The 2012 Prophesies (1)

01 Jan 2013

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Edifying Elucidations By Okey Ikechukwu. Email,

It is a new year, isn’t it? Following the feared end of the world last December, people may have mentally put their ancestors on notice about the possibility of turning up on the other side. But they sauntered into 2013, some on all fours emotionally and financially. Those who were hysterically attentive to the widely circulated prophesies about 2012 global cataclysm, particularly on a given date in December, are probably now still celebrating. What are they celebrating? The fact that they are still alive – even if they are living totally purposeless lives. There is uneasiness beneath the boisterous air of élan, because science and religion are grappling with facts that suggest a possible sudden end to the life we know on earth today. The scientific evidence points to a coming cascade of calamities, while ancient prophesies sound bolder and surer because of the unfolding chain of cosmic events that are uncannily close to their pronouncements.

So is it the ‘end of the world’, the destruction of everything and the rising from the dead, after all? If yes, how come it did not happen two weeks ago, as “predicted” by the Mayan calendar, Nostradamus, and many others? Does destruction of the world mean the end of everything? The answer to this question is both yes and no. The concept of destruction, in its original, etymological root meaning is related to rebirth, reinvention and ‘reconstruction’. It was this sense of ‘destruction’ that the German philosopher, Martin Heidegger, had in mind when he called for the ‘destruction of ancient ontology’; in order to save Western Philosophy from its faulty metaphysical foundations.

Concerning 2012, let us remember that the prophecy is tied to the foreseen Galactic Alignment predicted for Era 2012 (1980 - 2016). The point of the Mayan prophesy, which makes the Era 2012 galactic alignment peculiar, is that this time around the part of our galaxy made up of sundry debris, called the Dark Rift (which the Maya called the Black Road, or Xibalba be) lies along the galactic equator and will also be in alignment with other cosmic variables i.e. the December solstice sun in 2012 was projected to reach the southern terminus of the Dark Rift –making the Galactic Alignment of era-2012 an alignment of the December solstice sun and the Dark Rift. But this is also the region targeted by the cross formed by the Milky Way and the ecliptic between Sagittarius and Scorpio. (This is called the Crossroads or Sacred tree by the Mayans)

To break all this down a bit, we know that the earth is one of the nine planets going round the sun. Its path, along with the sun, moon, and other planets is called the ecliptic. This path is divided into 12, as the constellations or zodiac signs. Our sun, the engine of our solar system, is only one of the billions of stars making up our galaxy – called The Milky Way. It is the centre of this our galaxy that is called the Galactic Equator, a mid-point which divides it into two hemispheres the way the earth is metaphorically divided by its equator. The galactic equator lies around what astronomers call the nuclear bulge, which is so large that a precise statement about the exact point of its alignment between 1980 – 2016 (within the Era 2012) remains humanly controversial for now, even when events leading up to it are not.

The entire issue of alignments is a necessary feature of the exchange of radiations in the wider cosmos. Notwithstanding the fact that the earth moves calmly round the sun, it actually wobbles very slowly on its axis. It is this wobbling that makes the position of the equinox to shift backwards, or precess, through the signs of the ecliptic (the Zodiac Signs) at the rate of one degree every 71.5 years. The full precessional wobble is completed in roughly 25,800 years. Besides the galactic alignment mentioned above, there is also the Vernal Point Equinox, which occurs when there is an intersection of the ecliptic and the celestial equator (the earth’s equator projected into the stars, being the plane of the earth’s rotation). The Milky Way forms two crosses with the ecliptic: The first is located within the Nuclear Bulge of the Galactic Centre,

– The abstract centre-point of which is the precise Galactic Centre, located at about 6 degrees Sagittarius (sidereal) and 27 degrees in the tropical zodiac.

There is, in addition, the earlier mentioned area called the Dark Rift in the Milky Way, which is caused by interstellar dust that runs along the Milky Way from the Galactic Centre northward, past the constellation of Aquila. What this all implies is that there are always a ‘crossing’ of radiations and several alignments at different points in the cosmos; all of which contribute to define and redefine our reality. For instance, the solstice axis aligns with the galactic equator every half-precession cycle (32.75 years). The equinox axis aligns with the galactic equator every half-precession cycle. There will be galactic alignments, in the era 2012 – including every quarter precession cycle before and after era 2012.

These are only some of the processes connected with our spiritual life on earth. They are also the very things now nudging us to raise questions around the idea and concept of last judgment; and whether millions of dead people will one day rise again in the flesh and be judged, as is believed in some religions. But to speak of a last judgment is to imply a first, second or even third judgment before it. So, how can there be a last judgment when no one ever said anything about an earlier one? Where will the dead come from and where will they assemble after rising from the dead? Anyone who does not believe that we live after physical death and that accountability is woven into our existence will dismiss the idea of any form of after life with a wry smile.

For those who see our humanity beyond the fripperies of this earth, however, there is accountability about how we have lived our lives here on earth. The accountability is question is such that the rightness or wrongness of an action does not depend on human opinion, but appeals to the Higher authority of a Creator who, as the source of all being, must be the Origin of all values. Just as every single action is either right or wrong, depending on whether it conforms to the Will of God or not, so can someone’s entire life be either on the right or wrong path, according to the Laws of Creation. By the time a life comes to an end we would have accumulated enough deeds to be considered as either predominantly good or predominantly bad.

A final, or last, judgment in the spiritual sense is the settling of scores for everything a human spirit has ever done in creation, good or bad. This judgment is then not like the periodic evaluation of a life after each incarnation. It is that judgment after which there will be no further chance to reincarnate and make amends.

But how can that be, one may ask? Is it not said that a soul is judged and sentenced immediately after its death? Wait a minute, if a soul is judged after death, why will it rise to be judged again? Will it step out of heaven or hell for this new judgment? Can the body, which is material, be taken to a non-material sphere, like heaven? Is there no difference between all the dead and “All that is Dead” All the dead refers to everything that has died, including trees and even rats; as well as stones that have decayed over millions of years. All that is dead in a man is what the spirit forms and then stopped nourishing after some time. What is alive in him is alive and which it still nourishes through reinforcement and exertion. It is the spirit’s actions, desires and volition, the works formed by it, which can be dead or alive. Picture an earthworm rising for judgment, as part of all the dead!

Taking “All that is dead will arise and be judged” to mean that the judgment will target all of man’s works, including those that appear to be no longer nourished by him (but which may not be completely dead) presents new vistas. It also explains many aspects of the extant prophesy. The changing cosmic radiations and the many ‘signs’ now being simultaneously confirmed by science and seers, point to the progressive revitalisation of all our possibilities. This must all be

strengthened in such a way that each person is given the chance to see them for what they are and abandon what is bad, or perish with it. One who desires to kill, steal or be a philanthropist, but never had the chance to do so, will have all his hidden desires awakened and he must# see them for what they are and decide. He must account for everything he has used the power given to him in creation to do for millions of years. All his works that accord with the Will of God shall be strengthened, while what deviates from this shall be annihilated, along with him.

Is perhaps true that it is the penetrating rays of judgment that are forcing out all sorts of things from people who outwardly appeared perfectly normal not too long ago. The sudden deeds of madness being squeezed out of every human soul, including the ones it hides from people or thinks are buried, are all telling stories which even the prophesies had no simple way of explaining. Those who fight the bad as it is rearing its head will be saved. Those who do not will be damned with it. Thus ‘All that is deed in creation will rise to pass judgment on itself’.

*To be continued.

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