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01 Dec 2012

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COO, HotSauce, Mr.   Dayo Adefila

COO, HotSauce, Mr.   Dayo Adefila, in this interview tells KASIE ABONE, about his agency’s mission, offerings and unique selling propositions, challenges of the digital space and more.
About HotSauce

We are the intersection where brands and consumers meet today, using a diverse array of digital solutions to help our Clients create enduring and rewarding experiences with existing and target customers.
Our field of play covers two critical aspects: Digital media strategy, buying and implementation across online and mobile web and Digital content creation.

Content creation is the really fun part and involves creating exciting content for mobile and desktop as applications, websites, apps and any tech solution that can be used to help brands connect with consumers in memorable and rewarding ways.
We love technology and marketing and bring this to life in how we conceive and execute exciting digital experiences in the ever-dynamic worlds of online and mobile.

Mission and the driving force
To be the standout digital marketing brand in Nigeria. To demonstrate continuously our grasp of and foresight into the evolution of the world of the consumers and how digital – technology is going to continue to shape businesses for years to come. We are one of the pioneer digital firms in Nigeria and pioneering does not mean you stop innovating, or stop evolving. Rather you have to uncover market truths long before others so you can better serve your clients and the consumers.
This conviction has led us to be recognized, in less than 2 years of existence as the Digital Agency of the Year, 2012 at the prestigious Marketing World Awards for excellence and delivering outstanding value and innovation for Clients.
Assess the digital space, how prepared are you to play

The needs of the digital space continue to evolve along broad lines of digital media and digital content development and we will continue to acquire the right talent and technology to ensure we stay ahead of the curve by recognizing trends we have seen so we can better serve our clients who expect us to guide them. Importantly, we have the uncommon advantage of personnel with diverse background in advertising, brand management and sales and marketing. This helps us to better x-ray a Clients problem from a rounded perspective and also to think of solutions from an integrated way not thinking digital in isolation as a way to address a challenge or opportunity.
Offerings and your unique selling proposition

We develop digital media strategy for the Client and also help the client buy targeted presence online and across the mobile landscape including interactive SMS in partnership with a major player. For digital media our watchwords are targeting and relevance of message. In game and in-app media buy is also coming on stream more as brands look to explore underused sections.
Digital content creation is the second broad offering and this can involve HotSauce creating for your brand a mobile shopping portal for retail purposes, a visually appealing and easy to navigate corporate website or just create an application for your Facebook tab. The truth is content creation is limited only by the Clients imagination. Today’s consumers are increasingly technology friendly with millions of customers what you can call the Uber digital users. So you have to excite these users, surprise them or lose them.
Challenges vis a vis low level of internet penetration in the country

According to Stats from the Internet World Stats report for Q2, 2012, 48,366,179 Nigerian Internet users exist (Source: ITU), which gives a penetration of about 28% of the population. One of the key challenges is the need to educate the client about what access to 48m people means for their brand. Digital offers direct and often personalized access to people who either are actively seeking some information online they are willing to do that most sought after action: interact. Brands want consumers to not only be aware of them but also to interact, engage with them have a conversation directly or not so they can shape the consumers experience of their brand. So while a direct comparison with traditional media channels like TV and radio would outpace digital we have to appreciate the undisputed importance of interaction. This is the incredible gem that digital offers brands: the ability to identify, target and interact with immediacy with a customer. This sifting process allows brands narrow down more and find and attract the right audiences. Internet penetration will increase thanks to the continued efforts of Telcos and MNOs who have been introducing mobile broadband – effectively ensuring Nigeria leapfrogged the normal adoption cycle, which would have required wired Internet.  So from access to 48m as at June 2012 we should expect another 10m by mid-2013. More young people will get their first phone, they will buy an affordable data plan and they would then become reachable by brands like millions before them.

Future of digital marketing and your company’s projection
These are the days of adventure really as with more sustained internet bandwidths technologies like QR codes, Augmented Reality will become more realistic for the smart and bold client.

Co-creation is a growth area and brands have to realize a slap it-on approach will not deliver long term value in digital because the digital customer while more fun and explorative also demands more recognition by the brand. This is more so when brands go looking for consumers on social networks. You have to play by a different set of rules if you want long term value.

More consumer based Nigerian created platforms will emerge and dislodge the international web platforms in terms of fan usage and love. So watch out for stuff from HotSauce in that regard but from others too. This will take the form of games, enterprise solutions, entertainment apps and sites. The trend is already showing but will become mainstream within the next three years.
Web video will really take off within the next six to nine months as brands realize that the number of people accessing mobile video in Nigeria is incredibly high they will start to create more video content just for the web. Production houses will evolve and hire digital content guys to help them create a new revenue stream. How this will affect traditional production outfits and ad agencies may not be visible for another 18 months but it is inevitable.

Digital media buy is getting simultaneously more fragmented as publishers offer their services directly to brands. Brands thus will continue to need experienced and innovative digital marketing firms not half-baked quacks to help them manage a diverse range of digital solutions providers across web, mobile, interactive OOH and more.
The point is, these days everyone suddenly declares they are experts in digital.
Brands have to be able to sift the wheat from the chaff and look for people who   understand both digital and marketing not just digital media if they must get the    best for their brands.

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