Not Every Justice Delayed is Denied!

19 Jul 2013

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 Major Hamza Al-Mustapha

Essential Notes

The military authority coming out to dispel some of the trending news, both in the legacy and mystery media, on the rumoured promotion and decoration of Major Hamza Al-Mustapha as Brigadier-General, was probably a smart one even though it did not deny the fact that it had said earlier that Al-Mustapha is still in service after about 14years behind bars without promotional exams, courses or further training to have justified either being in service or qualified for the rumoured elevation.

Whilst it might be condonable to assume that the military had saved face by coming out to clear the air of the “misinformation” deemed capable of denting its image as a revered institution, it has been able to put paid to the news until such a time when the strategy would be reviewed and executed in a better fashion.

The fact that the system desperately desires Al-Mustapha for whatever reasons and seeks to engage him for God knows what is not in doubt. It is only a question of time; the story will come to full manifestation soon.
That again is a digression. Have you spared a thought for some minutes and pondered that Al-Mustapha’s long incarceration was a blessing in disguise? In fact, his travails may have condemned as “nonsense” the saying that “justice delayed is justice denied”.
Of course, his now controversial justice is already a subject of debate by those who think otherwise. But what if the death sentence earlier passed on him had been arrived at and upheld even by the Appeal Court, say, within the first four years of his legal battle? Would he not have been history?

With the raged nerves, anger and resentment that were in the air at the time, an acquittal that came 14 years after would have been outright impossible and Al-Mustapha would have been long gone. That he weathered through the years he was incarcerated and came out almost not losing anything (after all he has been confirmed as still being in service), this delayed justice was in no way denied.
On the contrary, all things had worked together for his good, his experience in the wilderness notwithstanding. It is hoped that he would have learnt some great and useful lessons of life and come out a better person, functional both to his immediate family and the society at large.

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