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06 Sep 2013

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Nigerian Super Eagles

...Team hosts 2nd video conference on Google+ to discuss preparations for Malawi match

As the Nigerians prepares for the showdown between the Super Eagles and the Flames of Malawi, the Super Eagles led by its head Coach Stepehn Keshi, Goal Keeper Vincent Enyeama and Obinna Nsofor hosted a Google+ Hangout to chat with Nigerians about the team preparation towards this all important match.

This video conference which had Nigerians joining from different parts of the world was also broadcast live on YouTube  to allow fans who were not able to join the live conversation catch all the highlights.  Conversations ranged from the team's strategy, to the issues with Tim Seinfield, and club transfers. The hangout is one of the social media initiatives by the NFF to get Nigerians closer to the national team.

You can see the transcript of the hangout below. The hangout video can be watched on the Nigeria Super Eagles Channel on YouTube-
You can also catch up on the team's progress, see behind the scenes pictures images by following the Nigeria Super Eagles page on Google+

Q- What should Nigerians be expected this weekend against Malawi?
A- Nigeria should pray for us and we will take it from there

Q- Are you satisfied with the level of training with the lads in camp?
A- I wouldn't want to use the word satisfied, but its ok as it is at the moment. We only started yesterday and we don't have much time. The good thing is the atmosphere is good, the concentration is high and we hope it stays that way.

Q- Judging by the performance of the Eagles at the CONFED, what lessons would you be bringing from that tournament into this one. Especially as Nigerians are expecting nothing but victory in this.
A- Its not something i can share publicly right now, i will be sharing the plans with my players.

Q- You and Tom Saintfeit the coach of Malawi have been having a running battle in the press, would this affect how you will be approaching the game on saturday? Is this personal and are you thinking of revenge
A- Oh no no, its not going to affect our game or our preparation. when i see the players and my team i am a diff person. We shut out all outside influences. We are ready to roll.

Q- (To Obinna Nsofor): You are making a return to the super eagles after a long time. This is the second consecutive game that you are featuring in after the mater in south africa. How are you feeling right now coming back to a team that you've played for and love so well?

A- (laughs) You sound like i have been away for a decade (laughs). I am very excited and happy to be back. I thank the coach for giving me the opportunity to be back in the team. Its a privilege and i am really looking forward to the game on saturday. I am hungry to play. The most important thing is the team. we are concentarting and working really hard to make sure that come saturday, we get the victory.

Q- The first game in blanta ended 1-1. It was a tough game on a tough pitch. Do you expect the game to go differently? Do you want to go all out or would you be satisfied with a goaless draw that will see you qualify for the next stage?

A- I have always made it clear that i am always in a game to win. I never plan to play a draw or lose. I wear this color or logo on my chest and it means a lot to me. We want to win and not play a draw. God willing, we are going to win and Nigeria will be in the next round of the qualification race. Malawi should not be a problem.

Q- We had a scoring problem at the confer cup. To prevent this happening again, have you worked on the goal scoring angle of this team?

A- There was never a time in our training session that we stopped working in from the goal. If its happens that the players didn't score, it doesn't mean that there are not good scorers. I know that with the quality of players that we have at the moment, when the goals start coming, it will never stop. So i am not worried about it. I am not interested in scoring 20 goals in a game, 1 or 2 goals are good enough for me as long as i have my 3 points.

Q- For once in a long time we have a lot more player-options and diff formations in our midfield. Now you are inviting more players and it looks like you are still experimenting. Can we assume that the experimentation has ended, else when will it end?

A- There is nothing like experimentation in this team. If you look properly, most of the players that went to the cup of nations are the same crop of players that we have used in the qualifying. Maybe i just changed about 4 or 5 players because i have to give some new players an opportunity to show what they can do for Nigeria. There is no experimentation or whatever.  We know what we want, we have brought in more players like Nsofor, Olawunmi Obi and we're are good.

Q- (To Obinna Nsofor): We have heard you talk about how excited you are to be back into the team, but can you tell Nigerians what exactly you will be bringing to the team?

A- I am not a new player in the national team and my quality speaks for me. Notwithstanding, the coaches know what i can contribute to the team and that is why i am back to the team. Definitely, come saturday, you will see my quality.

Q- (To Obinna Nsofor): Do you think that maybe if you had stayed in England instead of moving to Russia, you will have been more in the spotlight and further ensure your place in the super Eagles?

A- Well, as a matter of fact and just as you have said, playing in the EPL gives the coaches a better vision to see you play week in and week out. It is the preferred league that Nigerians watch. Now i play in Russia and hopefully in the near future i might be coming back to the EPL

Q- Why is Ik Uche not in the team?

A- The thing is that we already have players that play in the same position as he does so that would not enable me bring him now. But of course he is in the team. We are operating some sort of rotation and he is going to have his way at other times.

Q- What does Sola Amoebi bring to the team? because we really don't understand where he fits in the team. The question centers around the rationale for bring a 32 year old into the team. What qualities does he posses that you don't already have?

A- When you look at the team, you will see most of them are very young and he is bringing in a lot of experience that the young people don't have. He has got the quality and he can play a coach while on the field and you don't always see that with teams and he's got that. So theres a lot that he is bringing to the team that we appreciate and hope will work for us.

Q- You have few players that are moving from the local scene to the foreign scene- particularly Sunday Mba. Sunday Mba was to be transferred to Bastia. What is the state of that transfer? It seems it is rather shaky at the moment. What is his present state psychologically? do you think he is ready for this match?

A- This is a good question. Unfortunately i haven't spoken with him as he just came in this morning. I don't know what happened in Bastia, i thought everything was done. Probably i will have the time to speak with him tomorrow to understand what is happening.

Otherwise he was at the training this evening and was looking good. I think mentally he is ok

Q- What of Godfrey Obagbona who also made a switch to Turkey. What is his present state aside the physical condition. How ready is he for this game mentally?

A- He just moved a week ago so his mentality is still quite Nigerian (laughs), he has not changed. I guess he is ready and knows what is at stake for saturday

Q- Victor Moses has also moved to Liverpool. What about him?

A- I think it is good for Victor Moses because if he stays put in Chelsea, he probably might not be playing and it won't be good for him. His value is going to go down even if he is playing for the national team. Liverpool where he is probably going to play in every game is good for him. He is still growing and developing. Don't think he is a superstar yet, he is just 22 and still developing and i think Liverpool is the right place for him to be.

A- This question is about your tactics. yes, you won the AFCON, but Nigerians will like to know if you modify your tactics every match to the opposition or if you have a tried and tested tactic that you keep to in every match. How do you prepare your team tactically?

A- Do you think i will discuss this with you (laughs). I will discuss that with my players (laughs). But i can share with you in person (laughs)

Q- Big boss, is there any chance that you will call players like Thiago Ilori to the Super Eagles of Nigeria?

A- Yea, we always have plans for good players in the Nigerian team but there a lot of administrative work that needs to be done. So maybe have address the question at the NFF so they can look into it.

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