Waje: Life’s Beautiful As Single Parent

13 Oct 2012

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Sassy and brazen songstress, Aituaje Iruobe otherwise known as Waje is back after a brief hiatus. The velvet-voiced singer who came to fame on the heels of her collaboration with P-Square in a song titled ‘Do Me’ and re-made P-Square’s ‘Omoge Mi’ to ‘Bobo Mi’ spoke to LANRE ODUKOYA and ATAI AKPAN about her career and sundry matters

I’m grateful to Nigerians for the huge acceptance of my singles, ‘I Wish’ and ‘Oko Mi’ which I dropped on my birthday, September 1st. ‘I Wish’ was number one last week on the MTN Yello top ten downloads and ‘I Wish’ and ‘Oko Mi’ have been topping the charts and in one site where I have over 37,000 downloads; it’s God that does that kind of thing especially for an artiste who didn’t bring out any material throughout the year till September. So, for me, it’s not because I’m the best, I just tried to be attentive to my fans as much as possible.

I Wish is a song about a woman and a man who care about each other. They love each other but because of experiences, nobody wants to commit his or her all. So, the woman is telling the man how she feels, but unpleasant memoirs are making the man reluctant to commit himself totally as reflected in the lyrics - ‘if you no dey love and I no dey love, who is the person that will eventually love?’. I Wish I didn’t have a heart but a stone; this way I won’t be feeling the way I’m feeling about you. This is because my heart is not as intelligent as my brain to be able to separate the circumstances of our relationship, I love you and that’s all I know right now.’ I believe love would make the world go round. People say that, it’s money that does it, but the truth is that, even if you’re in possession of all the money in the world but have no one to share it with, you’ll end up being unhappy. For ‘Oko Mi’  is a song that a woman wants to sing to a man because she knows he feels the same way. And I’m one of those people with the opinion that these days, love isn’t celebrated anymore. It is now always for the sexual pleasure of the other person; it’s no longer about the great character you’ve got, aside the great body that you have; you also have a great personality which should interest your partner the most. Love is sweet when you’re not afraid to express it.

At the moment, I have a management team and someone I’m consulting with. Godwin Tom, Michael Ndika, Charles Iruobe and Ifeoma Areh (my publicist) are people in my team. I’ve worked with different producers. Cobhams Asuquo did three songs that are going to be on the album. I’ve worked with Delby. He’s the one that produced ‘Oko Mi’ and I’ve worked with ‘Pappy J’. Pappy J is a producer and he’s also part of P-Square band (in the management team). He’s Kaffy, the dancer’s husband. And I also run to Jude Okoye, he’s actually the softest of the trio, but most people don’t know.

Peace, comfort and my space which I like people to give me more than anything matters a great deal to me. I like to know that people know their boundaries and don’t overstep it. I actually understand that sometimes, the scorching sun plus mad traffic especially in Lagos can make people irrational to others. I like my space so much and people should respect me with this simple principle. I like to take a time out myself and concentrate on my activities, check my pros and cons and I love to stay glued to the television more than anything else. I’d rather stay at home and watch TV programs than loaf around. For now, its attention to what I’m doing and where I’m headed. I’m very passionate about my music and country in the sense that a lot of negatives are  being said about Nigeria and when you look inwards, you’re grateful to God for the people you have surrounding you. Even if you don’t have a car, you have some money to move around and for those who don’t have, you’re grateful that you have the health and hope for a better tomorrow. I hold it dear to me that Nigeria has colourful people and we are the heart and soul of Africa.     

I started singing when I was a kid. I was on scholarship to the secondary school because I could sing. So, that was God pointing a direction of where I ought to be. From that point on, I’ve always known that I’d be a musician.

Honestly, for me, life as a single parent is beautiful because you would find out so many things about yourself that you were not aware of. You’d probably think you are a loving person but you’ll not know how loving and compassionate you are until you have a kid. There are certain things you’d want to do but you’ll be forced to sit down and think of the kind of example you’re laying down for your child. For instance, my daughter is my biggest fan and I’m not kidding you.

If I could turn back the hands of time, I wouldn’t have done anything differently. Even all the mistakes that I have made have fashioned me to be who I am today. And there are lots of people who love me today because I am who I am.

I actually love dresses that will show my curves, the ones that are tied to my figure, but not too tight to the extent that I’ll feel uncomfortable in them. I love the kind of things that our mothers used to wear in 50s and 60s because they never go out of fashion. I love jeans, T-shirts and now I’m a lot more serious, thanks to my publicist who doesn’t let me leave the house without a comb in my hand bag. The booth of my car will make you laugh because it’s actually a wardrobe. I have my casual shoes, heels and so on in case I have an emergency interview.

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