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16 Feb 2013

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At 26, Erezi Adabamu has grown a start-up, Suzy’s Home, to a respectable standing. Adabamu founded the luxury life style company named after her mother while schooling in South Africa. She tells Azuka Ogujiuba why she is passionate about golf and how Suzy’s Home earned a place on the cutting edge of luxury lifestyle service

Tell us about Suzy’s Home and what you consider its unique features?
Suzy’s Home is a fresh brand with focus on luxury lifestyle and which understands luxury from the inside. In Suzy’s Home we do everything luxury from your bath accessories like towels and bathrobes to bedroom accessories like bedsheets, duvets and pillows to personal lifestyle shopping from wristwatches, clothes to shoes.

What are some of the challenges you’re facing running Suzy’s Home?
I face challenges like transportation and quick delivery for clients that are far away from major cities like Abuja and Lagos.

Some people refer to Suzy’s Home as luxury.  Are you comfortable with that?
Yes, it is actually a luxury brand, but we try as much as possible to make it affordable for our average client who also wants to have a feel of luxury.

Between fashion and style, where do you fall in?
I’ll go with style. Fashion evolves, but style is just who you are. I wish fashion were like that, but the creativity of designers go wild as they present new collections.

Who are your top three best-dressed women in the world?
My number one will be Victoria Beckham. She is very classy and can never go wrong with fashion. Number two will be Solange Knowles because of her playfulness with fashion.  The girl could do anything with fashion. My number three will be Jonell Monae. She has absolutely turned white and black so classy and made tuxedos look very chic and fashionable.

Whose wardrobe would you want to raid?
I want to clean up Solange Knowles’s closet, everything from her shoes to clothing, and most especially her vintage accessories.

Fashion today has grown so much, what don’t you ever get tired of buying?
I can never get tired of buying clothes, shoes and watches. I mean whatever way the fashion turns, I always want to turn that way.

What’s your most memorable fashion moment and what exactly did you wear that day?
Because I play golf, I had always looked forward to wearing the complete regalia which means I must learn fast. So my most memorable fashion moment would be the first day I was professionally dressed like a golfer. I loved the way I felt that day.

Would you call yourself a stylish girl?
Yes, I would very much call myself a stylish girl. Style is making your presence say “hello” without people hearing your voice. I think I’ve got that.

Which celebrity in the world would you say has a life that is close to perfect and you won’t mind being with for a week?
None seems close to perfect to me, but if I want to be someone for a week it will have to be Beyonce. She is hardworking, focused and married. Beyonce to me is a woman that knows what she wants and goes all out for it. That’s the kind of woman I am.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received and from who?
The best advice I’ve received was “never forget where you come from and always know you can achieve the best in life.” This came from my mother.

What’s your philosophy?
My life philosophy is Karma.  Really, what goes around surely comes back around.

Who to you are the world’s best designers and why?
Roberto Cavalli, because of their designs and cuts. I’m such a huge fan. I love Zara too because I’m very high street and, yes, Tom Ford gives me sidekicks all the time. I think he knows exactly how a woman should look and feel.

What’s your fashion fetish and why?
Shoes! Shoes!! Shoes!!! I love shoes; shoes speak the language I understand.

Which celebrity in the world to you is a sex siren?
Sofia Vergara. She is sexy and all the men want her.

Which celebrity in the world will you like to wine and dine with?
Rihanna. She’s so free-spirited and never take life too seriously, which is how it’s supposed to be.

What’s your most memorable Valentine ever and how did you spend it?
Two years ago I spent Valentine’s Day with my mother. That was very special to me and I would love to have that opportunity over and over again.

What wouldn’t you be caught dead wearing?
I would never be caught in an American flag complete outfit. I always laugh out loud when I see girls in it. I mean, that’s such a horrid look.

Who is Erezi?
Erezi Adabamu is a first class graduate of public relations and corporate communications from the Midrand Graduate Institute, South Africa, with a keen interest in special businesses which includes her line of luxury packages from jewellery line to household and gifts packages.

Tell us a bit about you background?
I was born in the late ‘80s in a family of 11 - dad, mum and nine kids of which I am the last, in Warri, Delta State. I lived in Warri and other parts of Nigeria, but spent most of my adult life in South Africa. So I pretty much have a mixed orientation about life.

What’s your take on Nigeria?
Nigeria presently is moving towards a stage where the youths have a whole lot of responsibility and I really believe if every youth put their mind to achieve a great nation, the country will be a better place to be.

What’s your most prized possession?
My most prized possession will be my Cum Laude certificate.

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