The Gadgetry Benefits of Home Automation

03 Nov 2012

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Home management systems 

By Ogunleye George

This is simply a professionally installed system that integrates the control of security, HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) or lighting systems to enhance safety, comfort and convenience.

The automation of the simple house activities is really gaining popularity with technological advancement that has made things more flexible and affordability coupled with simplicity of control through smartphone, computers and tablets. The concept of the "Internet mediation" via user friendly devices has some worth disbar the general perception that home automation and it like are meant for techies.

A home automation system could integrate electrical devices in a house with each other through safe and highly simplified technique, thus making it possible to remotely control domestic activities, such as home entertainment systems, utility appliances, surveillance and changing the ambiance "scenes" of an environment (such as rooms, corridors etc.) via control interface options that includes touchscreens, consoles, key fobs, keypads, smartphones, switches, software applications and calling system that allows voice prompts through the land phone when one is outside.

Home utility devices could also be networked to computers to allow control through personal computer or via remote access from the internet. Through this integration information technologies can interact with home environment, systems and appliances and surveillance, thus making it possible to communicate and do things in an integrated manner that are a lot more  convenient, energy efficient, and with loads of safety benefits.

The concepts of home automation system basically starts with selecting the house controller system and proceeds with choosing the options that can go with. This follows by selecting some sophisticated lighting control, which are small intermediate device lines that include dimming switches, non-dimming switches, relay switches, auxiliary switches, scene switches, mode switches, and house status switches.

Home audio control is another fascinating home automaton experience; it proffers a central control with distributed audio system concealed (wireless) or mounted on wall with structured wiring enclosure around a set each zone's with built-in Remote Input Modules (RIM) unit, this makes your multimedia files readily  accessible from anywhere in the house instead of surfing down through an audio rack. RIMs can be located throughout the house to pick up music from home theatre, television, computer, iPads, iPods, Media Centre, CD players etc. just source with an audio output. Placing Volume Source Controls (VSC) units in each room with speakers allows for volume control attributes with simple turn of the knob or click on an iPad App.

Communicating thermostats in home automation system help in managing cost through energy saving as they offers fully interactive mediation, this could include temperature and humidity sensors that may be used for temperature based programming.

Some come with full line of wireless security offers with accessories integrated with security systems thus home owner are capable of centrally locking of all perimeter doors and windows remotely. Home owners can also watch their home or business live via camera on an internet enabled device like Blackberry phones, iPhones or tablet computers. Some camera has perimeter surveillance feature that gives owner the ability to control them using devices such as smartphone. With this user to observe activity around a house or business right on their palm. Some home automated security systems include motion sensors that can detect any kind of unauthorized movement and home can be notified via cell phone (mail, sms or voice).

This revolutionize home system with gadget that Provides convenience, fun, security and energy/money saving option, could sound expensive but not as much as the way it changes life by making things a lot easier!

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