Don Canvasses Use of Physiotherapy for Most Ailments

10 Jan 2013

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Professor Oladapo Ashiru

An appeal has gone to the general public to consider the use of physiotherapy for both preventive health and treatment of certain medical complications, rather than depending solely on orthodox medicine for medical solution.

A University don, Professor Oladapo Ashiru, who made the appeal recently noted that the physiotherapy method deals with endocrine problems, diabetes and so many other ailments which are addressed through a holistic approach to medicine in addition to normal orthodox medicine.

He therefore appealed to Nigerians to take the advantage of the newly established Mart-life Detox Clinic, a medical spa established as an arm of the fertility centre he established years ago, stressing that the main focus of Detox Clinic is the use of modern mayr medical therapy, which he said is new in Nigeria.

Talking about the method, Ashiru said Modern Mayer medicine was established over a hundred years ago by Dr. Francis Mayer, who practised in Austria and discovered during the First World War, that there are ways to address illness apart from the typical orthodox medicine that he was trained to use, which he added as a welcome addition to his therapy.

‘’Basically, modern mayr medicine looks at the individual from skin, to the eyes and abdomen. It is able to recognise illnesses that an individual may have. This of course, is based on the fact that you are what you eat essentially. You are also a product of what you take from the environment. These two components can have negative or positive effect on the way you feel,’’ Ashiru noted.

According to the don, having seen this method in Austria, he decided to have a collaborative arrangement with them. Ashiru who disclosed that the method is out of his normal sphere of treatment, added that his field of speciality is reproductive endocrinology, ‘’which is what I have been doing for over the last thirty years.’’

‘’I look at the endocrine organs as they affect reproduction in men and women. When we started invitro-fertilisation, some people experienced unexplained infertility. As we advanced technologically, we were able to help such people through the use of retro vitalisation, now, the technique has come to stay,’’ Ashiru noted. 

Ashiru, who said one of the cardinal planks of the therapy is regeneration and youth restoration, said the centre aims to achieve this when they take a break from over-eating and reduce their calorie intake and they start eating food that are non-toxic, stressing that with this the overall system will be rejuvenated.

He said that the mayr’s system of cooking is such that most toxins are eliminated from the cooking process. ‘’But it is not just about removing toxins, we also believe that in the same process, you should not put in more toxins into your system. We talk about different levels of diet, that is why each person’s treatment is customised and obviously, it is not one treatment for all,’’ Ashiru explained.  

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