was wrong. I agree that such monumental decisions should not have been announced while sojourning abroad. To some it would appear as if the President was taking the easy pusillanimous way out. Perhaps, the President should have addressed the nation on home soil. Maybe the President could have requested his ruling APC party to take the bullet for him by getting the Party Chairman, Chief John Oyegun, to talk to the nation about the need to revise the manifesto that was sold to the electorate with so much glee. There is nothing wrong if fresh realities have necessitated a change of plans. There is usually a world of difference between the idealism of opposition and the reality of being on the hot seat. It is one of the reasons I don’t envy the President on this present job.

Mr President and his Party would have to sit down urgently to reappraise things and come out with a tidier and clearer agenda containing the realistic plan for Nigeria and Nigerians in this dispensation. Sooner rather than later, the first year of this administration will come knocking. It would be disastrous if by May 29, 2016, we still cannot have a glimpse of where the government is headed or heading. The staccato, stop-start fashion by which things are being currently handled must yield way to a smoother policy manifestation and implementation. There are many things that need to be worked on speedily.

The first and most pressing is the economy. What is on ground now has been described by a famous economist as “Robinson Crusoe economics.” Like Robinson Crusoe, our economy is being handled like one man living alone on an uninhabited island but surrounded by cannibals and vermin. The economy is on a freefall, the sort we’ve not encountered before. My humble suggestion is that the President should assemble a crack economic team immediately. Those who wish to hold conferences can still do so especially as we know where similar jamboree conferences have gotten us in the past. However, it is obvious that some people have hijacked the misfortune of Nigeria and turned it into a spectacular goldmine. “Voodoo economics” is being practised by those milking the country dry and their acolytes as well as by others wishing to manipulate themselves into the position of latter day economics experts and get a slice of the national cake. There are at this moment only a few sincere economists about and we should tap into these people but not make the mistake of putting them on the same platform with the evildoers lest we become unable to separate the wheat from the chaff. A nation that fails to consult and use its best brains is doomed and may be permanently jinxed like we seem to have been forever. In any event what is necessary now is not to make the country a debating society where esoteric and grand economic principles are postulated and propounded but a society where practical visionary and meaningful economic policies are garnered and implemented.

As young as I was in the days of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, I was aware that his best asset were the brightest brains he was able to attract and assemble. He gathered their brilliant ideas and merged them with his own. Leadership is thus an art and science of skillfully managing people and resources. It is even easier these days. In the age of advanced technology, where you can buy whatever you lack, including brains. As advanced as Britain is, the Governor of the Bank of England was recruited from Canada. No one raised eyebrows because the most important thing was getting the job done. Our parochialism will kill Nigeria ultimately if care is not taken. Many of the voodooists controlling Nigeria know nothing about modern governance or managing an economy, not to mention an ailing one. What is worse is that they know that they know not but would not agree to allow those who know something to do anything.

The time has come to declare an emergency on an evil economic apparatus foisted on us by selfish people that may end up ruining our otherwise great country. I believe we should rise above partisan politics and bring our past and present geniuses together including The Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, The Minister of Finance, Mrs Kemi Adeosun, The Governor of the Central Bank, Mr Godwin Emefiele, The Emir of Kano, His Highness Lamido Sanusi, Professor Charles Soludo, Mrs Oby Ezekwesili, Professor Part Utomi, Mr Bismark Rewane, and some of our brilliant University dons to fashion out a way out of this scandalous debacle.

The next thing is for this government to reflect true frugality and shed the toga of prodigality that is already rearing its ugly head. The President should be alerted about how those outside now believe he has already joined the psychedelic class by wasting resources on flights of fancy and excessively flamboyant and ostentatious airport ceremonies. The social media caught fire last Monday as the pictures of our Brigade of Guards in Scottish kilt fully piped up welcomed the President on his arrival from his Middle East tour went viral. Such frivolity did not reflect the mood of the nation. The President’s winning formula had always been his simplicity, humility and childlike innocence. He must resist the temptation of being corrupted by the carpetbaggers who litter our corridors of power. Running the different tiers of government has been a major drain on our economy. It is also the reason the citizens would not change their ways when government refuses to set good examples.

Everything humanly possible should be done to empower and encourage Mr Babatunde Raji Fashola to give us power. There will never be any meaningful development and progress until we can generate enough electricity and be able to transmit and distribute this effectively. When people shout that we should patronize made in Nigeria products they conveniently forget that most of what we use in making the made in Nigeria products were fabricated and made abroad. At best we are only an assembly line for these products. An average company loses its profit to what should have been provided ordinarily by government. I cannot begin to overemphasise the importance of electricity. Nigerians will never forget whoever can put an end to their life in perpetual darkness. It is worth every effort and investment.

It is heartening to note that there are those ready and willing to partner with Government at little or no cost to make our dire power situation a thing of the past using both conventional and sustainable energy solutions. All that seems to be required is for government to discard any policy that would be a stumbling block to the utilisation of these opportunities. Nothing must be seen as set in stone. National development requires not only flexibility but a willingness to think outside the box. It is time to seize the moment!
In the name of God, we must revamp our educational institutions. It is disgraceful that we watched them collapse and we have refused to do anything tangible to bring them back to par with their counterparts elsewhere. The APC should tell and demonstrate in concrete terms what it intends to do to restore the lost glory of our schools from primary to tertiary institutions. Mercifully, the Vice President comes from a scholarly background and hopefully should be able to activate and actualize what the former President Goodluck Jonathan, himself an academic, could not achieve in the five years he spent as substantive number one citizen of Nigeria.

Without quality education, most of our graduates would never be employed or even become employable. Our school curriculum must now be redesigned in such a way that it can be relevant to the needs and requirements of our tough situations. Entrepreneurship should become a compulsory subject. This is why we must commend and recommend the great initiative by Tony Elumelu’s foundation that seeks to locate and situate hidden talents and future captains of industry. Innovation and inventiveness must be encouraged. There are Nigerians undertaking breathtaking research in many fields of human endeavour within the hallowed precincts of our university communities but they do not have the financial muscle or government encouragement and backing to be able to bring their dreams into reality. Great nations are made from developing such talents. Research and development (R & D) is the way to go. Most of our manufacturing companies hardly have any such viable R & D departments. Incentives must be given to all concerned, including funding and tax initiatives, so that our nation may truly enter the industrialised comity of nations and not just pretend that we are better than mere panel beaters!

Yes, it is time for APC and the Government to set their priorities again but this must be done with a sense of purpose and a desire to take the people to a higher level. May God help them.​

  • Terry Nnanna

    Change has indeed come. There is no index of the economy that we can claim has improved since the APC government came into power. People are no more enamored with the GEJ bashing. It has become patently obvious that Buhari and his team at this time are bereft of ideas to turn the nation around. The likes of Oshiomole and Amaechi have suddenly gone quiet. They, of sharing the excess crude money fame. Nigerians have been duped. It has been one misstep after another by Buhari and his team. The euphoria is over. Reality has set in. Momodu and his fellow apologists can no more come up with enough spins to cover the abject failure we have on our hands. Change has come but at what cost?

  • Longhorn

    Dele, at first I didn’t believe you were the one that actually wrote this article (actually had to scroll back up to confirm).
    However I’m glad people like you and some of your professional colleagues are finally waking up from your slumber, hypnotism, hypocrisy or stupidity. You must start by taking full responsibility for your role in visiting Nigeria with this evil government. Oh the energy and drums of ink you expended in the campaign up to the elections…remember? So please don’t come here and pretend you didn’t know the real PMB…you did but was blinded by hatred and ambition. Now that you didn’t get what you’d hoped for you’re now coming to sound ‘intellectual’. No one is fooled. One thing I know though…….Evil shall not triumph and PMB and his gang are not the expected agents of CHANGE. Nigeria shall be great again by HIS grace!!

  • tonye

    What a government, nothing for it citizens to enjoy, all the subsidy has been removed, no road, no functioning schools, hospitals, name it. No old people’s home, just nothing. Now the question to ask is Buhari what is the money in the single treasury account For? Money looted what will you use it For? Because we nigerians just keep giving what would we benefit in Return?

  • 247piper

    @ Dele Momodu,May God help them.? Are you not an APC member?

  • Hackervirus

    Get capable hands to run the nation and remove tribalism and all these shit zoning. Must we allow imcompetent people to rule us cos of zoning and meritocracy. We have proven politicians who have demivered yet we handed the nation to Buhari and a pastor.Buhariis no politician like wise Osinbajo.

    We have tested and trusted ploticians who have worked and delivered. Gov Donald Duke..his works speak for him still in Cross River State. Gov Sullivan Chime tested and trusted. Enugu is a diffrernt State now….All roads built, street are well lit, security, free health care for pregnant women and the list goes on. Yet u hardly see him advertise his works on the telly during his tenure. Gov Fashola tested and proven. Seasoned politician who transformed lagos

    Why cant we use these guys who are young and tested? We could not cos they are Yoruba , Igbo and Cross River. Yes cos they are SW, SS, SE..so it is the turn of the North to rule and thats why we are in this mess.

    THE Current Prime minister of Canda is Justin Trudeau is 46, David Cameron of Great Britian is 49, Malcom Turnbull of Australia is 61. Go to UAE, their current ministrial appointment comprise of youths wiht the youngest being 22 years of age. Yet out own youth minister is older than my father.

    There earlier we start making ppointment based on merit the better. They should give our youth the chance to be in the government. Imagine the likesof Audu Ogbeh still in Government as a minister.Saraki’s father screened him as a minister and yet Saraki Jr did same too.

    We have great Nigerian living at home and abroad who can dleiver more than these guys. Nigerans who are well educated and up to date and not those who need to spendmoney to be tot on how to use facebook just like our poiliticians are doing now.

    APC sold us change yet the are stealing money buying houses here in the
    UK. Gov Ajimobi of Oyo State who is an APC gov just bought a house in
    Mill Hill London last month worth £3,400,000 and APC told us they dont
    steal money.
    Kindly removed the brackets to view the link. Yet Buhari is fighting corruption.

    It istime to act now Buhari..

  • Hackervirus

    What else can we say..I have been a huge admirer of Dele Momodu and followhis updates on twitter and instagram. I could remember one post he made on Instagram prior to May 2015 Presdintial electionwhich i challeneged cos i am a GEJ supporter but he proved me wrong with facts.

    I have read this article and all i can say is that when every one is silent, one voice could make a difference. Before the political appointments, i had an arguement with friends and told them that i expect Buhari to assemble good economic team amde up of Prof Soludo, Prof Utomi, Dr Sanusi, Dr Oby Ezekwesili, Dr Okonjo Iweala and also Emefiele including others. I foresaw the failing economy due to dwindling oil price. But i was rebuffed and was told how can Soludo reap where he did not sow.

    Must we always be partisan in everything we do? Best hands must be employed to sail the Nigerian ship. The current Governor of Bank of England which is equivalent of the CBN is Mark Carney of Canadian origin. Does that mean UK do not have seasoned economists? No they do..Amelia Fletcher, OBE is a British singer, songwriter, guitarist and economist ae 49, Edward Samuel “Ed” Miliband is a British Labour Party politician and an economist, age 46, Emma Georgina Rothschild, CMG is a British economic historian who is a Professor of History at Harvard University , age 67, Israel Meir Kirzner is an American economist born in London, age 85, Jenny Scott is an English journalist and economist, currently an advisor to the Governor of the Bank of England, age 45, and the list goes on..Yet the Queen ratified the appointment of Carney cos he is the best hand to paddle the ship.

    Thats not the case with our own Nigeria. We will rather have unqualified people appointed based on service rendered to the ruling party instead of based on merit. I find it hard to believe that a country that have Prof Soludo, Prof Utomi, Dr Sanusi, Dr Oby Ezekwesili, Dr Okonjo Iweala are still beating about the bush on how to move the nation forward. This is march 2016 and no one has any clue about our national budget. It takes a lot to managed a $5B economy and Kemi should take note. Holding a diploma in public finance and being a chartered accountant is not enough. She has not worked for world greatcompanies when compared to Iweala, Soludo, Utomi, Oby and co.

    It is almost 9 months of Buhari administration and to be honest we have nothing to show for it. Nobody has been prosecuted for corruption yet he junkets from one nation to another.
    Failed promises. They promised N5000naira to unemployed graduates and now itis all fairy tales.
    How can they use such as a campaign strategy when no structure is in place to determine who qualifies for such. Power generation dropped to 2800MW, Chbok girls are now history but we were told they will be resuced as part of the campaign promise. They will defeat BH as they said prior to the elction but nothing to show for it.

    In as much as i am an anti Buhari initially, mine is all about moving the nation forward and let the best hand do it. Buhari is there now and i support him and his works but we must remove ethnicity and tribalism from political appointments or else we will all sink like PDP Ship. Buhari should assemble a renowed econimic team to help him or APCwill be made a laughing stock. Remember votes count these day and in 3 years time, Nigerians will be voting based on what they got and enjoyed from APC.


    Enough said.A word is a enough for the wise. Buhari should have a rethink!

  • Ebaah Odibo

    The APC Manifesto contained just one Agenda; Change. Direction, magnitude and plan for the Change was not specified. There truly has been change since May 29, 2015! Some people feel it has been negative change, but change all the same. To re-write change is not in the character of Naija politicians. Leave that to Nigerians in 2019, hopefully.

  • Tea

    DM, with your current write up these days l predict that you will either become a persona non grata of ur APC govt or better still given a juicy appointment in order to shut u up (l doubt u will reject this).
    When this N5k promise was made l argued with friends l tot were intelligent – how will he get the funds, how about the statistics of the unemployed, etc. But frustration and lies blinded even the Soyinka’s of Nigeria from been reasonable, even asking a man to produce his certificate was disregarded.
    Those of us who know GMB knows he is not a team player – he personified issues under APP N CPC thus he couldn’t win he only pretended to be a team player to win the elections under the APC now he has won his old and true self is manifest for all to see. APC will implode its just hanging for now bcos the main actors feel is too earlier to be ridiculed and are praying that GMB comes around – that aint going tom happen.
    Nigeria is difficult to govern and u don’t need a religious bigot, tribalism or a nepotism holding fort.
    APC should look at the national conference report and implement it that is a sure part to greatness for Nigeria.

  • Ikuku

    Dele you will continue to lament like this till the end of this administration. Some of us know ab initio that Buhari is the kind of leader at this stage of Nigeria in 21st century. A man that enrolled in the Nigeria army without an ordinary school certificate and the Yorubas including Dele defended and supported him. There is no doubt that GEJ is far better than this man no matter the amount of propaganda to rubbish him and his team. Being Frugal (which he is not though) is not what is needed to turn around and revamp the economy. Buhari has no grasp of how to run the economy. He is only interested in the red carpet ceremonies at airports around the globe. Infact I want to predict here that at the end of the first term of this govt, we will all agree that Nigeria is doomed and jinxed and each succeeding govt gets worst that the previous one.

  • Daniel

    Sorry guys. I am beginning to get weary of Buhari’s ability to manage the economy. I admire the anti-corruption fight, but it must go with a robust and clear economic policy for the Nigeria.

    Time is running out.

  • Ngo_Zib1

    “The truth of the matter is that our President does not have the intellectual capacity to understand the demand of 21st century economy.” Wasted opportunity

  • Olusegun

    We are totally disappointed in Buhari. Most of us cut the wonderful relationship with our brothers and loved ones across the Niger because of Buhari. Our hope, expectation and believe was that a Buhari government will engender the all elusive goo governance we have all yearn for. What we are witnessing currently is an absolute contrast to what we expected. Are we jinxed in this country? What do we now do and who do we now entrust our hope.

    • super hero

      I admire and wish we all had the grace to emulate your honesty

  • Jonathan

    All I hear from people from the north is integrity and honor, anytime Bihari appoints the next comment is haba , that fellow has integrity and honor I laugh because the northerners are so shallow minded about the change mantra. To start with I always wonder why did this set of people kept mute when the northern leaders milked nigeria dry for over 40 years. My take is that silent is consent. I wonder where they where when the north is the poorest region in nigeria. Where were they and how come they are educated and watch the level of illiteracy Rose so high in the northern nigeria. Okay I agree they are the quite type who don’t like politic. So why are they interested suddenly. Right now or as it is now its only the north where you can find saints, maybe that’s why all the appointment are one sided . That I can understand because baba Buhari is an (Angel) but what I don’t understand is why can’t those appointed be the APC change govt advise Buhari that room was not built in a day and that corruption is not an object that you can see physically but corruption can be best described as a spirit and evil emotion that affects the mind.an the only way to fight it is by stopping it from the school and not letting it go up to the youth. In the same vain seeing those that are corrupt as brothers infected by this evil spirit.
    If we dialogue with them and let them see the evil they have caused the nation,rather than push them and fight them in the process the government is committing administrative fraud and impeachable offenses. Govt can call them show them the evidences and ask them to refund these monies. I taught that was babas promise at one time.
    My take is that these government will fail, if they keep thinking that it’s only in the north that you can find change makers. It would fail if it plays religious politics, this government will fail baba Buhari don’t stop been vindictive, at his age he should show more love than hate. Yes people had offended him in the past but love in his heart would make him superior to them.
    Lastly in politics you can never no it all, wh n Buhari contested under CPC he failed , ANPP h failed because those attempt where majorly his effort. But with the support of a larger force he won. So that is the essence of democracy it’s a game of majority. Buhari should try and consult largely on national issues from signing of treaty to borrowing, bilateral agreement and issues that would affect Nigeria. According to the Electoral Law of Nigeria, the Nigerian citizens voted for All Progressive Congress a political party call ( APC) and PMB of GMB or BABA. This should be in the mind of president Buhari . By so doing He should focus on the Party manifesto and plan for Nigeria. Unless the the party is just a tool to get to Power of which it would b destroyed before the next eclection.
    Nigerian should rise up and Help Buhari understand that this is a democratic dispensation. And communication is key in leading humans. Nigeria solution are with Nigerians Buhari should ask and the tell Nigerians what He wants Rather than Exposing our fragile Economy to the International community with all his traveling up and down the Globe on a forth night bases. Yes we mighty be fraudulent as Nigerians but not all Nigerians. Most certainly not only Buhari as they claim. If we have people amongs those that are theme corrupt who can change the fortune of our Nation.
    My Advise to PMB, please check within our nation for funds, we have some of the best brains in the world. Set up an Economic strategic Development Plans for Nigeria. These would be made up of selected men and women from different sector of our non oil sector and invite our nationalist in the diaspora because we need to have a developmental plans that will help take Nigeria to the Future.

  • Damilola

    That Bob-Dee is writing in this tune this days is a wake up call for this clueless mallam whose “rented” apartment is in Aso villa.

  • karlheinzbergemann@yahoo.com

    One problem with the president of Nigeria and the economy is making political party appointments . e.g. how can an accountant be a good economist. How can a lawyer become a good power housing works minister… is it because he was a good administrator of a state?…why not go for the Arch Ajayi’s and others that brought to bare selfless programs for him to end up taking the glory. How can he reward his cronies who paid for his campaigns to be transport minister..who were not even aware that train services are a reality in Nigeria
    The square pegs in square pegs slogan by the president and his team seems to hold no water whatsoever.

  • 406

    Dele Momodu is an idiot. Just hear him well : Many of the voodooists controlling Nigeria know nothing about modern
    governance or managing an economy, not to mention an ailing one.

    Hahahahaaahahaah ….. the point man Buhari u campaigned for is one of them sir!!!

  • Adebola Orolugbagbe

    People always say it and now the stark realities are staring us right in our faces, that this government was built on lies and propaganda. Is there any more to say? As a governor rightly put it: This is a ‘One Chance’ government. Shi ke na!

    • TruthisBitter

      The truth is, a house divided against itself cannot stand. Structurally, Nigeria is set up to fail. The citizens don’t believe they would get a fair share or that their voices would be heard in governance. So what we get is a mentality that is filtered through parochial ethnic sentiments. Every one does what they think would give them an advantage. That’s why things can never get better.

      Coming to Buhari: what did you guys expect? Nigerians asked for a NEPA certificate leadership. His handlers shielded him from participating in the election a debate because they knew he had nothing to offer. The few times he spoke, he mispronounced names and was , incoherent. Truly, what did people expect? The president is as parochial as the people he is governing. The APC party is a microcosm of Nigeria — a marriage of strange bed fellows – a house divided against itself.

  • MRnaijawantalk

    “The Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, The Minister of Finance, Mrs Kemi Adeosun, The Governor of the Central Bank, Mr Godwin Emefiele, The Emir of Kano, His Highness Lamido Sanusi, Professor Charles Soludo, Mrs Oby Ezekwesili, Professor Part Utomi, Mr Bismark Rewane, and some of our brilliant University dons to fashion out a way out of this scandalous debacle.”
    Why did you miss out Okonjo it now not time for politics and pride she is the longest serving Min of Finance i can recollect and was their during the period of our fastest growth, i believe she still has a lot to offer with insights and experience on the Job. Hey She and her team designed this bloody TSA that we all now look as the tool for anti corruption in government but if the government did not have the political will to implement, we are throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    Boo Dee i can imagine how you feel with the way the economy is going on , i feel your pain and share some of your views just waiting to see the straw that will break the camels back and you call out the president for his cluelessness as we called out GEJ .. my prediction by around 2018 if PMB goes on this way our hands will be tied.

    • super hero

      Okonjo is ‘PDP’

      • Hackervirus

        You see what i am saying on my post..Cos she is PDP that’s why shecannot be appointed to take up the role? Must we appoint dullards cos they are APC members?

        • Itodo Okey Santos

          And what makes us think that Ngozi will come back? Nigerians have proven that they don’t appreciate hard work and competence.

          We will all pay for our ethnic bigotry, stupidity and foolishness.

          • Hackervirus

            You are right mate….She might not want theposition again but she might see it as an honour to serve the nation once more

  • gohen


    Haba, why are we like this ? our situation reminds me of Lord Voldemort of Harry Potter series Lord Voldemort was known as HE-WHO-MUST NOT BE NAMED. We blame everything on corrupt people in the corridor of power, apart from Buhari, whereas during the last administration all the faults were laid on the cluelessness of Jonathan.

    A man elected on some set of promises to the masses goes ahead solo; to change the manifesto of the party that brought him to power without even consulting his party,and we call it integrity. It is not integrity Dele, it is called lying. Lying breeds just one thing, distrust, wait till 2019 and see the damage this ‘all knowing attitude of Buhari has done to his party’. It means ANYBODY can promise anything before election and after getting power you jettison the promises and say they are not feasible.

    Even if he must make changes, the party and Nigerians must be carried along, not waking up one morning and just saying anything you like, even kings don’t do this.In your fifth paragraph you said a nation that fail to use its best brain is doom for destruction, are you telling me this, am I the one that should appoint these best brains ?,please why not address it to the President, of course you wont’t as usual, the president must not be corrected, the president must not be named, the president is LORD VOLDEMORT, HE MUST NOT BE NAMED IN ALL THESE DOWNTURN

    In the same paragraph you talked about how the governor of bank of England was recruited from Canada, and you will not talked about the quota system in Nigeria and state of origin. How can we get the best brain on board when admission into Unity school for children of same country is set at 3 for some children ( e.g Zamfara) and 120 for others (Imo)… Same applies for job opportunities.

    I said this before,the president will not change his ways till people like Dele can conveniently put the responsibility of good governance squarely on the shoulder of the president, and not by blaming every other person and leaving the president safe in his tuxedo of integrity and sincerity.

    • super hero

      Well articulated sir. But let us pause and reflect for a minute. Presidents Shagari and Yar’Adua also benefitted from everything being blamed on ‘people around him’. Yar’Adua’s successor GEJ was the villain in chief. Now President Buhari has been surrounded again by ‘evil people’ in the corridors of power. Am I the only one seeing a pattern? Just asking.

      • gohen

        Sir, thanks for the response.You are very right, like you advised.I have paused and I have reflected, I realised that we actually brought in Buhari/APC to do things different. We brought them in to be our ‘Super hero’

  • Azubuike Anene


    • gohen

      You sincerely think the almajiris want to leave the street ?… Don’t be deceived, those are tools for election.

    • MRnaijawantalk

      He will get to blame PMB by 2018 just before election when he sees the pendulum has shifted

  • Ngo_Zib1

    The truth is that, PMB never responsible for what goes wrong under his watch (NNPC, PTF now APC promises) BUT always claim credit for what he DID NOT initial but is going well (even if temporarily. The country deserves better though it is too late now. We have to endure his government for another 3years. What a waste.

  • Dayo Akom

    One problem that is almost impossible to solve or tackle is self deception and that is our major problem in Nigeria. From our leader to the general public, we all engage in this self destruction act. We always expect somebody to give what he never had, It always baffled me when people are talking about economic direction from Buhari and his government as if we don’t know him before. Majority of people that keep on writing every day, including this writer, knew when Buhari was head of state in the 80s and how it ended that time and they are all aware that between Buhari first coming till May 2015 whe he assumed office as a civilian president Buhari did not to improve himself in any area of life. It is very unfair to expect Buhari to deliver what he did not have or acquired. The only thing that can be remembered of Buhari within that 30years were his constant threat on BBC Hausa and his support for total declaration of sharia throughout the country.
    Buhari should be left alone and his supporter to be shouting SAI BABA each time he travel or make some of his pejorative statement about the country and the people. The truth of the matter is that our President does not have the intellectual capacity to understand the demand of 21st century economy. Buhari is an antiquity who can only give us a government of relic. It is only government of relic that will shut down, all economic activities, except payment of monthly salary, for 9 months and keep on telling us that 2.9 trillions have been accumulated via TSA and still expect prosperity in such economy.
    We should all wait patiently and hope for the best, may be God can find a way to deliver the country from this confused and clueless government.

    • gohen

      Good talk from you. These words
      ‘The truth of the matter is that our President does not have the intellectual capacity to understand the demand of 21st century economy.’

    • KWOY

      The truth is: they knew his incompetence. He was a leper that was always untouchable to them until marginalization in political appointments. Then they decided to clean him up – or rather to cover his reeking body with costly linens and perfumes. Thus, Buhari’s inability to present a “secondary school” certificate was not enough scare; neither was the promise to”make the naira equal to the dollar” & to”stabilize the price of oil in the international market. The threat to soak dogs and baboons in blood from a presidential candidate seemed like an”I have a dream” speech. So was the animosity over marginalization by those who have for over half a century acted and connived to keep others down!

      • James Gunn

        Very apt!

      • Itodo Okey Santos

        Very apt! The unfortunate thing is those that did not make this decision will suffer with the rest that did.

    • 406

      It always baffled me when people are talking about economic direction
      from Buhari and his government as if we don’t know him before.

      U summarised it there!

    • God bless u my brother. u cannot give what u dnt hv.
      d best we can do right nw is pray he doesnt wreck d country politically b4 2019. as for economic wreckage, no need to pray for dt one, it has bn achieved already.

    • Tea

      Thank you Sir. I wondered if Nigerians were under a spell when the shouts of sai baba became deafening. Was GEJ sooo clueless that Nigerians even those l have a lot of respect for supported GMB. I political talks l kept askg APC apologists that l hope Atiku wins the ticket rather than GEJ but they all wanted GMB, why? Because he could fight corruption, he was a man of integrity and all the other bull—.
      I laughed, what has GMB done since he left power over 30 years ago? Lets see – He served under the greatest dictator (our version of Idi Amin i.e Abacha who he claimed was not corrupt even though under his watch now abacha loot is still been evacuated from Switzerland), he propagated the cause of the Fulani herdsmen nationwide and is their life patron (this is a very violent tribal group to which a former HOS of Nigeria belongs), he supported the push for full implementation of Sharia (political sharia as we can all see today), rather than support GEJ to rout out BH he claimed that it was an attack on the north.
      In the last 30 years GMB has never been invited to chair any convocation ceremony, he has not head any company as a Chairman, he has never written any books, he has not built any company, he did not even use his so called popularity in the not to stamp out the almajiri system, he never tried to eradicate polio from the north.
      He is now old and worn out and we expect him to deliver us, really

  • chris

    A poor farmer actually gave a long explanation why it is no longer feasible to eat three square meals at home. After analyising the reason, his children believed him wholeheartedly. They even, in their father absence, agreed to put more hours in the farm so as to save the fortune of the family.

    However, trouble broke out at home when the children found out that papa was always visiting pepper soup joint every evening. Not only that, one of the sons testified hearing papa calling other customer of the pepper soup joint to pick drink of their choice.

    By the time their neighbours came to settle the dispute. A long list of papa sins were being read out by his children. However, an elder of the village summrised the list in one sentence. That the man was not sincere at all that he created two laws in his house one for himself and another for the rest member of the family.

    • Akin Malaolu

      That story fits Jonathan the Unintelligent. Don’t you think so too?

    • share Idea

      Not sure anybody could have put Nigerian situation under present administration better. Thank you very much. Nigeria we hail thee

      • chris

        The issue is not about anybody but about the right thing to do. Am sure you will agree with me that at this era we ought to be cutting down every waste if not eliminating it. Why is the presidency still keep the fleet of presidential jet?

        Most parents right now go through the parallel market to raise the forex to pay their children school fees abroad. That’s right I guess. But have you ask if the presidency goes through the same source to pay school fees abroad. Two sets of rule for different individual. Isn’t it?

        • Itodo Okey Santos

          Ask the Aljazeera anchor lady that asked him the question of the unfair policy on access to dollars by the many Nigerians to pay there their children school fees abroad. The president was reminded of his own children that will have unfair advantage against others but the president shrugged it off and described as a TOUGH LUCK for them.

          Yes!!!! TOUGH LUCK! That is your president in his true picture. Deal with it!!!

    • VERA

      hi, i wish i could get your email, we need to talk off this forum

  • DanielOsazuwa

    Jonathan gave NEPA to his fronts and cronies, but was celebrated as the messiah that UNBUNDLED NEPA and counted as one of his achievement. His cronies paid less than market value for NEPA assets with borrowed funds but were given 213 billon Naira loan by CBN at single digit interest rate to repay the loan they took from Bank to buy NEPA assets. They ate their cake and the lucky guys were given Laduree Macaron for replacement.

    There absolutely no magic Fashola can do about NEPA without the govt “REBUNDLING” it.

    PMB is being mishandled by his PR guys. There is a 500 billion Naira in 2016 budget dedicate to fulfilling that promise of 5000 Naira wealth transfer program.

    Sincerely speaking, it’s becoming very difficult for PMB supporters to truly stick their heads out for him. A lot of mis-messaging and rudderless patches.

    100% in support with BOB DEE: APC need urgent recalibration.

    • Daniel Obior

      Thank God you are also finally waking up from your unbridled APC support. It is simply not a case mis-messaging and rudderless patches. It is a case of incompetence; pure and simple.

      • Akin Malaolu

        Dear Akin,

        Below,is just one of the several opinions of mine on the direction of the nation’s economy,but The Evil-Men were in the majority in Nigeria and l pity our country for we were speeding towards revolution.

        Date: Dec 14, 2015 10:30 AMSubject: NIGERIA ECONOMY CONFUSED THE EXPERTS!!!…
        The confusion within The Economic-Experts (Within/Abroad) have just started and so it will remain for sometime to come,because they refused to see”The Reality of Nigeria Current Economic-Situation”.Some months ago,l reflected on The Nation’s Economic-Situation and stated thus:”These new thinking needs departure from the Current-Economic-Norms and refocus on Total-Radical-Economic-Revolution;which would be full of surprises and might relied less on Economic-Data,Forecast & Analysis;but more of Self-Assessment and Development.Many of the Awaited-Policy-Directions will run canter to Today’s Expectations,which were mostly false,but unknown to many;therefore the need for The Radical-Economic-Rethinking or Revolution.Most of our expected New-Economic-Policy would make nonsense of All Permutations,Plans and would render most planners to confusion,because it will be An-Economic-Revolution;that only those that were familiar with the Chinese-Economic-Discovery-Directions,in d”Years of Total-Isolation”under Chairman Mao;will quickly see the vision,direction and set on the way to The New-Radical-Economic-Policy-Direction.There will be less circulation of wealth;due to Economic-Policing-Regime,while ONLY LEGITIMATE CASH would have free access to circulation,which will then affect the Sales of Luxury-Items,but it would encourage and improve the Domestic-Economy,Unemployment and Security-Space,while the some wouldn’t lose hope and continue to Plan ahead of the Economic-Rediscovery;because there were ADVANTAGES in Disadvantages”.The above statement were before the Federal Government disclosures on the state of The Nation’s Economy,therefore things like;Shocks,Surprises,Confusion,which were unknown to Economic-Planning might continue for sometime to come,because this is the only opportunity for the Nation’s Economic-Managers to put our house/houses in-order and in so doing;Shocks,Surprises and Confusion may arise;because they couldn’t afford to tell us all that were happening behind the scene,in-order to correct the wrongs.For the time being,we need not to get bothered about Economic-Forecast,Foreign-Investments,but by the time we get things right:success has many brothers/sisters.China,Japan,Asia-World,South-Africa (Under Apartheid 1948-1990) did it before and India is doing so now;Nigeria could also do it.Sincerely,Alhaji Gbadebo O.OLATOKUNBO.(NTA Retiree & Chairman,NTA Association of Contributory Pensioners (NTA-ACPEN),Shareholder Activist & One of (14) Founding-Fathers of Nigeria Shareholders 

        The piece you just read was sent as a reaction to our judgements and postulations. Please enjoy

        • Daniel Obior

          Thanks for this piece. However, I do not share your views. This is a world of “show me” and not a world of “trust me”. I am not the type to sit passively and wait till kingdom come, for an incompetent government to do the right thing.

    • Mayo

      As you are wont to do, you have made statements that are provably false. Jonathan did not give NEPA to his fronts and cronies. In Jonathan’s bid to make the NEPA unbundling totally transparent, he removed Prof Nnaji who was his power minister and who even GEJ’s critics like El Rufai acknowledged was doing an awesome job at power. Nnaji was removed because he had been a consultant to one of the companies that was bidding for one of NEPA’s assets and had been on the board of another one. This was even though Nnaji was no longer associated with the 2 companies and the VP was the one leading a team for the final approval at that stage not NNaji’s office.

      Secondly, the opening of the bids and awards for the remaining assets were done on live TV. The figures for each bid was displayed on TV and so folks saw which ones were the highest bidders.

      • MRnaijawantalk

        Thanks for remembering which we all seem to develop Amnesia one to many times. NNaji was not a consultant he was actually a shareholder ( blind trust) … and we all forgot it was on live TV ..

        • UOU

          Yes, you are right on Nnaji’s position, that was why Jonathan removed him, for whatever interests even though Nnaji was doing so well as the Power minister, acts was to not only to have but to see that transparency thrives in the unbundling in PHCN but some people out of, wicked bias, hate and silly tribalism will continue to live in it, then peddle lies and propaganda. Anyway, fashola already settled down in the 3 ministries, these days, we do not hear his usual verbal insults, abuses, offensive and provocative tirades against Jonathan and his regime, anymore, he is now seeing the reality, no more hearsay, politics or grand standings. How and why is it so now? We all heard it when fashola confessed that a 5yrs government has built more road, more than any other government in the history of the sad nations, and some spent upto 8, 9, 10, 11 years before

      • Romla

        Mayo good to engage you again.There are many ,many truths and many lies about the power sector,Nnaji and the unbundling and so called privatization.Up until today the Nigerian government supposedly still has a 40% ownership in the unbundled/privatized companies.What i ask is so private about them then.Also i ask,what was the experience in power of those who bought the assets.Should making the highest bid and having money to back it up be the criteria for owners of such a critical sector.Finally,what was the rating of their foreign technical partners,with who they submitted bids.Many were looking for credible partners after they had won the bids and up until today many have only hired a few so called technical staff from what in my view are not top rated technical partnersOne of such privatized power company that brought in technical staff from the Phillipines has failed and has been returned to governmen management..One of the reasons in my view that the telecoms privtization was successful,was that world class operators were involved.On Barth Nnaji the man confirmed he had interest in a company that was also bidding,and that he had put his interest into a blind trust and had informed the President.This is against honesty and the ethics of any bidding process,when he was a part decision maker in the process.Nnaji”s had successes as Minister,but the greatest success is honesty,decency,staying above board.

        • Mayo

          I don’t have all the answers but this is what I know

          1) We have situations where the Nigerian government own some interest in a company and the balance is held by private entities and as such the companies are run the way private enterprises are run. This is totally different from wholly owned and run government entities. If the FG owns 40%, you can see that others own 60% and combined the 60% is the majority shareholder. You should note that some of the state governments also own shares in Airtel.

          2) The unbundling was in different phases. Government also analyzed the technical partners based on published criteria. Having the right technical partner if I remember correctly was part of the pre-qualification exercise. In every exercise, I believe there is room for improvement if done again but overall the unbundling exercise scored a pass mark. Unless you can cite evidence, I am not aware that companies only started looking for technical partners after they won the bid. I remember that Atedo Peterside had an article on ThisDay backpage when one of the companies who participated complained and after reading Peterside’s defence, I came to the conclusion that the company was wrong and the FG right.

          3) You should also note that Power has different arms – generation, transmission, distribution. if I recollect correctly, only Distribution (DISCOs) was privatized. Generation was not. We are still having major problems with Generation and part of the problem is the supply of gas to the generating plants. This is part of the reason why there are still issues with power even after privatization. This doesn’t mean that the DISCOs are working at full capacity.

          4) Finally, what Nnaji did is not against honesty and ethics. Putting his interest in a blind trust is/was the proper thing to do. He also pointed out that the approval was not being done by his office but the privatization committee of which the VP was the President. You should also remember that the reason Nnaji was made Power Minister was because of his experience/expertise in that area. It was well known before he was appointed Minister that he had a power company in Abia state. Think of this – if someone becomes the Nigerian President, what do you think the person should do to all businesses that they own or companies in which they own shares? The standard is that they turn it over to a blind trust. This is what GEJ did. The other option is to say that anybody who wants to be President of Nigeria should not be a business man or have interests in publicly quoted companies.

          • Romla

            My points are,if Government still owns 40%,then they are public-private partnerships not fully privatized companies.The 40@ is not shareholdig as in Airtel but equity retained by government from it”s original ownership.In essece only 60% was sold to private investors…Also in many of the companies the 60% private ownership is not enbloc for one investor,meaning the government is the single majority shareholder.
            I can tell you that Eko and Kano sought and got different technical partners from the one they bid with.I can”t authouritatively say which others i heard did same.
            All the Government owned generation stations were also sold to private investors.It is only the NIPP stations which are yet to be completed that are not yet sold.There is a plan to sell them on completion.Other private investors were invited to build their own private station.Some have commenced.So Generation is privatized though Government still retains 40% equity of the stations sold to private companies.
            On the issue of blind trust,all over the world it is unacceptable to have interest,blind or not and be in a position where you are one of the decision makers in a process the company is involed in.Nnaji was as Minister a member o the privatization council for power headed by the VP ,which was to give final approval to the process.That is my point.It was at the point of final approval this was exposed and he said his interest was in a blind trust.For absolute fairnes,he was asked to excuse himself from the final process.This is what i understand occured.

          • Mayo

            You are wrong about the situation with Nnaji. Nnaji disclosed his ‘remote’ connection (i.e. blind trust) immediately he found out that one of the companies had a relationship with him. Secondly, his office was not the one approving or reviewing it. It was a panel of several people of which he was a member (a single vote). Since he had disclosed his interest and was not the person signing off or with undue influence, there is nothing wrong with what he has done. And I gave you an example of the President. What do you do about the President or even Senators?

            Secondly, you’re saying NNaji was asked to excuse himself from the final process. That is not what happened. Some vested interests got hold of the story and repackaged it (which is part of what you heard) and Nnaji went and tendered his resignation to GEJ who accepted it because GEJ did not want anything that would taint the privatization process. Some of GEJ’s loudest critics including El Rufai actually did not support GEJ on this based on some of the reasons above that I have mentioned.

            Finally, it is quite possible that situations might arise where there is a need to change technical partners. I want to believe there are laws around that. Businesses are not certain. Things can happen that can change the focus of a business and make them to change their plans. The question then becomes – what necessitated the change of business partner (i.e. technical partner)

          • Romla

            You did not ackowledge that i was right about other issues like the Generation privatization and others.
            On Nnaji,you have rightly stated as i did that “it was a panel of several people(single vote).Single vote or multiple vote,small influence or big influence is influence.Small influence has in cases been able to override big influence.Also note that in the case of the President it is different.The issue here is not only that of possibility of influence,but that you are not sitting on any committee or body that has a direct decision making responsibility with a company one has interestin,whether blind interest or visible.
            Also at what point did he finally leave.The process went on for sometime through technical and commercial bids,he left at the final stage of the final approval by the privatization council.Why wait and attempt to be part of the privatization council decision and then be asked to excuse himself.I agree with you that he fell to pressure,from many sides,the unions,media,politicians who had covertly been aware and stated for months that it was wrong.He kept defending it with his blind trust.Eventually he fell to pressure.The issue of resignation was a soft landing and nothing is wrong with that.In reality he was sacked.
            Yes i agree that in life anything can change including technical partners.The point is when a number of technical partners are being changed right after the conclusion of the process does that increase or diminish the credibility of the process.

          • Mayo

            The summary of your argument is that putting one’s business in a blind trust when you assume a government position is NOT the right thing to do. I beg to disagree. It is called a blind trust because you are not aware of the specific decisions that they take.

            Your argument also is that NNaji did wrong. I beg to disagree. My key point here is that he notified the authorities IMMEDIATELY he realized there was a potential conflict of interest and chose to abstain from further deliberations on it. It seems you are choosing to ignore that fact. Again, you are choosing to overlook this fact. Nnaji did not wait till the last minute before notifying the authorities. You and I can disagree on interpretation but let us stick to facts.

            At the end of the day, let us both agree to disagree.

          • Romla

            Agree to disagree on Nnaji, on the other issues i hope you have diagreed to agree.

          • Itodo Okey Santos

            You need not bother yourself explaining for him. He has a fixed mind set on the issue. But what ever may be his bias view, it is on record that unbundling of Nepa under Jonathan administration have been judged as the most transparent privatization exercise in the history of Nigeria and a model for Africa. There is no claim that the exercise was a 100% perfection but it was a complete departure from the past exercises. Nigerian was involved on the process and relevant International communities was fully carried along.

            On Bath Nnaji, it is quite unfortunate that Nigeria lost such talent as a result of our usual selfishness.

            There are numerous Nigerians in diaspora that possess different expertise in critical areas of country but will not think of coming back due to the experience of those that have tried it.

          • super hero


        • Itodo Okey Santos

          You asked many questions that only you will provide answers to. Kindly do it and educate us more.

          As for Bath Nnaji, the story is clear to any that has good memory. The company in question Generic Electric. This was the first independent indigenous power firm that operated successfully years before Jonathan even took over power.
          It is the child brain of prof Bath. At resumption as the minister of power, he did put his interest in the firm on blind trust which is the internationally accepted practice.

          There was a lot of debate over the issue then and the gentle man honorably resign and left with his deep knowledge and experience in the field of power.

          The questions asked then was:

          (1) Is it fair to disqualify Generic Electric from participating in the bidding of Nepa not withstanding that it possesses all the required expertise and far more qualified than others and is also a pioneer in the sector on the basis that one it’s founders is the minister of power?

          (2) Is it fair to Bath Nnaji that his own energy firm that pioneered independent power generation will not participate in the Privatization of his country’s power sector because he is the minister of power even though all process to ensure transparency is laid out, the major decision role stops at the table the vp and the relevant organs of the government, and he has way back put his interest on blind trust?

          (3) Is it fair to ask him to resign as the minister of power no minding the positive results of his stewardship because Generic Electric was involve in the bidding?

          (4) Can Nigerians deny that they unaware that Bath Nnaji has interest in Generic Electric way back before he was appointed the minister of power?

          (5) what was his selling points when he was interview for the job of minister of power? Could it be because of his expertise and experience already gathered as a practitioner in field already in Nigeria?

          • Romla

            “Please answer the questions and educate us more”

          • super hero

            Prof Nnaji did not work for and was not the founder of GE. The Aba IPP developed by his company Geometric Power could not have been described as successful because it did not generate 1kw of electricity. It had problems with feedstock and the tariff regime meant they could not sell power to customers above the NERC imposed price. Those circumstances made him the round peg for the round hole as he understood first hand the problems bedevilling the system from a developer/promoter perspective.

      • super hero

        In fact some believe that the open bidding system earned the government more money than was anticipated thereby leading some to say that the eventual winners ‘overpaid’ for the assets. I know this because as a consultant to one of the bids, I advised my client that the auction made the particular asset overvalued and he would be in negative equity from the outset. This advise was buttressed by others during the roadshow to woo further investing partners. He subsequently withdrew from the process and we now know that virtually all the winning bids required some sort of ‘bailout’ thereafter. Oh and by the way my client was very close to pretty much all of the past and current presidents.

    • Ichele Aki

      So your point is that fashola should ‘rebundle’ Phcn to his own cronies? Please that’s not a way forward.

    • MRnaijawantalk

      Get your facts right 213 Billion Loan

    • LagLon

      fashola has already said that he will not overturn the previous CONTRACTS… this leads to a nitel situation.. he may renegotiate them.
      rebundling with what money? the budget for power, works and housing was 490bn.. how will be pay them purchasers back? then what capital will he use to fix nepa then after he has take 3 years to do that ..what investors will come in knowing that they can be rebundled again?

    • Itodo Okey Santos

      It seems you enjoy giving wrong informations or you just joking! What ever is your intention I suggest you stop taking up space here with lies.

    • Daniel

      Sorry to let you know, Buhari is good on anti-corruption . However, right now he is completely ignorant on how to move the economy forward. He must have a policy with a clear roadmap.

      Have you head how they intend to gather data for the 500 billion to be shared?

      Have seen any website unemployed graduate can register for the teacher training and deployment? How do you know who is an unemployed graduate?

      What are the criteria to determine who needs the training or not ,who to benefit or not?

      Yet the budget is to be passed very soon, March 17th. Hmmm…

      Sorry, for now there is confusion in Aso Rock.

  • Unite2013

    Uncle Dee, good article. Don’t blame the president and his party in isolation. Also blame Nigerians with their propensity for quick wealth, monumental corruption and unbridled desire for foreign goods. If the Nigerian can re-orientate himself and cure himself of these three, it’s a good starting point for economic progress.

    • William Norris

      All 3 evils you attribute to Nigerians have resulted from STRUCTURAL deficiencies in the Nigerian State.

      1. Desire for quick wealth – thus is a natural reaction to UNCERTAINTY, risk and unstable policies. Any father or mother leaving the house each day is running a high risk of being killed by police or soldiers or Fulani herdsmen or in a car accident due to bad roads. That is the REAL REASON people seek quick money, to ensure they can achieve some worthwhile things in the short time they’re alive and to leave an inheritance for the children. A lot of the political violence could be erased by simply abolishing the Land Use Act, Petroleum and Solid Minerals Act and some other laws RESTRUCTURING Nigeria into a loose TRIBAL CONFEDERACY.

      The life expectancy for a man in Nigeria is about 45 to 50 years. Think on that.

      2. Corruption – I hate going over this issue. Corruption exists where there is opportunity. The surest way to minimize corruption is privatization and deregulation of prices.

      Between PRIVATE and PUBLIC owned universities, wherected does CORRUPTION thrive?

      Since NITEL was sold have you heard of any CORRUPTION in the telecom sector?

      The biggest corruption in Nigeria now is rooted in the REGULATION of forex prices where people with connections can get dollar at 197 and resell on the black market at 320.

      Float the naira and that corruption disappears.

      3. Taste for foreign goods – people will ALWAYS buy what is reasonably cheap. The simple, NATURAL way to reduce consumption of foreign goods is to FLOAT THE NAIRA, let it find its market value.

      If the naira falls to 5000/$ the consumption of foreign goods and services will definitely be reduced. Just the 50% reduction in naira value has substantially reduced the demand for foreign airline tickets, I know that for a FACT.

      I’m always disappointed Nigerians can’t seem to figure these simple things for themselves. I gave up after the Occupy Nigeria protests. Nigerians are just not very intelligent.

      • Unite2013

        Thanks for your incisive reply.

    • super hero

      The Chinese, Singaporeans, Indians etc also had similar propensities until good, strong leadership took over. Blame the President and his party in isolation because unlike Deng Xiao Ping or Lee Kuan Yew they have not stepped up to the plate.

  • John Paul

    APC has its priority right, They realize that our most valuable natural resource is the human being.

    Get rid of corruption and empower Nigerians that can make the difference – the more than 70% under the age of 34 years old

    It will take a generation for the change that Nigerians seek to mature. And APC has taken a significant step in that direction by creating an awareness that corruption is no longer the way to go

    Additionally, the free N5,000 is also not the way to go. Our youth need to learn how to get their hands dirty, how to use their brains and muscle, how to shun the quick buck, how to be productive and how to enjoy a hard days work

    • amador kester

      Iit does not take a generation to make real change. The progress in the material universe is more of quantum dynamics leaps than slow continuum mechanics and geologists are gradually discovring that even those mountains,lakes and islands or even oil deposits they thought took millions of years to form were really formed instantaneously, mostly in seconds or at most a few years but never millions of years. They will be re– writing the books, so why should it take generations for socioeconomic transformation to transpire? How many years did it take singapore to transform? Virtually in no time. America instantly transformed into a super industrial nexus when it embraced a steel based economy, china did same and transformed exponentially within a decade. Your long generations before progress argument does not hold water and steams like a freudian defensive rationalization mechanism in support of the sociodynamics at status quo ante. But i make a few suggestions.. Lets declare emergency on corruption, industrialization and job creation. And lets put in a mechanism to implement the reports of the last national conference. A few items only. But they will precipitate a difference! The conference reports will create a new constitution. A constitution creates a senate. A senate does not create a constitution, it only reviews. Thus the conference reports will not go to national aasembly but goes referendum to the people. More on this later, GOD willing

    • Toby

      During the campaigns did you ever tell the youths that free 5000 naira was not the way to go?

      • Akin Malaolu

        PROMISES AND REALITIES ARE NOT OF SAME PARENTS , SO ALSO ARE FEELINGS AND ACTIONS because in between is THOUGHT. The question to ask yourself is Buhari right to review promises made? YES from Nigeria to Heaven is the answer.

        • Toby

          No, the question to ask is “did he make the promise or not?”

          • Akin Malaolu

            Toby , you are right but in dire situations to ameliorate the conditions of things you as a leader can make an adjustment which Buhari made.
            5000 promise to vulnerable Nigerians had not been shelved but reviewed to exclude productive youths. The alternatives are around the corner my good brother .

          • super hero

            The ‘largesse’ has been shelved.

      • super hero

        Indeed. People also fail to understand that lying is also corruption. The same youth are also learning that it is ok to lie to get what you want. I like the President but I won’t choose him as a role model for my youthful son.

  • KWOY

    “Running the different tiers of government has been a major drain on our economy.”

    Thank God, & thank you, for eventually acknowledging this truth!

  • Akin Malaolu

    The understanding faculties given to man is not barely for speculation, but also for the conduct of his life which if not , man would be at a great loss if he had nothing to direct him but what has the certainty of true KNOWLEDGE.
    I know it for a fact , that any Leader that would not think or seek for knowledge in the affairs of State would be often utterly in the dark and at a stand. The President has a good knowledge of what has been presented to him to connote true situations of Nigeria and for Nigerians ,that therefore necessitated a reversal of programmes. If I may ask , ‘Who is In a position to know ?
    When the news broke of a particular reversal (5000) from promises made ,the helpless millions of our People were not anyhow agitated but seeked for better clarifications which they got and they are satisfied and have moved on. Those who see the reversal as an aberration are entitled to their FEARS but the multitude also are entitled to their PATIENCE.
    On matters concerning the Economy, we must thank God that voodoo Economists who have populated our space are in self-banishment . We only need qualified experts who can aggregate , who can help to measure our economic variables to be at par with our wants . Experts whose over-riding motivation would be the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians alone are available now that we have a leader with probity and requisite calibre.
    Our expections are around the corner.

    • EzekielIwa

      A leader understands his mission/vision & will only work with team he believes in & not necessarily the so called classified ‘Economist Best brains”. You just can’t accommodate all. Btw, U spoke my mind, Thank you sir

      • Akin Malaolu

        Thank you my dear brother.

  • Akin Malaolu

    The understanding faculties given to man is not barely for speculation, but also for the conduct of his life which if not , man would be at a great loss if he had nothing to direct him but what has the certainty of true KNOWLEDGE.
    I know it for a fact , that any Leader that would not think or seek for knowledge in the affairs of State would be often utterly in the dark and at a stand. The President has a good knowledge of what has been presented to him to connote true situations of Nigeria and for Nigerians ,that therefore necessitated a reversal of programmes. If I may ask , ‘Who is In a position to know ?
    When the news broke of a particular reversal (5000) from promises made ,the helpless millions of our People were not anyhow agitated but seeked for better clarifications which they got and they are satisfied and have moved on. Those who see the reversal as an aberration are entitled to their FEARS but the multitude also are entitled to their PATIENCE.
    On matters concerning the Economy, we must thank God that voodoo Economists who have populated our space are in self-banishment . We only need qualified experts who can aggregate , who can help to measure our economic variables to be at par with our wants . Experts whose over-riding motivation would be the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians alone are available now that we have a leader with probity and requisite calibre.
    Our expections are around the corner.

  • Deyemi Ipadeola

    Hello Mayo, I concur with your observation. One of the problems the country have is lack of uprightness and fair minded press. At least, Mr Dele is trying to be fair by his choice of words even though it permeate contradictions. You didn’t remember to add Jimi Agbaje who had a well documented manifesto in a portable format(PDF) readily available for downloads on his website during campaign in the last election.
    Mr Dele Momodu is drying to drive home is point in a softly way, so the people concerned will not feel insulted by his positions.
    My take, emphasis should be on accountability and transparency… I hope we will learn from past experiences of been duped in several elections in this country. Our case shouldn’t be “several biting, several shy” if that is correct.

  • Daniel Obior

    By now, it would have been clear to those who had pinned their hopes on Buhari and APC for the deliverance of the country, that their hopes are not likely to materialise. It was clear from the beginning that APC and Buhari were not what they said they were. Despite the glossy manifesto at electioneering, they cannot chart a direction for the country. Buhari was projected as frugal. This has turned out to be a sham with his first budget and his unnecessary globe trotting that reminds one of the rolling stone that gathers no moss. Buhari was said to be courageous. He does not even seem to have the courage to own up to the promises he made to his supporters. He was said to be a born again democrat. He is instead parochial, haven surrounded himself with his similarly parochial kinsmen as advisers, who have no clue how a country runs in modern times. He undermines the institutions required for good governance and the rule of law, in particular. The most urgent thing required today is a clear direction to tackle the economic difficulty. Buhari must sit home and address this issue urgently. Not jetting out arranging bogus bilateral air agreements. If there is one president that has his priorities wrong, it seems to be Buhari.

  • Mayo

    Dele, you tried spinning Buhari’s statement and ended up contradicting yourself. On one hand, you said ….the president announced that one of his major campaign promises was no longer feasible and practicable.. while in another hand, you said …. To be accurate, what Mr President said with a wry smile was that this was a campaign promise of his Party and was one of the cardinal points of his Party’s Manifesto but he had not personally campaigned about it….

    You can’t tell us Buhari said his campaign promise is no longer feasible and in the next sentence tell us Buhari also said it was not his personal campaign promise. Yes, the money to support this is no longer there but instead of the President to actually own up to the promise and point out the current situation, he sought to distance himself from it. This is the same thing his spokesmen did when it was nearly 100 days in office and he hadn’t achieved some of the things he had promised. Suddenly Shehu Garba, Femi Adesina and Lai Muhammed were telling us those things were authored by others and that Buhari didn’t campaign on it. Same thing happened with the first version of the budget. Instead of telling the public and writing to the senate to say there were errors and they would like to withdraw the budget for changes, they tried to do it behind closed doors and when they were caught, we started hearing stories such as – since the budget hasn’t been passed, they still have a right to change it. For somebody who is supposed to have integrity, there have now been multiple occasions where Buhari’s government has either lied or tried to be sly. A mark of integrity is being able to say the truth when saying the truth will hurt you.

    Finally, another reason why I have always advocated for debates and for the press to do their job is so that the public/journalists can press contestants on how they intend to achieve all their lofty campaign promises. All parties promise the same thing (free services all over) but nobody ever tells us how they plan to do it. It is their plan that is supposed to tell us the difference between 2 contestants. Nothing is really free. The payment has to come from somewhere. The only person that I have seen who had a detailed plan of how he intended to achieve his campaign promises was Donald Duke when he was running for Governor.

    • iwe paul

      My brother, I so feel you.That guy ended up being the best Governor in that dispensation with legacies that are still standing the test of time. How his party could not deem him fit for higher office in 2007 still beats my imagination till today. Instead, OBJ and his cohorts gave us a very pathetic combination to vote for, but I guess that’s a discussion for another day. My dear mayo, APC re-writing their manifesto means fraud!

      • austin

        Yes, big Fraud.
        Moving the goal post after kick off. OR
        Changing the specifications after receiving payment.
        (Add your own)

        • Toby

          Even if they rewrite it they will achieve nothing in 3 years. Have you ever stood to watch a local road side mechanic try to fix a complicated transmission problem of your 2016 Toyota camry? The anxiety and the heartache?
          APC is a fraud and Buhari is a fraud. Watch him as he gets demystified by the true messiah.