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28 Apr 2012

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Video game consoles

By Ogunleye George

Back then, the lone reason for buying a game console was to play simple single-channelled games. It was great fun playing the first generation ‘Game-Boy’, the poor pixilation mattered less to game lovers, and neither did they care about display quality.

These days, people don’t shop for game consoles for gaming alone and vendors no longer build video games for such lone reason.

Gaming is gone way beyond standing in front of a TV set and manipulating a monochromic distorted avatar.

The Graphical advancement of display of video games are one of the features that keeps game lovers addicted to the game, also the improving multimedia capabilities further buttress the reason why game lovers would rather opt for a video game rather than one-dimensional playback device. In our world of technological advancement and the era of social networking, gaming has become much more interactive as playing is now mainstream, seamless and global, thus giving a better way to spend leisure with distant friends or total stranger.

Consoles like the Microsoft Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii has completely revolutionized the functionality of gaming consoles.

Video game consoles need to be able to connect to an online service for additional downloads or social networking features.

A good system will also be able to play games from previous game consoles from the same company. Though video gaming is the primary purpose of these units, additional multimedia features like video and music players, web browsers and other cross platform features greatly enhanced the functionality of these video game consoles.

Game consoles are now designed as a viable all-in-one entertainment hub, offering wealthy features and user platform that out-stage conventional playback and multimedia devices.

When not in gaming mood, owners can use the console for the following non-gaming functions.

Stream movies and Watch live TV Shows: These devices are Internet ready, thus making it possible for users to watch movies online. Sony PS3 has an exclusive deal with Amazon to rent and download certain movies and television shows but this would require a subscription. Other services like Hulu and Netflix can be subscribed for to watch Box office movies.

Airplay multimedia files: Movies and music stored on an external hard disc or other multimedia storage device like Divico, can be streamed directly to the television set via these advanced game consoles thus eliminating the need to stream through a computer.  Multimedia can also be played through the network on the computer to a large display when tethered with consoles of Xbox 360 and PS3; thereby making it easy to view multimedia storage device content on the big screens over the air.

Network socially and Auto-blogging: With the availability of wireless internet connectivity, these consoles are capable of routing daily updates from social media sites and entertainment blogs spots. You can be busy playing games, while the "automatic blog" feature on the console helps in posting in every of your latest gaming exploits and social network updates. Real social networking platform like Facebook and Twitter can be accessed directly on some of these consoles.

Most of these consoles readily come with preinstalled social networking applications that can be used to send in-the-moment updates without having constantly to check your phone for updates.

Audio Playback: Game consoles could serve as a jukebox, when tethered with TV or portable deck set connected to woophers and speakers. This eliminates the need for bulky CD player, as you can also plug your iPod into Consoles like XBox 360 and playback your tunes through the system. application can be downloaded for free; it’s a sort of amplifying application, which gives the sound a louder effect on-stream.

Video chat: Live video conferencing is possible through these advance game consoles. In other words, your video game console can actually do a Facetime video chat with family and friends benching your laptop or iPad at least for the game time. With Xbox 360 with the Kinect sensor, you can have a face-to-face chat streamed to your big screen full of life and fun.  All you need is Xbox LIVE and a Windows Messenger account.

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