02 Mar 2013

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She’s a green horn in Nollywood, but pretty actress, Marian Kekurah started acting at the age of 19. This proud Sierra Leonean is in Nigeria to fulfill her fondest dream. Having featured in quite a legion of Nollywood flicks, Kekurah is confident that the sky is her starting point. In this brief chat with LANRE ODUKOYA, she reveals her identity, hopes and guiding principles

How long have you been acting?
My first movie was done way back in Sierra Leone and I was 19 years old at the time. I just recently moved to Nigeria but I am based in London. I recently started featuring in Nollywood movies.

At what stage of your life did you discover you could actually be an actress?
That started when I was younger; I am a nurse by profession and while I was studying to become a nurse I was acting by the side too. It got to a stage when I had to stop being a nurse and fully concentrate on acting.

What really influenced you into acting?
I was mainly inspired into acting by watching Nigerian and African movies generally. I started getting the influence when I was young too because my mum and dad always watched at least four hours of Nollywood movies. I really got inspired by watching the likes of Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jolade, Halima Abubakar and they’re the reason I ventured into Nollywood. She has been a great source of influence in my career.

What was it like growing up in Sierra Leone?
I left Sierra Leone for London when I was 12 years old and my parents are quite comfortable. My parents are still both married and they live in London.

Can you mention some of the Nollywood movies you’ve featured in recently?
I have done quite a lot. I have featured in Mistresses, Human Hair Hustlers 1&2, Human Hair Runs and House of Demons. I have quite a number of other movies to be part of this year and I have already featured in a handful of other Nollywood movies. I hope to be more visible on the scene in 2013 as I have done a lot of movies and I am actually hoping for the best.

How much will it cost to get you on set?
Not too much at the moment. I am not receiving that much yet; that’s because I am relatively new on the scene but I am okay with that because I know I will get there pretty soon based on the quality of jobs I have done thus far. I am not in the league of Genevieve or Omotola; I am not at that level yet but I know that I’ll get there soon.

How popular are you in Sierra Leone?
I am quite popular and I have been acting since I was 19 and I do have an appreciable followership back home in Sierra Leone. I am known back home and my fans are quite upset that I am always on set here in Nigeria. I’ll go back home very soon; I have a movie to shoot there sometime this year. I’ll be doing more Sierra Leonean movies this year and I am really looking forward to being part of some movie shoots in time soon to come.

What kind of man will make you go weak on the knees?
He should have a sense of humour; I am not going to say I usually go weak for men with a good sense of humour but that is one of the qualities I desire in a man. I like a funny man; somebody that can engage me in an intelligent discussion.

Have you got advances from producers or actors?  
The funniest thing is that I have not experienced anything like sexual harassment like most people complain about. But on the other hand, we are all humans and it is only natural that maybe one or some of my colleagues may be interested in me but it is up to me to decide whether to get involved or not. I have not been coerced to sleep with anyone to get a role; I have been lucky to escape sexual harassment so far.

Can you act nude?
I have never done it and I don’t think I will.

What about acting lewd?
That depends too because there was a script I was given and I was asked to act with just a bra and pant and I initially refused the role. But the producer had a compromise with me and I was allowed to wear shorts and a short top. I would not want to do a movie that my parents cannot watch because I will feel embarrassed. I don’t think I would try that yet and that’s one of the reasons I hate to be a typecast.

Tell us about your parents
They are a lovely couple; my dad is just like me, we are both stubborn headed. My parents love me and they both support me; they respect my views and ambition and they never fail to give me maximum support. Though they are scared I am here in Nigeria trying to make headway for my career but I get to see them every now and then when I travel to London.

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