In Newspapers, Daramola Finds Pleasure

22 Feb 2013

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Hon. Bimbo Daramola represents Ekiti North Federal Constituency I, in the House of Representatives. He has found an easy way to relax; he reads newspapers, magazines and other manuscripts as a way of subduing pressure. Anayo Okolie writes

Hon. Bimbo Daramola is one of the vibrant lawmakers in the Seventh Assembly from Ekiti North Federal Constituency I. He does his work through equitable represenation, lawmaking and oversight functions as demanded of him by law. He is also not oblivious of the pressure that aises from his responsibilities. But to keep the pressure under check, Daramola has chosen to read newspapers, magazines amongst other social activities.
No wonder, Newspapers are piled up in his office with THISDAY leading the pack. Though, his hobby is not a new-fangled one from that of others, his attitude towards reading newspapers and other paperback classifies him in the cadre of those who share the belief that reading maketh a full man.

To that extent, if he does not read at least seven newspapers in a day, he feels as if he is experiencing a poor health condition. “I like reading newspapers a lot. I don’t throw away my papers. Every day that passes if I don’t read like seven newspapers, I feel as if they are sucking my blood. Reading newspapers, magazines and books is one source of relaxation for me.
“I run away from things that could pile up additional trouble on me. I also do some workout. Ordinarily, if not because of the insecurity situation in the country, when we came into Abuja in 1999, I got a bicycle from the United Kingdom, I ride it like 10-20 kilometres but now, I can’t do it anymore because I am a target. I am politically exposed. I canvassed views on the floor of the House that would put me in risk and lastly, kidnapping is everywhere and everybody thinks legislators have money and I don’t have. 

“And again, when I have it up to my neck from the demands of the people, all kind of pressures from my constituents or pressures of work, I just take a vacation and travel abroad. And when I travel abroad, it does not stop there. A few friends of mine have always told me that you told us that you travel abroad to come and rest and when you come here, you still put pen to papers. It is my life.”
Aside this, Daramola likes taking long leisurely walk.  “When I was in Lagos, I walk by the side of the Bar Beach, take a long walk by the side of the Bar Beach. I also like to think, it provides me an opportunity to reflect on the things I have said and done. I also like watching Yoruba movies, particularly the once that have all those aphorisms, all those proverbs, all those metaphors; I like to sit back and watch them and of course, I go to party.”
But he has a difficulty. Daramola finds it difficult to strike a balance between his personal hobbies, attending to his family and the business of lawmaking.

“My love ones also realise the fact that this is who I am and they know it makes me happy. For example, if I go to Ekiti today, the minimum of people you will find around me is 20. Once they just know that I am around, from all corners, they will start coming. So, what my family has chosen to do is to say okay, this is what he likes to do and we will let him be.”
“I am beginning to think I am in my middle age crisis; my pot is coming out but some times, when I am with a couple of my friends, I engage in some social things. I like to eat ponmo a lot, I like dry fish, I drink Martini, I also like cocktail and because of my pot, I try to avoid beer but I like the taste of larger (STAR). But by and large, it must be an equal mix of good people- friends that we can also engage in some intellectual stuff,” Daramola said.

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