Mubi Massacre: A National Calamity, Says PDP Chairman

06 Oct 2012

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PDP National Chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur

By Chuks Okocha

Condemnations have continued to trail the killing of over 40 students of Mubi Polytechnic, Adamawa State as the National Chairman of the  Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Bamanga Tukur described it as a national calamity.

Tukur said the “massacre” coming on the heels of celebration of Nigeria’s Independence was heart rending, stating that he was deeply saddened that a generation of promising Nigerians and the country’s future leaders could be wiped out by those he described as “thoughtless and heartless individuals”.

He spoke with reporters at his Wuse II residence, Abuja, enjoined security operatives not to relent until they fish out the perpetrators.

According to him, those who slew a set of Nigerian students who were part of the hope that Nigeria depended on, were enemies of the country who must not succeed with their evil intention, more so in a modern society which the present government has been trying to build.

Tukur said he has been getting in touch with relevant authorities in Adamawa state on how to prevent future occurrence, and was pleased with efforts so far put up by security agencies in tracking down some of the culprits.

“Adamawa is my state, and Mubi is a place I am more familiar with. I was deeply saddened that a generation of students, our future leaders could be so mindlessly killed for no just reason. We as a nation must not tolerate this and the only way to it is not to allow the culprits go scot free.”

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  • The North must curb their appetite for human blood othwisetragidy like this will never end.

    From: osk4

    Posted: 3 years ago

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  • This is becoming a situation of chaos in thiis Northern Nigeria, where anybody can rise up and kill anybody and nothing will happen. It is high time those in authority do so thing definite to curb this menace. The hausa muslim man must not forget that nobody has monopoly of violence. It is obvious that the religion of islam has no tolerance for any other belief. my sincere advice to the adherents of islam is that they should think twice before they carry out their jihad (violent elimination of people of other faith) this crucial becaus if others in the society should join the muslims in this game of violence, I wonder if boko haram and the entire muslims can withstand it

    From: Obi

    Posted: 3 years ago

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  • Condem Condem. That is all you hear from our so called leaders. They are so far removed from the people they purport to lead. They move about with a truck load of fierce looking, gun toting kill and go soldiers. They live in fortresses and hide their children in elite schools abroad. If this were a sane society, how will some forty unarmed students be slaughtered just like the pristine walls of their hostel. What is the reaction of those who pretend to lead. I expect the activists amongst us to take up the matter and hold government accountable. Who is the counsellor of that ward, the Local Government Chairman. Who are the Reps of that constituency, who are the Senators representing that state? What of the police commissioner, DPO and even the emirs etc? What is their reaction. What has the President done concerning this matter beyond the placid "fish them out"? So many communities across the length and breadth of the country are still submerged in flood water. The proportion of suffering of Nigerians over avoidable incidents like these are on the increase. What do we do? Every one in position of authority, starting from the ward head, Emir, Oba, Obi, DPO, Rep, judges, up to the President must be made accountable to the people. If there is a pothole along my street, I must ask my ward leader, councillor and LGA chairman and insist on sound response which must be followed with a change from the status quo. A situation where everyone is in a prayer frenzy, waiting on Devine intervention for somebody who is close to somebody that is related to my friend's uncle to get a government appointment so that I can begin to 'chop' too will not help. We can clean the Augean stable by starting from our own very self. May the souls of those senselessly slaughtered rest in peace..Amen

    From: Imiava Tendency

    Posted: 3 years ago

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