Tsav Accuses Police of Covering up Murder Suspect

05 Feb 2014

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Alhaji Abubakar Tsav,

Tobi Soniyi 
A retired Commissioner of Police and human rights activist, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav, has accused the police in Benue State of covering up the murder of one Terso Orndiir, a mechanic by a medicine dealer named Emeka.

Tsav is asking the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to investigate the circumstances under which Emeka allegedly killed, Orndiir.

Tsav, in a petition titled: "Human Rights Abuse, Culpable Homicide and Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice," alleged that the deceased, a mechanic and father of four, had consulted Emeka, a patent medicine dealer, who allegedly administered an injection on him after which his condition deteriorated and he slumped and died instantly in the patent medicine store, which also doubled as a provision store in Gboko.

The petition read: "Emeka did not report the incident to the police as required by law, rather thought of how he would secretly dispose of the body. In the process, he allegedly hit the deceased (Orndiir) on the head with an instrument to create a false impression that the deceased was attacked elsewhere.

"He then engaged a welder Haruna Yusuf to fabricate a drum for him. Meanwhile, he wrapped the body of Orndiir in a polythene bag and hid it under some empty cartons in the provision section of his store. For three days, the body remained in the store without Emeka reporting to the police. His intention was to put the body in the drum and abandon it elsewhere.

"Luck, however, ran out on him and due to the heat in Gboko, the body started to decompose and emit obnoxious odour, which attracted inquisitive people to the scene. On January 15, 2013 people noticed some coloured fluid flowing out of the store, with offensive stench.

"This attracted a large crowd including idle and disorderly persons who were poised to break into the patent medicine store to see what was there. It was then that it occurred to Emeka to make a report of the death of his patient/victim to his brother who in turn rushed and contacted Yandev Ama-Abai, a local politician, who is also alleged to be a notorious patron of Gboko thugs.

"He and Ama-Abai contacted the police, who along with him, visited the patent medicine store, opened it and saw the dead body of a human being wrapped in a polythene bag. They removed the body on January 15 which was already in the secondary state of petrification, to the General Hospital Mortuary Gboko."

He said the deceased's wife, Juliana, alleged that the body had a big and open wound on the head.
Tsav further alleged that "Emeka was arrested and briefly held in Area "B" Police Station and subsequently taken to Markurdi, where he was later released on bail, after several weeks without a formal charge.

"The death was also not reported to the coroner for an inquest, neither did the police carry out any meaningful investigation. As usual they took directives from Yandev Ama-Abai, a civilian. The body was buried on January 34, 2013 without any autopsy or proper investigation to ascertain the cause or causes of death. This is a gross dereliction of duty which bothers on corruption.

"Before then, the relations of the accused person along with the DPO "B" Division Gboko (Godwin Emenike) now retired, and about seven other policemen and several civilians including some five local chiefs, met with Yandev-Abai in his house several times to discuss the case, and to solicit for the cooperation of the police and Yandev Ama-Abai over this case involving a human life.

"On two occasions, they invited the deceased's wife (Juliana) to Yandev Ama-Abai's house over the issue," he added.

Tsav further alleged that the brothers of the accused on the orders of Yandev Ama-Abai, provided the sum of N250,000 for the burial expenses of the victim and also promised to compensate the wife, Juliana Orndiir with N1.5million.

He said: "The way and manner the police handled this case leaves much to be desired of a modern police force. No display of professionalism, experience, integrity, dedication to duty and no patriotism. In a case of this nature, one would have expected the police to request for an autopsy on the body of the deceased to find out the cause of death.

"Unfortunately the police in Gboko in consideration of personal interests arising from greed and propensity for corruption, allowed Ama-Abai, a civilian to turn his house into a police station, a court and Ministry of Justice, all moulded in one with him as the head all for peculiarly gains.

"The police and the civil population look Yandev Ama-Abai as their local Pablo Escobar of Columbia. They even provide him with two armed orderly whenever he travels out of Gboko.
"The police, who should protect and reassure the people are hands-glove with Yandev Ama-Abai. As I submit this petition to you, Emeka is still operating his patent medicine store."

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