Funsho Adeolu Movies, Fathia Balogun And I

28 Dec 2013

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Funsho Adeolu-Adegeye

Actor, Funsho Adeolu-Adegeye, is clearly one of the very best in Nollywood. He has featured in hit movies like The Contractor, Diamond Ring, Most Wanted among several others in the 1990s. However, his face is now more popular In Yoruba movies. This quintessential actor talks to LANRE ODUKOYA about  the movie industry, his marriage, scandals and guiding principles

My marriage turned nine years on December 18. When you’re going into marriage, people tend to scare you with the superstition that after five years everything would change. But I’ve been ready for it. Marriage has not been challenging in any way; I think it’s been a normal life. If you have a spouse who’s also your friend, marriage will be fun all the way.

I met my wife eight years before we got married. She already knew me as Funsho Adeolu, not as a star people canonize me to be. She’s that kind of lady who has more male friends than females. For that singular reason, her thinking level has beaten the feeble mindedness of an average woman. She thinks like a man, not all the time though, because the woman factor will always be there. Another thing that made it easy for her is that I’m that kind of a man who does not engage in what should not be a sane way of life. Womanizing, just like smoking and drinking is not a way of life. It’s just one of the excesses of life.

I really didn’t do anything spectacular and that’s because we’re saving the ceremonies for the tenth anniversary. I just did what we do every year. I made sure that I was not at work. We went out alone to have a nice time.

That writer who said I didn’t have a car of my own apparently didn’t know me well enough because I’ve been driving my own car since I left the university in 1994. And as I tried my hands on some other ventures, I still had the car. But there was a point in my life when I had to do some other things and there was no car for a while. Interestingly so, as at the time the fellow wrote the story, I already had a car. The irony of it is that, if I wasn’t Funsho Adeolu, the star, nobody would have written anything about whether I don’t have a car of that I’ve got a fleet. He wanted to sell his paper and I bless God that he could use my name to get attention. The only thing I’ve guided against is to be written about in ways that will induce public ridicule. I had been so careful not to drag my name in the mud in such a way that my children will be unable to access opportunities because their dad is Funsho Adeolu. Whatever was written about me was just to make tongues wag and sell the paper. I didn’t react to it in any way; it didn’t bother me because it was not true.

There’s an aspect of Guidance and Counselling which I studied in school; it’s called psychology. After closely observing my person, I realized I’m a psychologist. I’ve come to realize how people think; how they handle emotions. In psychology, there’s something they call ‘ego’ and ‘super ego’. Your ID will tell your ego. ‘This man has slapped you, slap him back’, but your super ego will tell you; ‘what happens if you slap back? If you don’t slap him, will it reduce you? I obey my super ego. I want to be seen as a Jehovah of the industry. I don’t want to be known as the one who drove the most expensive car; I want to be remembered as someone who impacted the industry greatly. 

Making money and getting money don’t actually mean the same thing. When you work for your money, you make that money. But when you get money, that’s not by your labour but by the generosity of someone with the sole aim of getting something in return. I maintain my small family and I have a lot of responsibilities resting on my shoulders as I have my way of lending a hand to people which I won’t make public. I took this from my dad because even the maid in our house must go to school. One of my dad’s former shop keepers is a professor now at Lagos State University. Despite how many kids biological and adopted that he sent to school, he’s still very comfortable today. He still has a shop inside the National Stadium, Surulere-Lagos till date. That’s the ideal I hold dear to my heart.

There was no shocker for me in the story anyway. The only thing that pained me was that Saidi Balogun believed that I had carnal knowledge of his wife. I was so disappointed that he could believe that. If they asked him, he should be the one to say to others that Funsho is not that kind of a person. I would never have anything to do with a married woman. I understand too much to transgress that vile against myself. Married people carry a covenant you cannot break and go unpunished. At the end of the day, he came back to apologise and said it was due to some factors. So, when the press was busy reporting that falsehood, I still didn’t bother to react.

We bonded in the quest for knowledge. We also got to realize that we share similar ideals. We want to be associated with originality, progress and not mediocrity or fake life in any sense of the word. We met and saw that in each other. If you ask me who’s the best, I’d honestly tell you it’s Yomi Fash-Lanso. He’s a very good director too. I told him one day: ‘do you know that I take cues from you as a director?’ He also confirmed that he finds the highest level of acting when I’m on set. We called each other Gorilla 1 and 2. Without scheming anything, a group of journalists came together and honoured us as Emperors of the Art sometime in October this year.

I grew in separate homes because my parents were never married. It didn’t affect me; maybe that’s why I’d been very cautious about my life. I didn’t want it to result in the same thing that happen to kids from broken homes. My mother currently stays with me and my dad, who is now a devout Christian (married to someone else) yet they’re very good friends.

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