Giving the Gift of Investment

24 Dec 2012

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First Bank of Nigeria Plc

By Obinna Chima

Family re-union and exchange of gifts are the widespread features of the Christmas celebration. Consequently, the season brings about heightened economic activity as most people spend the bulk of their income in buying gifts for their friends and families.

Nonetheless, FBN Capital Limited is offering a bouquet of investment opportunities to workers and other form of investors this season, especially to enable them invest so as to be able to meet the financial responsibilities that await them in 2013.

FBN Capital is the Investment Banking and Asset Management business of First Bank of Nigeria Plc. It was formed from the consolidation of four existing subsidiaries of the Bank: FBN Capital, FBN Securities, First Trustees and First Funds.

FBN Capital- Asset Management is an innovative and client-focused, with exceptional industry and execution expertise in serving its diverse client base.

Its target market include high net worth individuals, executive directors, managing directors, top business men and women, private and public institutions, non-governmental organisations, small and medium enterprises, startup companies and enterprises. Others include small businesses, individuals across a diverse income strata, corporations, ministries, public parastatals, oil & gas companies, telecommunication companies and co-operatives and Foundations of oil & gas companies.

FBN Money Market Fund
The FBN Money Market Fund (MM) is an investment vehicle which pools investment in a wide range of very liquid short term funds with tremendous investment benefits to individual investors. The fund enhances returns to its holders or investors by investing in different risk instruments like Federal Government bonds and corporate bonds. The high level of professional management drives the achievement of investment results in today’s complicated volatile market. The minimum investment amount for the MM Fund is N5,000 making it attractive to every kind of investor.

The primary objective of the Fund is to achieve a high level of income obtainable from investments in short term securities that is consistent with prudent investment management, the preservation of capital and maintenance of liquidity.

“The Fund will invest in a portfolio of short term money market securities and short dated government papers, including discounted instruments with rated financial institutions in Nigeria.

“The FBN Money Market Fund will look to benefit from FBN Capital’s investment process which combines top-down views on the macroeconomic environment with proprietary local bottom-up analysis of credit quality and market factors including supply, demand and liquidity by our credit analysts and markets team.

“The FBN Capital asset management team has the experience, depth and diversity to actively manage a broad and diversified portfolio of investments. The Fund will offer investors exposure to short term and liquid money market Instruments. Yields on investments will provide portfolio diversification as well as the ability to gain exposure to different sectors of the economy,” the report added.
FBN Fixed Income Fund

The FBN Fixed Income Fund is one of a series of funds launched by the Asset Management business to satisfy the demand for new and varied products and services by the investing public. It provides full time, high quality professional management services by pooling the resources of many for further investments in a collective scheme such as long tenured debt instruments. It aims to achieve attractive long term returns by investing in a diversified. The minimum investment amount is N100,000 which can buy 100 units of the fund at N1,000 per unit.
According to a report from the firm, the Fund will offer investors efficient exposure to a basket of high yielding government and corporate debt instruments.

It explained further: “Fixed Income Investments can provide portfolio diversification as well as the ability to gain exposure to different sectors of the economy. Active valuation of all sectors and individual issuers will be used in an effort to provide potential returns in excess of the overall Fixed Income market.

“As an open-ended fund, investors are able to subscribe to and redeem units on any business day. Investors will generally purchase units in the fund directly from the fund itself rather than from existing unit holders while offering an opportunity to achieve good returns from a diversified portfolio of investment.

“The aim of the Fund is to maximise investment returns, which will consist of a combination of interest income and capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of high quality fixed income securities and debt obligations issued by the government, government related issuers and corporate entities as well as a portion in money market instruments.”

Heritage Fund
This is an alternative investment platform that has earned 13.1 per cent to investors since its set up two years ago. It is the investment fund for those who have higher risk appetite. It invests between 20 per cent to 60 per cent of its fund in stocks, and another 10 per cent to 25 per cent in quality fixed income instruments such as bonds. Investments are also made in money market instruments as well as real estate. This allows investors take advantage of the rise in stocks as well as the increasing optimism in real estate.

Therefore, as we all celebrate with friends, families and loved ones, FBN Capital is offering these investment opportunities as a total solution for our investing needs. This has even become more compelling because with a well-designed portfolio, one can own a pool of professionally managed investments.

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