Fashola Defends Fee Hike at LASU

15 Jun 2012

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Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola

By Uchechukwu Nnaike

Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola, yesterday defended the recent fee regime for fresh students of the state university (LASU), saying that it was one of the many recommendations of the visitation panel set up by the government to restore the image of the institution and position it for greater academic excellence.

Fashola, who made this known in his remarks at the 17th convocation ceremony of the university, argued that even in the most powerful nations of the world, people pay good money to get an education that they otherwise would not have attained if they did not borrow to fund it.
“These are the same universities some of us export our children to, these institutions are not pretending about the standard of their education, which they are able to maintain partly from the fees that they charge. Why are we willing to pay abroad to foreign lecturers and to foreign institutions and unwilling to do the same at home?”

He said the government made a provision of N50 million in this year’s budget alone for scholarships to mitigate the effect of the school fees for those who cannot afford it. “Whereas indigent students abroad have to borrow to go to school, the government is providing scholarship and bursary for indigent students to give them the same opportunity and education that the children of the rich can get,” he said.
He advocated equal opportunities in the same universities for both the children of the rich and children of the poor.

To develop together, rather than pretending to run a university that is free or cheap where the elites would never send their children. “This will not only segregate our society and our future leaders along rich and poor lines, it will segregate our schools along rich and poor lines. I refuse to accept that a society can prosper along those lines.”

Fashola also announced the decision of the management to suspend the award of honorary doctoral degrees, saying that only degrees that are earned by academic work would be conferred.

He said it was inappropriate for any university, whose products are struggling to measure up to globally accepted minimum educational standards should be in the business of conferring honourary degrees on any category of people in the society, no matter how deserving.

According to him, such awards are conferred as a way of honouring contribution to specific fields of human endeavour or contributions to the society in general. “Can we truly say that all the honourary degrees in the society that we have awarded in Law, Engineering, Philosophy, Economics, Agriculture, among others, are truly reflective of the value added?”

While condemning the increasing appetite for any type of title among members of the society, he said the award would be suspended “until we begin to see an improvement in the quality of life of the people. I cannot reconcile the award of honourary degrees with the level of under development in the society.”

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  • The governor argument using fess as a yardstick to mitigate segregation in our school along the line of the rich and the poor is half truth. Should a man pay for the service(s) yet render?
    Can Mr Fashola tell lagosians things that have change in terms of infrastructures, staff welfare,etc that all unbiased critics would gladly acceded to?
    I quite commend him in the area of scholarship, but the truth is that it was not targeted against the indigent students rather it is mainly for Lagos indgine . Let this lovely programme cut across-es though with a great bias to the indigine.

    From: Badru luqman

    Posted: 3 years ago

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  • One cannot but be grateful to His Excellency, BRF, for laying bare his pretension as member of the 'progressive ACN'. One question I will like him to answer is how a secondary school principal or say a Director in any of the Ministries in Alausa can honourably pay a ward through LASU with his/her legitimate income and the State's killer tax policy?

    From: Femi Iyanda

    Posted: 3 years ago

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  • Thank you very you much my Dear Governor Fashola for this corrective action. How I wish all authorities in Nigeria should copy your boldness. Doctorate degrees should be earned and given away as an arm.

    From: Anozie Jacobs Kanu

    Posted: 3 years ago

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  • Creating a value in education is not all about Increase of the tution fees,Please return what you yourself have gain from Nigeria education system back to the nation....Nothing stop this country from running free education.With this your decision you are part of the people that are digging the down fall of this country..Afterall you know the high rate of unemployment..There is much hunger in the land

    From: Bowale

    Posted: 3 years ago

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  • Sensible talk,Mr Governor.

    From: Alure

    Posted: 3 years ago

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  • I can' agree more, governor. This insatiable craze for titles is growing by leaps and bounds amongst the elite in our society. Today no one wants to be addressed as Mr. It is either Engr A or Pharm B or Arc C. Soon we will start to hear people introduce themselves as Biolosist Musa or Mathematician Okoro, or Economist Adekunle. It’s madness! Some people are no longer content with being addressed as Chief. It is now High Chief. President Jonathan has said that he wants to be addressed simply as Mr President, but the sycophants will never mention his name without adding GCFR. It is only in Nigeria that you find this type of rubbish.

    From: John Okoli

    Posted: 3 years ago

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