Much Ado about NGF Chair

25 May 2013

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So how was the great election held yesterday?

Great election? Which election is that?

The all-important NGF election of course.

Which one is NGF election?
You don’t know the election that has held Nigerians in stitches for months? You don’t know the election that has generated so much tension in the polity? You don’t know the election to produce the Chairman of Nigerian Governors’ Forum ?

Oh, oh, oh, you mean the election of who heads all the governors? Is that what you call great election? Election involving just 36 people? Is that what you call great? It is even less than a hundredth of a ward election.

You don’t get it. It is the election involving 36 people who control the 167 million Nigerians. That is how great it is. Do you think it is for nothing that it has generated so much tension and got so much media attention?

Hmmm,   but this is not the first time the election is holding.
It is the first time. It has always been by consensus, a kind of paddy-paddy show. It has never generated national tension like this. We only always just get informed that they now have a new Chair. It has never been preceded with this huge national interest.

So why the difference this time? Why the tension? Why the interest and the arising controversies?
It is because a certain Oga at the top is interested in who becomes the Chairman.

What is so special about the forum?

You never can tell how politicians can turn water to wine in the political field.
I hear the present Chair of the forum insists that he must contest and win too? What is his gain? Does he get specially paid for being the NGF Chair?

Point of correction: he insists on contesting, NOT winning. In any case, it is has become a battle of wits and nerves. And you won’t understand if you are not initiated.
I don’t get it. Does a governor who becomes the NGF Chair receive special power or allocation from the Federal Government? Why do the do-or-die attitude?

The other side of the question is why is Oga at the top so interested in the election when he is not a member of the Forum? Why does he not allow the forum members to freely aggregate their interest and run their show the way they want? Why the over-bearing influence and crude tactic being employed to tele-guide the exercise? Was that how the former Ogas at the top did it?

You are making assumptions. Or are you telling me that the said Oga at the top participated in the voting yesterday?
Hmmmm, you mean you cannot decipher the hand of Esau and the voice of Jacob in all of these? Beware of silent waters!
You are now speaking in parables…

All I know is that it is a needless war of attrition and ego, which has injected bad blood into a forum hitherto known for its camaraderie spirit and mutual respect. Not anymore. Division, suspicion and outright hatred has crept into their midst.

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