MY CANDID THOTS…Waiting for Mr. Right

29 Nov 2012

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By Konye Chelsea Nwabogor. E-mail-

When I was a child, I used to believe that fairy tale romances did exist in the real world. I used to think there were many real-life princesses who found their Prince Charming and were swept off their feet. I remember sitting excitedly in front of the TV watching Princess Diana’s fairy tale wedding and from then on my mind was made up; I was going to get married to a very rich and handsome prince and live happily ever after. My illusions unleashed the love junkie in me. I would imagine myself as a princess in a far away castle waiting for my handsome prince to come. At times, I would put a couple of my mum’s bangles on my head, wrap a bed sheet around me, and stand in front of the mirror striking royal poses. I was so caught up in my make-believe world that I became a sucker for love.

As I grew up, my unrealistic view on love began to subside although it didn't completely change; I came to accept the fact that fairy tales didn’t exist in the real world. To make up for the loss of my delusions, the love junkie in me learned to feed on romance novels. For every one of them that I read, I fell in love with the perfect man I came across with. Then, I would often dream of meeting that perfect man in the real world.

I strongly believed that a man like that really existed and I couldn’t wait to meet him. I had my own specifications and I intended to stick to it- tall, dark, slim and handsome. If he had loads of cash and drove a Bentley even better. It took a couple of "hard blows" before reality dawned on me but still I stubbornly stuck to my specification although they were a little bit altered.  All the guys I came across seemed to be taken but that didn’t deter me because as far as I was concerned until he spotted a ring on his third finger he was fair game, girlfriend or not. Overtime I was introduced to real-life love and romance, my eyes were opened to the real deal and then I realised there weren’t any perfect ones at all.

From then on till now I have experienced my fair share of heartaches and shed a lot of tears every now and then. In cartoons the bad guy is usually easy to spot. He is wearing a black cape and always has a dark shadow around him when he approaches, but in real life the bad guy is not that easy to spot and that’s because he usually ticks all my boxes –tall, dark, slim and handsome and in addition has a very sexy smile. I have met several Prince Charming’s, and guess what ladies……., Disney lied. I can't say I'm exactly happy with being single, but I am definitely content with it. My past love experiences have shaped me into being sensible and realistic in love. No longer am I imagining a Prince, a Knight in shining armor, or even the perfect man. Fantasy and reality are two different worlds and they would never meet.

For me, I've long abandoned the search for Mr. Right. Oh, I'm still very romantic, but not hopeless anymore. I am very much rooted to reality. Though I would still prefer to meet Mr. Nearly Perfect (if he ever exists) one day, I have no qualms in ending up with Mr. Regular guy or Mr. Just-The-Right-One for me. And what about my list? Lets just say it still being edited…….…..

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