I am Being Persecuted, Badeh Cries Out

Former Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh (rtd),
  •  Denies being investigated over $2.1bn arms deal, says he’s an orphan

Ejiofor Alike
Former Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Air Chief Marshal Alex Sabundu Badeh, has said that he is being persecuted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), describing as false the allegation that he is being investigated over the $2.1 billion arms deal.

Badeh, who in a statement yesterday, said that he was not involved in the arms scandal, also denied the allegation that five properties were acquired by him from the diversion of the $2.1 billion meant for the prosecution of the war against the insurgency in the North-east.

He said: “I was chief of air staff from October 2012 to January 2014 and then appointed CDS. During my time serving as the CDS, funds for weapons were directly released to the chiefs of air staff, army staff and naval staff and not to me. I had no control over the funds and yet I am being accused of embezzling weapons’ funds.”

According to him, the office of the CDS had no operational control of the services and had nothing to do with their spending.

“The EFCC’s claim that I received $800,000 from my Director of Finance and Accounts (DFA) is untrue. I did not receive such money from the erstwhile DFA. If he claims to have given me money, where is the proof? Was it paid into my account? Did I sign for it?” he asked.

On the properties, Badeh said if the EFCC’s claim that the properties belong to him and that they were obtained illegally through proxies, then the agency should go to the court and get an order of forfeiture rather than insisting that he is the owner of the properties.

The former CDS stated that it was unfortunate that the media has unwittingly allowed itself to be used by interested parties to become the judge, jury and executioner in his case.

Badeh said even when the EFCC claimed that billions were found in the accounts of wives of some past air force officers, none was found with his family “yet EFCC keeps generalising and making it look like my family is involved too”.

He said it was rather unfortunate that the nation which he fought so hard for to defend against Boko Haram insurgents could not guarantee his fundamental human rights.

According to him, during his time as the CDS, lives of both soldiers and civilians were lost, acknowledging also that territories were lost in the North-east.

“We fought to regain our nation’s territorial integrity and the insurgents pushed back,” he added.
Badeh said he lost his personal home and hospital in his village (Vimtim in Adamawa State) in defence of his fatherland, stressing that the hospital, which he built many years ago, was equally used in the treatment of injured soldiers.

“Now, I am losing my freedom to the same fatherland that I fought so hard to defend,” Badeh declared.

“During the 2014 Boko haram attack on my village Vimtim, it was widely reported in the media that I sent a helicopter to evacuate my parents and relatives. Which parents? I am an orphan. I lost my father in the 70s and my mother in 2013.

“My cousin, who lived next to me, was killed during the 2014 attack on my village. So who exactly did I evacuate? It is unfortunate that I didn’t come out to clarify some of these issues when they were reported in the media,” he added.

Badeh said he had been detained by the EFCC for three weeks and had still not been charged to court, but was given onerous bail conditions by the commission which he could not meet.
“A remand warrant was hastily obtained on February 25 in Lagos as soon as the EFCC was served with a notice for my bail hearing in court by my lawyers.

“Why detain me for so long and issue such onerous bail conditions when they aren’t ready to charge me to court? I reported to the EFCC when I was invited and would report anytime I am needed.
“All I ask for is to be given a fair hearing with the rule of law strictly adhered to. It is a media trial and I am being persecuted,” Badeh said.

  • Arabakpura

    I am also being persecuted! Look at the exchange rate! Look at the high cost of living! They just don’t want me to enjoy my life the way I would love to; all of us are being persecuted!

  • TOBBY777

    Stop weeping up sentiment bro. Nigerians knew you air lifted your family when boko haram took over your village. It was well reported then, you did not deem it fit to deny it cause you dont give a damn. Meet your bail conditions and keep all the story as you will need them to defend yourself in cout. WE ARE PRODUCTS OF OUR DECISIONS.

  • Ade Whenu

    The presumption of innocence until proven guilty should be entrenched in our constitution. Clearly, the standard operating procedure of both EFCC and DSS does not seem to be in alignment with this basic tenet. We cannot successfully fight corruption with illegality and blatantly disregard of rule of law.

    It is not enough to tell Nigerians money was stolen by this or that person, and then struggle to fimd evidence to charge them of the alledged crime.

    • TOBBY777

      I believe in the rule of law but not the ones that protects the rich and expose the poor. Badeh is weeping up sentiments. When they are stealing us blind they forgot about the constitution of the land but when they are caught they begin to quote the constitution. Even in western world there are crimes you committed you stay put in prison for a very long time during trial. WE ARE PRODUCTS OF OUR DECISIONS.

      • Ade Whenu

        This is where we have to put our legislature to task. Any element of our constitution that needs amending should be discussed and if there is consensus change it. However until we address the flaws in our constitution, we have no choice but to abide by it.

        • TOBBY777

          in 1999 A former AIG who was elected a senator told us 99 percent of those in the senate then were people he investigated as a police officer for various crimes. A nation that handed over its law making organ to criminals can never witness any progressive laws.

          The flaws in our constitution are open to all of us to see. I dont see the senathieves changing the laws cause it creates an escape for them whenever they steal us blind. If we must get it right in this country we have to do two things.

          1. To orgnaise a SNC and not the talk show of the last administration that was not known to the laws of the land an have to pass through the HIGH corrupt national assembly we are struggling to extricate the country from.

          2. We should return to regional government where every region will manage their resources and pay tax to the central government. WE ARE PRODUCTS OF OUR DECISIONS.

          • Ade Whenu

            You are quite right but we still need to work within the confines of the laws available to us now. I 100% agree with your suggestions though as our constitution sucks!

  • Tafidan Dogon Daji

    No one is willing to talk about infringements of fellow citizen’s rights.
    What’s happening to the former Air Chief,Badeh,is exactly the problems being faced by Col Dasuki (rtd).Allegations made and instead of being prosecuted before a court of law,Nigeria’s security agencies chose to persecute the Dasukis and make the press work out a verdict through the court of public opinion.For fear of the unknown,no one is willing to talk about the truth.What a nation!

    • james_grim_teacher

      The 300 soldiers court martialed were also tried in the media. I called them cowards as well because I was very angry that Boko Haram overran them…very angry.
      Please lef mata.

      This guy is corrupt, very unprofessional and was an embarrassment to Nigeria. He is a big thief.

  • kaylord Esq.

    We are in militocracy era where the President is the prosecutor, judge and the executioner! No room for the rule of law but we keep celebrating media trial which i can assure all readers that all these cases will end on the pages of news paper because the court deals with fact and evidence and not paper trials.

    • Artful ºDodger

      When you are igbo, you can be anywhere no sane person give a sh1t! Look for a church near you and go get deliverance from the evil spirits that has possessed you and is tormenting your soul. When you are delivered, welcome to the human race!

      • lotanna azubogu

        Artful dementia

    • TOBBY777

      From the ESQ attached to your name I guess you belong to the group that styles themselves LEARNED. However if you that is supposed to know the laws of the land and you are on this page, it is a shame. WE ARE PRODUCTS OF OUR DECISIONS.

  • Artful ºDodger

    Oh yes Badeh, in Nigeria the devil even when caught with his hands in the soup still cry persecution. The igbos who hate godliness are listening, they are the only ones who bask in the euphoria of ignorance and hypocrisy. The rest of sane Nigerians know you are not anywhere near the innocence you are trying to claim here. There is no smoke without a fire and those holding you for the three weeks you said are not stupid. Government money were traced to yours and not mine account which is why i am walking free and you are not so stop being another dramatic Ayo Fayose and face some reality!

    • frankiebabie

      They will never say the truth even when they are caught red handed and they talk as if we the general populace and ignorantly f00lish. We all know that all these men holding government positions are all crooks there r no saints amongst them. Not body has come to hold anybody in my immediate family 👪 for looting and if they come hold any in my extended family 👪 den that person would face the case. Even a relative of mine when his father was one of d military heads and every one knew how they got their money( through looting) they still had the guts to oppress we that are close family. So if one day he is arrested they will face their warrant. If ur family 👪 can oppress u with stolen wealth imagine what they will do to a stranger.

    • Milito

      Guy, please stop this childish and parochial comment. Lets deal with the issue at hand and stop fanning this embers of tribalism and little mindedness which has been one of the ploys the politicians use on the masses especially uncivilized minds.
      While I agree that Badeh is entitled to his fundamental human right and a decision made by a competent court of law and not EFCC, I personally do not sympathize with him on his ordeals with the government. He presided over injustice (several officers wrongly court-martialed and innocent soldiers sent to die deliberately) . If what he is getting is injustice, then he should have a feel of what those he also sentenced as the Military Head also felt. What goes round comes round irrespective of your class, tribe and religion.

      • wovijide

        Who told you they were wrongly court martialed? Nigerians like you should stop such childish claims. A court martial is the process of arraignment of suspects for disclosed infractions of the Armed Forces Act. The Act is not a product of the military chiefs but the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. The process provides opportunities for suspects to be fully resented by learned counsels. In several cases accused have been dully acquitted. Your like misinform the public to think that the military is just one crude organisation that is not guided by the constitution. You like cheap popularity for the fun of it or out of ignorance I guess. The reason soldiers are court martialed for cowardly behaviour is that if left unchecked it could become infectious with soldiers deserting massively giving all forms of excuses which gullible people like you will not stop for a moment to question. A soldier who will defect will do so even if given all the arms in the world. So why this is difficult for people like you to figure out beats my imagination.

        • james_grim_teacher

          So also a general who steals the money to equip them. Your argument is valid only you should stop being emotional. Badeh is corrupt and you know it.

          • wovijide

            My above summision did not address the issue of whether Barde is corrupt or not. It is therefore pathetic that you should reach a conclusion from a vacuum and which shows that you are rather the one who is emotional.

        • Milito

          Thank Wovjide. My submission is not based on popularity quest and non -cerebral assumption as you alleged but from facts and contemporary evidence within the Army and body polity. Let me also first inform you that i am a bonafide offspring of the military family and i am even responding to you right now from an officers quarters in a choice military barrack in Lagos (anyway, that is not the crux of the matter).

          If you argue that those court marshals were justified , how come the same military oligarchy suddenly woke up and were reversing their judgments on General Kuti albeit in a face saving manner? I reiterate once more that some (not all) of those judgement were political and smacks of pure eye service and note that this injustice is not peculiar to the army but pervades all facets of our national life (private sector, religious institutions , body polity etc).

          So don’t get overtly personal, intolerant and abusive about public opinions rather be more civil and cerebral in your counter submission so that we both can make progressive inputs on our national life.

          Once more, let me state that while i totally disagree with the FG’s modus operandi in prosecuting BADEH, DASUKI and others as the rule of law should have been allowed to take its natural course, i still don’t pity BADEH for his ordeal (that’s my personal sentiment) because what you sow is what you reap. What goes round comes round. If he could approve the injustice of those court-marshals for political reasons, then he too should face injustice now (from the law of retribution and not legal standpoint). i agree that court-marshals in the army is meant to serve as tool of discipline and deterrent to those who may wantonly wish to disobey orders but damn it, it should be done with equity and fairness. Why punish a man for refusing to embark on a suicide mission? Afterall, the same BADEH owned up at the twilight of the last administration that the military was not well equipped for the battle against the insurgency.

          What kind of double speaking is that? Let equity prevail by brother.

          • wovijide

            You still don’t get it my brother. You talked about writing from a choice military barracks and all that. I write as a military veteran and an academic. I Served in different operations in and outside Nigeria; presided over several court martials and member of several others. I have never presided over a wrong court martial. I therefore could not share the sentiments you expressed about court martial being wrong. I am quite aware that reversals of findings of court martial can be undertaken by appropriate superior authority(ASA)
            Indeed all court martial sentences are subject confirmation by ASA and often followed with recommendations for ASA to temper justice with mercy given aggravating circumstances. More significantly is that the present reversals are not indictments nor face saving measures but rather more political in my view. I believe that Nigerians should be well informed. Thanks.

      • Judith

        Stop responding to that bigot. Silence is the best answer for a fool especially as he only spews out hatred. If nobody responds to him, hr becomes irrelevant.

    • james_grim_teacher

      Anybody defending Badeh is silly. After they will say Nigeria needs restructuring. The people who destroyed Nigeria should go Scott free.

      This man and other Generals arraigned 300 young soldiers to be killed for cowardice and mutiny. The soldiers were sent on patrols and battle against without enough weapons, ammunition and food.

      The implication of defending Badeh is that when a man is rich, wears good clothes and he is to be punished by Buhari’s government he is to be defended.

      I have often asked, what if it was Jonathan who did this? What if Jonathan had even added attempted coup to the list of charges, would these same people be saying these things.

      We are just weak minded in this country and also very clueless, devoid of principles and personal policies.

  • Message66

    You are not being persecuted, you are being prosecuted. You were one of the worst CDS ever. You had no freaking idea about the requirements of a modern military or air force. How you got to the rank of Air Marshall beats my imagination. You stole so much budgetary allocation that the cash is protruding from your abdomen. Have u no shame? Young men died in the north east beacuse of you and your theiving gang in uniform.

    • Dayo Akom

      I think prosecution only takes place in the court of law not in EFCC office and pages of newspaper. The man is right if he claim that he is being persecuted. If govt via EFCC has evidence against him, he should be taken to court where prosecution takes place not this present persecution.

      • Message66

        Well, you have a point there.

      • Ehi Ehinomhen

        Good to see that one or two persons still have their heads in the right place. One or two, however, amongst so many is really disconcerting. People have been taken over with this mentality of “pull them down”. It does not matter whether the person is not truly guilty. Any sane person will fail to believe the EFCC as truly fighting corruption. What with the scamper for evidence after people are accused on the pages of newspapers and the disregard for the courts. Nigerians wants corruption to be stamped out in truth and in sincerity. To achieve that will not be instantaneous but will take careful, deliberate effort at building the institutions needed to ensure this. This is no easy work. EFCC’s strategy so far has shown that they do not want to or are not capable of doing the real hard work needed to truly fight corruption. This is all fake but makes good political mileage especially at this time. You hardly hear people talk about the awkward state of the economy and the seemingly inability of the govt. to provide a direction. The govt. has not even been able to ensure steady supply of ordinary fuel at normal prices. I believe firmly that anyone suspected of corruptly enriching him/herself should be prosecuted and if found guilty be given serious jail terms and be made to forfeit properties so acquired to act as serious deterrent to others. There should, however, be no persecution of any kind. Celebrating what the EFCC is currently engaged in is akin to celebrating mediocrity. We should rather challenge the EFCC to step up to the plate and stop this nonsense.

        • wovijide

          It is all diversionary and mere political theatrics. There is no question that fighting corruption sincerely is a desired means to accountability in government but we cannot except anything better from an equally corrupt people who are masquerading as saints. It is another grand design and new brand of corruption to an un discerning citizenry.

        • Emeka Egwu

          Thanks dear.Some people are so easily carried away that they take flight of their common sense.EFCC and the Fed govt are taking advantage of the people’s eagerness to see corruption eliminated to take the populace for a ride.What Nigerians don’t understand is that u can’t earnestly fight corruption without strong institutions and u can’t have such institutions without d rule of law.Strong individuals are not needed to fight corruption but strong institutions.What we are seeing is a more dangerous form of corruption where d executive usurp the work of the judiciary while the accused is subjected to media blitz,mob trial and media circus!EFCC becomes too lazy to find evidence instead resort to sneaking one-sided juicy concoctions that can’t stand trial and wish it’s job done for it in the court of public opinion whipped up by sentiments procured thru individual/sectional politics.We can’t fight corruption with corruptio

  • Slim

    Na wah ooo

  • ndemokon

    It is pathetic. It is the change they wanted. Unfortunate!

    • Artful ºDodger

      When you are from a cursed tribe what good can come out of you. Obviously you are really Ndemokon!

      • Jeoseph

        Abeg not from cursed tribe but hypnotised by one whose god is in India one day his or her eyes will open!

      • ndemokon

        You again? Welcome a second time

    • james_grim_teacher

      Actually this is the CHANGE I want.
      Fat cat corrupt generals are being tried. He says he is being tried in the media…LOL.
      When secret witnesses are brought into the case some other people will say secret trials are bad. This man can sue anybody including the FG for false accusation and any website for libel. Let him do that. The corrupt and wicked rich are appropriating our sympathy and it is getting very annoying.

  • UOU

    Shame on this old fool, who are you crying to, the poor helpless masses? Anyway, all of you, ethnic champions, worked as saboteurs against yourself and benefactor, the result is what you are enjoying now

    • ndemokon

      Have you read the article at all? Or just being too sentimental?

      • UOU

        I read it thoroughly hence my comments or do you also want to come here to read it for me?you people will not stop amazing one. If indeed he stole and found guilty, let him face the music, not cry cry baby, a whole army general, crying like a lost goat, due for slaughter. Perhaps it’s you that should go read and study what he said which has no substance

        • ndemokon

          I now know where you belong. Of course, you have your right to your thoughts

          • UOU


          • ndemokon

            babalawo? yes, that’s the language of people like you, people with wrong upbringing and poor ethics

          • UOU

            Back to sender

          • wovijide

            You are dealing with a clown.

          • ndemokon

            Thanx very much. He’s a first class clown

  • DrPak

    The EFCC can execise such extra constitutional powers simply because we have a president that does not believe in Habaes Corpus. In fact as Buhari stated in his media chat….if he had his way he will prefer to use Decree No 2

    • Artful ºDodger

      And that would have been very good for Nigeria. Hang your nnamdi canoe for treason and Dasuki and co for crimes against humanity! If you are not igbo and therefore possessed by evil spirits i wonder why else you will take side with those who have rob you against the one who is trying to make them account for their crime. And you too dare pray to God? Nnna na wa o!

      • onu igala

        igbos are your worst nightmare. pathetic little minded old fool.

        • Emeka Egwu

          Dear u have time for the pipsqueak who calls himself Artful Dodget?Can’t u see he has a phobia for Igbos?Do u think he can live sans Igbos?Little minds discuss great minds hence it is normal for him to discuss his superiors.Or why do u think d Jews are hated but quite indispensable?

      • DrPak

        You think and write like a miseducated person. Half knowledge is indeed dangerous. So if he is granted bail..is that to be taken as being set free….your legal illitracy is worse than that of Mr President and his goons…lol
        The people at DSS must realise that some politicians today may be their masters in another 4years or more. They must act within the law to be on the safe side.