Emeka Ojukwu (Jnr) Accuses Bianca, Onyemelukwe of Playing Games

06 Dec 2012

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Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu

Emeka Osondu

The controversy and bad blood generated by the reading of the late Ikemba Nnewi, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu’s will, refuses to abate, with the eldest son of the late warlord, accusing his father’s widow, Bianca and lawyer, Emeka Onyemelukwe, of playing games with the his father’s wishes.

He also faulted Onyemelukwe’s statement that he (Onyemelukwe) had informed all family members about the reading of the will.

Onyemelukwe had said that he sent text messages to the affected Ojukwu family members and made repeated phone calls to inform them that their father’s will would be read at a stated date.

Speaking with reporters in Nnewi Emeka (Jnr.) said: “The issue is not about struggling for property. We his children are all doing well. It is about a blatant attempt to subvert the wishes of my father. It’s a matter of principle. I will not join issues with Onyemelukwe again in the media. If it becomes necessary to issue statements they will be issued as appropriate.”  

He also maintainted that he did not say that he did not know him (Onyemelukwe) personally. “I said he is not the lawyer that wrote Ezeigbo’s will. I know many people; all of them are not lawyers. I know many lawyers; all of them are not Ezeigbo’s lawyers. I know several of Ezeigbo’s lawyers. All of them did not write Ezeigbo’s will. The lawyer that wrote Ezeigbo will is not Onyemelukwe.”

Emeka (Jnr.) also explained that whatever changes Onyemelukwe has introduced in the original will is what the family was questioning. According to him, “He, Onyemelukwe, claims to be the family lawyer, yet he is on record attacking a member of that family in the press. When he claimed that I was lying about Ezeigbo’s condition, the events of last year proved that I was right and that indeed Ezeigbo was not armed up and exercising and did not return in March as Onyemelukwe promised.

“Furthermore, he claims to be the family lawyer yet apparently he does not have our phone numbers based on his own statements. It seems that the only number he didn’t have to get from somebody else was Bianca’s number. Is it normal to invite people to the reading of a will by a text message?

“If I did not receive the so called text message, what of the other family members? Did they also not receive their text messages or were they lying also? When he allegedly sent the text message, did he receive any acknowledgement that they were received by anybody?

“If he did not receive acknowledgment, what efforts did he make as the so-called family lawyer to reach out to the family members? Were they invited to make sure they attend? Did he send them registered letters? Did he visit them?

“When in court that morning, and he did not see any of Ezeigbo’s children or any of his direct family members, did he not have the option of adjourning and then setting another date to make all who needed to be there have the opportunity to be there? They are obviously playing games,” he said.

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