Subsidy Protests: One Year After

05 Jan 2013

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We must pop some champagne that we made it to this year. It was a terrible year we just survived.
I think you are rejoicing too soon. It is just the fifth day of the year. You still have 360 days ahead. Why pop champagne? Keep it low-key brother, because it is not over until it is over.

You don’t understand. We must be thankful for little mercies. Just before the year ended, was the rumour not rife that the Jonathan administration is determined to further punish Nigerians by removing whatever was left of the subsidy on petrol? Didn’t you hear it?
But government has been re-assuring Nigerians that it will not increase the petrol price again. In any case, do you think the Federal Government has recovered properly from the national protest that greeted the fuel price hike last year?
That is why we must be grateful for little mercies.

Grateful? For what? For giving us our property? Those whom they said have been committing fraud using  fake subsidy claims, how many of them are in jail, one year after? And you stand there to talk about gratitude.

Be charitable. Admit that the prosecution process of those indicted has begun. The judiciary cannot be hurried. Those indicted will surely have their date in courts. I am sure that many of them will know how Kirikiri or Gashua  prisons smell soon.
Soon indeed! You talk as if you do not know Nigeria. You think the sons of Ahmadu Alli and Bamanga Tukur—former and serving National Chairmen of the PDP, respectively, will be jailed in this country? And President Jonathan wants re-election? You are not serious!

What do you mean? Was it not in this same country, that even the National Deputy Chairman of the PDP—the almighty Bode George himself was jailed for two full years? Were you in Australia then?

Hmmm, you don’t get it. Or you think a certain powerful woman in the corridors of power will allow Ifeanyi Ubah to go to jail because he is accused of stealing subsidy money? No way! It won’ t happen.

But the same Ifeanyi Ubah was locked up for weeks in this same country? Where was the so-called powerful woman? Look, believe it or not, there is order in this country. Offenders will go to jail. The law will take its course, no matter whose ox is gored.
S-t-o-r-y! You are speaking grammar. I can bet with my bank account that nothing will happen to these crooks. Do you know that when the Ifeany Ubah was in police custody he was having telephone conversation with the Inspector General of Police? Is that the kind of suspect that will go to jail?  Leave that thing my brother. Kontri don spoil

But the government has been able to contain the huge subsidy figure of year 2011. Is that not a sign of progress?
Progress my foot! Why did the President submit a supplementary budget of N161 Billion within the last ten days of the year. Is that your idea of progress? And that is after expending the budgeted N888billion! Progress indeed!

So what are you implying?
I am not implying anything. I am saying we are right in the middle of the wood still. No cause for Uhuru! The bad guys are still running the business of the country. Subsidy fraud is still going on. How come they refuse to either build refineries or create the enabling environment to encourage private investors to build more? When shall all these shenanigans end? What have we gained from the protests? Has life become friendlier? Where are all the relief packages, palliatives they promised? Where are they? I am asking you. Don’t just mop at me.

But we have SURE-P trying to re-work our infrastructure for better services.
That’s Bunkum with a capital B. SURE-P has been a fraud itself; duplicating the works of the Ministry of works. What can you point to as having been done by the SURE-P? Did you not hear of how they used over N2Billion to set up their secretariat? Is it United Nations secretariat? Please don’t provoke my anger by mentioning that thing called SURE-P
Your mood is changing. Let me just say: Happy New Year.
Same to you.

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