Saraki, Dogara Reject N10bn Budget for Official Residences

Senate President, Bukola Saraki and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Yakubu Dogara

Damilola Oyedele in Abuja
Senate President Bukola Saraki and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Yakubu Dogara, have rejected the N10 billion estimate for their official residences in the 2016 budget proposal of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA).

The FCTA had proposed N6 billion for the residence of the Senate President and N4 billion for that of the Speaker.
While Speaker Dogara currently resides in a rented apartment, Senator Saraki was living in his personal house in Maitama until late last year when a fire incident forced him to move into an official guest house.

THISDAY however gathered that Saraki and Dogara have rejected the huge figure in the budget proposal. Their position on the issue was premised on the fact that it was too high considering the state of the national economy and that such proposal would create the impression that they were insensitive to the state of the nation.

The two presiding officers were said to have agreed that the cost of the buildings should be reduced to N1billion each, thereby saving the country the sum of N8billion. Already their position have been communicated to the chairmen of the Committee on FCT in both chambers.

“Yes, they feel the budget is too high at this time when the economy is yet to be revived,” a source told THISDAY.
The source added that Saraki and Dogara were also conscious of the need to be recognized as a pro-people parliament, and not accommodate ostentatious spending.

“People would not remember that the residences do not belong to the Senate President and the Speaker. True, the residences are to be occupied by whoever holds these offices, but if they allow it, with the current state of the economy, that would be considered insensitive,” the source added.

It was gathered that the position of the Senate President on the issue had been reflected in the report submitted by the Senate Committee on FCT to the Appropriation Committee.​

  • Daniel

    This will not stop him from visiting his friend at the CCT. We need a classic example to prove doubting Thomases wrong that this government means business on anti-corruption.

    Let him have his day in court.

  • lord vuga

    reduced to one billion ????? Lol. It is a joke right??? Cos it’s like I don’t really want to drink alcohol , let me just have a vodka. What happened to David mark’s official residence? Abi we have to build a new one each time they are replaced? What kind of official residence do they need that would cost a billion each? I guess it must be a palace with gold door handles and floating beds not official quarters then. We are truly very unserious in this country . Till the office of the legislature and executive are made less materially rewarding, we would continue to have jokers ruling us. In Saner climes that are progressing, people enter office to serve not minding material gains or luxury but rather to impact their society for better and secure the next generation . Watch serious world leaders ,you hardly have aides pandering to their every whim at functions, rather you see a very businesslike approach with their composure and agility. You notice most even carrying their folders and opening their car doors themselves. And these are people ruling nations that are sustaining us with aid funds and are a thousand times better than us in every positive indice immeasurable and imaginable.

  • akeebaba


  • asuevie

    1bn is still too much for an official residence!
    Companies should submits quotations of less than 500million. You will still get change for the govt.
    Ostentatious lifestyle is one of the root causes of corruption in Nigeria.


    Please i beg you can tell David Mark to return the former official residence he bought some of national monument what sort of country are we in please let him return it .

  • vic


  • Odum Henry

    “The source added that Saraki and Dogara were also conscious of the need to be recognized as a pro-people parliament, and not accommodate ostentatious spending.”
    Very laughable… So this is all for show? So sad!

    • vic

      indeed a height of hypocrisy and show.

      • Efula

        There is nothing Saraki can do to repair the damages he has caused to this country/ His late father, himself and their entire family are thieves. He stole billons from Kwara state and brankrupted many banks. Yet he never satisifed.

      • lotanna azubogu

        What have you got to say about the ministry of FCT and its minister. That should have been the next thing after pointing out your perceived hypocrisy in the actions of Saraki and Dogara

        • vic

          any corrupt minister should be punished and locked- up in kuje prison.

  • Olanrewaju

    Too little too late.Please where did the former Senate President and Speaker reside.The FCTA is found of building houses for the officers every time there is s change in Govt. I am yet to see this CHANGE APC promised Nigerians

    • vic

      don’t you see, it is a downhill change.

    • lord vuga

      My brother I think we misunderstood them when they were shouting “CHANGE”. What they must have meant is to collect the “change” PDP (as bus conductors ) were owing us not the Oxford English Dictionary meaning of the word “change”. Foolishly or rather innocently we fell for it. Now how can you get to your destination when you have allowed someone else to collect your “change”?

    • lotanna azubogu

      My brother, the usual practice is for the occupants to buy off their official residence at ridiculously low rates. They ensure that such former occupants are the ones that eventually get the buildings through what is regarded as ‘Right of first refusal’.
      New sets of residences are then built for incoming officials at similar astronomical amounts, under their directive and supervision.
      I just pity some extremely senseless folks who think that Buhari turned a ruthless career presidential contestant for their sakes. They will wait for Buhari’s change until Christ comes.

    • Tony


  • Naija United

    Thats a good example of change nigerians have been expecting

    • Okwuchukwu David

      What change? 1 billion is still too much. How much is minimum wage for a civil servant?