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29 Nov 2012

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By Konye Chelsea Nwabogor; E-mail-

Growing up, I got to hear d cliché; “the best things in life are free” a whole lot!!! But sadly often as a consolation! On the side, I also got to learn that it was quite true but sometimes that truth came with a hitch. Yes, some things are actually priceless…family, laughing with friends, romantic strolls with “the one” and all that. BUT hey, wouldn’t it be nice to have that romantic stroll in a pair of Manolo Blahniks? And wouldn’t you rather be sharing cocktails with friends at some posh bar on a weekend fun trip to Paris? I am thinking money would make those special times 10 times better. I am fed up with all these headlines that scream billions and trillions, when I’m terrified to look at my bank balance at end of the month. 

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if winning a few millions dollars in a lottery would solve all my problems and put a permanent smile on my face. In some recent survey, Nigerians are said to be the happiest people on earth, but how true is that? Are we really so happy? The brutal lesson life has taught me is that you can be hard working with a relatively successful career, be a thrifty spender too and still struggle to pay your rent. Money is at the root of a lot of relationship rows and it affects friendships too.

Now think back to the last few tiffs you had with your friends, how many of them actually involved money in some way? Money has definitely become a big issue in our society. Lately it seems people only judge or react to you based on the cost of your handbag, size ofyour bank account or a surname that screams………..MONEY.

Coco Chanel once fashionably said, ” you can never be too thin or too rich”…and I couldn’t agree with her more on the latter. Don’t get me wrong I still believe in d other cliché that says,” money can't buy happiness”, but I also know that it’s more comfortable to cry in a Bentley than on a Bicycle! I’m not asking for the pampered life of Victoria Beckham, I just need enough money to upgrade my life from “economy class” to "business class". Would life be better if I were rich? Of course it would! If you ask me, whoever said money couldn’t buy happiness, just wasn’t spending it right.... xxx  

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