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13 Jul 2013

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Tyna Ezenma’s photography has taken her to several cities including New York, Chicago, Paris and Monaco. The mother of four boys - among them an identical twins - and CEO of Tyna Ezenma Studio speaks with Azuka Ogujiuba

Photography has become a great passion for you; how did your love for it begin?
My love for photography started from the day I went to a photo printing lab in Port Harcourt. I was amazed at how photographs are processed and I thought to myself that I will love to own a lab. In my visual arts course, I also did an elective in photography.

You have travelled around the world participating in group photography exhibition from South Korea, New York, Monaco and Chicago. How has these exhibitions enhanced your career?
It is always a wonderful experience to see what others are doing in my field. I feel very much appreciated for my works outside this country than I do here. Last year in Monaco, a lady that bought an art work from me was so excited and honoured to have met me. I felt accepted for my talents. I have gained exposure and better knowledge of how the world sees African arts. Each time I go for these exhibitions I feel very proud being a Nigerian.

What kind of photography do you do there?
We do all kinds of photography because I work with other photographers who specialise in different aspects like wedding photography, portraits, baby, fashion, commercial and product photography. We also have videographers. I personally love art photography, it gives me the chance to be an artist and be creative. I love telling a story with my art. My work stands out because of my background as an artist which gives me the advantage to a good knowledge of light and shade. Mastering the use of light is the key to great photography.

How was the experience like the first time you held a camera for a professional photo shoot?
My first photo shoot was in Paris as part of my school assignment. It was a portrait of a woman with available light. All I had to do was find the right angles to shoot from, putting into consideration the direction of light.

Who have inspired your photography career?
Nigel Barker, a British photographer and Matthew Jordan Smith, an American photographer.

Are you a fashionista?
I can’t say for sure, but I always try to wear whatever suits my body type and makes me comfortable.

Which celebrity, dead or living, would you like to photograph?
Tyra Banks.

Who in the world would you like to dine with?
Chief Sunny Odogwu and his wife. I will love to know how he made it in the business world and how she was able to stay married to him for 51 years.

If you could flip through the phone of any star, who would it be?
Ivanka Trump.

Which celebrity in the world do you think has a near perfect life style?

Which celebrity in the world do you think has the sexiest body?
Jennifer Lopez.

Which jeweller’s design do you think will always stand the test of time?
Van Cleef & Arpels.

What outfit can you not be caught dead in?
Bum shorts.

If a fashion police search through your wardrobe, do you think you would you be arrested for any blunders?
Of course. I have some items that I will never wear but still have in my closet. I really don’t know why.

Who is Tyna Ezenma?
I am a very fun-loving person. I try to co-exist in peace with other people and I’m very outspoken but never rude to anyone. I believe in hard work and dedication to achieve whatever I desire in life. I’m married to a very wonderful man who also happens to be my best friend. I have four lovely boys.

How old are you?
I will be 39 by November this year.
Tell us about your background?
I’m from Ohuhu in Umuahia, Abia State. I was born into a middle class family of seven and I’m somewhere in the middle. I didn’t have steady home or friends as we moved about a lot because of my dad’s job.

If you are to go on an island for an exotic weekend, what are the five things you will take along?
My camera, perfume, my phone, my laptop and sunglasses.

Was it love at first sight with your husband?
It wasn’t love at first sight; we were friends before I fell in love.

What does your husband do for a living?
He is an engineer; an instrumentation and control systems specialist.

What does love mean to you?
Love is what you are willing to give - which is everything.

What is your most expensive fashion accessory?
A wristwatch.

What is your fashion fetish?

What do you crave for all the time?
An oil block.

Why do you think women lie about their age?
I think women lie about their ages because they feel they’ve not accomplished what they ought to have accomplished at that age and they’re scared of growing old.

Which part of your body do you like the most?
My eyes; through them you can see a beautiful soul within.

What are your beauty products?
Clinique , Estee Lauder and MAC for makeups.

What is your present Blackberry ringtone?
A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope.

Apart from your job, what other pursuits do you like to indulge in?
I have another company which is into supplies for oil and gas companies. My hobbies are golf, swimming, chess and reading. I’m also a silver coin collector.

If you were the president, what will be the first law you will implement?
It has to be a law about power supply. We can’t function effectively as a society without a good source of power.

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