The 2012 Prophesies (2)

08 Jan 2013

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Edifying Elucidations By Okey Ikechukwu. Email,

The Era 2012 covers the period between 1980 and 2016 and the ‘end-time’ concept in all known cultures and religions admit that these matters are not taken in strict daily calendar terms. The idea of a terminal era, the Age of kali of the Asians that is called by other names all over the world, speaks of a time when man reaches the point in the prescribed cycle of his spiritual experiencing that he ought to have matured well enough to go back to heaven. It is because he has not done so, but has instead formed a material environment that is characterised by evil, that events are taking their current turn. Is it not instructive that the only time America and European powers spoke directly, promptly and angrily, threatening Nigeria with dire consequences if the National Assembly passed a law against same-sex marriage – for Nigerians? Do we wonder who is favoured by most of the values being ‘universalised’ and defended as fundamental human rights today? Who is human and what is the fundamental meaning of “corruption”?

The year 2012 was a year of peak solar activity. The eruptions and solar tsunamis on the surface of the sun, and which will continue well into this year, have implications for life on earth. Telecommunications, GPRS facilities and much more are in the line of fire. The predicted radical transformation of the earth, involving earthquakes and other natural disasters, is already going on.  Compare, say, the number of earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, etc. that occurred from 1900 – 1950, against that of 1985 – 2005. These things are being triggered by the changes in the radiations around us, which we cannot see.

We do not see the air we breathe, or radio waves, which affect our daily lives.  So radiations can change our world before our very eyes, working and getting intensifications as the weeks, months and years go by without our knowledge. We need to revise our notions of the world, because things are not always what they seem. If you ask most people ‘What is a material object?’ they will point to something in front of them and say: ‘This is a material object’. It is solid and in a definite location. They will also say, along with many others, that they are correct! But are they? Put a wooden chair under a powerful microscope, you will find that it is full of holes. Magnify it thousands of times and you will find that no single particle of the chair is in touch with the other.  Pursue the matter further in the domain of quantum Physics, you will end up accusing scientists of outright witchcraft! The world is not solid at all!  What people call a material object is just a field of energy, agglomerations of elementary particles at different degrees of motion.  In short, it is all nothing but light energy, or particles of spirit, which give rise to forms through motion, friction and union.

But such talk is plain nonsense to common sense. Our average ideas about the world are part of our problem in understanding it, though. A strong concrete wall can be collapsed by sound waves directed at it (Remember the wall of Jericho). The sound waves are invisible; yet they can undermine the wall’s holding structure and make the component stones and sand to ‘free’ themselves. The same results can be achieved by placing some substances, like nuclear materials that are harmful to its atomic structure, around it.  So which one is the reality; the one common sense sees or the one revealed when you observe matter more closely the way scientists are now doing?

A child’s definition of a refrigerator will be different from that of an engineer. The child will be upset and may declare the engineer ignorant, if the latter defines a refrigerator without saying anything about ice-cream, etc. Yet both would be right because of their levels of understanding. The engineer’s knowledge is a deeper appreciation of what the child has to say and we must move from a child’s knowledge of what makes up our material universe if we are to understand it. The earth and everything in it is nothing but a network of radiations and interconnected magnetic fields.

Place a powerful magnet near your television set and the magnet will interfere with the reception. Place your cell phone beside your radio or television set and you will hear unsettling noises whenever there is an incoming call, or a text message.  Pass electric current through the human body and it will be short-circuited, leading to death.  All these visible and serious reactions occur because of a simple exchange of invisible radiations.

All life is therefore radiation, combinations of radiations and interconnected magnetic fields and nothing more.  The human body can be easily disintegrated into its original substance by a change in the combination of radiations around it. But only the soul in the body is truly alive. The body is only a covering; remember that Adam was told to ‘conquer the earth and subdue it’; i.e. to let the will of the spirit triumph in spite of the emanations of its material covering.

It certainly does not occur to many people that the predicted disasters heralding the judgment will come from the changing radiations of the cosmos; far sections of which are not visible to the naked eye, or even to the most powerful telescopes.  Scientists know and speak of new and unfamiliar heavenly bodies approaching the earth, which are introducing new radiations and magnetic fields and much more.  We know that science discovered some of the known planets simply by the effects of their magnetic pull, years before they were seen physically? It should therefore be easy for us to understand that these approaching cosmic strangers will bring something new to the existing network of radiations in which we live at the moment.

The alarming thing here is that these are happening at a time the earth is being made more vulnerable. The hole in the ozone layer is admitting harmful radiations (which the atmosphere is designed to keep out) and the excess greenhouse gases we have generated are working hard to suffocate us. In addition, our entire cosmic environment is being charged with an unusual intensification of radiations from all quarters that are totally unpredictable in their final effects. On December 16, 2008, for instance, a report of the US NASA’s THEMIS spacecraft showed a hole in the earth’s magnetic field, which is 10 times larger than was previously thought.  This hole is in the Magnetosphere, which exists to protect us from the plasma of solar flares, among other radiations from outer space.

There is also the alarming, but concealed, scientific discovery from unpublished cosmic ray data sent by the Ulysses spacecraft, showing a 20% increase in a minor (but tell-tale) component of cosmic rays around the earth (the high energy –GeV). These always accompany cosmic rays coming to the earth. Their increase means an increase in cosmic bombardments, which no one is tracking.  Even without knowing the exact nature, or effects of the particles accompanied by these ‘tell-tale’ signs, it is obvious that the bombardments are on the increase. Thus Robotic space probes and satellites in high Earth orbit face greater risk of instrument malfunctions and reboots due to cosmic ray strikes.

Then there is what scientists call Magnetic Channels Transfer Flux Events, about which we cannot do anything. This phenomenon enables solar particles to break through the earth’s magnetic shield and enter the environment, using magnetic channels created by the merging of the Sun and the Earth’s magnetic fields.  Each magnetic channel is said to look like a curve shaped tube of 5000 to 25000 kilometres in diameter.  While it lasts, one end of the magnetic flux tube is connected to Earth while the other end is connected to the solar wind. Meanwhile, we do not know either the physical or spiritual implications of these things science is discovering piecemeal.

The name ‘Magnetic Reconnection’ has been given to the basic physical mechanism responsible for the occurrence of flux transfer events. Everyone has left it at that. Knowledge about it in the 1950s held that allowed solar particles to break through at a steady rate.  That belief changed in the late 1970s, after several studies showed that it could also be intermittent and take place in pulses, lasting a few minutes; with each pulse producing a magnetic flux tube.It is in the face of the earth’s tattered protective shields that another line of defence is compromised.

There is ‘bubble of magnetism’ (the heliosphere) enveloping our solar system, which gets inflated to colossal proportions by waves from the sun (‘solar wind’). It is our solar system’s first line of defence against galactic cosmic rays, or high-energy particles from black holes and supernovas breaking into our living space from the cosmos.  But it is shrinking. The sun's underlying magnetic field has weakened by more than 30% and the average pressure of the solar wind has dropped by more than 20%, since the mid-1990s. But the speed only decreased by about just 3%! Why? The official view is that the ‘wind’ has never been this weak in the last 50 years and science says the change in pressure is caused by reductions in temperature and density.  What does that mean and how will it affect life on earth? Are there other explanations science does not know? Flagging solar wind has grave repercussions. Once it is not inflating the heliosphere as much as it should, all the planets, including our earth, gets less shielding against cosmic rays.

The shrinking of the heliosphere means that our solar system is being weakened. It will offer increasingly less resistance to radiations from the wider cosmos. The question is: why is it just now (when we are unable to shut our doors to ‘intruding’ radiations whose nature and purpose we do not even know) that they are coming from everywhere?

To be continued

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