Smartphone Apps Replacing Fitness Trainers

18 Jan 2013

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It is an undeniable truth that tech gadgets, starting from mobile phones to tablet PCs and computers to high-speed printers have permeated into all spheres of lives. This technology driven generation continues to employ technology play with an increasingly important role in health and fitness. Fitness application empowers consumers with packages that gives them access to their fitness levels, allows them set achievable goals, help them track progress and make the exercise more rewarding.

The Smartphone revolution has made fitness app increasingly complex with better features as compared to standalone athletic devices. Some apps going a long way in helping users manage stress by changing their heart rhythm pattern. Staying in shape is a constant struggle, but a slew of apps on user’s Smartphone or tablet pc can help them track your fitness.

Most people trying to keep fit, struggle with eating habit and more but with the help of the new app called ‘’The Eatery’’ (available on iOS only), it allow users snap pictures of their food and rate the general healthfulness of the meal. With this, they can check their eating habit and stay healthy as the app presents self-reported information which gives insight into where the traps are in their eating habits, and the log report of how healthy their diet was for the past week. 

Food Planner is an Android app, which help users plan their meals, make grocery lists and store recipes. The app makes it easy for them to organize their meal plans through the aid of features like tagging of meals according to type, creating shopping lists specific to stores and editing recipes. With this, healthy shopping and eating habit can be developed.

Calorific app is a more-specific diet tracker for both iOS and Android, it gives users a food library to record their calories, and assigns food a red, yellow, or green light depending on whether they are likely to help or harm users’ health. However, it a known fact that Diet alone won’t keep one truly healthy without adding the needed exercise.

Fitness apps offers guides to help users get fit, they can choose to do workout drills that concentrate on one area of their body or do exercises that can help them lose weight.

The Cardio Trainer is an Android app that track users as they jog, cycle, or hike. The app does not only keep tabs on their speed and calories usage, but also maps their route and lets them know how much they have progressed during their workout. Instant Heart Rate App is another nifty iOS and Android base app that uses the LED light on the smartphone to take users pulse by tracking color changes in the light that passes through their finger, with this, the app can determine the heart rate in about 10 seconds. Optimized features on some apps help track vital statistics such as bmi, body fat, blood pressure, pulse, and glucose and weight tracker. It allows users to record body measurements such as chest, arms and waist.

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