Ten Safety Rules This Yuletide

29 Dec 2012

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Christmas  Trees

Continued from Last Week
Globally,defensive driving is the ‘voodoo’ to safety on the is therefore an all round medication.a defensive driver assumes he is the only sane on the road.since crashes are caused by individual errors,he is always cautious,obeys all rules,develops the right attotude such as patience,care,skill and consideration for other road users.a defensive driver never allows his safety to depend on the response of others,anticiptes wrong actions of others,always gives correct,prompt,adequate and clear signals.

Are you a prayer warrior?an experienced driver?are you too familiar with the roads you travel?do you drive a sleek car?state of the art car?or do you drive an articulated vehicle?a luxury bus?all these have a way of playing on your confidence on the road.never allow  the size of your vehicle get into your head and cause you to drive aggressively towards others or affect yourn comportment.drivers often feel they are masters of the road and tend to allow these and other factors affect their attitude to road usage.remember that that machine is beyong you although you are the pilot.never assume that it can never happen to you,drive by the rules.

This season is a season of merriment with lots to drink.driving under the influence of alcohol or hard drugs is dangerous and illegal.this is because alcohol causes  over confidence,poor judgenment,lack of coordination and recklessness and also affects your stay alive,please drink but stay off the wheels

although data on road crash to justify the danger of fatigue in nigeria is scarce, globally fatigue remains a hidden killer. Many have died in the name of tyre burst, speed, dangerous overtaking when in actual fact the real factor may have been fatigued that was ignored as nothing serious. What really is fatigue? according to the australian material a   combination of any of the following warning signs means the driver is becoming fatigued:yawning,eyes feeling sore or heavy, vision starting

to blur, daydreaming- thinking of everything else but not your driving, not concerntrating,becoming impatient, reactions seem slow, speed creeps up and down, making poor gear changes, wandering over the centre line or onto the road edge, feeling stiff or cramped, you start’ seeing things’, you feel hungry or thirsty, you have difficulties keeping your head up or  eyes open, you hear a droning or humming in your ears, you don’t notice a vehicle until it overtakes you. when you notice these signs, please don’t ignore it .don’t plead the blood either.dont even border binding the’ innocent devil’.hey,not even time to blast in unknown tongues. It is not the devil. Not your in-law. Not your angry landlord; not even your jealous colleague in the office - but you!

Once fatigue sets in, there is little you can do about it except stop as soon as possible and take a break. Take a break, sooner rather than later. Driver fatigue can be just as deadly as drink driving or excessive speeding. The problem of fatigue is that it slowly develops and drivers often don’t realise they are too tired to drive safely.ironically; there is always a warning sign. Mine began with yawning. fatigue, according to research is caused by lack of sleep

or broken sleep. Alcohol and some medications can also cause sleepiness. Although the need for sleep varies among individuals, sleeping eight hours in a 24-hour period is common. The effect of sleep loss builds up. Regularly losing 1 to 2 hours sleep a night can create a “sleep debt” and lead to chronic sleepiness over time. Just being in bed doesn’t mean a person has had enough sleep. Disrupted sleep has the same effect as lack of sleep.illness, noise; activity can interrupt and reduce the amount and quality of sleep.  like every other driving habits or problems, fatigue has its fair share of myths. For those freaky about night trips or night journeys, the notion is that it is safer to make the trip at night in order to avoid day- time traffic build up. The fact, however is that your body has a normal 24hour

rhythm pattern built into it. If you are driving when you would normally be sleeping you will be fighting yourself to stay awake. The chances of falling asleep at the wheel after your normal bedtime, especially in the early hours of the morning, are very high. There is also the notion that it is a good idea to start the trip after work. This personally has affected me since my posting to kaduna.ofcourse, i don’t joke with my family. I love my two sons like heaven and would do everything to spend valuable time with them like every loving father or husband. But do you know the risk involved.

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