PDP: Activist Politicians, Conservative Performers

19 Jan 2013

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So what is the latest in the largest party, south of the Sahara?

You mean the African National Congress of South Africa?
How can that be the largest party South of the Sahara? Are all the people in South Africa up the number of people in our great Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)?

Oh, you mean our own Phee-Dee-Phee?
It is PDP, not Phee-Dee- Phee.  Don’t speak about such a great behemoth with such sneer. In any case, it is waxing stronger and stronger. It is marching forward.

Really? The party is tearing itself apart and you call that marching forward? Marching on to perdition?

Oh, come off it. Where did you see them tearing themselves apart? Are you among the politically naïve persons that think as soon as there is disagreement in a party, then there is bedlam? Don’t you know it is such a large family? And have you not always seen the party emerge stronger and more united after such usual shake-ups?

Hmmmmm, you call this political volcano a usual shake-up? Look, don’t underplay the war going on in the PDP. It  is about imploding. And I can tell you the opposition parties are dutifully waiting for that to happen. There is war on all fronts and you call it usual shake-up!
You prophet of doom? Where did you see war? Which troops have been deployed? I tell you. It is normal in a big and promising family to have disagreements.

This is more than mere disagreement. It is war of nerves and attrition. Bamanga Tukur, the national Chairman is battling his state governor,  Murtala Nyako on one side, he is battling the NWC members of his party on the other hand, he is battling governors from the party, he is battling Olagunsoye Oyinlola etc and you call it usual shake-up? And this is a party that has twice tried to elect Chairman of Board of Trustees (BoT), and twice has it failed. And you call it usual shake up. This is a party being pulled apart by several centrifugal forces  the sons of the chairmen—serving and former, are being tried for subsidy fraud, and you call it…

(cuts in) Enough of your Armaggedonic readings! You don’t even ask yourself why this kind of tussle does not take place in other political parties. Is it not because nothing is at stake in those parties? Do you think Vincent Ogbulafor was joking when he said the PDP will rule Nigeria for 60 years? Can’t you see everybody streaming into the party where things are happening? Can’t you see? You Mr Pessimist!

You are not even ashamed to refer to Ogbulafor’s wishful prediction. Here is a party that has ruled for the 14th year going, yet all we see and talk about is harvest of confusion and corruption.  In the PDP,  all we see is motion, no movement. It is all tonnes of talks and more talks, year after year. The nation is heated up only when the various interest groups in the PDP are struggling for their selfish interests. They never bicker over what programme can benefit Nigerians. 

They suddenly turn activists when it is about resource sharing. Call them food activists and you won’t be wrong. But when it comes to delivering the so-called democracy dividends, they stammer, stutter and  foam in their mouths, clean same with white handkerchiefs and walk away. That is all we see in this your  PDP. And you say that will be our lot for 60 years? God forbid!!!

The unfortunate thing for you and your likes is that there is little choice for Nigerians. East or west, PDP is it!
What a vexatious arrogance!  Look, my only prayer is that the opposition groups will collapse their egos, unite and over-run this your husky PDP.

(smiling sneeringly)  But you know that prayer will never be answered. God is not a politician. So leave prayers  and God out of this. It is digital politicking. And as for your hollow verbiages on this party, let me assure you that the country is undergoing transformation. Only acidic cynics will not know or see it. Like gold, Nigeria under the PDP is going through processing, and at the end of it, it will come out as gold. Pure and shiny.

Look, it is a simple matter. It is as straight as six o’clock. The morning tells the day. Nobody tests the depth of a river with both legs at once. Nigerians have seen what PDP is and capable of. They will advise themselves accordingly by 2015. And …
(cuts in) And what? I say and what?  Nigerians know the PDP is a party they can trust.

Really? So why is it also called a party of Papa Deceive Pickin  or Poverty Development Party?

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