Omolara Rawa: Cocktail Lady

12 Jan 2013

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Omolara Rawa found fame and fortune creating cocktails - an unusual engagement by no means similar to the prim world of law which she read at the university. She explains the roots of her passion to Azuka Ogujiuba

Before you started your company, Eventi Verdi Limited, what were you doing?
I was working in a telecoms device company, Anabel Mobile Limited. I was the Project Lead, Events and Promotion.

What does Eventi Verdi Limited do?
Eventi Cocktails is a Lagos based cocktails design and  consulting company. A subsidiary of Eventi Verdi Limited. We specialise in creating distinctive cocktails and custom mixology for luxury events, conferences, weddings, social and corporate events. In addition to cocktail design and menu consulting we offer premium onsite event bar consulting. Our goal is to find that perfect blend of cocktail quality, ingredient integrity and taste. My passion for cocktails made me go into this business. I remember going to a bar called Vintag in Victoria Island (in Lagos) and a lady whose name I can’t remember now would make me drink different recipe-blended cocktails. That’s when my love for cocktails began.

What is the most memorable event that your company catered for?
We have catered for a lot of events. The most memorable event would be the  Rio de Janeiro themed event organised by Oaken Events. I had to use cocktail accessories that would flow with the theme. Our client was pleased that we went all out to make her event memorable.

What is your favourite cocktail?
My favourite cocktail is a classic mojito. I love the tangy and sweet taste.

Tell us about your educational background?
I studied law at the University of Lagos and later attended the Nigerian Law School, Lagos campus. I have a master’s degree in international business law from the prestigious Queen Mary University of London.

Who is a sexy siren to you?
Marilyn Monroe.

Are you a car freak and what is you dream car?
I love good cars. My dream car is the Lamborghini Gallardo.

How do you feel about you; who is Lara Rawa?
Lara Rawa is God-fearing, friendly and down to earth.

Which matters more to you: ambition or success?
I would say whichever one gets you to the point of being fulfilled in life.

Do what people think about you make you flip or have a sleepless night?
God has given everyone free will - the right to make a choice. So I wouldn’t have sleepless nights because a person decides to exercise their God-given rights.

What is the most memorable thing a man has said to you?
That would be during my postgraduate course. This guy sees me at the library and he goes: ‘excuse me have you seen my library card?’ And my response was ‘no! Why?’ And he said ‘because I’m totally checking you out!’ That was the cheesiest line ever.

What do you think of women who lie about their age?
I completely understand why some women would lie about their age. In certain situations the odds are against them in a way that men don’t have to think about. However, I really don’t recommend lying.

Which woman living dead or alive, would you describe as having the ideal body?

Do you get up in the morning and feel good about your body and personality all the time?
Yes, I do. The only time I don’t feel good about my body is when I’ve gained a few pounds.

In what place are you happiest?
In my home, my safe haven. Surrounded by the love of family.

If you lost everything tomorrow, what would you do?
It would hurt but I will thank God because life is everything.

What is your most memorable fashion moments?
My fashion moment happens each time I wear something new, feeling pretty fresh and I just don’t want to take if off or when I buy something I’ve been longing to have.

What is your favourite body part?
The brain.

What is the most important lesson your parents taught you?
Family comes first.

If you were to go on an island for an exotic weekend, what are the five things you will take along?
My Jo Malone vitamin E hand cream, my bible and iPad.

What are your vital beauty products?
Body shop oats and honey facial scrub, Soty’s facial cleanser, Soty’s exfoliating body wash and Cocoa Butter body cream.

What is your present BlackBerry ringtone?
The inbuilt ringtone, Zen Spirit.

What is the most memorable Valentine’s gift you have ever received from a man?
A special dress.

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