25 May 2013

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The law of habit is the law of mankind’s nature. You cannot alter the law of nature but you can alter yourself. From our waking moment till our sleeping moment, we are the manifestation of our habits. Habits are a repetition of thoughts and conduct that has been incorporated to become part of our nature or character which is instinctively or subconsciously carried out effortlessly or without conscious choice. After you make a habit, you become subject to that habit whether it’s good or bad. First of all you make a habit and thereafter the habit makes you either a master or a slave; success or a failure depending on the nature of the habit.

Successful people invest their time and energy cultivating good habits rather than “fighting” bad habits because they understand that the mind cannot be dominated with both good and bad thoughts at the same time. Show me how you spend your time and finances and I’ll show you what stuff your habits is made of and I can predict your future.

The only hindrance between your deliverance from negative habits and developing positive habits is in your thoughts. To be free from negative habits you must believe that “you can” and “you will” cultivate successful habits. If you think you are helpless and that you cannot break free from destructive habits and cultivate constructive ones then you will be defeated and remain in bondage. Our habits reveal our character and our character dictates our destiny. To cultivate successful habits you must know what these habits are and also have a strong enough reason in cultivating them. You must also know how to cultivate positive habits and you must develop an intense desire in cultivating good habits.

The habit of listening is a singular trait which if imbibed into one’s nature could save a marriage; prevent you from losing your kids to rebellion; lead to growth in your company; foster harmony in all relationships and increase your effectiveness in human interaction. It takes an emotionally mature individual to really listen. Listening is giving attention to what anyone has to say with intent to understand; seeing things from the other person’s point of view as well as your own. Listening may not always lead to agreeing with the other person but it surely leads to understanding, tolerance; sympathy and consideration of their thoughts and feelings.
The adage says, “No man is your enemy, no man is your friend, every man is your teacher.” To be a learner in life is to be espoused to wisdom. A person who learns is a person who is always seeking avenues and opportunities to improve in every aspect of life. Self education could take you farther in life than formal education.

Could you imagine a kid who was a behaviour problem growing up; expelled twice from high school. He began at the lowest rung of the ladder; his first job was washing dishes in the kitchen of a small hotel; engaged in one labouring job after another but has grown to become a peak performer in every aspect of life and has impacted positively millions of lives through his bestselling books, seminars and training programmes. His life changed the moment he decided to take up the reading and learning habits. These two habits are twin brothers; each cannot do without the other. In his words, “I studied success in all its forms”. He studied sales, management, and business through books, seminars and he questioned people who were well ahead of him. He completed high school at night and by taking correspondence course. He soon became a peak performer in his career. To deal with his personality problems, he studied relationships, interpersonal psychology, communications and personality styles. When he got married, he read and listened to tapes on parenting and child raising. He read books on motivation, personal achievement; history; economics and politics. He revealed, “I found that I could learn anything that I really cared about. Knowledge made all things possible.” His name is Brian Tracy.

The habit of self-discipline is a vital habit to cultivate. Self discipline is doing what ought to be done and when it ought to be done. It is the ability to subordinate feelings to reason and conscience.

The habit of doing your best is a commitment to excellence. Don’t just give your job a half-hearted effort. Give it your best; put your heart into it; work harmoniously with co-workers; go the extra mile.

The habit of pure thought is indispensable to successful living. All habits begin from the thought or imagination and the eyes and ears are entrances to the mind. Therefore, guard your eyes and ears and confine your thoughts and imagination to the good, pure, clean and the positive. Associate with positive people who have a moral outlook on life.
Remember, a habit once formed will take you places; either to the highest places or the lowest place. 

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